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  • Title: Reclaimed
  • Author: Terri Anne Browning
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Felicity Bolton finally feels like she has moved on with her life She misses her friends and family back in Creswell Springs, but now she has new friends a new family She has found the peace that she lost the night she lost her unborn child She would do anything to protect her newfound family, even if that meant facing the devil himself The minute Jet Hannigan walks baFelicity Bolton finally feels like she has moved on with her life She misses her friends and family back in Creswell Springs, but now she has new friends a new family She has found the peace that she lost the night she lost her unborn child She would do anything to protect her newfound family, even if that meant facing the devil himself The minute Jet Hannigan walks back into her life that s exactly what she has to do Jet Hannigan is officially a free man With his parole lifted he can finally do what he s been aching to do, go after the only woman who will ever own his heart He s known where she is for months and has been impatiently waiting for the day he could reclaim her What he wasn t excepting was to have to pull out the big guns and blackmail her into returning to Creswell Springs with him With everything going on with Flick s boss, and the media circus surrounding the chaos, Jet thought the safest place for her was home where he and his brothers could protect her Instead he brings her home to a war zone.

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SPOILERS - not really a 3 or 2 2.5 rating. I have to say I was disappointed with this one. I liked the hero Jet and although I felt bad that the heroine Flick/Felicity had lost her baby in a brutal attack I did not like her. I much rather Jet had moved on. To me Flick came off as childish and selfish, not a type of heroine I tend to like. I couldn't understand why Flick would risk Jet getting caught and possibly getting life in prison by asking him to kill a man (who was also in prison) that had [...]

Ok so being as in love with Terri's writing as I am I have to say I'm shocked I never read these, and honestly very disappointed in myself. If you've read the Rocker Series you know that's a tough act to follow for any author but I never doubted this author for a second. If anybody can do it she can ;)Once again I was rightd oh how I love that feeling lol. Mrs Browning completely blew me away. I got all 4 books read in 3 days.s and that's only because I had 3 little lives that depend on me or it [...]

Flick ran off to start a new life. One without Jet and the memory of their unborn baby. She found Emmie Armstrong and The Rockers. Her new life is a nanny to Emmie & Nik Armstrong. Demons Wings is on tour and they are having a hard time dealing with a stalker. Jet has been on parole and is not allowed to leave the county yet. As soon as he is able he is going to get his woman. Jet knows where Flick is, he saw her briefly in the background on the news station with The Demons.Jet is now a free [...]

Reviewed @ Confessions From Romaholics Review copy kindly provided by author in exchange for a honest reviewEver since I read the first Angel Halo book I have been waiting for this story. I wanted Flick and Jet’s story bad as I wanted to know what made them tick. What made them the way that they were. Bitter and harden by the events that took place that changed their lives and forced them apart. We heard parts of their story from others but never till now we really got a chance to get into the [...]

I couldn't wait to read Felicity and Jet's story. I hated when she left, but I totally understood why she felt she had to go. She had suffered so much between the attack and the loss of her baby. My heart broke for Jet who was unable to go after her for so long. When he finally doesholy hell that man is one sizzling biker man. He knows that Felicity's place is with their family and he will do whatever he has to do to make that happen. I wanted them back together and I loved watching that happen. [...]

I was looking forward to this book. However I found it to be a bit boring. I don't feel like this series is very well developed compared to other MC series. I really think $3.99 for a book of this quality and duration is quite high, especially when you compare it to some other authors in this genre - Lina Andersson, Cat Porter, Lauren Gilley - who all produce excellent and engaging books.

Sorry, I read this book because h was Mia's nanny from The Rocker series. And the glimpse in the author's FB was about her and all Demon's Wings. The beginning was good, but after she went back home, the whole MC business was too confusing to continue. CAN'T BE READ AS STANDALONE.


The fourth book in the Angel’s Halo series focuses on Jet Hannigan, the former leader of the Angel’s Halo MC and Felicity (Flick), the BFF to Raven and Jet’s former girlfriend. If you haven’t read this series, then close your eyes and scroll down to get at least the first book and understand what’s happening here.Still with me? Okay…moving on.The novel starts with the backstory, two years ago when Felicity finds out she’s pregnant, and tells Jet. Of course, being young and stupid, [...]

Reclaimed by Terri Anne BrowningJet and Flick have a history, one fateful night destroyed something so precious to them both and the consequences of that night meant that so much had changed in the face of their relationship.Jet has been in prison which is mentioned in the three previous books, once he is released, he waits out his probation before he can go and find Flick. Flick is now working for Emmie Armstrong (I love the overlap with the rocker and MC world) and is slowly healing from the p [...]

I have anxiously anticipated Flick and Jet's story since book one in the Angel's Halo series. I was over the moon to finally get it. Terri Anne did not disappoint she gave us a wonderful angst ridden, sexy tale. I loved how Jet admitted in his POV that he always loved Flick but was too much of a coward to do anything about it. He finally steps up and when he gets released from prison after serving a few years for beating to death his VP who nearly killed Flick and made her lose their baby. Jet i [...]

5 StarsI got hooked on Terri Anne's books when I first picked up the Rocker series and I have loved this series just as much. I have been dying to get my hands on Jet and Flick's story since we first read about them and I finally got it yesterday!! This book was pretty emotional at times, I have to admit I shed a few tears alongside Flick. The loss of a child is heartbreaking and something I wish no one ever had to endure but life is cruel like that. We see a completely different side to Jet in [...]

3.5 Angelic Stars This is a story of a second chance love that has an edge of darkness to it. Girl has a best friend that is part of a MC family and said girl falls in love with said best friend's oldest brother, it all falls apart and said girl leaves town. Fast forward to the future and they both are in contact again.I'm enjoyed the carmardarie and banter between the club which consists mainly of family and close friends made throughout the years. This has minor angst and for me I would of enj [...]

Terri Anne Browning never fails to tell a beautiful love story and this one was no different. It is set in the gritty outlaw mc world with crossovers to mafia and rock gods and tells a story of second chances and love so strong that it can not only save but destroy. Loved it!! (13.1.16)17.2.18 have always loved this series. very well written, characters you will love, and great storylines. back to the start as the latest book in the series has just been released. no hardship in this decision it [...]

Felicity's heart had already been broken in the first book, and it took three books for her to get her HEA. It was a long rocky road for her and Jet, but it was a good ride. Some of the action was a little fast making the book seem a little anticlimactic. With so many stories intersecting the plot lines got a little crossed. If you are looking for an entertaining series to get lost in for a little while this series is for you. Don't try and read it without reading the demons wings and other worl [...]

4.5 stars!I am really liking this series. Very different yet familiar from Ms. Browning's rocker series. this one was special because of the crossover between the two series. Flick has been hiding out as a nanny for the Nik and Em Armstrong's children. Things get heated while the rock band is touring and all the news coverage allows Jett to finally locate her. The two of them have unfinished business. He brings her home to set things right.There is a fair bit of MC violence in this story. We cat [...]


Jet and FlickAmen those two FINALLY made it !!Big ar*e smile from me and two double thumbs in the air as a sign of my delight about this book !"Another awesome one banged out there Terri Anne !!. Just please hurry up with Raider and Colt's booksI'm feeling needy xxLater peeps xxx

Angel's Halo: Reclaimed (Angel's Halo MC, #4) Just released today, of course I had to start reading it when it showed up on my kindle early this morning. Reclaimed is the 4th book in this series, and its Flick's and Jet story. Great Read!Another great read and Terri Anne Browning is another one of my favorite authors, can wait for the next book in this series.

WTH did I read??? When Jet & Flick finally were reunited I was expecting fireworks and swoon but what I got was a lukewarm reunion and didn't feel the chemistry between the two characters. Rahh so disappointed

5 Biker Stars I love me some Terri Anne Browning books. I just eat them up. This book was no different I loved reading Jet and Flicks story I'd been waiting for this one and it didn't disappoint!

What a complete story!!! And we got the Rockers too!!

3.5 Stars it was ok but not my favourite one. But worth the read to continue with the series.

It is no secret that Terri Anne Browning is one of my automatic one click authors. I have loved each and every book I have read by her. She never fails to deliver a book that weaves together wonderfully dynamic characters, a fast paced story that never quits, and an overall outstanding reading experience that leaves me completely fulfilled and so excited for more at the same time. She first hooked me in with her Rocker Series, and she continues to hook me in even further with The Angel’s Halo [...]

I enjoyed this offering by Ms. Browning. I have not read her books in awhile and I read the last Rocker's book which dovetailed with this book (or so I thought). I did not like Gabriella & Liam's Rocker Book and was afraid the same dull edged writing would be part of this book. Instead I was nicely surprised with the multiple storylines and how they worked pretty well together. While this is Felicity & Jet's book, the author made time for other characters to get some action in. Also I no [...]

fantasticThis has got to be one of my favourites in this series. Pulled into the story right from the get go and never came back out until I had read the last word.This book is packed full of twists, turns and surprises, I got a shock at some of the surprises, but they make the story fantastic.I laughed, I cried I shouted at my kindle, but I know that I will read this book and the series again.If you haven't read this series, why not? You are missing out.Terri Anne Browning is one hell of a writ [...]

This book is about Jet the oldest Hannigan and Felicity. How after everything that has happened to them , can them come back from it , and put their past behind them. I loved how you got to catch up a bit with The Armstrong's and the others in Demon wings. It's makes me want to read that series all over again.

Reclaimed: Angel's Halo Book 4Oh my goodness!! I think this one was my favorite one of all!! Between reading about the Rock Stars & The Brothers Totally my favorite. I'm so happy Flick got claimed!! I loved Jet found His Wife!! Can't wait to read the next book in the series!! I recommend this series!!

I thought this book felt more like an extension of Hawk and Gracie's story then Flick and Jet. It just felt like more time was spent on Hawk and Gracie. Again the multiple POV is annoying and I just wish more time was spent on the supposed main characters of the book.

Amazing Really loved jets book my heart got ripped out and stomped on abit there I was a complete mess with jet. The things they had been through and come out the other end I'm so happy with the ending it was perfect

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