Cornelia Funke Toomas Toomra



  • Title: Tindisüda
  • Author: Cornelia Funke Toomas Toomra
  • ISBN: 9789985553084
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Paperback

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Kas on maailmas midagi kaunimat kui kirjat hed Maagilised m rgid, imeliste maailmade ehituskivid, neist paremadki veel lohutajad, ksinduse peletajad Saladuste hoidjad, t ekuulutajad Cornelia Funke Tindis da on raamat raamatust, see on lugu loos Teisis nu raamat Tindis da r gib Tindis dame raamatust p riselu ja kirjaniku loodud elu segunevad omavahel Raama Kas on maailmas midagi kaunimat kui kirjat hed Maagilised m rgid, imeliste maailmade ehituskivid, neist paremadki veel lohutajad, ksinduse peletajad Saladuste hoidjad, t ekuulutajad Cornelia Funke Tindis da on raamat raamatust, see on lugu loos Teisis nu raamat Tindis da r gib Tindis dame raamatust p riselu ja kirjaniku loodud elu segunevad omavahel Raamatuk itja Mo l on imep rane v ime kui ta loeb raamatut ette, satub alati keegi raamatust meie maailma aga keegi mbritsevatest kaob raamatu kaante vahele Nii ilmubki hel p eval Tindis dame raamatust Folchartide majja kurjuse kehastus Capricorn, tema teener Basta ja tuleneelaja Tolmus rm, nende asemel kaob raamatusse Meggie ema Reza Capricornile meeldib siinne elu ja et tagasisattumist v ltida, otsustab ta k ik Tindis dame eksemplarid h vitada Nii r vivadki Capricorni mehed viimase Tindis dame ning ka Mo, et tema imep rast v imet omakasup dlikult ra kasutada Raamatuk itja t trel ei j muud le, kui minna isa otsima.Saksa kirjanik Cornelia Funke s 1958 on oma raamatutega le maailma palju tuntust kogunud 2005 aastal nimetas ajakiri Times ta maailma m jukamaks sakslannaks Ta on kirjutanud le 40 lasteraamatu, mis on t lgitud paljudesse keeltesse, ja saanud mitmeid kirjandusauhindu Tema raamatutest Tindis da ja Varaste isand e.k 2010 on tehtud m ngufilmid Eesti keelde on t lgitud ka V luakende taga salap rane advendijutt 2005.

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I was very much looking forward to reading this, as it had very good word-of-mouth as a high-quality children's/YA fantasy that adults will also enjoy. And the premise, that characters can exist in the "real world" outside of books, or that real people can enter the world inside a book, is endlessly appealing. However, my local library is on the verge of opening a new wing with my overdue book fines on this, because I keep hanging onto it in the hope that eventually I will be able to finish read [...]

Oy I really wanted to like this book. I had such high hopes for it. It was one of those books that whenever my students saw me reading it they said, "Oh, I really liked that book! It was so good." So, I thought it would be great. It just wasn't. The story was nice. In short (very short): Meggie's father repairs books. Her mother disappeared nine years ago. After a mysterious visitor shows up at their house, Meggie finds out that her father has a secret. He can read characters out of books. Nine [...]

This book is everything I ever wanted. It's a book about a book and lovers of books. It's very self-affirming for me. Now I don't feel like a COMPLETE goober for 1) smelling books 2) learning Elvish or 3) bringing at least 5 books with me everywhere I go.Note: just because I don't FEEL like a complete goober, does not mean I am not one."Inkheart" is the first in a trilogy. "Inkspell" is already out, and "Inkdeath" will be out in 2008.You may not love "Inkheart" in and of itself; however, if you [...]

Tolle fantasievolle Geschichte, die mir in jüngeren Jahren sicherlich besser gefallen hätteDie Aufmachung war - genau wie bei Reckless - liebevoll und detailverliebt. Ich fand die Idee mit den Zitaten aus berühmten Büchern zu Anfang jedes Kapitels klasse, genauso wie den Schreibstil. Allerdings fand ich die Story an sich etwas lahm und es ist gefühlt auch nicht allzu viel passiert außerdem hatte ich das ein oder andere Problem mit der Logik, was ich aber nicht allzu schlimm fand. Cornelia [...]

What a great story!This is quite the page-turner! I was driven to read more by both the action/adventure and the plot/conclusion. Both are excellently written! Funke’s style of writing (and indeed the translation made by Anthea Bell) makes for a smooth and beautiful read.Wonderfully drawn and very detailed characters fill this book from cover to cover, each character being unique and complete. The story is told from multiple viewpoints, which adds another interesting dimension to the story and [...]

Oof it took me 12 days to finish this book. Not like me at all.I liked the storyline. I love the fact that it is a book about books, and that is what initially made me want to read it. I read the blurb on the book and it sounded like a really fun read.I was wrong.The book was VERY long-winded. Whilst the plotline was good, and the characters were nicely built, the actual story dragged on most of the time. The best part of the book is the last few chapters, by which point I didn't care - I just w [...]

Tintenherz = Inkheart (Inkworld, #1), Cornelia Funke Inkheart (German title: Tintenherz) is a 2003 young adult fantasy novel by Cornelia Funke, and the first book of the Inkheart trilogy. Based on a 2007 online poll, the National Education Association named the book one of its "Teachers' Top 100 Books for Children." Meggie, a girl at the age of 12, sees a stranger staring at her outside her window and tells her father, Mortimer (or Mo, as Meggie calls him) about it. Her father invites the strang [...]

Enjoyed it well enough. Interesting concept. Good execution. Struck me as a little grim for YA though. By which I mean it's not something I'd read to my boy. (He's fiveish.) I might consider something like this for him when he hits 10 or so.

Books have to be heavy because the whole world's inside them.Magic, this book is pure unadulterated magic.There is something inexplicable about the way Funke weaves magic into the real world. There's something so heartwarming and true regarding the dynamic between Maggie and her father, Mo. Even the crankiness of Eleanor as she begrudgingly takes in Maggie is enough to set my eyes alight as I read, and reread this book.Perhaps, it is because (for the first time) characters in a book loved readin [...]

1. Don't watch the movie. Please, don't watch it, the movie is nothing compared with the books!2. This series is a must-read for all book-lovers, if you ask meA father who can awake characters from books just by reading and a daughter with equal abilities. A series about books and reading. A series that offeres exciting adventures, lots of reading, love and friendship, danger, amazing characters and sympathetic villiansWhat more does a true book-lover need?! RightNothing! This is one of the best [...]

The best fantasy novel, I'ver read.I was too much curious while reading that.I just loved it.The way writer moves the story.Specially,3 ratings for character making.Thanks Cornelia Funke.

Okay, I'm at hundred pages, and I'm like: someone just kill that loser Capricorn, and then FedEx the rest of the gang home! PLEASE! I'll pay Preferred!It goes like this: go here, go there, go back here, go back there, return to here, and so onAlso, this story was kind of scary, which doesn't rate high in my book (pun intended).The idea was excellent, but poorly executed.

This is certainly for children and children who like fantasies and adventures and books and who are patient enough to read so many pages that sometimes you'd think you're just going in circles. The story is interesting enough to make me finish the first book but not enough to make me read its sequels.

Attention: I read this book as a library book and I only just realised that the book I have is only part 1! So this review is going to be of the first half of "Inkheart". This was a truly magical story that I know I would've absolutely adored as a child. It's about a love for books, and it's about how we - as readers - step into a fictional world, and how this fictional world can sometimes come true. I loved this story; especially the first 150 pages where the characters and setting are introduc [...]

A wonderful, imaginative story. The characters are so vivid, the tale so engaging, the prose so poetic A glorious tale for anyone who ever dreamed of being transported into the stories she reads, or of having friends from the tales brought into our world!On her website, author Cornelia Funke says,"I didn't suspect that this story would grow untill it could fill more than one book. I have dreamed for a long time of writing a story in which characters from a book come into our world. Which book ad [...]

Honestly one of my favourite fantasy reads. I loved all the characters - even the villians! They were vivid, colourful, the world Cornelia Funke creates is absolutely extraordinary and if it were up to me I would live in the Inkworld for ever!For anyone that likes a good dose of escapism, a book about books, a story that will make you laugh, cry and just generally never want to finish then this is for you!5 stars!

Ah! A book about a magical book!!How delightful! Twelve year old Meggie lives in a small farmhouse with her father, Mo, as Meggie calls him, who repairs and restores books. Meggie doesn't think that 'bookbinder' describes the care and love her father takes when he's fixing books and prefers to say that he's a "book doctor." He has a plaque on the bookshop door that reads:Some books should be tastedsome devoured but only a few should be chewed and digested thoroughly.One dark and rainy night, a s [...]

Διάβασα τον "Μελανόκαρδο" ως ένα όμορφο μεγάλο παραμύθι, αλλιώς δεν θα μπορούσα να το απολαύσω, διότι η πλοκή είχε κάποιες ασυνεπειούλες, που όμως συγχωρούνται στα παραμύθια. Στη αρχή όμως με εκνεύριζαν.Για παράδειγμα, πως γίνεται ο Αιγόκερως, ο οποίος στον κόσμο του "Μελανό [...]

My reading soul was battered and bruised, and a friend offered this book to me to help soothe the hurt. A lovely fantasy tale, with just enough villains and heroic folks to keep it balanced. You root for a happy ending and keep reading. Each chapter starts with a quote from a beloved children's classic, so you get to visit old friends on the journey through the story.A few passages helped assure me how much the author really does love books and all they represent. Meggie, tired and distressed at [...]

I have no idea why people like this book. Where is the character developement, the intrigue, the plot? It's like a lump. After I read it, I thought back and couldn't even remember the storyline - it was too jumpy and mumbled. Not a good work of fiction.

Full review now posted!Is there anything more magical than a book literally coming to life?“Books have to be heavy because the whole world’s inside them.”For Meggie, books have always been the hub around which her life spins. Her dad, Mo, is a book doctor, rebinding books that have seen better days. Books are what the two bond over, are what they decorate their home with, and are how they relate to the world around them. But Mo has never ever read aloud to his daughter, that she can rememb [...]

As much as I hate to say it, but this book is really boring. I love children's books and read Harry Potter and His Dark Materials several times. Inkheart disappointed me. I never stop reading a book until I read at least 100 pages, to give an author a chance to develop a story. Unfortunately, I had to stop reading this book after page 150. It is extremely slowpaced and uneventful. It is surprising to know that kids actually have enough patience to finish and thoroughly enjoy this book. Maybe it' [...]

Ah, what a great ending to a lovely book. It really is a shame I just left this sitting on my shelf for at least 3 years! :p

Inkheart is the best young adult targeted fantasy novel that I have read since the Harry Potter series. Cornelia Funke has crafted a wonderful, if a bit dark, storyline filled with colorful and memorable characters, both hero and villain. I liked the blend of modern day with fantasy in this story and having the magical element of being able to read characters out of their individual stories was brilliant.The storyline itself moves along nicely as Meggie and her father, Mo, go on an adventure bot [...]

Ho amato questo libro. Dalla storia ai personaggi, allo stile dell'autrice.

Excellent book (haven't seen the movie). A youth book, I looked forward to getting the sequels and grabbed them as soon as they were available. Dropping back to add this.I'm surprised how different tastes can be. I really liked this book (and its sequels)and was very surprised to see the negative reviews. I didn't find the book ever dragged and while I did find the characters annoying at times, it was within the context of the story and not as "annoyingly written characters".For a youth book I'd [...]

I'll never stop loving this book! It gets better every time I read it.

Mi ricordo ancora di cosa mi ha portato a leggere questo libro: due mie amiche di università me l'hanno consigliato fino allo sfinimento sapendo che avevo visto solo il film. "Merita tantissimo", mi dicevano. "DEVI LEGGERLO!", mi ripetevano costantemente. E, alla fine, ho ceduto e devo ammettere che è stata una delle scelte più ben fatte in vita mia.Mi affido alla mia amata recensione per lista, perché le cose da dire sono talmente tante che ho paura di scordarmene qualcuna in un lungo disco [...]

I REALLY wanted to like this book. The plot sounded so good, and it seemed perfect anyone who loves to read and who loves books themselves. A book restorer who can pull characters from the pages by reading aloud? I thought it was a sure thing. Needless to say, I was severely disappointed. I've liked Cornelia Funke's books in the past, particularly The Thief Lord, but as I read Inkheart, I noticed over and over again how hollow the story felt, and how much opportunity the author had to make a rea [...]

4.5 stars Very well written and worth reading! I just loved this book. I thought it was so different than other books. This is a thrilling YA adventure about magic and self discovery. Characters and objects come to life by leaping off the pages.Mortimer is a book binder and has passed on his great love of books to his daughter Meggie but he has never read out loud to her. When a stranger appears at their home, Meggie's world becomes upside down. She soon learns about her mothers vanishing disapp [...]

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