Parting Gifts

Katrina Anne Willis

Parting Gifts

Parting Gifts

  • Title: Parting Gifts
  • Author: Katrina Anne Willis
  • ISBN: 9781631520396
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Paperback

Broken by their unorthodox Midwestern childhood, sisters Catherine, Anne, and Jessica Mathers search for love, acceptance, and worth often in the most unlikely places Catherine, the oldest of the Mathers sisters, is an English professor battling breast cancer with Cytoxan, red wine, and profanity Anne is a wife and stay at home mother of two struggling to make ends meetBroken by their unorthodox Midwestern childhood, sisters Catherine, Anne, and Jessica Mathers search for love, acceptance, and worth often in the most unlikely places Catherine, the oldest of the Mathers sisters, is an English professor battling breast cancer with Cytoxan, red wine, and profanity Anne is a wife and stay at home mother of two struggling to make ends meet in a suburban existence that both suffocates and confounds her Jessica, the youngest by ten years and estranged by choice from her family, is an exotic dancer who feels safer on stage than in a relationship But when the sisters are faced with an incomprehensible loss, they are forced to reevaluate themselves, their damaged bonds, and their fragile future Parting Gifts illuminates one highly dysfunctional family s tentative, desperate crawl toward a life of meaning and worth.

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Loved reading about these midwestern sisters and their lives and relationships. Great character development and an interesting story. Ms. Willis is a gifted writer. Add this one to your summer reading list.

Parting Gifts is the story of how three sisters that are so different from each other, come together in the end after many heartaches. Catherine is the oldest of three, single and a college professor who is battling breast cancer. Anne is the middle sister who is married with two young kids while struggling to make ends meet. Jessica is the youngest by ten years, ran away from home at eighteen to California and totally estrange from the family.As Catherine is going through chemo treatments for h [...]

As part of the April Showers Blog Tour, I received Parting Gifts by Katrina Willis. I had never heard of this author, but when I read the back cover of this book, I couldn't wait to read it. Before you read any further, I want you to know that I read this book - cover to cover - in one sitting. I casually browsed the first chapter wondering when I'd finish the book, got wrapped up in the story to the extent that I didn't find it necessary to get dressed, comb my hair or leave the house until I t [...]

I had never read one of Katrina Anne Willis's books before - and what a treat I have been missing! This was easily one of the best books I have read this year. Realistic and often harsh, it details the story of three emotionally damaged sisters, Catherine, Anne and Jessica, offspring of Big Jim, their handsome cheating father, and Eva, broken, disillusioned and exhausted with nothing left to give her growing daughters. We join the sisters in adulthood; Catherine, a university professor currently [...]

Katrina Anne Willis has created three really well-developed, strong, female main characters in her debut novel. I was impressed by the writing style and the fact that the characters were so real to me, even though I didn’t really relate to the subject-matter of the book. In fact, this is a book that normally I would not seek out on my own, but after receiving this review copy I’m glad I got the chance to experience the particular writing style that separates mediocre authors from exceptional [...]

From the synopsis, I thought this book is about sisterhood but it's more than just that. Family, friendship, love, and acceptance are all important in the book. The story is told in five different perspectives: Catherine (oldest sister), Anne (second sister), Jessica (youngest sister), Dale (Anne's husband) and Eva (the Mom). Each chapter is only a few pages long, so readers do not get tired of one character. There are 61 chapters in 259 pages only. At first, I really liked Jessica's story but h [...]

I came to this book after reading several highly "literary" novels, those with complex storylines and sentence structure, so what struck me first was the fact that Parting Gifts is not that kind of story. The sentences are direct. The prose is not wordy. The chapters are short. All of these things are, I believe, intentional, creating a fast-paced, page-turning narrative. I finished in less than 24 hours (not on vacation).What stands out most is the character development. It is fantastic. I can [...]

I was interested in reading this book because of the character of Catherine, who is battling breast cancer. After my own cancer fight, I'm always drawn to characters like her--but this book is SO much more than just Catherine's story.These three sisters live very different lives, but they all share a brokenness brought about by parents who were never fully present in their childhood. In Part One, we get to meet each of them, as well as their mother and other people who are part of their lives, a [...]

Three sisters. Three different lifestyles. Raised under the same roof by the same parents. I often see this happen even in my own family. We were all raised by the same two parents, yet have all turned out amazingly different. This is what has happened in Parting Gifts by Katrina Anne Willis. The crux is how will it all turn out in the end. Ms. Willis writes with an easy style. At parts I was laughing, and at others I had tears welling up in my eyes. This story gave me all the right feels at the [...]

This book was at once more difficult for me to read and oddly comforting even though the subject matter wasn't easy. This is a story of three sisters, Catherine, Anne and Jessica (I am one of three,) who are all facing difficulties of their own and one sister is battling breast cancer (as my sister just did as well!)This story is so well written that it is hard to believe that Katrina is a new author. I think what captured me was the view of how we are different sisters to each sister and have d [...]

As a debut novel, I was blown away. I did not know what to expect from this book. Katrina has a beautiful way with words, a gift of language. I felt every emotion she was trying to impart in her writing. Although this book was an emotional read and very painful at times, I could not put it down. Her book was very eloquently written, and she left me wanting more. Kudos, my friend! I look forward to reading more of your books for a long time to come. Maybe someday there will even be a sequel to Pa [...]

This story is an emotional journey in which a family navigates through many downs before getting back on the up trend.Each chapter is in the voice of one of the five main characters which provided different viewpoints that made the characters more down to earth. Also, the various storylines were equally interesting to follow.Many major life issues were touched upon to ponder. But what I liked was the character growth each experienced along the way.Got me thinking about the qualities of a true be [...]

At times a gut-wrenching read! It was a fabulously written book. The characters were so well written, you felt they could be your neighbors, friends, family. The book could be so dark, but then hopeful. The one character, Julie, was so incongruent with the rest of the book. I realize that was purposeful. However, at times, she was so light and so wise that it seemed too unbelievable. I was left wanting morebut in a good way.I won this book in a giveaway.

Willis has developed three strong female characters and their voices are heard clearly. While dealing with their own problems, the three sisters feel isolated and alone, but lack the skills necessary to reach out and support one another. For an author's first novel, Willis has captured the emotions that can exist between sisters and the unbreakable bond that is formed from having the same parents.Read my review at pennyformythoughts-nonasp

I didn't like the beginning of this book, but as it went on the story grew into a bouquet of troubled, healing insightful characters. Though their lives were filled with tragedy they went on and in the end there was hope.

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