Equilibrium: A Marauders Interlude

Lina Andersson

Equilibrium: A Marauders Interlude

Equilibrium: A Marauders Interlude

  • Title: Equilibrium: A Marauders Interlude
  • Author: Lina Andersson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball Sometimes they re minor league, a mild irritation Sometimes they re game changers, life altering, knock em out of the park kinda big Eliza thought she knew what track her life was on, but then life threw her one of those major league style curve balls Roach isn t even sure what normal is any, he s been thrown so many curve baSometimes life throws you a curve ball Sometimes they re minor league, a mild irritation Sometimes they re game changers, life altering, knock em out of the park kinda big Eliza thought she knew what track her life was on, but then life threw her one of those major league style curve balls Roach isn t even sure what normal is any, he s been thrown so many curve balls in his life The whole 2.4 kids, white picket fence is entirely beyond his realm of comprehension He s an ex street kid who found a home in an MC He knows survival That s all he needs to know Eliza thinks she s surviving, but Roach knows what surviving looks like, and what Eliza is doing ain t it He should keep his nose out of the club princess s business, but he can t help but be drawn in He s not even sure how or why it happened, but there is something there A spark, maybe the will to fight, and for some reason he wants to help her Eliza knows she s adrift, but she s so far gone she doesn t know how to get back She s just getting and lost, until the new Marauder from New York calls her on her shit Eliza needs to find her equilibrium, and Roach can help her But as he s doing so, she shakes him to his core, and he realizes he needs to find his own balance again.

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**Equilibrium generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.**5 ”Then aim those baby blues at me…” StarsEquilibrium is another interlude in one of my favorite MC series, The Marauders by Lina Andersson. This interlude serves to tell the story of Eliza Baxter, daughter of Brick the Marauders respected President. While the story doesn’t continue the happenings of the MC it does need to be read after completing book 4, Resonance, as much happens to set the scene for Roa [...]

4.5 RATING- I'm not surprised that I enjoyed Equilibrium as much as I did, Lina Anderson is a strong writer that has rated high with me in the past. I am surprised at how invested I became in the relationship of these two characters and the healing of the heroine. Lina Anderson has a real talent for creating characters that I like and relationships that are easy to root for. Readers expecting a lot of sex, action, or general MC drama may be disappointed or bored. The story was enjoyable but was [...]

I’ve been swimming in a sea of so-so books lately and Lina Andersson just threw me a life line.You need to read the preceding books in the series before reading Equilibrium or continuing on with this review. Things that happened, especially in Resonance, have a huge impact on this book so spoilers abound. Also, if violence against women is a trigger for you, you should stop reading now.I freaking adored Equilibrium. This was not a fun, light book to read and most of it wasn’t even romantic, [...]

My Rating says it all !!

If you're a fan of Lina Andersson's Marauders series then Equilibrium is a must read! We get to read about the journey of Eliza and what happened after the end of of Resonance. I don't think there is anyone in this series that I love more than Roach. Seriously, he's like the perfect most understanding human being and I want to read about him all day long. I'm curious to see who the next book will be about, I hope we get to see some of the evolution of Eliza and Roach's relationship! 5 stars.Re-r [...]

*4.25* I'm not a fan of slow burn relationships, but it hit the spot in this one. I really liked how Roach and Eliza grew into their feelings. The father-daughter relationship was touching and my heart broke with what had happened to Eliza. That said this was not a gritty book, thank god, I wasn't ready for something like that at this time. It's more about recovery from the ordeal and it was handled well.

I wasn't so sure that I'd like Eliza after how she was described in the previous book, but I really enjoyed this book and Eliza. The character growth was great and the romance was paced perfectly. Roach was the perfect match for Eliza. I can't forget to mention the father-daughter relationship between Brick and Eliza because it was sweet, funny and at times very sad.

5 Stars. Excellent book, wish it was a full length novel, I absolutely love Roach!!

Gostei muito!Toda série é muito boa e este livro aborda um tema bem sensível. Nossa heroína é estuprada e tem várias dificuldades de adaptação após o ocorrido. É escrito de maneira sensível e bem realista. O herói é bem interessante e também passou por vários percalços durante a vida.-------------I really enjoyed!The whole series is very good and this book covers a very sensitive theme. Our heroine is raped and has various difficulties of adaptation after the fact. It is written [...]

02/06/2016 -- 4 StarsI liked Roach. I liked Eliza. I liked their stories and how they had the courage to move forward. Their friends first story was truly wonderful to see unfold. It was well written. Lina is consistent for me. I know I can count on her to tell a good story and write it with an intelligent audience in mind.Happy Reading!

There are very few authors whos Books i read without reading reviews for it, there are even less authors whos Books i read without reading the Blurb for it but Lina Anderssons Marauders Series is one of those. And i loved Equilibrium!And mostly i loved Eliza!

best one in this series!

4 stars. Another great read in this series. Dark, emotional, sexy read.

I originally shied away from reading this book for reasons you might imagine. Here is Eliza, a lovely intelligent young girl who we've virtually watched grow into an incredible individual. (view spoiler)[Only to see her be the victim on one of the most horrific acts imaginable. I almost didn't read the book because I am frankly a little fed up with the victimization and degradation of women I see in a lot of romantic fiction lately. Hence the missing star. In this case particularly, it seemed so [...]

Overall Opinion: WOW! What an amazing story. I enjoy this whole series but this one was heart-wrenching and beautiful. *Major Trigger: violent sexual assault*Brief Summary of the Storyline: Eliza, the princess of the Mauraders MC, was kidnapped by a cartel and violently gang raped to break the MC. This happens before the book begins. The story is Eliza's journey to reclaiming her life with the help of Roach, a young man on loan to the Mauraders from New York. POV: First person with alternating c [...]

Five Star WorthyThis is an amazing book. It deals with the aftermath of a gang rape, not only on the actual physical victim, but also of her loved ones. And it does so in a positive way. Eliza is such a strong character throughout the story, even when she's not really dealing with everything. Roach is an awesome man. He's the only one who doesn't treat Eliza like a princess who might break at any moment and he helps her come to terms with what has happened to her, even though he doesn't particul [...]

Touching story of romance and the love and support of family members to a young woman who is struggling through the aftermath of a horrendous attack. The most unlikely person steps up to help Eliza through he down spiral into a world of depression would be Roach, the young member loaned to the club from the NY chapter. Roach, himself, is a rape survivor, ex drug addict and street kid. He doesn't pamper the "princess" and ends up being her savior. Emotional story for me while reading how much her [...]

I was wondering how things would work out for Eliza after what she was subjected to. I felt so bad for her father who had no choice but to feel responsible for what had happened - not keeping her safe. All the phases she went through in her 'recovery' were spot-on and so true to life. Then add in 'Roach' who is himself a survivor; turning out to be her savior in so many ways. It was easy to see how they'd eventually fall in love.I also loved all the MC interactions; all the family that love and [...]

Reread:3/26/16Originally read:11/154.5 starsThis was so good! I absolutely loved Roach and Eliza, both separately and together. The only complaint that I have is that I felt like we were missing a lot from when they became a couple to when they (view spoiler)[had sex (hide spoiler)]; it felt as if there was a huge chunk or gap missing. And I do wish that this would have been longer. For a character like Eliza's I'm pretty surprised that this wasn't a full length book.And on a side note I hate th [...]

4.5 Stars. Love this series and the MC, and although this doesn't have much MC action it is a fantastic read. If you have followed this series than you will know all about the MC Princess Eliza. This is her journey following the devastating attack that changed her life. With the help of her friends and family,but mostly newcomer Roach will she find herself again? and of course will she ever be able to trust a man, indeed fall in love!

I loved this book. In it Lina has handled really painful subject matter with her usual sensitivity and thoughtfulness. It's a wonderful story of growth, learning, survival, strength, and love. I love Lina's writing style and she hasn't written a book I haven't loved. I want to live in her written world with her wonderful characters. I strongly recommend this book and all the other book in the Marauders series.

impressive, sensitive and realistic portrayal of a gang rape survivor taking back her life and sexuality with the help of her family, old friends, a. very good therapist , and a young man who experienced it himself it's slow, painful with progress and setbacks. the young man accepts the changes the trauma left more easily than those who knew her before. he helps her slowly emotionally and eventually sexually as well. tender, raw, ugly, beautifulry impressed.

AmazingWOW is the one word to describe this book, this book touches on some serious issues and it was beautifully done. Eliza is scared on the inside and outside, it takes a friendship with Roach for her to really start living instead of just existing. Of course once that friendship grows so do romantic feelings. Excellent book a must read!

Great but sad story. The sad part being what happened to Eliza but the great being her and Roach. Lina Andersson has a way of telling a tale that keeps you interested and wanting to know what happens even after the end of the book. The whole series has been great and this was just another wonderful addition.

I really liked how this story was handled, the relationship was so natural. Eliza and Roach were matched together nicely. I thought the end was a little rushed and that may just be because I wasn't ready for it to end. I'm really hoping they will be more books in the series. I'd love to get a book on LisaI'd also like Mel and Brick's story.

Frigging loved this book of the Marauders seriesRoach rocks and Eliza (princess) in her pretty pinks is toughLoved how Lina Anderson broke the whole story down without simplifying itLoved it!!!! Best of the series.

Lina Anderson takes a hard subject and writes a compelling and beautiful story. She takes a victim and with compassion guides the story to one of a survivor. This is a series about an mc but more than that it's about human stories. I wish I could give it more than 5 stars

Up liftingI really enjoyed this book. It was hopeful and sweet. After all the darkness that Eliza went through it was nice to read about her journey into something so beautiful falling in love!

This simply didn't read as a romance novel. It was more a 'survivor manual' for sexual assault. While I'm okay with that being a part of a good story, I'm less thrilled when that's really the only story.

I thought it was a ok addition to this series. I would have liked if we could have experienced more of the story instead of just being toldbut I give it a 3 stars when comparing to other books in this series.

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