Kidding Around NYC: For Kids Who Want the Inside Track on the City

Suzanne Roche

Kidding Around NYC: For Kids Who Want the Inside Track on the City

Kidding Around NYC: For Kids Who Want the Inside Track on the City

  • Title: Kidding Around NYC: For Kids Who Want the Inside Track on the City
  • Author: Suzanne Roche
  • ISBN: 9780996148429
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Paperback

A travel guide to New York City written for children This visual, entertaining, and age appropriate book is a great resource for kids traveling with their families, as well as kids and families that live in the city.

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The cover of this book is really what caught my attention. I love it.The colors, the vintage-y vibes, the graphic design. On point.But this book highly disappointed me. Here's why I gave it 2 stars.Kidding Around NYC is a very short book dedicated to children, families and everyone with a child who want to visit New York City. It is full of suggestions and historic explanations about the most famous buildings, museums and places. There were not only historical facts, but also fun ones and entert [...]

Ok, this book kind of confuse me a traveling book for children but i trutly doubt if one kid will wish read it, on the other side I've never travel to NY, in fact last year we are organizing a little trip there but just didn't happen but I think this could be informative and useful for someone who is his first time in the city, this "covers the basics" everything that could need if you go as an average turist (I miss that is sooooo few info about the Public Library), the way that is write works [...]

The cover of this book really catches my attention. Since I've never been to New York, so I pick this book to get to know about the city that never sleeps.This book is a very great book. I think people in all ages will enjoy this. It doesn't only give you information about what are the good and famous places in NYC, this book also gives you the historical facts, fun trivia, and even the pictures, maps, etc that will make you understand about NYC easily.And it certainly will make you want to visi [...]

I won this book in a Giveaway, and feel fortunate to have done so. It does give the reader the urge to pack up the kids and grand kids and go exploring. This book is okay as a beginning, but as a native Brooklynite, who was blessed enough to raise five children in the City, so much has been left out, I cannot see how helpful it is. Where is Grand Army Plaza, Prospect Park, The Brooklyn Museum, The New York and The Brooklyn Botanic Garden, The Coney Island Aquarium? What about the Staten Island [...]

Kidding Around NYC is filled with fun and interesting facts about the Big Apple! The book uses a quirky sense of humor making it fun and engaging for readers. Photographs and sketches are used to describe and highlight many important streets, buildings and landmarks. The text also includes a section of Token Trivia and Do you know questions, that readers will enjoy. If you are planning a trip to NYC or simple want to know more about the city, Kidding Around includes information on the subway sys [...]

If you are planning a trip with New York with kids and you want to get them a bit more interested in the prospect get them a copy of this book. Full of bite size information that gives you a great insight to the City. Some of the facts and stats are a bit off the wall. I've been there three times and I found out new information that I'll be using on my next trip. It is written in a straight forward style that will appeal to children and isn't too difficult for older children to read alone. The m [...]

A great little book about things to do in New York - all the essential things to see and do for kids, as well as some great historical facts explaining the significance of Big Apple stalwarts such as the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Chrysler Building etc etc.My only criticism is that while this covers all the key NYC attractions, it didn't have any hidden gems , such as the Roosevelt Island Aerial Tram, or any of the residential or shopping areas, which are always fun to explore. Ho [...]

Filled with interesting information and photographs, this book is a fabulous way to introduce a child to NYC. Whether a family is planning a visit, or it is needed for a school project, the most famous places to visit are covered including: Times Square; Grand Central Terminal; the Statue of Liberty; Radio City Music Hall; Bronx Zoo; Central Park Zoo, Broadway; Ellis Island and the Staten Island Ferry. There is also information about the subway system, taxis, museums and historical buildings. Th [...]

Good introduction to New York City for kids--and adults. Covered are main attractions in the city with various interesting facts about each place which also includes some history. Each site is covered in two to three pages. There are questions about some things with the answers at the end of the books. At the end of the book there are also lists of addresses of sites mentioned in the book, a glossary of some terms, additional recommended books, and a list of special events. This book gives infor [...]

I love this cover. That's why I requested it on NetGalley (also because NYC!). It's a fun book full with facts. Its target audience are children. Most of the things mentioned I already knew about but I still loved reading this. My only complaint is that the galley isn't done very well at all. Pages are too small and even with maximum size font on my Kindle I could barely read the words. Also, kinda sad that I couldn't see the pictures in color but that's my Paperwhite's fault. Makes me want to g [...]

I saw this book and even though its aimed primarily at children I knew I wanted to read it. I love New York and have been lucky enough to visit the city a few times now and I love reading about it, looking at the photos and wanted to see what else I'd been missing. The book is fun, has brilliant facts, the information is given in punchy sections to keep attention and the photos are great. Really pleased that I was given the opportunity to read and review it - an excellent book!

I've read the book as an adult (no magic trick to go back in time!) and not in New York. It reminded me of a day in London quite a few years ago where such a quiz was organized. We were between 1 and 1, and loved it.To be honest, I did not know the answers for most of the questions and I believe teens can have fun with the booklet. And if you are lucky enough to read it in NYC, it must be fantastic.

(4.5 stars) *I won a copy of this book from First Reads* A great resource for kids going to NYC. Great pictures (I like the scrapbook-style page layouts), plenty of information without being overwhelming, fun facts that appeal to kids. Hoping to take our daughter to New York in the near future, and this will definitely come in handy.

This is a pretty great travel guide for anyone who plans to visit NYC as a family. My kids are ready to pack their bags! The cover is fun and enticing, but the inside is filled with photographs from various places and tourist attractions around the city. There is a lot of information, architecture, and history in this book.

My 8 year old loved this book just as much as I did. We are currently planning a trip to NYC and this book gave us lots of ideas of places to visit and fun facts that we weren't aware of. The format is easy to follow and brilliant for dipping in and out of.

Cute, fun guide book for kids.

As a foreigner living out of the US, the book taught me many things. The books give brief and clear info about everything such as buildings, history, people I absolutely recommend it.

I received this book for free from first reads program.This is an interesting book. While it says it is meant for kids I really think it is more designed to be read by families as some of the facts and vocabulary will likely need further explanation for young kids. This would be a great book for an older sibling to read with younger siblings or to have parents read with their children before their trip to New York. I think the book succeeds in providing a diverse look at attractions in New York [...]

Full disclosure – I am not, nor do I have a child. But as someone who used to be a child in New York City, this book is really well crafted.It opens with a description of the city, and continues on through city hallmarks both unofficial, with descriptions of the subway system and the food carts that cover the city, to the more official with locations from museums like the Natural History Museum and the Met to landmarks like the Flatiron building and Wall Street.Kidding Around NYC does have a l [...]

Kidding Around NYC: For Kids Who Want the Inside Track on the City is a great book for kids to see what wonders there are in New York City. The illustrations draw the attention of the reader while the entry is filled with facts, history and a brief description of the item.This would make a great addition to a family who are planning a trip to the city and a way to draw the child into the trip's planning. They can get a little foresight of what they will be seeing and why it is so important. It i [...]

This is a terrific book to introduce children/ young adults to the magic that is New York City. Great format and layout with just enough pictures and illustrations to be enticing. This book is full of facts, history and brief descriptions of dozens of great landmarks.A great gift for a any young reader- especially anyone planning a visit to the Big Apple. After many, many visits there, even I still found facts and places I had not yet visited. Highly Recommended!I received an ARC copy from the p [...]

Won as giveaway. I was really looking forward to this book because a kids guide to NYC seems super cool but the amateur style layout and the grainy/pixelated images really killed the appeal. There is certainly a market for a kids guide to NYC book but this doesn't fit the bill. It can't appeal to small kids because the pictures are awful, it can't appeal to bigger kids cuz the trivia is meh at best. I'm not really sure of the exact target audience for this book.

A pleasant surprise, "Kidding Around NYC" was better than I was expecting. It is very colorful and has a good lay-out. It is an excellent travel guide for children visiting the Big Apple. I would recommend this book for families who plan to visit the city. It is also small in size and easy to handle for little hands.My copy was obtained from the website and I appreciate the opportunity to read and review the book.

Although this is aimed at kids this is a fun book for anyone planning a trip to NYC or for those wanting some memories of places visited. It's a great idea as I don't know of any other travel books aimed at children and lets face it, everyone enjoys the holidays and travel better if accompanying kids are catered for so they enjoy the excitement of travel as well. Well done on a great new idea and an interesting and unique travel book.

This eBook was provided by NetGalley in exchange for honest review.This is a nice book for kids visiting NYC. It has many major places to visit listed with a bit of history and some things to look for. It's not a huge book, which could be a plus if your kids are young, but there could have been a few more places listed. Overall, it's a solid travel guide for kids.

Simple facts about the Big Apple! Cute book with a good layout and images. I work in pediatrics and have a young patient who says, "I only read nonfiction." So this book was passed down to him, and it made him quite happy to get a new nonfiction book to take home. :)

This is a win review. This is actually meant to be a kid friendly guide to New York City. Bit i really liked it since I have never been to there. if I ever go I will take this neat book with me.

I received this book in a giveaway.

Love it think its great for kids

Lots of interesting NYC facts that kids would love. Plenty of pictures and illustrations to keep them entertained

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