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  • Title: Anvil
  • Author: Dirk Patton
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  • Page: 396
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America fights back In the thrilling new addition to the V Plague series, the decimated US Military brings the fight to the invading Russians As battles rage, John is drawn into the melee, delaying his quest to reach Seattle with the remainder of his group As all are threatened by escalating nuclear war, new dangers stand in the way of the survivors reaching safety.

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Oorah! Hooah! Hooyah! It's about time the remaining military get in there and kick some major ass!It's always enlightening to read these scenes where the Major is in up to his boot straps and he and the men with him have to figure a way out. I always learn something every time I read these books. My husband is a prior Marine and I'll ask him random (for me) questions about some gun or missile or protocol and he's all, "What are you asking that for?" "My not-a-zombie book" I tell him. Then he fee [...]

Another awesome book in the V Plague series!! With Katie, Rachael, Martinez and Irina captured by the Russians, John moves in to rescue them. The firefight that ensues ends with Martinez dead and a lot of Russians, John was in shock as right in the middle of the firefight, Katie turned. Blood red eyes staring back at John. She had saved his life, even after turning. Part of her was still there. But they needed to get away from the Russians that would be coming in response to the firefight, if th [...]

Better and better10 books in and the story keeps rolling. This entry has a lot mores military action in comparison to the infected action of the previous books and John's group of women aren't as present in the storyline but we do get to see John kicking arse and taking names with a group of Delta operators as the try to restore a weapon that could turn the tide against Russia and free North America from the Russians.I can't believe that ten books in I'm still left wanting !more

The adventure continuesStarting the next installment immediately. Definitely keeps you hooked with the cleverly designed cliffhangers. You can't help but wonder what's in store for the characters.

This would have had 5 stars but for the fact I'm not a fan of descriptive field maneuvers. Even so the remainder of the book was a nail nibbling, and muscles tensed to see how issues were resolved. The author does have a story telling knack that sometimes mimics headline news!

Great Series Getting Better!I thoroughly enjoyed this book. After having gotten away from this series for awhile, I am getting right into Book 11 as soon as I submit this review. Great story! !

We wonWhat happen to katen even John fix that. How many Americans are still aliveWhat will the Russians do next? Can a reversal of the plague be found?

As with all of the other books, I thought it was great. I was even fortunate enough to win an autographed copy of this book from Dirk himself, so what's not to love?

Omg love love This series is only getting better and better, did not see that coming, chase live to see another day yeah.

The castration was a nice touch.

The whole series is excellentAt the very beginning of book one Patton describes his plan for these books to be action packed without the sometimes slowing effect of flashbacks cut scenes or unnecessary background info. He certainly delivers on the promise of action, and does so with excellent descriptive writing as well as a very deep knowledge of military subject matter. Perhaps most impressive is the depth he creates in his characters, without falling back on the thematic elements he promised [...]

I must say that I am a HUGE fan of this series. That said, this is the first of all ten that I was able to actually put down. While still set in this world that I love, this one had more of a military theme than most of the others. Or maybe it was the descriptions of the missile/weapons systems that lost me. This book focused much more on Chase, with only minor support from the many other characters we've come to know and love. I very much like the addition of some of the new characters, and the [...]

Absolute WOW!! This series just keeps rocking! An amazing follow-up from the ninth book, 'Precipice', Major John Chase and his crew have more deadlines to beat. And a deal with Russia to hand him over? This story reaches new heights in adrenaline and just does not stop!Another great book from Dirk Patton with an addictive and easy-to-read story. Yet one more book that I had to read in one sitting. There's just no time in the action to put it down!I can't wait to see what happens in the next book [...]

Awesome American Military MightThis book or should I say, series of books, is an incredible feat of logistics and story telling. Dirk, the author, can keep these books coming and me and millions of others will keep reading. The one thing that needs changing is battle scenes. Too much technical info for the common layman. Other than that really good read of exceptional quality.

Cliffhanger!I can't take this! This was an awesome book 10. This such a great story and I don't want to let anything out to destroy the adventure for anyone else. This series is written with believability, color, empathy, knowledge and common sense. I always re-read the series when a book is coming out so that I am ready for a seamless step to the next book. Please tell us that the next one is due out in January!

Great Ending!Another fantastic read in the series! I'll be honest, I do get worn down by the whole if something can go wrong it will go wrong writing style. Thankfully, by the last quarter of this book things do start going right. Finally! Like a breath of fresh air.All of the non-stop action can be found in this story, the characters we've grown to love, and the plot twists and turns. As always, I can't wait to read the next book in the series!

Great as usualOk there's really very little to be said about this book. If you're reading the series you know that all the books rock, and ROCK HARD! The only crappy part is when you finish and you get that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach because you know that wait for the next one will suck. But thanks so very much Dirk Patton for all the hours of intense pleasure that the reading of your work has provided me I've enjoyed all 10 immensely.

Awesome!!!This story was beyond great. It is one was of those books that draws you in and you can't tear yourself away from!! I highly suggest you read all of them. I guarantee you will not be disappointed!!! Kudos to the author, I don't want this series to end. Your attention to detail is perfect, yet you don't get boring or draw it out. Excellent!!! I can't wait for me.

Strangely, this series has only gotten better for me. There is a lot of eye-rolling unrealistic scenarios going on here, but it is so entertaining. I really like how much of the military equipment, mechanics, acronyms, and strategies are discussed - it's almost like being on the battlefield. And I don't usually like books that delve into battles.

Major John Chase Heading HomeFinally Russians off American soil. This was a cliff hanger all the way through. Never thought Katie was going to turn, I bet he finds her and there will be a cure. Awesome read. Bring him home , I bet he won't be given up easily. When's number 11 coming out.

Each of these books have the best cliffhanging endings I've read in such a long time! I love Major John Chase, I love all the characters introduced within each new book, I just love this series! Dirk, I can't wait for book 11! But I do hope Dog is back in full combat mode in 11. Cheers to another great book in V Plague!

BOOM!!!!!Mr. Patton has left us w/ yet another well-written cliffhanger! Andwe now have a couple new twists to this storyline that are offering some small beacons of light in this new zombie-filled reality. I'll be anxiously awaiting for the next part of this heart-pounding series.

Again, absolutely amazing story! The only con is that it left many questions unanswered Again. But it answered some from the last book too. So, I guess that con is really a problem, because that means another book is in the works! I can't wait! John is such an amazing hero and I look forward to seeing how he deals with the next obstacle(s). And what of Katie?.

The V Plague series is an interesting read, if you like zombies and military themes. The hero is not an every day guy, he's pretty much a superman. If you're good with those parameters, you may enjoy this series. Caution - as of this writing in August 2016, there are 12 books and the series isn't over yet.

Just when you think there is nothing new that can happen to John Chase, Dirk Patton delivers another winner! Great finish!I can't wait until the next installment of this ongoing saga! Great read for someone continuing this fun & graphic series.

Did not disappoint! Action packed, great writing and twists and turns abound! Love this series and cannot wait for the next book! This is by far my favorite series EVER! Keep them coming!

As with all the previous books in this series, I loved it.The problem is that I am not very patient in waiting for the next installment.The book is very easy to read I like the style a lot. Anyone that trays the series will have a pleasant experience.

Is there more?I need to know what happens next. I know these people now, and I don't wanna wait months or longer to find out. This has been a very good read, Mr. Patton, Well done. Now, let's finish it.

What a blast!The most fun I've had from reading any series Ever. All of the books we r e a blast! Constant edge of your seat thrills. What a ton of fun reading! Thank you Mr. Patton, well done.

Chase saga continuesn't wait for book 11Another page Turner.n't disappoint.Doesn't disappoint and is another page turner. Hopeful that Chase and his wife will be reunited.

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