Filthy Marcellos: The Complete Collection


Filthy Marcellos: The Complete Collection

Filthy Marcellos: The Complete Collection

  • Title: Filthy Marcellos: The Complete Collection
  • Author: Bethany-Kris
  • ISBN: 9781988197012
  • Page: 261
  • Format: None

Filthy Marcellos La Cosa Nostra is not just a choice of regime and routine, it s a culture Born as mafia royalty, the Marcello brothers were raised ingrained with the beliefs and rules of what it meant to be a Mafioso prince It is for life Their status is considered a given right They will always be these people They will always be Marcellos Family first God secondFilthy Marcellos La Cosa Nostra is not just a choice of regime and routine, it s a culture Born as mafia royalty, the Marcello brothers were raised ingrained with the beliefs and rules of what it meant to be a Mafioso prince It is for life Their status is considered a given right They will always be these people They will always be Marcellos Family first God second.From bosses and sons, to husbands and lovers Made men, fathers, and killers Life is a chess board in Cosa Nostra and these men are the kings You can t be a Marcello if you re not filthy The Complete Collection features the short novel Antony, and the three full length novels Lucian, Giovanni, and Dante It also includes Legacy , the 20k prequel to the Legacy series, featuring the Filthy Marcellos next generation Coming February 2016

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Filthy Marcellos, Complete Collection-Their life, their love and their family are what make the Marcello’s an unstoppable mafia family. They pull you into their saga, the good, the bad, and the amazing bond they all have. You become invested in the entire Marcello Family. From Antony and Cecelia to their boys, to their daughter-in-laws, to their grandchildren- the family is the most important thing in their life. Their connection and love for one another supersedes any and all problems. Togeth [...]

Filthy Marcellos: The Complete CollectionAntony - Lucian - Giovanni - DanteAnd the Legacy prequel! The Collection is Live! <3 : amazon/Filthy-MarcelloiTunes: itunesle/us/book/id10Kobo: kobo/ca/en/ebook/filtBarnes & Noble: barnesandnoble/w/filth

Available here--> US (#FREE with #KINDLEUNLIMITED)The Filthy Marcellos: The Complete Collection comprises of the short novel Antony, the three full length novels Lucian, Giovanni, and Dante, and the prequel to the Legacy series, featuring the Filthy Marcellos next generation! This box set is overflowing with Mafia Princes, sexy reading and made men finding the loves of their lives. La Cosa Nostra is their life; the Marcellos are born to rule and own their legacy convincingly. There are bosse [...]

This book sucked me in from page one The writing just flows. LOVE the feeling of picking up a title by an author completely unknown to me and loving the hell out of it!

**Filthy Marcellos: The Complete Collection generously provided in exchange for an honest review.**4.5 "Be Filthy." StarsGoing into the Filthy Marcellos: The Complete Collection I hadn't read a book penned by author Bethany-Kris. After having read two of her novellas and three books I can definitely say I'll be reading more. Included in this collection is a prequel novella that tells the story of Anthony, Father to the three men highlighted in the main books of the Collection, Lucian, Giovanni, [...]

*ARC received from author via IndieSage PR for a blog tour*Well, well Such is the legacy that is The Marcello clan!OVERALL Rating: 5 ★I read the stories within back-to-back, without break, and i just wanna say, what a ride! The story of the Marcello clan, from Antony's rise to power to each of his sons making his mark in the world of the Cosa Nostra.It really is like reading a saga. It's got passion, violence, love, action, values and redemption. While each book was not a total winner, which I [...]

ABSOLUTELY BRILLANT!I am addicted to any and all mafia related stories, so of course, I'm always on the lookout for new stories that I can sink my teeth into. Sometimes I'm not that lucky and end up reading some mob-themed romance that doesn't fully satisfy my craving. Then there are other times that I am blissfully surprised when a story grabs me in such a way that I need more!! The Filthy Marcellos series fed my addictions wonderfully. This Cosa Nostra saga was incredible from the very beginni [...]

This series started out great, lacked in the middle then fizzled but it's got some five star books.Antony- is absolutely 5 star. The author included all the best elements of the mafia including the Catholic Church, which is what binds Italians and Irish even together so much in the mafia. I loved everything about this story down to the h. They were a brilliant love story.Lucian- is a 5 star. Swoons, romantic, mafia hero. I loved Jordyn as well. It's also suspenseful without forgetting it's a rom [...]

Antony - Antony Marcello has grown up in the life of the Cosa Nostra. His grandfather and father both having been made men. When his father turned to alcohol and became an alcoholic, it hurt Antony's chances to get his button. Like father like son as the saying goes. The sins of the Father. What happens after his father dies? When Antony finally becomes a made man in the Cosa Nostra, who does he meet on the first trip for dinner to Vinnie's house? Vinnie is the Don, his boss. His friend Johnatha [...]

# ANTONYAntony is the head of the Cosa Nostra. He is happily married to Cecelia. He has dedicated his life to the famiglia and Vinnie Catrolli, the boss. The things he has to do affects his personal life and he is not always readily available when there is a crisis. He soldiers on and does his job until one day Vinnie does something that really upsets him, leaving Antony to question his methods. Will he turn the outfit into a Marcello famiglia? This is a good build up to the rest of the series. [...]

It's been awhile since I've found an author that I wanted to go read everything they've written. Bethany-Kris is one of them. Enjoyed the whole series. Each one is an original story with interesting page turning characters.

This was similar to J.J McAvoy's Ruthless People series but the writing styles are different. The Marcello's was a light and captivating read. Thumbs up from me. 👍🏽

Love this seriesI love this series and cannot wait to read the rest. I enjoyed the storyline and characters. Can't wait to read the next

Amazing!!!Absolutely loved this series loved all the characters, my favorite would probably be Dante and catrina their story was brilliantly done can't wait for the next series

Reviews are by book.These books are full of violence (men and women), guns, drugs (usage and sells), sex and other things you can read in any mafia book.These books just aren't mentions of mafia, they're the mafia life. Lived, bred, and filthy.Book 1: Antony.I'm so glad I stumbled upon this book. If you're a lover of mafia, pick this book up.This book is in both Cecilia and Antony's POV.We have Antony, he's trying to get the "button," he wants to be a made man. There's a problem though. His gran [...]

Not gonna lie What attracted me to read this box set was two sentences in the blurb:Family first. God seconddYou can't be a Marcello if you're not filthy.And I'm glad I did because it was well worth it!Antony (Filthy Marcellos, #0.5): This is the prequel to the Filthy Marcellos. It sets the stage, if you will. It introduces the players, the dynamics and the ridiculously filthy sexy times to come :)Lucian (Filthy Marcellos #1): Lucian comes into the family thru adoption. At seven years old, on t [...]


Death. Murder. BetrayalThe Filthy Marcellos: The Complete Collection is the best series I never heard of. Like a bullet, the stories will pack rounds of lust, love and marriage. It weaves a rich and detail story of a true crime family. It has everything you will want in an exciting and convincing mafia romance. It is outrageously good and undeniable sexy! You want it all and it has it all: Tragedy, undying dedication, sexy-alpha males, sizzling chemistry and chilling plots. Fearless and determin [...]

Bethany-Kris has a way of telling a story that immediately captures your attention and draws you in. She has a unique way of twisting the family bond through the intrigue of each Filthy Marcello story. This family structure is unique to Mafia stories. The family is not only strong in their crime circuit but strong as a family. The father and sons have each other's backs. They are four strongLucian, Giovanni, Dante, and Antonyd they are filthy!Lucian's story gives a feel of the family dynamics al [...]

Read the full review on Bookaholics Not-So-Anonymous.Note: This ARC was provided by IndieSage PR in exchange for an honest review.This complete collection also happens to include bonus material as well as an introduction to the spin-off series which will be about the next generation of Marcellos, Legacy. Readers get to know a little about the four Marcello offspring whose stories will be played out in the duration of the spin-off series: Johnathan, Catherine, Andino, and Lucia. If the upcoming s [...]

I first heard of Bethany-Kris with her Chicago War series -- another mafia/crime family romantic series. That one followed the members of the famiglia, some of whom were bound by blood; Filthy Marcellos was released first, though, and follows only blood.I always knew I wanted to continue reading Bethany-Kris's books; she writes the crime family extremely well. So I knew that at some point I would read this story. After the Marcellos made a cameo in Chicago War, though, I knew it had to happen qu [...]

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****Ten Stars****Highly recommend this mafia romance series! Though they can be read as stand-alones, you should read them in order to get the full impact/dynamics of this intriguing mafioso family. Each book focuses on a main hero and his love interest with lots of mafia drama that thankfully does not hijack the storyline.Personally, Lucian was my favorite, followed closely by Dante. So, my fellow romance book-loving friends, what are you waiting for? This is a great mafia series at a great pri [...]

Excellent series!I just discovered this author, and I love her writing! I like to read a series marathon style so I can start the next one as soon as I finish the previous book. I hate waiting for books. These are all stand alone stories, but it starts with the father and then each book is about a different son. It is really well written. The characters are each really well developed and each have their own individual characteristics and personalities. I liked the story lines too. Lots of mafia [...]

5 AMAZING WELL DESERVED STARS!I was really excited to read each of Antony, Lucian, Giovanni and Dante's individual stories!! This book indeed surpassed all my expectations and it was certainly one of the best mafia series that I have ever read! Loved how Dante was different from his brothers and though he came across as being the tough alpha male with a lot of responsibilities and personal issues, he surprised me by being who he was with Cat, who is slightly crazy, lol. I don't want to spoil the [...]

Amore I read the Chicago war books first and had snippets of the Marcellos. So I went back and read themThese are captivating reads! I love this familyThe men especially. They are devoted to their women but are ferocious when it comes to business and protecting what is theirs. They all become moonstruck into love and risk danger to keep it. These stories suck you in! Lucian is my favorite. I even named my puppy Lucia because she was a lost puppy and we rescued her! Highly recommend these books a [...]

Antony "I like that. One of us Marcellos has to be a little dirty, anyway. Better for it to be you, Tony."Lucien "And with her, it was good to be filthy."Giovanni "Oh, no, I can’t let you go on thinking like that. See, we’re Marcellos, Kim. We’re not dirty, we’re downright filthy."Dante “Same thing Dad taught us,” Lucian replied, glancing to his brothers. “Have honor,” Gio said. “Love fiercely,” Lucian added. Dante smiled. “Be filthy."The Legacy's "Marcellos didn’t follow [...]

I absolutely fell head over heart for each one of these filthy Marcellos. They are bad boys each one, but there is such heart there with a love of family that is actually beautiful. I loved Antony's story most of all because he and Cecelia's love is the foundation of the family and shows their sons what true love looks like. I loved watching each of their sons find that kind of love and keep that tradition of family. I also loved reading a peek into the next generation of Marcellos and am dying [...]

I loved it. I loved the way the whole box set flowed from the first book, to the sons and then the prequel to the grandkids. i loved Lucian Gio and Dante. I loved the women they fell in love with. i loved the mix of romance, steamy sex scenes and mafia scenes. I love dual pov. I get to be in both characters heads and know how they feel about the other person. I recommend and look forward to reading more by author.

As filthy as the Marcellos may be, they love with their whole hearts, protect anything they love with their whole being, and kick ass and take names. I loved every single bit of filthy that rubbed off on me through reading the Complete Collection. Bethany-Kris is now going to the top of my TBR list, even though it is probably MILES long.

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