Inside Realms

A.F. Stewart

Inside Realms

Inside Realms

  • Title: Inside Realms
  • Author: A.F. Stewart
  • ISBN: 9781435749061
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Trade Paperback

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A fantasy short story collection exploring themes of love, loss, death and vengeance.Inside Realms is a compilation of nine short stories, telling the odd tales of wizards, magic, vampires, ghosts and deities Come greet the Song Mages, the denizens of Camelot, the Vampire Order, The Undead, the Second World and various other characters.

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If magic and music are intertwined, there’s surely both in A.F. Stewart’s Inside Realms. The written words create their own melodies, and the stories are like windows into different worlds, starting with glimpses from the author’s book, Song of the Wind and Sea. As each tale builds on its own mythology, the reader is left in awe of newly discovered intricacies.Re-discovering Merlin and a modern Nimue was an absolute delight, though I struggled to place the next tale into the same history. [...]

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