Les équinoxes

Cyril Pedrosa

Les équinoxes

Les équinoxes

  • Title: Les équinoxes
  • Author: Cyril Pedrosa
  • ISBN: 9782800163628
  • Page: 430
  • Format: None

Cet album cherche saisir le sentiment de solitude que chacun peut ressentir devant la complexit du monde En quatre tableaux correspondant aux quatre saisons, autant de personnages en qu te de leur destin e illustrent les m andres de cette motion.

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Just take a look for a minute or so at some images from what Scott McCloud calls the “sumptuous feast” of this ambitious and awe-inspiring graphic novel by Pedrosa. google/search?q=cyrilBut first, what is an equinox?An equinox happens when the plane of the equator passes through the center of the sun. It occurs twice a year; once in late March, and again in late September. On an equinox, day and night are of approximately equal duration all over the planet. So the idea is to show the passage [...]

What a masterwork. One of the best graphic novels I’ve ever read. A feast for your eyes. And a touching story, a bit on the sad / pessimistic side, about intertwining lives of normal individuals in a French town. The things the author is able to do with colors . oh, my God. You can get lost in some of these panels. I could just stare at them for hours. I read the book as ebook, through the LA library, and I’m now considering getting the hard copy. One minor quibble: I don’t think the pages [...]

This is the best graphic novel I have read since Essex County. I really cannot say enough praise, but here is an attempt: Describing Equinoxes is just as difficult as describing why any great piece of art is beautiful and or important to someone whom has never encountered itThe art style is magnificent. Setting a dynamic mood with its range of vivid, sometimes moody schemes. I felt the urge to cut out some of the stark imagery for framing.The characters are as real as some of the elder New Engla [...]

As the seasons of the year pass, so do the lives of the characters in this book. A book like that could turn out to be really boring, but that is not the case here at all. We hear the characters thoughts, see their movements, their doubts, like poetry sometimes, harsh at other times. There are quite some intertwining story lines here, so when I finished the book I immediately wanted to start again, to see if there was anything I missed.The book is basically like 4 volumes into 1. Each chapter a [...]

Zwaar onder de indruk Lichtjes ontroerd klap ik dit boek toe. De man die ons in het verleden parels als "Drie Schimmen" en "Portugal" leverde slaagt er nog eens met verve in : de lat nog een stukje hoger leggen, zijn grenzen verleggen en ondertussen de lezer weten te beroeren via een verhaal met meerdere harten die meerstemmig weerklinken doorheen dit feest voor oog en geest. p.s. : De Nederlandse vertaling en lettering alsook de mooie uitgave door Dupuis verdienen een pluim.Mening van De Strips [...]

Prachtige graphic novel van Cyril Pedrosa (ik heb ook erg genoten van zijn vorige graphic Portugal). Hij weet je echt mee te nemen in zijn tekeningen/aquarellen. Hij tekent als vanzelf, al moet hij ongelooflijk veel mensen bekeken hebben om ze zo treffend neer te zetten. In deze raamvertelling laat hij fragmentarisch mensen uit alle lagen van de bevolking en van alle leeftijden de revue passeren. Mensen zoals je die overal zou kunnen tegenkomen, waarin je jezelf kan herkennen of waardoor je een [...]

This is an outstanding work, and I'm tempted to give it a 5-star rating on here. I hesitate due to the prose-heavy portions of the book that, while sensible and useful given the contexts, at times appear a bit clunky. Pedrosa's use of character development and intertwining plot lines makes this novelistic in nature, and I would call this his most ambitious project to date.

Disorderly, stream-of-conscious, moving, beautiful.

I think this book is better than the level at which I liked it. It often felt like it was twisting through its story and overarching emotional core in an awkward way, and the use of the photography to break away into straight narrative (and the narrative itself) left me feeling detached more than not. Still, this is an ambitious work that has a certain weight to it. The art has a sort of smeared-Disney aesthetic that makes for some truly incredible pages.The parts with the brothers towards the e [...]

'Equinoxes' by Cyril Pedrosa is the graphic novel equivalent of an independent film. I liked it, but ultimately didn't love it.The story is split up into the four seasons. The characters at first are independent and it's not known what connection they'll have throughout the story. There is even a wordless story that begins each season, and that even finds a way to tie in.The characters range from a young girl with a camera who takes candid photos of people and writes stories about them, a divorc [...]

I want to say I'm floored and overwhelmed by what I have just read, but honestly, the entire book kind of escaped me.Got this off Netgalley, believing it to be some fantastic tale pegged on the affects of the equinox. In actuality, the title is a misnomer, as the Equinox doesn't affect the actions or situations of the characters. While the book is a startling representation of daily life, it is slow, meandering and verbose.The verbosity is due to the book being a translation. Thoughts and emotio [...]

Today I read Equinoxes for review (Thank you, Papercutz Publishing!) and it was a lovely experience. I've added photos from the graphic novel to show just how much the novel changes and switches from colours and themes. The graphic novel was originally published in French but it's been translated for English readers and it's fantastic because I think more people need to read this work of art. It's a standard size for a graphic novel but it's a much deeper read than the other graphics I usually r [...]

"Los equinoccios" es una historia sutil, donde la poesía se materializa en cada personaje que sus páginas dibujan, y donde las palabras apenas tienen el peso de una pluma y, sin embargo, son capaces de arrastrar nuestro corazón con la fuerza de las mareas, de un modo tan inevitable como la existencia de estas. Esta novela gráfica es necesaria. Tremenda y bellamente necesaria.

Pedrosa costruisce un polittico di solitudini che si incrociano, senza comprendersi, nella tristezza di questa impossibilità. Il libro ha due caratteristiche: lunghe interruzioni in prosa e disegni che variano di stagione in stagione. Una lettura intensa, come non mi capitava da tempo.

Un chef d’œuvre, de graphisme, d'écriture.Un livre sur les regrets et la vie qui passe.

Gewoon prachtig, ontroerend, hartverwarmend

I actually read the English language version of this book. I did so for two reasons: 1. I am exploring book genera with which I have no experience. 2. Someone recommended it. Unfortunately, I don't recall who as I would like to chat with them about the book. Les équinoxeshas an interesting story loop, although most of what is there escapes me. I guess I am not smart enough to read such things. At any rate, the part of the book I really liked is the graphic story of a boy as we learn to know him [...]

Les équinoxes (2015)Altra graphic novel di allegria rara. Pensavo che alla fine si ricollegassero di più i vari fili. Disegno non entusiasmante; colore che sottolinea la divisione nelle 4 stagioni. Le parti narrative non disegnate appesantiscono "Le ore sono secoli, non portano da nessuna parte. Bisognerebbe poter sparire e non sentire mai più quel vuoto. E' troppo lunga, tutta una vita così." pag. 139 "Ho trentuno anni, mi sento perduta, non avrò che una sola vita, e la sento scivolarmi tr [...]

Un volume meraviglioso, con un'attenzione tipografica fuori dal comune, un vero gioiello, anche se TROPPO pesante. I disegni, che sono una combinazione fra gipi e baru, sono meravigliosi per la carica cangiante dei colori a pastello, che cambiano sempre, ad ogni pagina, come uno splendido caleidoscopio. La storia è bella, ma non regge il confronto con il sontuoso apparato grafico. Ed è troppo lenta, per quanto gli incroci che si palesano durante il percorso siano davvero interessanti. E' tutto [...]

Komiks podzielony jest na cztery części odpowiadające porom roku. Umyśliłem sobie, że każdą z nich przeczytam w odpowiednim czasie, czyli całość skończyłbym mniej więcej po roku. Z pierwszymi dwoma plan udało mi się zrealizować, potem jednak zupełnie nie czułem potrzeby by do tego wrócić, i tak ostatecznie wiosnę nadrabiałem późną jesienią, a lato niemal zimą. Mimo wszystko dostrzegam urok tego dzieła.

It’s very beautiful, and I do enjoy the story very much, but the text sections destroyed the pacing for me. There are times when this mixed approach works very well, but here it slows down further an already fairly slow read. The coloring is gorgeous, and in all it’s very French and thoughtful, but I didn’t love it.

Such a delightful and unexpected find! Found a used copy in a second hand bookstore. Price was a little expensive, but I thought, "Oh, what the hell." So very glad I bought it. I thoroughly enjoyed the interweaving stories, and I'm actually looking forward to reading it again some time in the future. I honestly can't think of another book I've thought that of before. Highly recommend.

If you have an impulse to stop reading this book by page 30, go with it. I should have. I read every word and looked at every panel and regret every wasted moment.A whole lot of nothing characters do a whole lot of nothing for over 300 pages. Tedium packaged for your consumption.

Evo sam dovrši Ekvinocij. Lip strip. Nisam siguran ca sam sve shvati, a ca nisam, ali strip stvarno zaokupi pažnju. Igra se bojom i stilom. Naracija je tečna. Djeluje ko kad sam ko mali sluša razgovore odraslih; nisi siguran što govore, ali znaš da je zanimljivo i bitno.

There's something there. The art is beautiful, as always with Pedrosa. I guess I'm just getting too old for that kind of long story-telling on the way of life.

A sweet, existential, sad story or stories, really.

I really needed that.

Beautifully drawn and written, feels like a European art film, and in a good sense.

The most cinematic graphic novel I've ever read.

God, I love Pedrosa so much. He's just so brilliant. It's hard to explain what Equinoxes is about. It's the fleeting moment in between everything perhaps? The comic is divided into four seasons and we have different people in different stages of life trying to find meaning and mostly, themselves. The comic is philosophical leaving you room to interpret it the way you want. At the same time it's solemn and beautiful in its quietness, which makes the heart to feel at ease. Pedrosa is a master at d [...]

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