The Black Rose

Thomas B. Costain

The Black Rose

The Black Rose

  • Title: The Black Rose
  • Author: Thomas B. Costain
  • ISBN: 9780385040396
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Hardcover

Walter of Gurnie, bastard son of an English peer, is forced to flee from Oxford for his part in the university riots of 1273 Inspired by Friar Bacon, he determines to travel to China With his friend Tristam, he fights his way to the heart of the fabulous Mongol Empire, and returns famous, to find that he must choose between the first love he thought lost and the exotic fWalter of Gurnie, bastard son of an English peer, is forced to flee from Oxford for his part in the university riots of 1273 Inspired by Friar Bacon, he determines to travel to China With his friend Tristam, he fights his way to the heart of the fabulous Mongol Empire, and returns famous, to find that he must choose between the first love he thought lost and the exotic flower that he found in the East Solid in its facts, colorful and romantica rich and remarkable historical tapestry Christian Science Monitor

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I am so lame.I loved this book as a teenager. When I was young, there were two choices for young girls in historical fiction: books written in the 1950's and bodice rippers. When I was in high school I picked the former. After I graduated, well let's just say I graduated.I read every book by Thomas Costain that I could get my hands on. Some of them wereh. This one I loved. I read it over and over again. And I cried every time I came to the part where Maryam is crying out: "Walter. London. Walter [...]

Take a deep dive into the heart of centuries old Great Britain, where your name and lineage are a matter of the deepest importance and there is no middle faction between the wealthy and the poor. The main character of this story travels from the old world of Great Britain, where he is mocked and labeled a bastard son of a wealthy and titled Lord, to the magical and mystical far east, where he is able to earn his worth as a man and experience the strange and unfamiliar ways of lands not even mapp [...]

Please don't tell me that you've seen the movie and because it sucked, you're not going to read the book. The book is WAY better than the movie. Superlatives all around, please. Set in 1272, it tells the story of Walter of Gurnie and his trip to the Orient. Romance, action, comedy--but best of all, the writing is top notch. A timeless classic.

Thomas Costain takes the reader on a 13th century journey from England to China. The book's main character, Walter inherits a large sum of money in London and sets off to China inspired by Francis Bacon. Costain expertly depicts the area between Europe and China, especially the Bedouin tribes. In addition to the journey, Walter loves two women, one a noble and beautiful English woman and the other, a beautiful and beguiling woman Walter meets on his journey.Unfortunately, it seems that Thomas Co [...]

This is a great story. It is another one of those "old" books I read from time to time. It was written by thomas Costain in about 1945. The tale takes place in England and roams all the way to Cathay which is China or Mongolia or thereabout. The time in history is post Crusades. It has a great love story, chivalry and honor, wealth and poverty, different cultures, and a point of view which describes our Western culture as far as who we think is a superior race. I read some reviews before I start [...]

I've read this book multiple times. It's a refreshing novel, published in 1945, and written by the author of "In His Steps" (What would Jesus do? originates here, for the uninitiated - another great novel). Costain portrays this remarkable period of the Dark Ages by framing his plot with three great men - Edward the First of England, the father of parliamentary rule; Bayan of the Hundred Eyes, the brilliant general of Kublai Khan who conquered the whole of China in a series of daring and aggress [...]

I really liked this book. I liked the characters and the story. So why am I giving it only 3 stars? It lacked specialness, vital spark, anything that touched me in a way all readers hoped to be touched when they read. I felt no passion for the characters even though I liked them and they were well drawn. I never once sat at the edge of my seat biting my nails wondering what might happen next. I never sat up late at night reading because I just could not put the book down. I never loathed a chara [...]

This is one of those books I bought because it looked good; it's one of the first editions, although what printing I have no idea. The cover is simply black with gold lettering, the pages uneven and yellowed. It's a beautiful book, and it has that Old Book Smell that I so much love.I picked it up because I had run out of things to read; it's what I do on my lunch at work, and I decided that hey, I'd see what it was like, at least until I found something else to read. And lo and behold, I liked i [...]

I came across my edition of ‘The Black Rose’ long after the book was written and long after the movie, but I still consider it a keeper. I thoroughly detested the dry method of learning about past events in World History class, but this book made history come alive for me as I envisioned exploration in faraway lands. The story has a nice blend of adventure, history, and love as the fate of Walter of Gurney, his friend Tristram, and the exotic Maryam gradually unfolds whilst learning about th [...]

This was wonderful tale brimming with adventure and romance. I was immediately drawn to the main character Walter and my opinion of him only grew fonder. The storyline keeps us journeying all over the globe as Walter and his friend set out to the East to find treasures and knowledge to better their positions back home in England. On this arduous journey, he grows from a young school boy into a man, he finds treasures he never imagined, and he gains wisdom and clarity. This story is a masterpiece [...]

I found this book in my grandparents library last month. I hadn't the slightest clue what it was about, but my boredom provoked me to pick a random book from the self. I started reading it and fell in love with it by page 20. It reminded me a lot of "Around the World in 80 days" so if your into adventure books about distant lands, love, and tea-lovin Brits who storm castles, It should be a book for you!

Compared to books such as these, all others seem to fall short. Such a masterpiece, written as no others are in this day and age. This book is an antique (out of print) and I am so glad I was able to read it when I did -- many decades ago. I bought two copies at used books stores, and will never let go of them.The 1950 movie, with Tyrone Power and Orson Welles, did not do it justice; fair attempt.

The principles taught in this work cross into so many different topics of discussion that it's not possible to even start in a review. Suffice it to say that I'm really surprised I've never heard of this gem. It's a fantastic adventure of a nobleman (almost) and his commoner friend in the 1200s and their journey across the Silk Road to China - amazing. Wonderful. Read it!

Despite all favorable reviews, I didn't really enjoy so much this romantic novel written by Thomas Costain.The characters didn't are so interesting and the plot didn't keep my full attention while reading this book.Sorry guys but I think TBC wrote better books than this one.

I read this book when I was a teenager and had such fond memories of it that I looked it up and re-read it. Let's just say that my tastes have matured. I enjoyed the reread, but the story lacked the romanticism and excitement my teenage memory remembered.

"The Black Rose" was the basis for the movie of the same name, starring Orson Wells (as Bayan of a thousand eyes), Tyrone Power (Walter of Gurnie) and Jack Hawkins (as Tristam) - in theory a follow up to the movie "Prince of Foxes." There are significant differences between the film and the book in the story line, in part I'm sure due to complexity of the story you find in the book.Which is to say, the book is very interesting. Set in the time of Edward I, you have the shame of bastardy, uprisin [...]

What a delightful book! Romance, adventure and great writing skills! An old classic published in 1945. Historical novel that starts in England and is set during the time after the Crusades. One Walter of Gurnie, a young, but bastard son, of the Earl of Lessford has an idea to travel to the Orient and find out about the riches in the East. He meets Kublai Khan, Bayan of the Hundred Eyes, and also falls in love with Maryam, daughter of an English crusader and a Grecian Mom. But, he has left behind [...]

I really enjoyed this book. The story moves from a University setting to the Orient and I enjoyed the main characters adventures and an enjoyable romance. Life as a bastard grandson to a entrepreneurial noble gives way to survival in a Mongol caravan, which in turn gives way to life in a Chinese city about to be invaded. I was swept along by the narrative, and never considered dropping the book.

A fun kickoff-the-summer read, full of old-timey swashbuckling adventure and romance. I love the Costain History of the Plantagenets series, and although this wasn't quite as good, it was a fun peek into post-Conquest medieval England. My only pique is that I wish it had a sequel.

A Favorite. Historical fiction of the best. Some romance, well researched history. All Costain books are very good.

When my Father died in 1991, he left behind a stash of Thomas B Costain novels. Even as a young girl, I remember looking at these books which always appealed to me because of their titles. This 1946 bestseller about Walter a Gurney, a young bastard son of a noble is a fascinating look back into English history in the 1200s. Costain draws on a legend of an English crusader who becomes the father of Thomas a Beckett, and an Eastern girl who only knows two words of English. Costain began the book w [...]

This book and author were highly recommended to me as great historical fiction. This was a good adventure of a young English noble in the 1300’s who headed to the east to make his fortune. My favorite medieval historical fiction works are still The Cloister and the Hearth and The Betrothed, but The Black Rose was an enjoyable read. I may eventually try reading The Silver Chalice by this same author, which has also been highly recommended.Quotes:“When wind of opportunity does not blow, find a [...]

Oh brilliant! I have a great fondness for pure romantic adventure such as Dumas and Sabatini wrote. I am shocked I did not hear of this book until now as this is pure adventure. In the late 13th century the bastard son of an English nobleman and his yeoman pal venture to the east to reach "Cathay" (China) to find their fortune get caught up in a Mongol invasion and (one character at least) find true love. But what happens to that love when she is lost and he comes face to face with his childhood [...]

This book is no longer in print, but my mom kept talking about how much she and my grandmother loved it, so I found a used copy and gave it to her for Christmas, then she let me borrow it back. This book took me an entire month to get through. It was written in the 1940s but the setting is in the 1300s. It is a very epic story of a young man from England who travels to China to discover many of the wonders and inventions (paper, cannons, etc.)that the English had never even dreamed of. There is [...]

I really enjoyed this book, Walter and Tris seam like guys I would want to hang out with. I was sad that it ended when it did. I wanted to know what Engaine would say and do when she met Maryam but I guess thats another book. I am glad that Maryam found Walter in the end, I would be writing a very different review if Walter had ended up with Engaine. I never liked her and would have been very disappointed if Costains had them hook up. I was so sad that Tris died I wanted him to have a happy life [...]

Thomas B. Costain is one of my favourite authors. He researches for his sources and does excellent work on the history for which he is writing in his novels. This is no exception. This book is one in which a young man and his friend find themselves traveling across Asia in the Middle Ages in the most desperate of times. They meet up with a most beautiful young woman who is called The Black Rose and is about to be a slave and whom they help save. On their journeys they encounter many adventures f [...]

This book had been sitting around my mother's house long before I was born, and I decided a long time ago I needed to read it. Now I have.It was in many ways a good story. Two young 12th Century Englishmen journey to China. Along the way they get recruited into the Mongol army. To hide her from a sad fate and evil relatives, the protagonist marries a young woman along the way. They get separated, and she has to make her way from China to England to find him.The travels and other portions of the [...]

Nothing like well-researched historical fiction with a spot of romance, too! While I didn't find this especially gripping (the can't-stop-reading kind of gripping) I very much enjoyed it. The last few chapters seemed a bit agonizing--I've become quite the watering-pot since entering motherhood--but I suppose that could also be a sign of well-done characterization. Well worth the effort. ***spoiler alert***Wish the author hadn't (wantonly?) killed off my favorite character. Hopefully I can see an [...]

I was really enjoying this one from the very beginning, and it was filled with great literary promise: in the dark Middle Ages, two young men from England on a journey to China by way of the Mid-East. By the middle of the novel I started losing interest--the writing at that point was flat, and the plot itself had reached a snail's pace; I just didn't have the patience to ride it out. On a positive note, I think I'm developing a kindred spirit with my students: a short attention span.

I am also one of those who read and loved Thomas Costain's novels when I was young. Re-reading it, I still enjoyed it, especially the historical aspect. But for literary merit, it falls short of something like Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel, although perhaps it's unfair to compare "popular" fiction of the 40s and 50s with contemporary "literary" fiction. It lacks subtlety, but it's nevertheless a good romp through a time and place, actually several places, with a likeable main character.

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