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Neal Shusterman

Scorpion Shards

Scorpion Shards

  • Title: Scorpion Shards
  • Author: Neal Shusterman
  • ISBN: 9780812524659
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Paperback

Six teenagers are horrified to discover that an evil force has taken control of them A force that feeds on them hungrily and finds its only outlet in the blind desire to destroy The force must be destroyed But how What follows is the ultimate battle for supremacy between the forces of good and evil.

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While not a perfect novel, this had some really interesting elements! As you guys know, I love Neal's stories for the life messages that they provide the reader and this one is no exception. At first I wasn't quite sure what it was going for, but it turned out very well-done once I realized what was happening. The six children are so diverse, it was awesome. The struggles that they are going through is an extreme case for each, but everyone could relate to each character in different ways, I thi [...]

**3.5 stars**Scorpion Shards is a compelling, fast paced story. It chronicles the journey of 6 teens that suffer through the ultimate teenage nightmares, multiplied by a thousand. The whole book deals with the question…do you control your inner monster or let it wreak havoc in the world?This is not the usual Young Adult book about a beautiful, lonely girl who catches the attention of the bad boy. Dillon, Deanna, Winston, Lourdes, Michael and Tori suffer from anomalies that either transform the [...]

This book kind of disappointed me, knowing what Neal Shusterman's other books are like. To be fair, this is one of his earlier books, and his writing has definitely improved in his more recent books. I expected to be addicted and in love with the plot and the characters. The characters seemed pretty one-dimensional. Though the plot had potential to be interesting, it was kind of gross and strange, and what was supposed to be the climax didn't have enough build-up or excitement. First-time Shuste [...]

I like Shusterman's ideas. I feel like his writing could have been cleaned up a bit (i.e. to be more focused, entertaining, and involving much deeper characterizations of Dillon, Tori, Deanna, Winston, Lourdes, and Michael), but I'm more than willing to excuse that for the subject matter. The low rating makes me sad though, because this could have been a spectacular novel if it had just delved a bit deeper. This was a worse than what I remembered of Unwind, but it was still pretty fascinating. I [...]

I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about this book. I've been working on that since I started itThe concept is interesting and fresh (although a little heavy on metaphor, especially with Dillon and Deanana), so the story had real potential to grab me and not let go. I expected that but I didn't really get it.There was something about this book that felt thick to me. Like I was having trouble getting into it, even as I was liking characters and cheering for them, I could have set it down a [...]

JULY 2014:BOOKTUBEATHON - DAY 7 - BOOK 7**3.5 STARS**I loved this!!! However I felt like this book could have been executed a lot better, this is why I rated it 4 stars. This may be because it is one of Neal's earlier books and I was expecting it to be as good as Unwind, one of my favourite series, which is one of his later pieces.I loved the concept and the supernatural powers, they were superb! I also loved the characters, Neal always creates the best characters! Overall I loved this book but [...]

I haven't rated a book 5 stars in a long time! This one was just great! Action-packed with a lot of twists and turns. This one reminded me a lot of his other series', Everlost and Unwind.Once again his writing style and description was spectacular. I can't wait to get my hands on the rest of this series!My favourite character was Tory because she's determined and always tells the truth.One thing that surprised me about this book was that Deanna actually (view spoiler)[left Dillon when she said s [...]

Whoo-hoo! Received this from Edelweiss as well, and I think it's all three books of the Star Shards Chronicles. I'm glad I have 60 days for this because it's over 1000 pages - I'll have to prioritize it over some of my other reads depending on time. I'll be writing individual reviews of each book on my blog and here on GR though.

2.50It's not that I hated this book, just more of I didn't feel compelled to keep reading it once I started it. I did finish it though but damn was skimming a thing for me and this book. I also don't see how this is a trilogy, it really read like a stand alone.


This is such a weird book, and honestly it may be a tad offputting to some people.This is a story about six broken kids fighting their personal demons and realizing they are all part of something greater. Their adventure will take you from one side of the country to another as six misfits with superhuman afflictions come together and begin to realize who they are and what they need to do.I can tell this one of the author's earlier works - while the writing is still good, it certainly lacks in so [...]

Scorpion Shards The Star Shards Chronicles by Neal Shusterman. Dillon has to make destruction to stop something from taking control of him. Deanna is terrified of everyone and everything, But when Deanna is around Dillon her fears go away, and when Dillon is around Deanna his hunger for destruction is reduced. Winston has a curse that when he touches anyone or anything it is perilous. Tory has the power to give anyone or anything cooties, But if Tory touches Winston nothing happens and when Wi [...]

Quick but fun YA novel.Dillon needs to destroy things - or he feels an ever-present hunger. His touch causes people to go insane or forget who they are. Deanna is constantly afraid. Winston is shrinking - growing younger and his touch paralyses. Tory is infested by disease (and spreads it by touch). Lourdes is obese. Michael causes every woman to fall in love with him, and every man to be upset with him. They meet up and discover that (view spoiler)[they are infested with the soul of a star that [...]

I read this book over a decade ago so I was excited to find it on amazon along with sequels I didn't get to read. Aaaaand it still holds up. Neal Shusterman is brilliant at weaving a tension-laced tale filled with interesting characters, barn-storming pace and high stakes. As with any sub-300 page book, juggling 6 characters means there's a certain lack of depth with several characters but there was depth where it counted - with Dillon. That kid has some of the most messed up problems. This is t [...]

2 star

Shusterman on steroids-- wow! intense

I liked it. Took long than expected to read but, over-all a good book.

Evil Dillon, evil Deanna. Yeay!

I loved this book. Loved it. It gets four stars because of some technical things that jarred me a little bit more than for any real content reason, because I'm picky like that, but overall it had everything I'm looking for in a young-adult fantasy novel.First component, a really - and I mean REALLY - compelling cast. I loved everyone in this book, and considering it's a 200-some page novel with six main characters, that's a real feat. Not only did I like them all, but they were all painted reali [...]

One thing is for sure, these kids got stuck with the Aquaman of superpowers just maybe with more suffering and death. Geez.I really liked the way the author showed us what was happening to these kids, how their bodies changed and betrayed them, some really cool and frightening imagery right there, especially on Dillon's part. His power of suggestion, planting a "seed" and seeing the consequences was the only one I felt could do real harm to other people, while the others got stuck with stuff tha [...]

Fantastic Book!!!!!! Here are a list of reasons as to why people should read this and NOT miss out on a unique book Neal Shusterman has provided!1.The plot! It is absolutely fast pace and keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire book! You never really know where these characters are going to end up. It was such a well-thought out plot with unique elements added to it that are very original! We've seen powers being used in books before but Shusterman manages to add a fresh twist t [...]

Scorpion Shards begins with Dillon, our teenaged ball of destruction and then transitions to Deanna, our walking, talking bag of fears. We see where they are in their lives. We see how they're struggling with the powers they have, how these powers affect not only them but those around them as well. Early on, you can see that these kids have suffered due to the powers that they hold, and the picture Shusterman paints is a stark one. That's exactly why the meeting between Dillon and Deanna is such [...]

Meet the shards: teenagers Dillon, Deanna, Tory, Winston, Lourdes and Michael . I was excited to find out what superpowers the author would come up for each of them, and was somewhat disappointed to read about their special cases. They are far from ideal at all. Dillon is addicted to using his powers for destruction, Deanna is extremely paranoid-and that’s putting it mildly; Tory is suffering from skin problems that are the stuff of nightmares; Winston’s time is getting shorter along with hi [...]

Scorpion Shards was a freak-tastically trippy and wicked read. It begins with the story of Dillon Cole aka the Destroyer. Dillon has the affliction of the "wrecking hunger" which makes him want to cause catastrophes. Dillon isn't the only one with problems though. Winston is growing backwards, Michael is consumed with lust, Lourdes grows larger every day, Deanna has intense fears and Tory is infested with disease. None of them have ever met, but that is going to change because they all feel an u [...]

I first ran across this book at my local library almost 10 years ago. It sprung to mind again maybe five years later and I was surprised to find it was out of print. I had enjoyed it a great deal, devoured the sequel, and had been disappointed that my library didn't have the final installment.Flash forward to last year when I found out it was back in print and nearly squealed in delight that I could own a copy of my very own.I've since re-read it and find that much of it is as solid as I remembe [...]

Becoming a teenager was supposed to bring issues, but not quite like this. Six teens, each afflicted with a hideous disorder, are on the hunt for one another as they race to find a cure for their conditions. Obesity. Destruction. Fear. Disease. Regression. Lust. Only these are disorders of supernatural magnitude, and they'll take more than a psychologist to cure. And what happens when one of them decides not to fight the sickening urge?Stories about teenagers with superpowers are a dime a dozen. [...]

had a hard time getting through this book. Gruesome and it doesn't make much sense. I liked the beginning of the novel, but then it spiraled down to "really? nah."Book description:Dillon has the terrifying power to create massive amounts of destruction with the slightest tweak of his will. Deanna is so consumed by fear, it has become like a black hole, drawing to her the very things that terrify her. Then, when the glare of a supernova sixteen light-years away illuminates the night sky, they hav [...]

I have gotten to the point that if I see any book that Neal Shusterman wrote, I will automatically read it. I don't even bother reading the description anymore because I just instantly know that the book will be amazing. Scorpion Shards could have been about cereal boxes, and Shusterman would have made me love the cereal boxes and care immensely about what happens to them in their cereal- box- lives. This book started out on a pretty simple path until it started branching off with some twists an [...]

While not quite as well crafted as Mr. Shusterman's later works like "the skinjackers" trilogy or the "unwind" dystology, (his skills have definitely improved over the years.) it's still an excellent read. the writing is great and the story is awesome. The guy's a wonderful storyteller! "scorpion shards" is the 1st book in "the star shards chronicles", a neat sort of mix between urban fantasy and science fiction. It follows the story of Six teens with extraordinary abilities and/or deformities a [...]

I'm a huge Shusterman fan, so when I saw the third book in this series, I was shocked that I'd missed one of his first books. After reading it, I'm very excited about the rest of the trilogy. Shusterman's characters are unparalleled. They're deep, interesting, and always quirky. This book is clearly an early work, as it lacks some of his quality and finesse, but it's still quite good. The premise is interesting, the language choices are excellent, and I think it sets up the series well.I was a l [...]

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