• Title: Legacy
  • Author: Bethany-Kris
  • ISBN: 9781988197005
  • Page: 376
  • Format: ebook

A Legacy PrequelBLURB filth y f l th adj filth i er, filth i est1 Covered or smeared with filth disgustingly dirty.2 Obscene or offensive.3 Vile dirty adv filth y1 To an extreme and often disgusting extent Newly released from prison after serving a three year term, Johnathan Marcello just wants to get his head straight, but he s the only one who believes he canA Legacy PrequelBLURB filth y f l th adj filth i er, filth i est1 Covered or smeared with filth disgustingly dirty.2 Obscene or offensive.3 Vile dirty adv filth y1 To an extreme and often disgusting extent Newly released from prison after serving a three year term, Johnathan Marcello just wants to get his head straight, but he s the only one who believes he can do it Stepping into her mother s shoes is the very last thing on Catherine Marcello s mind, but it s already too late and she s got her own games to play The spotlight wasn t in Andino Marcello s plan, but the Capo might not be given a choice when Cosa Nostra starts looking for la famiglia s next boss Being the baby of the family and a good girl is all Lucia Marcello knows, but a little freedom and space could give her the chance to shed those masks In the Marcellos, being filthy isn t a birthright, it s earned A new generation is ready to take their thrones, but it s not that simple This family is a legacy and this generation might just be the filthiest yet PLEASE NOTE Filthy Marcellos Legacy is a COMPANION piece to the Marcellos series It is NOT intended to be a standalone in the series It is not intended to be a full length story with a formal HEA, but a 20k PREQUEL to a new series featuring the involved characters Coming December 2015

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ARC Generously Provided by Author in Exchange for an Honest Review 4.5 No Guts No Glory Stars I am not usually a mafia romance reader, they tend to annoy me a great deal. The only exception is the Filthy Marcellos series. The Marcellos are one the most well-known crime outfits in America. They are ruthless but honorable. Marcellos – deadly trio of brothers. This book concentrates on the drama of their offspring. They're power-hungry, they're ambitious and they're ready to fill their parents' [...]

*5 you got this Nutella jars*Oh. My. Word. My relationship with a mafia is my omerta scratch that it's our omerta. Since the Marcello series is very special to me and me wee heart *looking at me mafluts*, it only made sense that I make a big deal about this book case hey it's a second generation Prequel, the original Marcello boys have grown and I have grown with them , but then I ripped outta my old skin and started lusting after the new Gen. That's right I have no bounds just like this generat [...]

4,5 STARS!!!Marcellos didn't follow the rules all that well. They were too filthy for that.Marcellos kids are all grown up and they look amazingFeaturingJonathan (Lucian's son)-age:30With his uncle being the head boss of the family,his other uncle acting as Dante's consigliere, and John's own father being the family underboss, there was no escaping who he was.Mafia.Made.Cosa Nostra.Catherine (Dante's daughter)-age 25Catherine Marcello was, and always had been, for as long as she could remember, [...]

4 LEGACY STARS This was an utterly delicious tease by Bethany-Kris! More Filthy Marcellos, OMG, awesome!!!In this really quick and engaging novella, a prequel to the Marcellos Legacy series, we get a sneak peek into the lives of the children of Lucian, Dante and Gio. With the children now all grown up and the brothers looking towards retirement, we get a promise of more of the Marcellos with full stories on Johnathan, Andino, Catherine and Lucia."Something feels different. Things are beginning t [...]

4.75 starsBK does it AGAIN with this teaser book! She keeps me sprung on this mafia lifestyle! The new generation of mob royalty is the center of this story featuring four POVs and appearances by all of the Marcello men! Now I can't wait to see what comes next from this new clan of Marcellos! #DanteISbaeforlife

You have the right to be entertained. Filthy Marcellos: Legacy is a five bullet star read! For the last couple of days I’ve been wracking my brain trying to come up with the perfect review to explain Filthy Marcello’s Legacy. Guess what I couldn't do it! Regardless of how perfect the storyline is or how brilliant Bethany-Kris is, you can never fully describe perfection. It's impossible, nothing in this life is perfect. You’ll always find flaws and that’s what you’ll find with Lucian, G [...]

Filthy Marcellos: Legacy is LIVE!A Legacy PrequelFeaturing Johnathan, Catherine, Andino & Lucia There was no such thing as being a little wet with the mafia. You were either soaked or dry.Buy From: AMZ: amzn/1N9JQJx iTunes: itunesle/us/book/id10Barnes & Noble: barnesandnoble/w/filthKobo: kobo/ca/en/ebook/filtRelease Week Giveaway! Signed paperback of Lucian, 2 ebook copies of Legacy!Find that here: on.fb/1QakXnG

How can an author write a super short novella about some of my all time favourite characters that just totally works yet leaves me desperate for more? Bethany-Kris just did that with Legacy, she sure knows how to keep me hooked!The blurb says 81 pages - this covers 4 of the up and coming next generation in the Marcello legacy so really just little snippets of what we can expect - and those 81 pages were genius. Thank goodness I have Cross and Catherine's trilogy waiting in the wings. 🤗4.5 sta [...]

4stars!''The Marcellos always won.''BR with my favourite Radmila. <3 :DThis one was prequel about new series and I enjoyed it a lot. Here the main characters are Marcello's kids. You remember that babies from Marcello's series?? Now, they are men and women and probably the filthiest generation ever.We can say that we have four different parts and four different POV. Johnathan, Chatherine, Andino and Lucia.My favourite was definitely Johnathan.''Wherever John went, trouble usually followed.''J [...]

**Legacy generously provided as part of the Filthy Marcellos: Complete Collection in exchange for an honest review.**5 Legacy StarsWhat a tasty little snack for what's to come from this author. Bethany-Kris is quite clever in what she delivered with Legacy. This novella gives you a small glimpse of what's to come without leaving you totally out on the edge of that cliff yet still making you hold on for the next round of Marcellos to enter your reading world. Each person highlighted in this novel [...]

ARC given by the AWESOME Bethany in exchange for an honest review!so this is just a glance! LOLYEAH, The FILTHY MARCELLOs are back, stronger and fresher as EVER!!!(view spoiler)[So, the dinasty will continue will survive, it will expand and it will prevailThis novella is a prequel, an insight into the lives of grown up offsprings of Lucian (Johnathan and Lucia); Dante (Catharina) and Gio (Andino) Marcelloe new generation gives us just a little peek into the turmoils ahead, potential romance, ang [...]

This was a great little introduction to the next generation of Marcellos.Bethany does really great job of making you want to know more about Johnathan, Catherine, Andino & Lucia!!!! If like me you enjoyed the books about Lucian, Gio and Dante than you will definitely want to give this s try!♣♣♣Copy gifted by author in exchange for an honest review♣♣♣

Four mini prequels Interested to see what’s to come. This is just a prequel for I guess what will be a spin off from the filthy Marcellos. So just four mini prequels imo.

This is a perfect prequel by Bethany-Kris as The Marcello Famiglia continues. The grandkids of Cecelia and Antony Marcello, Johathan, Andino, Catherine and Lucia are all grown up and have their lives to lead. So the legacy continues and it promises to be full of fire. But their parents and grandparents are still here and have voices too. I can’t wait for the Marcello family to continue; after all they have become family to me!!Read this while reading an arc of Filthy Marcellos-The Complete Col [...]

It was great to see what became of the children you read about throughout this series.I liked how Johnathon had an issue that had nothing to do with the family business, but is a very real life issue. I'm anxious to finish all of their stories. A new don and what seemes like love stories continuing or starting.

The new generation of Marcellos OMGSo this prequel was an interesting read getting myself familiar with old and new characters for next installment of books. My stomach is in knots I'm so excited. I don't think I'm readyyes, I'm readyno, I'm notyes, I'm readyam I'm ready.

This novella/prequel is really good. Can't wait for the Johnathan, Catherine, Andino and Lucia stories :)Note: This novella is just introducing the characters and their stories.

Oh man.is makes you want more!!!Ok I want more!!! This just wet the whistle. I am now so thirsting for more it isn't funny! I love the next generation and I can't wait to see how it all is going to turn out! I don't want to wait!!! LOVED IT!

OMG please!!!


This is the fourth book in the Filthy Marcellos series by the very talented Bethany-Kris. I love a good Mafia series it's my favorite genre & the Filthy Marcellos series is the best I've ever read. This book is an introduction to an upcoming series about the children of Dante, Lucian & Gio Marcello. John Marcello (Lucian & Jordyn) has just been released from prison after serving 3 years. He suffers from bipolar disorder & during a manic episode he almost shoots his best friend &a [...]

This prequel is getting me excited for the next generation of Marcellos!

Oh, my…Oh, my…She’s at it again, my fellow mafia romance book-loving friends. Though this novella just gives us a taste/introduction of a whole new next generation of Marcellos, you can bet these new characters are going to blow our ever loving, Mafioso loving minds. How could we expect any less? After all, Bethany-Kris, our mafia queen of romantic HEAs, is the master mind behind it all.Johnny…Johnny…Johnny. I hope it’s OK, I call you that. You and I are going to get along just fine. [...]

There's a new generation of Marcellos. The Legacy.The Principe and Principesse of the Marcello family have grown up and are out forging their own paths, proving why they deserve their last name. Johnathan Marcello, the oldest of the Marcello children and son to Lucian and Jordan Marcello, is trying to adjust to life after serving a three-year prison term and while dealing with issues of his own. Andino Marcello, the only child of Giovanni and Kim Marcello, is a capo just like his father was, is [...]

I received and ARC for a honest review. I just love this family and it's not often you get to see your favorite characters children grown to adults and see them experience life, love, success and failures. Dante, Gio and my favorite Lucian have some great kids. My favorite is John. I can't wait to see him succeed with his disability. I'm not going to say much more just that you need to read this book. It's great and just enough of a tease to want so much more. BK has done it again. Everything sh [...]

5 STARSI absolutely loved this quick read. This book gives us a taste of what's to come with the Marcello Familia.Now having said that I read the Donati bloodline series before reading this so I know all about Cross Donati. This Novella is a wonderful set up. I can't wait for all their stories.You never disappoint me I loved this book thank you Bethany-Kris

Great quick read and teaser for hopefully more to come :)

3.5 stars

The ARC was provided by the author for a honest book review.I want it now I want Jonathan Catherine, Andino and Lucia books I want them now!!!! (Totally having a kids temper tantrum, because I can't get these books as yet LOL).I am a huge fan of Bethany Kris, and I could say that she is one of my best authors. I was captured by this preview of the Marcello Kids and I am excited for the continuation of this series.I got the ARC and didn't know what to expect, and let me tell you. I got a big sur [...]

***Arc provided by the amazing Bethany Kris for an honest review***5+++++ Stars Holy buckets this book was absolutely amazing. Bethany Kris hands down my favorite author.Features:Jonathon Marcello (30) - Lucian and Jordyn MarcelloLucia Marcello (17) - Lucian and Jordyn MarcelloAndino Marcello (28)- Giovanni and Kimberlynn Marcello Catherine Marcello (25) - Dante and Catrina Marcello This book is a great introduction to what it to come next in this series. Just wish it was longer. This is a prequ [...]

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