With a Voice that is Often Still Confused But is Becoming Ever Louder and Clearer


With a Voice that is Often Still Confused But is Becoming Ever Louder and Clearer

With a Voice that is Often Still Confused But is Becoming Ever Louder and Clearer

  • Title: With a Voice that is Often Still Confused But is Becoming Ever Louder and Clearer
  • Author: J.R.Hamantaschen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Kindle Edition

The follow up to his critically acclaimed collection, You Shall Never Know Security, J.R Hamantaschen returns with another collection of his inimitable brand of weird, dark fiction At turns despairing, resonant, macabre and insightful, these nine stories intend to stay with you.

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this is partly a review and partly evidence to be sent to the police after i am totally murdered. i, of course, will be totally murdered at the time, so if someone could forward this for me while i'm all decomposing and stuff, i'd appreciate it.i may have met the author of this book once or twice. i've read his first book - You Shall Never Know Security, we've had some chats over peanut butter, and he knows that i am not a fan of lovecraft because of my inability to process that style of horror [...]

I'm Writing A Review and I Have No Idea if I Can Do This Book Justice, But I'm Going To Try.J.R. Hamantaschen has done it again. I just finished reading his second collection of short stories, and I feel weird. This author is gooood. I can imagine him sitting in a coffee shop, sipping a beverage and covertly observing life around him. I believe that he takes in every detail and stores it away for future reference. I believe that he is a keen observer, because J.R. Hamantaschen knows people. He [...]

With a Voice that is Often Still Confused But is Becoming Ever Louder and Clearer by J.R. Hamantaschen is a bit of a mouthful of a title and I was expecting big things from this book which is probably an unfair way of approaching it. I've seen lots of positive things about With A Voice from friends and also from his first short story anthology You Shall Never Know Security. My favourite story with a quite apt title was Soon Enough This Will Essentially Be a True Story about a reviewer who recei [...]

'His elbows shook and clicked and chattered like they were filled with rattling dice. This was going to be great. This was going to be awful.'For your consideration, nine short stories that define originality. A simple dinner date turns a very dark corner. A social worker with a possible prejudice against owl-faced men wrestles with his conscience. A mask fashioned out of a diaper, a 'pungent turn of phrase', people with attitudes of superiority, and those full of disenchantment; self-doubt, mor [...]

I received this book as a Giveaway, for the record. I went into this book fairly blind, not having read the author's work before - and I pride myself on being in touch with what's happening in small press horror/dark fiction. Somehow, Hamantaschen had slipped under my radar. So I registered for and won With a Voice That Is Often Still Confused But Is Becoming Ever Louder and Clearer, one of the more inventive and evocative titles for a book that I've seen. Hamantaschen's titles are, to some deg [...]

So right off the bat, I’m thinking “With a Voice that is Often Still Confused But is Becoming Ever Louder and Clearer” better be f’n good because I’m already exhausted just trying to remember the title. From this point forward I will call it “WaVtiOSCBiGELaC.” Sh*t, no. (It looks cool that way though.) Maybe I’ll just go with the author’s name because that’s got to be easier. Seriously? Hamantaschen? Damn. I can’t catch a break.Ok. I hereby dub this one, J.R.’s short stor [...]

Really dug this collection. Reminded me of an early Clive Barker. I may (or may not) write a longer review in the future, but either way if you dig intelligent dark fiction, give this guy a chance.

Originally published at Risingshadow.J.R. Hamantaschen's With a Voice that is Often Still Confused But is Becoming Ever Louder and Clearer is an excellent follow-up to the author's debut collection, You Shall Never Know Security (2011). It's one of the most impressive dark fiction collections of the year, because it's fascinatingly different from other collections and contains beautifully written stories.Before I delve into the contents of this collection, I'll say a few words about dark fiction [...]

There's some true strength going on in the current underworld of horror fiction (see Matthew Bartlett, Dynatox Ministries, etc). J.R Hamantaschen's second collection might just lead the charge.While distilling Dark Gods-era T.E.D. Klein, Hamantaschen succeeds in adding his own mixture of transgressive attitude, antinatalist philosophy and endearing melancholia.Standouts on a first read are his larger works::"Vernichtungsschmerz""The Gulf of Responsibility""It's Not Feelings of Anxiety; It's One [...]

The enigmatic J.R. Hamantaschen returns With a Voice that is Often Still Confused but is Becoming Ever Louder and Clearer. Hamantaschen debuted in 2011 with the terrific You Shall Never Know Security and this second collection – true to its title – finds him in full voice: his words ring louder, clearer. This is an overwhelmingly pessimistic yet eminently readable collection of urban horror tales in which its various characters despite their complicated (and, yes, confused) inner lives are u [...]

between 4 and 5, rounded up. This book is one I really didn't appreciate fully until stepping away from it for a while. There is a longer version at myonline reading journal; or if you just want the "what did I think" thing, here you are:There are nine stories in this bizarre but really, really good anthology, and from the moment it opens with a big bang in his "Vernichtungsschmerz" until the final page of "It's Not Feelings of Anxiety; It's One Constant Feeling: Anxiety," the book is simply unp [...]

J.R. Hamantaschen’s debut collection, You Shall Never Know Security, was a very well-regarded one in the horror and weird fiction communities. The followup, With a Voice that is Often Still Confused But is Becoming Ever Louder and Clearer, further proves that Hamantaschen is the real deal. Hopefully he’ll bring us many more stories.“Vernichtungsschmerz” shifts between dreams and consciousness, the crux of the plot hinging on a literal life or death decision. Julia, a high school junior, [...]

What I really liked about these stories was the writing. Much of this book was enjoyable to read and the author has a good command of the language, using vocabulary in the correct context and well. Most of the characters were well fleshed out and I liked the tone of most of the stories.The first story in the book (no, I'm not going to type that title) had a very creative idea about what happens to your body when you're dead. It was an interesting tale about dreams. It portrayed the interaction b [...]

review to come (at work atm)

It's important to note that this is dark/weird fiction as opposed to "just" horror fiction - the focus is much more on the feelings and experience of dread as opposed to a linear plot detailing a specific Big Bad that "scares" you. Having said that, there are still a number of very disturbing/scary images here, including a Lovecraftian monster reveal that still causes chills even after multiple readings. Hamantaschen's endings are fairly subjective (but always interesting) experiences, so reader [...]

What are we reading?: With a Voice that is Often Still Confused But is Becoming Ever Louder and Clearer.Give me the short version: What heads did you never expect to see the inside of? Alright. Welcome aboard.I didn't know much about JR Hamantaschen of the restless reputation before I started reading but I must say I'm not surprised. Mr Hamantaschen inhabits a breathtaking array of humanity under duress with the ease others might use changing coats. He will take you along flapping helplessly in [...]

That doozy of a title is borrowed from a Communist League manifesto of 1847: " the angry masses of the proletariat are in motion and are demanding their liberation from the fetters of money rule, from the fetters of the bourgeoisie, with a voice that is often still confused but is becoming ever louder and cleared." I was going to say that this isn't a particularly Marxist work, but I suppose if you think about it, cosmic horror is kind of the reductio ad absurdum of Marx's dictum that people mak [...]

With A Voice is Hamantaschen’s second collection (I haven’t read the first), but his command of character and pathos is expert-level. This is a collection that can be loosely defined as Horror or Weird, but even when things get all monster-y, the emphasis remains squarely on the internal degradation of mind, morality, and motivation to live of its characters. This is a book that will make you feel bad—if you’re being honest with yourself—as it strips away the little lies and positive t [...]

Hamantaschen surprised me with this collection of short stories. Without wishing to spoil, most of the supernatural occurrences act as a setup or event to propel the story forward rather than actually scaring me. I'm a tougher cookie than most regarding fictional horror unfortunately, so take that with a grain of salt in regards to your personal reading preferences. What surprised me in this book was the perspective into a younger author's thought process. Most of the literature I have been read [...]

I was fortunate enough to be given a review copy of J. R. Hamantaschen’s second collection, With a Voice that is Often Still Confused But is Becoming Ever Louder and Clearer. Let’s jump into this review… and hope nothing creepy-crawly or eldritch is waiting on the other side. I’m going to focus on the stories which I found to be standouts.Because there is plenty of cosmic horror to go around in these short stories. Vernichtungsschmerz puts the reader in the grip of a world where nightmar [...]

Nihilistic, depressing, harrowing, and so beautifully written it makes me a little crazy, because I am almost positive J. R. Hamantaschen doesn't know how talented he is. Firstly, I will say that the trade paperback is hefty, with a lovely abstract cover illustration, and a nice texture. It's well edited, with none of the glaring errors one often sees in smaller press publications. Truly, a nicely produced book. Then, the next thing you will immediately notice is how well developed the character [...]

There’s a lot of quiet human horror that reminds me of Shirley Jackson or Daphne du Maurier, with a touch of the grotesque like Flannery O’Connor. The collection opens with “Vernichtungsschmerz” which translates to the pain of annihilation. This is a nihilistic meditation on the cosmic irrelevance of high school and college. Clark Ashton Smith said of this, “in the days when the world begins to bleach and shrivel, and the sun is blotched with death. Socialist and Individualist, they'll [...]

Just finished reading “With a Voice that is Often Still Confused But is Becoming Ever Louder and Clearer” by J.R.Hamantaschen. I was lucky enough to win a print copy of this book on and I’m so glad I did. Thank you J.R.Hamantaschen for this experience. This is my first read by JRH and my or my what a trip. This is a collection of short stories that are dark, weird, bizarre, fantastic, intriguing and thought provoking. Reading for me should always be a learning experience, and this was ind [...]

This collection is dark, uncompromising and very different.It's like a study into the deep and hidden parts inside our minds. The parts that most ignore and push away, and try to continue on with life despite that fact that we know at our very core that there is no point, we are insignificant and life holds no hidden meaning. Despite the depressing themes of the short stories, there is still humour and characters you can relate to and I really enjoyed the fact that their thoughts were explored w [...]

*i received this book free as part of a giveaway*I was super excited to have won this book. The title was catchy, the cover was unique, and the synopsis really had my interest. Now, it was not MY definition of "dark and macabre" but the author was still able to hold my interest even though most of the stories centered around one genre that I've never had much interest in. So kudos to that! I did enjoy how they were all kind of tied together in a very small way, so I definitely recommend reading [...]

I just started this book but had to begin the review with a comment on the coverabsolutely gorgeous. Seriously, put this baby on your tabletop, it's a masterpiece! The back cover would be just as majestic had it not had that barcode mucking it up, but whatever. Leave it topside. Behold its splendour. That's all for now

This is a new kind of horror for me - fewer of the creepy monsters and unnerving supernatural elements of the author's first collection I read, and more of the creepy darkness and unnerving excesses of the human mind. All the way into every dark crevice and niche we venture, on a journey that feels very real and very possible. There is no waving away the crushing dread and crawling sensation with "it's not real." These emotions are real - really real - for many people. Here they are couched in a [...]

I did not receive any type of compensation for reading & reviewing this book. While I receive free books from publishers & authors, I am under no obligation to write a positive review. Only an honest one. A very awesome book cover, great font & writing style. 9 fairly well written short stories (book). They weren’t very easy for me to read/follow from start/finish, but never a dull moment. There were no grammar/typo errors, nor any repetitive or out of line sequence sentences. Lots [...]

I received a free Kindle copy of this book via the Giveaways program and am grateful to anyone involved in making that happen!This is a collection of 9 bleak and bizarre stories that were a little too bleak and bizarre for my taste. That said, there were some gems in here. My favorites were "Soon Enough This Will Essentially Be a True Story", "Cthulu, Zombies, Ninjas and Robots!; or, a Special Snowflake in an Endless Scorching Universe" and two connected stories, "The Gulf of Responsibility" an [...]

Disclaimer - I received this ebook as a giveaway. It is certainly well written and certainly the short stores are dark, weird and strange. Not a book that I would pick up and buy at a book store, but I found them intriguing enough that I finished the book. With the exception of one of the stores, the endings were a complete surprise. I am planning to keep the book and may again read it.

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