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  • Title: Stormalong
  • Author: Eric Metaxas
  • ISBN: 9781591977728
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Hardcover

Hop on board the biggest ship ever built and hold on tight for the story of Captain Stormalong the saltiest sailor to sail the seven seas This is the tallest fish tale any landlubber has ever heard, and your students will be hooked on this hilarious tribute to America s Golden Age of sail.

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I read this book in class i love it because is very do the stuff very dramatly I WANT TO BE A GIANT!HAHAH ALFRED BULLTOP STORMALONG!

I liked this story about a sailor who is finding himself. The tale starts with young boy who loves the sea and feels at home on the open water. He had an upsetting day on the water and gave up water for good and went inland. While he was inland, he was sad and he cried the Great Lakes. He soon made his way back to the water and set sail again. This time he met an steel ship and he wasn't going to let a piece of metal beat his wooden boat. It took great strength and some ingenuity for him to win [...]

This story was great for my 4th grade students. This folktale was very fun because of this 30ft giant. The illustrations were great for my students to understand just how big 30 feet is compared to the pictures of the "normal" size people.

My students always love this story, and I love teaching it. It lends itself perfectly to a unit on writing tall tales.

Stormalong is a sea captain who was born during the hurricane of 1826. He grew faster than anything. At the age of 16 he decided to seek his fortune on the sea. One day the ship came across this octopus looking monster. Stormy battled it for more than 3 weeks and won. Stormy grew so big that he was too big for the ship, he threw in the anchor. Donald knew Stormy would come back one day and that he did. He built him a boat so big it would take you 3 days to get from after deck to poop deck. Then [...]

This book is about a captain that has sailed the seven seas. Stormy started as a young boy and grew up fast. When he was 10 years old he was an excellent sailor. As years past he became an even better sailor and decided he wanted to live out on the seas. He met different animals along the way such as an octopus and sea monsters. Stormalong decided to build the biggest ship that has ever been built and then he continues to sail the sea.

This was an interesting tale but good. his ship wouldnt fit anywhere so he kept trying diferent ways and his crew kept having to get off and do different tasks to get the ship places and finally the ship got into the boston harbor and everyone was happy. it was a good book and had neat pictures and is a different tale that many children dont hear

This book is about a young boy who grows up to be a great sailor on the sea. He meets a lot of different animals as he grows up sailing on the sea. By the end of the story, he builds the biggest and greatest ship to ever sail the sea.

its very exageret but it is very funny i like it

Stormalong lived for the sea and he was the best knot tier around. He cried the Salt Lake in Utah. He beat a steam boat with his underwear and lungs. He shot himself straight into outer space.

Not my style of illustrations of writing.

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