The Bellringer

William Timothy Murray

The Bellringer

The Bellringer

  • Title: The Bellringer
  • Author: William Timothy Murray
  • ISBN: 9781944320034
  • Page: 286
  • Format: ebook

For centuries, the Great Bell was silentIt remained undisturbed, nearly forgotten by history, hidden away in the ruins of an abandoned fortress The enchantments within its iron slumbered, its secrets protected by silence Until someone discovered how to ring the Bell, other secrets would remain safe.One day, while running an errand, a young store clerk took a wrong turFor centuries, the Great Bell was silentIt remained undisturbed, nearly forgotten by history, hidden away in the ruins of an abandoned fortress The enchantments within its iron slumbered, its secrets protected by silence Until someone discovered how to ring the Bell, other secrets would remain safe.One day, while running an errand, a young store clerk took a wrong turn, then another, until he found himself deep within the old fortress where the Great Bell waited.It waited for him.And when the hapless clerk rang the Great Bell and released its enchantments, his troubles began.For he had become the Bellringer.He claimed it was all an accident, that he did not mean to ring the Bell Fate, it seemed, thought otherwise, and proof of the Bellringer s destiny began to emerge just as the world spiraled into war Revolt and treachery worked to break apart the Seven Realms Armies were on the march The faraway King, obsessed with his own power, seemed unwilling or unable to prevent the looming catastrophe.Perhaps a new King was neededif only someone could penetrate the secret of the King s power and take the throne before it was too late It was foretold that the person who discovered the True Name of the King would become the next King But who was capable of such a thing The Bellringer.About The Year of the Red Door244 Days Remain.That is all.The Year of the Red Door has begun, and four months have already passed by This is the story of the last 244 days.Uncanny things are taking place in the world, mysterious powers are stirring, and there are signs of coming change Like pieces on a game board, ancient forces are moving into position, gathering strength Many sense the portents and see the signs, but few know their meaning Fewer still understand what must be done But who is there to do it In only 244 days, six intrepid travelers must cross thousands of miles, to the far edge of the world, to find a place that may not even exist A legendary place called Griferis where a new king may be prepared, trained, and judged for worthiness It is their bid to find that place, to discover the secret Name of the King, and to make one of their companions the new King But hope is thin, and time runs out Can the Name be found Can the Usurper use it to take the throne And will it make any difference It already seems too late.In the spirit of J.R.R Tolkien and Charles Dickens comes a new heroic tale, a story of ageless love and brave determination, of tragic loss and the hope of redemption During this quest, mythic powers arise from the ancient past, fate collides with destiny, and the world edges swiftly to its final destruction or to its ultimate fulfillment Only the Bellringer can tip the balance of fate, but the world is almost out of time

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I received The Bellringer as a giveaway and was utterly delighted. In the midst of a reading jag for the beautiful independent bookstore I am lucky enough to be intertwined with I held off reading this beautifully presented book and companion aide of maps and reference.It has been a long time since I have taken my time reading a book slowly and this was so delightful. The story told was filled with love, hope, intrigue and danger. You will find out who the Bellringer is and who he can rely on i [...]

MY THOUGHTSFirst off, I found the maps that were in the book very interesting as they gave you a real feel as to where the place in the book were actually located. Great addition.This book is the first in a series of five books. When I finished I decided I will definitely read the other books. I found this book one that I actually took reading it nice and easy. I didn't rush just to get it read as some books. I actually savored every page. The author gives you so much. You get the suspenseful an [...]

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The Bellringer by William Timothy Murray was a well written book that was unique among its genre. I loved the maps that were in the book as it allowed me to get a better understanding of the setting and the locations of the book. The story itself reminded me a bit of the Lord of the Rings series, yet it was also very unique from the series. I loved the characters and the settings of the book and as the end I felt myself wishing for more!

I found this book a very slow read, not so much because of the content but that the size is a bit odd & I found it uncomfortable to read. Robby Ribbon lives in a rural area & one day he is asked to take on a delivery task during which a storm blows up & he loses his way which ends up with him ringing a bell, one that should not be able to ring. For a while life goes on as usual but then thing start happening, and an invasion ensues.The book ends on such a cliffhanger that means I mus [...]

I received this book free from free for a honest review. I read it on and off for days, reading other short stories in between, because it is so long. It is a very good book, just too long is why I gave it a four. Loved the storyline so actuallyit deserves a 4.5.

I won this novel in a drawing.A fairly typical fantasy, well told, with the usual warriors, monsters and prophecies.

The Bellringer is the 1st book in The Year of the Red Door series by William Timothy Murray. This book will sweep you up with its wonderful character and world building. The Bellringer does start very slow but the rest of the book is worth the slow beginningThe Bellringer’s plot was wonderful to read. It started off pretty simple with Robby’s errand to bring the parcel to Ashlord. After The Bell was rung, it branched out. It was that branching out that made this book good. Each storyline bro [...]

The women here were developed fairly well. The reader sees Sheila, Robby’s love interest, grow from a young and feisty girl to a strong-willed young woman. She went through a lot in her life, and I must say it was fascinating to learn what happened to her and the changes she makes. Another female character I loved was Esildre. This woman, who is a secondary character, had a curse placed upon her and it left me wanting more. With both of these women, I wished there were more scenes involving th [...]

A wonderful plot, unlike anything you’ve read before. A great beginning of an epic journey.A storm during a delivery to a rural area completely changed the life of Robby Ribbon. After a few wrong turns, he’s completely lost and without meaning too finds and rings a Bell that isn't supposed to ring at all. After the incident, everything changes and war follows. Was it just a coincidence? Robby embarks on a journey that he doesn’t understand, meeting companions along the way that in the end [...]

I liked it, then I loved it, then I got bored, but it got interesting again, and by the end I was in love with this series. So the middle of the book lags a bit (or maybe I was just tired and distracted) and I seriously thought this book was going to be a huge info dump and all the cool stuff would happen later in the series. I was wrong and I should have grabbed a cup a Joe and paid attention. What I thought was "boring" was really the detective work. Thank goodness Ashlord had my back and was [...]

I liked this book. It did have a nice feel to it with some elements of Lord of the Rings; especially the Hobbit with the adventure. Yet, it was different in a good way. The story set up nicely and instantly transported me into the world. Robby is a good main character. Relatable and someone I wanted to follow on this long journey. I say long as while, I did like this book, it felt like it was long and drawn out. This is because for me I never fully embraced all of the characters in this book. Th [...]

The bellringer is the first in a series of new epic fantasies. The writing is bold, sophisticated, and sometimes hard to follow. I enjoyed the story of Robby a man who takes a few wrong turns and ends up with a destiny he didn't expect. Add in supporting characters who all bring laughter and complexities to the narrative and you have an enthralling adventure. As for world building the author has done a spectacular job of bringing you in and giving you enough detail to know and understand their w [...]

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