The Night is Deep

Joe Hart

The Night is Deep

The Night is Deep

  • Title: The Night is Deep
  • Author: Joe Hart
  • ISBN: 9781503935877
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Paperback

Though he s still tormented by his brother s murder and the accident that ended his career, ex homicide detective Liam Dempsey is trying to move on His girlfriend and their adopted son are the best things that ever happened to him and being a police liaison is the next best thing to being back on the force But when an old friend asks for his help, Liam is thrust into a hThough he s still tormented by his brother s murder and the accident that ended his career, ex homicide detective Liam Dempsey is trying to move on His girlfriend and their adopted son are the best things that ever happened to him and being a police liaison is the next best thing to being back on the force But when an old friend asks for his help, Liam is thrust into a harrowing investigation that reawakens his darkest personal demons.A politician has been violently attacked, and his wife is kidnapped for ransom But as police mobilize to track the victim and trap her abductor, the case takes a chilling turn from extortion to grisly murder Whoever snatched Valerie Farrow wants blood and money and they re brutally collecting.Working with, and against, the police, Liam is forced to dig deep to expose the ugly truth even if it means digging his own grave in the process.

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Liam Dempsey used to be a policeman, but after accidently killing a woman and her child he gave up his career and now works as a police consultant. His old university friend Owen, now a politician, has asked for his help in finding his missing wife Valerie. Valerie is the love of Owen's life, he wants her back and he wants Liam to find her. Who has Valerie and what do they want? Will Liam find her before it is too late, or is there something else at play here?I enjoyed this book, the characters [...]

Liam Dempsey is no longer a detective. After accidentally killing an innocent pregnant woman, he turned in his badge. These days he’s living with his girlfriend and their adopted son. He also does some Private Investigations and is a Consultant for the Homicide Department.Liam gets a call from an old friend he hasn’t seen or talked to in several years. A budding politician, he begs Liam to come help he was attacked and his wife has disappeared.The detective in charge of the investigation is [...]

This second book about Liam Dempsey was a little more brutal than the other one. I mean, the other one had Liam’s brother being cut into pieces but this one was just so cruel and bloody in the killing. LOL, I have to wonder about authors’ minds when I read this kind of story. Not that it’ll stop me from reading them.This was about a young woman who was killed 16 years before but the killer just kept looking into it until the killer found out for sure that it had been murder and not suicide [...]

I love Joe Hart's books and now I love the Liam Dempsey character. He has that right from wrong quality that makes for a good read when the battle is between doing what is right and what you feel would be justified. Liam Dempsey is called by a friend to help with the abduction of his wife who is being held for ransom. But then the bodies start to turn up and these deaths seem to be linked to the wife's sister's suicide. Can Liam help find the killer before his friend's wife is next. As he digs d [...]

I felt like this was a little slow in the beginning but it was still incredibly hard to put down. The last half/third was super gripping and really nice tied the whole plot together. The twist at the end was fantastic as well. I really didn't see it coming at all.I thought Liam, Dani and Eric were such a lovely little family and I felt really attached to their characters. I also liked Perring's development throughout the book too.My only downfall was that in some places, I felt like the story wa [...]

Two-haiku review:Old friend calls LiamWife kidnapped, wants Liam's helpThen murders beginWell developed plotCharacter becomes deeperComplete surprise end

Joe Hart, you've developed into a fine author since I read your first books written about your cattle ranch!!You can't help but live every step of this novel that Liam Dempsey takes. The writing is so realistic, it is almost poetic in spite of the gore and horrific circumstances it describes. And the ending! I didn't have a clue! Well done! When is Liam Dempsey #3 coming? I have only one criticism and it's minor. You need a grammar editor! That's it. Again I ask, where's #3?

3.5 stars. This is the second in a series by Joe Hart. I have not read the first book in a series, but I didn't feel out of the loop. I like Mr. Hart’s style. It's a nice clean style but with enough details to give you a good sense of people and place. The characters are well developed. Liam is no one’s idea of a saint. He struggles with anger issues and isn't always successful in controlling himself. Not only is Liam fully fleshed out, so is Perring. You can just feel her frustration. I thi [...]

ExcellentI know Liam is not a cop although he was at one point and he still should be, he gets himself into some good scrapes but get out of them, fantastic read to those who like this sort of book, the book goes in great depth which the author does fantastically, couldn't but if down and need to find the next instalment, just fantastic.

Funny, when I started reading this book, I kept feeling as though these characters were very familiar. That’s when I had my aah-ha moment. I read the first book in the Liam Dempsey series, The River is Dark. I absolutely loved the first book in this installment, and I’m even more blown away with this second part in the series.Police Consultant, Liam Dempsey, has come a long way since being enthralled in his brother’s and sister’s-in-law murders. He has a beautiful girlfriend named Dani a [...]

Liam Dempsey is back!After his brother's murder and the events that followed, Dempsey is now living with his girlfriend and their adopted son, working as a police consultant after give up his badge.When Liam gets a call from an old friend whose wife, Valerie, has been kidnapped, the detective in Dempsey kicks in. He is warned by the officers dealing with the case not to get too involved, but that's not Dempsey's style. The case started off as a kidnapping for ransom but now with bodies racking u [...]

Once the stereotypical tough-as-nails female cop was introduced early on, I was pretty sure I was going to hate this story. But, despite a few places here and there when I wanted to punch each and every character, Hart got it back on track, and, just as with Liam Dempsey 1, the story only got better and better until it reached another nail-biting climax. I was a little disappointed with a slight plot hole, as well as a plot twist that didn't make quite enough sense (view spoiler)[ the revelation [...]

Just like my review for the first book in this two-book series: What a great read! The main protagonist, Liam Dempsey, is likeable, serious, realistic, and makes this a great book. All the characters are realistic. I enjoyed this book, the second one, as much as I did the first. Perhaps we will be seeing more of Liam Dempsey in the future!

Thank you to NetGalley and Thomas & Mercer for this free readers edition. In exchange I am providing an honest review.Joe Hart writes a good crime thriller. In this series his main character, Liam Dempsey, is a former cop turned cold case detective - of sorts. While he's trying to solve cold cases he keeps getting pulled into live ones. In this second title Dempsey is called by an old police academy friend whose wife has been kidnapped. As Liam and the team of detectives try to find the wife [...]

In the first book we were introduced to Liam Dempsey, the former cop who, of course, has a dark past stemming from an incident that happened while he was a cop that still haunts him. This is the second book in the series and we find that Liam is now a police consultant who works on cold cases. His friend calls to ask Liam to come to Duluth because his wife has been kidnapped. This starts him down the long road of investigating a case with many twists and turns and to discovering more about himse [...]

A good read! I've found the Liam Dempsey books to be decent mysteries that keep me guessing. Like with the first book, I sort of figured out the ending about halfway through. (view spoiler)[This time, I knew it was Val pretty early on. I just was positive that she wasn't Val at all. I was pretty sure that she was the dead sister Alex. "They looked like twins"d Val became agoraphobic shortly after her sister's death. I was SURE they thought the wrong sister died. I was wrong. But I was right abou [...]

I like Liam - just want a little more about him. First book author alludes to Liam's ability to hone in on the truth just through his interactions/interrogations with and of peoplen't see enough of that. His involvement with the case is a wee bit contrived a little bit of s stretch but it works. And for a tough guy Liam's a little too supportive of Owen, but the story was well thought out - I did like the way he brought it together at the end. Joe Hart provides the details - if you're paying att [...]

I really enjoyed this one, I really like Liam a lot and thought that he's very relatable - especially in this book. I had suspicions about halfway through about who was behind everything but, even though they were there, I needed solid confirmation to be sure and that was nice too - not being 100% sure of yourself. Again, I love the descriptive detail that went in to the crime scenes, that's what a ton of thrillers are missing. It was non stop action just like book #1 and it definitely kept my i [...]

I'm hooked!I stumbled upon the first book in this series, The River Is Dark, among the titles of free selections. Although I'm not a fan of murder mysteries I choose it because, well "free". I could not put it down! The story pulled me into the pages and the author is a brilliant writer. Immediately upon finishing I choose and "borrowed" Book 2. I was not disappointed! It was non-stop reading, even more intriguing and enjoyable than Book 1. I might have to actually "buy" Book 3 because I'm in "L [...]

I really like the Liam Dempsey series. I find these books reminiscent of John Sandford books (another writer I am a big fan of). Great characters and great plot. Police procedural/detective mysteries. A woman is kidnapped and Liam is called in as a consultant by the woman's husband in Duluth, Minnesota. The story winds around Liam's past and the past of the kidnapped woman's dead sister, set in a Midwest town where everyone seems to have grown up with everyone else. The story kept me guessing al [...]

I really enjoyed the 1st book in this (hopefully) series by Joe Hart, The River is Dark, and hoped that The Night is Deep would be as good. It certainly lived up to expectations, and exceeded them. I could hardly put it down! The lead character, Liam Dempsey, is a complex man haunted by his last case as a cop who has now become a police liaison consultant. The other characters are interesting too, the plot is fairly grisly, and the book has a twist at the end. I would thoroughly recommend it, &a [...]

Much better edited nowWhen I read Joe Hart's previous novel The River is Dark, I have it a to-do review because it was poorly edited (then instead of than, etc.) and those errors made reading the book frustrating. This one was much better edited, and as a result, it flowed better. His character development is also much improved, and the main character is no longer as illogical as he was in the first book. Much better. I would definitely recommend this thriller.

ExcellentThis book was the second one I've read by Joe Hart. It was VERY good. Liam Dempsey was trying to help a friend find and recover his kidnapper wife. The story is suspenseful, has lots of twists and turns and keeps you guessing till the end. I hope you like it too. Happy Reading.

LoyaltyLiam Dempsey has proven to be a loyal friend, even in the face of tragedy. Joe Hart has gotten a loyal reader out of me. The Liam Dempsey thrillers are just that. Edge of your seat thrilling. Dempsey is a man with deep wounds who helps others heal their own by bringing closure. I look forward to many more nights spent on the edge of m seat.

This 2nd book in the Liam Dempsey thriller series was not quite as good as the 1st but still awesome. Joe Hart continues to impress me. He one of my top 3 favorite authors right now. Stephen King will always be my #1 but this new author continues to intrigue me. This book had a good amount of twists and turns. The new characters he introduced were fun too. Hope he writes another book for thus series. Not ready to let Liam go just yet. Thats saying something for me because I have never been a fan [...]

Once again, a taut book, with some scary moments and a great twist ending. Complex relationships are the hallmark of Joe Hart and this book follows that pattern! Sad that Liam wasn't with Dani and Eric, but good to know they are at "home" waiting for him - safe and sound! This case was scary - and I love how Liam always works kinda half with the police, half against them!

Just WoeNerve tingling, edge of your seat thriller. You can almost hear the suspense warning music playing in the back of your mind as you say out load, "Don't go in there!!" The crime scenes are a bit gruesome which add to that suspense. Awesome book, a must read for the thriller reader!

The Story is Dark, or was that the River?This second volume in the Liam Dempsey series is another home run from author Joe Hart. Excellent characters, stellar emotive descriptions, good plot and story.I'm not sure ”enjoyed” is the right term, but I at least had a pleasurable appreciation for virtually every aspect of this book.Highly, highly recommended!

Good story Very good story, good pace. Kept me engaged. My son in law tells me I am a cheater reader. I read the first half of a novel skip to the back. Go back to fill in if I need to. Most often I don't. I read this entire story. Of course I often also start at the middle. I am Crazy like that. It my way. Not a recommendation. Lol.

You have got to read this book!Suspense! Action! Vengeance! The complexity of this story is Joe Hart at his best! An intriguing and well executed story; with well thought out, grisly, very painful, detailed and very unique murders. I would like to see more of Liam Dempsey!Yup! Joe Hart at his best!

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