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  • Title: Clean
  • Author: Mia Kerick
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  • Page: 487
  • Format: Kindle Edition

High school senior Lanny Keating has it all A three sport athlete at Lauserville High School looking at a college football scholarship, with a supportive family, stellar grades, boy band good looks until the fateful day when it all falls apart.Seventeen year old Trevor Ladd has always been a publicly declared zero and the high school badboy Abandoned by his mother and sHigh school senior Lanny Keating has it all A three sport athlete at Lauserville High School looking at a college football scholarship, with a supportive family, stellar grades, boy band good looks until the fateful day when it all falls apart.Seventeen year old Trevor Ladd has always been a publicly declared zero and the high school badboy Abandoned by his mother and sexually abused by his legal guardian, Trevor sets his sights on mere survival Lanny seeks out Trevor s companionship to avoid his shattered home life Unwilling to share their personal experiences of pain, the boys explore ways to escape, leading them into sexual experimentation, and the abuse of illegal drugs and alcohol Their mutual suffering creates a lasting bond of friendship and love When the time finally comes to get clean and sober, or flunk out of high school, only one of the boys will graduate, while the other spirals downward into addiction Will Lanny and Trevor find the strength to battle their demons of mind altering substances as well as emotional vulnerability Clean takes the reader on a gritty trip into the real and raw world of teenage substance abuse.

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4.25 starsThe first half of this story was heartbreaking. Trevor is just getting by. He's using alcohol, drugs and Lanny, when he comes along, to help him forget about the abuse he suffers daily from his legal guardian. Lanny was once the golden boy, on his way to an athletic scholarship. Everything changes the day his sister is badly injured in an accident. His family falls apart under the grief and Lanny seeks solace in Trevor, the alcohol and the drugs. Soon Lanny's dreams start to fall throu [...]

Clean by Mia Kerick is a gritty story of teenage substance abuse. Trevor and Lanny are both living their own private hells and seek solace by experimenting with drugs and sexual release. I have to admit I had a hard time with the first half of this book. Not because the writing was bad, but because it was just so freakin' sad. As someone who hated going home as a kid and making bad decisions in my late teens/early twenties- I found this book incredibly difficult to read at times. Reading their d [...]

This is the first book I've read by this author and what a way to start. I was bowled over by the realness of this story. If your looking for a romantic sweet read then I suggest you skip this book. This is the raw and gritty story of two teenagers Lanny and Trevor. Due to an accident Lannys home life is messed up. He feels so alone at home and at school. Trevor has been abandoned by his mom and is abused by his legal guardian. They both end up together meddling and trying alcohol and drugs. Thi [...]

Cleanis a powerful book. If you are looking for a happy-go-lucky romance, this probably isn't going to satisfy that need. If you are looking for a book about an issue we all should be concerned with, this is that book. This is a story about two high school age young men, Lanny and Trevor, and how they are both affected by the use, abuse, and subsequent addiction to alcohol and drugs. This story is told from alternating view points and allows the reader to get into the head of someone who starts [...]

This book is a very tough read, not because it's written poorly, but because it portrays unflinching stories of sexual abuse, neglect and substance abuse in teens.Landon was a great student and star athlete with everything going for him until his young sister was hit by a car. She survived, but with severe handicaps, and Lanny's family has become all about Joelle and her care. His overwhelmed and overwrought parents are angry and hostile, and don't even bother to acknowledge Lanny most days. Lan [...]

This is perhaps a bit explicit for true YA; it is also about intense subjects including sexual abuse and addiction, on page. So despite the age of the protagonists, I would recommend it only with caution to older teens. Lanny Keating had a great life and a good family, until the day his little sister was brain-injured in an accident. Since then, Lanny has been dealing with both his own guilt, and the degree to which her care has absorbed and overwhelmed his parents and him, until he seems to bar [...]

3,5 В целом очень депрессивно(( Если подробнее, то книга делится на две части, первая из которых абсолютный и беспросветный dark. Только что расчлененки нет, а так ощущения от прочтения гнетущие. Написано очень, прямо очень хорошо! Герои аутентичны, логичны в плане характера (не [...]

if you aren't into angst and troubled teenagers, this book definitely won't be for you. This took me a little while to get into ,but once I did I couldn't put it down. If this book wasn't so slow for me in the beginning, I would have given it a 4.5 or 5.I think this book will have a lot of mixed reviews. Either people will love it or not like it at all.

“I look at his face to see if he’s judging us because of the whole gay thing but he smiles and I know he’s cool with whoever I wanna love.”5 beautiful stars!!! Mia Kerick knows how to take delicate subjects and make a beautiful story!! It’s gripping, heartbreaking and so beautiful!!Trevor and Landon are both high school seniors dealing with their own family problems. Landon’s parents barely notice he’s around and Trevor lives with his abusive stepdad. So what’s a young boy do whe [...]

I received a free ebook copy in exchange for an honest review.When I first started Clean, my expectations weren't too high. And I thought the beginning was a little unimpressive. But holy shit, it got better and better as the story progressed. It was so worth the read.This is a super slow burn romance, and that's what makes it so beautiful. At first, Lanny and Trevor are just fooling around, but they slowly become friends and later that blooms into love. ZOMG, THE FEELS. Oh, the feels *squeals l [...]

This book is about two teenage boys in high school their senior year who both have a lot going on in their life. Landon has parents who barely acknowledge him and Trevor has his step dad who hurts him horribly. They both turn to drinking then later drugs until one of them almost loses his life. This story was so sad at times and positive too with the way they both help each other in the end. There also might be parts that will be hard for some to read with what Carl Trevor's step dad had done to [...]

Mia Kerik is amazing! She is not afraid to tackle tough topics RED SHEET, INCLINATION and now CLEAN. It it tough, it is harsh, it is loving, it is kind, it is in your face about a topic all too often brushed under the carpet in the GLBT world addiction. It lays it open, it bares its soul. IT HURTS but damn it is a very satisfying read I'm talking in generalities because I don't want spoilers to take away one minute to take away one second of your satisfaction from reading this brilliant work by [...]

Cleanby Mia KerickYoung Dudes Publishing "I guess the best way to sum it up is that there's more pain lurking in his eyes than I'll ever know the truth of, because there's no way he'll share it with me. Just like I'll never share mine with him. We hide from all of the hurt, but it's cool that we can hide together."Landon (Lanny) Keating is a star athlete whose personal life spirals out of control, trapped by alcohol and drug addiction. Once a star athlete, his academics and athletic career are [...]

This was a fantastic read. It was harsh. It was dark. It was unforgiving, but most of all, it was real. With a focus on teenage lives, and what really goes on behind the scenes, it gave readers a chance to feel what it is like to be part of a life that often makes you wish you were dead. The sad thing is, so many people are truly living these lives, but this book does wonders for raising awareness and opening your eyes to what is really out there.Our two main characters have been written excepti [...]

I was gifted with an ARC of Clean by the author in exchange for a fair review.In the past, whenever substance addiction was brought up in novels, it often rang with preachiness. Get clean or die! And in the hands of a lesser author, this might have been true of Clean. However, the author, Ms. Kerick, shows us what addiction is through the eyes of two high school boys, Lanny Keating, the all-American jock (or so it seems) and Trevor (Trev) Ladd, the proverbial bad boy with a heart of gold, althou [...]

as i'm sure you've read in other reviews, this is not an easy story to read is gritty and painful and one of the most realistic fiction stories i've ever read. you will laugh, you will cry, you will get angry, you will have hope and in the end you will have some happiness. mia's writing is as good as always and she tackles some pretty tough issues in this book - drug & alcohol abuse, sexual abuse, parental abandonment, parental neglect, co-dependency and the regular struggles of high school [...]

Original blog Post: Happy Happy Release Day!!! Blog Tour, eARC Review, Excerpt, Author Interview & #Giveaway: Clean by Mia KerickReview by: multitaskingmommaMy Rating: 5 of 5 StarsI cannot give this anything lower than five stars and Clean is definitely a Must Read. However, I must warn readers: this is not for everyone. There are triggers everywhere and it is raw. It bleeds in it's rawness, probably the reason why this is rated so high and deservedly so.As a mother, Mia Kerick has her child [...]

Review5 Weeping Stars This was a very difficult book for me to read. I am a mother of five wonderful children. Correction adults. The youngest being 19. The author doesn’t hold back and although this book is a work of fiction, so many people lose themselves to addiction making this a powerful enlightening story. This book takes us on the downward spiral of two teens trying to escape the horror that is their lives. We see them struggle and hit rock bottom as they try to dull their pain with dr [...]

When you read the Author's note at beginning of Clean you get an honest view of the world of temporary resolve through the use of legal or illegal substances. Lanny and Trevor met during high school, each trying to escape from their respective lives and problems. Both are drowned in the inferno of using and abusing. Life is not easy so much more when Lanny and Trevor don't communicate with each other. Not really because they are not really friends. they are users in the complete sense of the [...]

Clean provides a raw look at how tragedy can fuel teenage substance abuse. It isn't an easy read, but it is a good one. Trigger warnings: substance abuse, sexual abuseThe book is broken up into two parts. I'd like to think of it as a before and after of sorts. While the first part is gritty and painful, the second part provides a powerful message of hope and redemption for Trevor and Lanny.I was a bit put off by the writing style in the beginning. At times the internal dialogue didn't feel as ge [...]

Five Powerful Stars! This book approaches a difficult subject of drug/alcohol abuse. Landon and Trevor both come from families that are not your loving home. They are both seniors in high school and end up turning to alcohol and drugs. The story is told from both of their POVs and the author gives as a look into their minds high on a substance. Mia does a fantastic job at looking at the world of substance abuse. I highly recommend this book! ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest revie [...]

ARC provided by RT Reviews. Full review to come.

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MC's in high school. Not my bag.

First, many thanks to Mia Kerick, who provided a free copy of Clean in exchange for an honest review. Once, a few years ago, I found myself home alone one night, and ran across Schindler’s List while channel surfing. I had never seen it, and the version that was on was the full length uncut version. I thought about it for a minute, then decided to watch it. I bawled my way all the way through it, but at the end decided that every human being should have to watch it at least once. If you are no [...]

Teens receive messages about the dangers of drugs from a range of media and social interactions, but often there is still the promise that ingesting a drug will mitigate psychological pain and overwhelming emotions. Attracted to drugs because of their confusing, evolving feelings, many a young adult falls into the drug world, never to emerge.While Clean opens with a preface about this subject, it chooses the novel format (not nonfiction) to deliver its hard-hitting message about why teens choose [...]

Overall Stars: 5 STARSAddictionM/MTrying to escape their reality of pain, two barely-men will turn to each other for comfortHigh school senior Lanny Keating has it all. A three-sport athlete at Lauserville High School looking at a college football scholarship, with a supportive family, stellar grades, boy band good looks… until the fateful day when it all falls apart.Seventeen-year-old Trevor Ladd has always been a publicly declared zero and the high school badboy. Abandoned by his mother and [...]

CLEANMia KerickYoungDudes Publishing (2015)ISBN 9781517581046Reviewed by Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views (11/15)“Clean” by Mia Kerick is the story of two boys and their coming of age journeys through high school and beyond. Lanny Keating is the high-school super jock, he is good looking, gets high grades, and will most likely receive a college football scholarship. Lanny seemingly has everything going for him until one tragic day when his entire world crumbles in an instant. Trevor Ladd is the [...]

*copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by author/publisher via Divine Magazine in exchange for an honest review*This is Lanny and Trevor's story. Two high school seniors who we watch spiral into the depths of alcohol and drug use. Lanny and Trevor tell a powerful story. I say this because, I definitely saw this story through their eyes. I never once felt like I was being told this story. I felt I lived this story with Lanny and Trevor. I told my co-blogger at about 10%, I may have to break this up [...]

*I received this book in exchange for an honest review.*Trevor and LannyThis book reflects teenage addiction and how easy they can destroy us, and everyone around us. Mia Kerick makes a wonderful job showing how teenagers live and make decisions. Trevor is a teenager who lives with his “guardian” and his life is not easy, on the other hand Lanny is a teenager aswell, he lives with his parents and little sister, however, Lanny and his family blame him for the accident of his sister.I loved th [...]

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