The Ishbane Conspiracy

Randy Alcorn Karina Alcorn Angela Randall

The Ishbane Conspiracy

The Ishbane Conspiracy

  • Title: The Ishbane Conspiracy
  • Author: Randy Alcorn Karina Alcorn Angela Randall
  • ISBN: 9781576738177
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Paperback

Jillian is picture perfect on the outside, but terrified of getting hurt on the inside Brittany is a tough girl who trusts almost no one Ian is a successful athlete who dabbles in the occult And Rob is a former gang banger who struggles with guilt, pain, and a newfound faith in God These four college students will face the ultimate battle between good and evil in a sinJillian is picture perfect on the outside, but terrified of getting hurt on the inside Brittany is a tough girl who trusts almost no one Ian is a successful athlete who dabbles in the occult And Rob is a former gang banger who struggles with guilt, pain, and a newfound faith in God These four college students will face the ultimate battle between good and evil in a single year As spiritual warfare rages around them, a dramatic demonic correspondence takes place Readers can eavesdrop on the enemy, and learn to stave off their own defeat, by reading The Ishbane Conspiracy.

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Reading this book was a lot like tying a millstone around my neck and jumping into the ocean: in short, dangerous, painful, and a waste of time. Whether or not the author intends to, the message that comes across is this - if you avoid dating, prom dresses with a slit, and Harry Potter, you're a good Christian who won't let sin in. It was basically the mantra of my middle through high school years. Let me tell you something, living like that is exhausting. God's grace is so much greater! Besides [...]

A relatively interesting book about a group of teenagers and the spiritual battle that is wages over theirs souls. Lots of good points are made in this book in how easy it is to fall prey to evil without even realizing it. On the flip side, I felt the book was a bit too preachy, even for Christian fiction. I love a good religious discussion but I have never liked being talked AT. And I feel that is what this book does. While parts can be an eye opener for certain life aspects it came across as n [...]

I am 15 and I am a devout Christian and a fan of many Christian books (such as the CS Lewis). I am also an avid reader. However, this was a terrible book! The characters were very shallow, and their lives were rediculously disasterous. The demons were, in my opinion, not very bright, but the characters were even worse. I hated them, and by the end, I was rooting for more disasters to happen to them, so much did I hate them. The author had some wonderful points and messages to send, but I would r [...]

This was an AMAZING book! It was so encouraging, as well as interesting! I recommend this to everyone I know! There is a lot of reference to the occult, premarital sex, and drugs, so only those over thirteen or fourteen should read this.

Great read! So thankful for the message in this book and for reminders of where my true home is. Thankful for reminders that the enemy is working but only in accordance with my Heavenly Father's perfect will.

Ideally, a book should be judged on its own merits and not compared to another. Well, all throughout my reading of The Ishbane Conspiracy, I couldn’t help but compare it to its inspiration, C.S. Lewis's The Screwtape Letters, and unfortunately, I feel that Ishbane could use some pointers from ol' Screwtape.Brief side note: even though this book is apparently a semi-sequel to Lord Foulgrin's Letters by Randy Alcorn, The Ishbane Conspiracy is perfectly capable of serving as a stand-alone book. I [...]

RESEÑA COMPLETA EN ESPAÑOLLike any young adult book, in this story we know the conflicts that every teenager goes through and how often they do not know how to deal with them.This novel focuses heavily on the spiritual aspect and how young people are attracted to it , through what is seemingly innocent and harmless.The narrative is mostly dialogue and has no long descriptions, making it easy to read. However I didn’t enjoy the letters too much… I was kind of bored reading them.I really lik [...]

The Good: Longtime Christian writer Randy Alcorn and his two daughters do a great job of illustrating real-life spiritual warfare. It's shocking when you realize how much sinfulness has invaded our culture, as Foulgrin and Ishbane describe quite well. This book is disturbing at times, but, that's kind of the point. The ending has a twist you won't see coming.The Bad: As good as the story and writing were, the choppy formatting is a major problem; usually short chapters always accompanied by a le [...]

Four teenagers at a New Year's Eve party, chatting and laughing, unaware that their lives will be inextricably intertwined by battling forces of good and evil, each struggling for dominion in the teens' livesThis book was amazing, no two ways about it. Superbly written, gripping characters, enthralling plot, eye-opening letters, life-changing book this book has it all. It alternates chapters between the story of the four teens, Jillian, Ian, Brittany, and Rob, and letters between demons about ho [...]

Cross C.S. Lewis’s Screwtape Letters with a modern-day, very American, Christian high-school romantic read and you’ll have the flavor of the Ishbane Conspiracy. Ishbane, or Prince Ishbane, is a demon, corresponding with lesser demons who hope to control the destinies of four young American adults. High-schoolers might be tempted with tarot cards, family rebellion, sexual attraction and more. Younger siblings could be tempted to read the evil Harry Potter books or play D&D. And wiser Chri [...]

I thought this book was somewhat boring and not very engaging. I didn’t find the story very interesting and its Christian themes were a little over exaggerated. As a guy I did not enjoy the main theme of the book, which focused on girls and their issues with relationships. As a result, this story lacked an interesting climax, which made the book a struggle to get through, and it felt like a stretch to the finish. The book would have appealed to a wider audience had the author chosen a more uni [...]

The Screwtape Letters for youth of the early 21st century. A real page turner. Where it differs from Lewis is that, rather than simply being the letters between devils about what is going on among the humans involved, Ishbane Conspiracy alternates chapters between life on earth among the main characters and the letters between the devils. Covers many pertinent issues in teen culture. You'll never think of a ouija board as just a game again! Some of the music and movie references are a little dat [...]

This book was amazing!! It really opened my eyes to how Satan could be trying to tempt me in my everyday life. It was a very interesting, and enjoyable read. It really helped me to realize where I am in my faith and walk with God. It helped me to see where I need to improve. This book inspired me soooo much! I recommend it for all Christians or any one who is interested in God or thinking about becoming a Christian. Don't miss out on an amazing read!! You won't be sorry! :D

It was one of the best books I've ever read probably… it wasn't a book you just want to blow through, you want to think about what's being said, especially in the letters… it can give you a perspective that can help you live out your faith in a more effective way.

This is a must read for all young people. It just shows how the devil can be so sneaky!

All of Randy Alcorn books have been so much worth the time to read. Such a refreshing view of Heaven and God. looking forward to living my life with God's grace and mercy new every morning.

Unfortunately, this book wasn't what I was expecting at all.

An easier read than Scewtape but just as brilliant.

Degelijke Alcorn. Meer focus op de jeugd en de valstrikken waar zij inlopen als ouders ze maar laten gaan.

An interesting take on the modern world and the spiritual battles going on all around us. A bit heavy on judgement at times but overall a good book to get you thinking.

Was very good and captivating. I found it hard to stop.

The Ishbane Conspiracy created a struggle within me from start to finish. If you know what the book is about, you may think I was fighting some great spiritual battle. Actually, no. My battle was between my desire to read books that are well-written and my desire to read books that are good for the soul. Sadly, it's often difficult to find one that falls in both categories. This book is no exception. Before I lay out the negatives as I see them, let me say that I, in general, am a Randy Alcorn f [...]

Now, before I go off on a complete rant, let me list what was good about this book.The writing style was pretty. Now on to the rest of it. The biggest problem I have with this book is the 'demon correspondence', which consists of two demons talking back and forth to each other via letters, AKA a direct copy from the idea of the Screwtape Letters from C.S. Lewis. And then there is the letters themselves. I cannot say exactly since I listened to an audio-book version of this book, but it felt as i [...]

“Sometimes the best way to see a thing is to look at its opposite,” says Randy Alcorn, quoting A.W. Tozer in his “Note to Readers.” The opposite is something of which we get large chunks in The Ishbane Conspiracy—a novel by Alcorn and his daughters Angela and Karina.In the story (which was first released in 2001) we follow teenage characters Jillian, Brittany, Rob, and Ian for a year. Jillian’s younger brother Daniel and her mother Diane Fletcher also play main parts in the story. Th [...]

Liked the Christian messages, but it felt like a smorgasbord of every possible cliche: man dies and sees heaven, boy experiments with Ouija board, high schooler gets bullied, girl blames God for father's death, pregnant girl considers abortion. Be prepared to sit through some painful sentences: "Brittany's white Jeep Wrangler pulled into her driveway followed by Ian's gray Mazda pickup, Jillian's red Saturn and Rob's black '62 Chevy Impala." Or when meeting a character's Hispanic mother: "Hay mu [...]

This review is also posted on Book by Book.The Ishbane Conspiracy by Angela, Karina and Randy Alcorn takes a look at the lives of four teenagers and the demons trying to tempt and steer them away from God. This novel tries to modernize the message of C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters, though I do think it falls a bit short. While the Alcorns have many valid, important points about spiritual warfare throughout their writing, the story itself could have been better crafted. Their characters seem [...]

If you have read Frank Peretti’s This Present Darkness and like it then this is a book you will thoroughly enjoy.From the beginning I was pulled into this book and the “realness” of it. This book is so close to real life and what teen-agers struggle with.Our four characters are all going through something, or have gone through something and the enemy is playing on the their weakness and wounds.Oh, to be inside the head of the enemy made me so mad sometimes because I know these are the game [...]

Ishbane Conspiracy is the sequal to Alcorn's 'Lord Foulgrin's Letters'. Both are extremely powerful books that talk about the spiritual warfare going on in our every day lives. As with 'Foulgrin's Letters', Ishbane is mostly letters from one 'leading' demon to his 'student', advising him on how he needs to treat and deal with the 'vermin' (humans) in order to lead us to the path to hell. There are fictional parts thrown in about the actual characters that the demons are working on. This book doe [...]

This book came out in 2001, and if I am correct, was marketed for teenagers. It was offered for review, and I can't remember if I read it or not, so I requested it. If I did read it, I don't remember any of it. This is very similar to C.S. Lewis' book, The Screwtape Letters. It is an "inside look" at demons work on an individual, or in this instance, four different individuals, all of them college students. I listened to The Screwtape Letters and read Randy's similar adult book, but like this on [...]

Randy Alcorn always writes a story with deep footings in practical truth for and about contemporary Christian living. Unlike many of my other favorites, which tend to be more in the vein of historical fiction or in-depth development of characters within a story, Alcorn seems driven to make a specific point, which he, in fact, does quite well. Though I have found reading three of his works enjoyable, often amazing in his depth of insight, his style tends to be a bit more challenging to fully enga [...]

I think the premise of this book is great. But, the author painted the teenagers in an unrealistic light that kind of made the novel a bit too novelish!I mean, really How many teenagers bake their own cookies and take them over to a friend's house and have a cookie party? How many teenage parties have a backroom where everyone is playing the Quiji boardgame and summoning dark spirits?I really wanted to get into this. I loved the dialog between Foulgrin and Ishbane. And much of what was written b [...]

Eines der besten Bücher die ich je gelesen habe. Am Anfang war ich etwas skeptisch, als ich las, dass dieses Buch sich auf C.S. Lewis' "Dienstanweisung für einen Unterteufel" basierte. Doch beweist Alcorn (und auch seine zwei Töchter - Co-Autorinnen), dass sie wunderbar begabt sind im Geschichten erzählen, Bücher schreiben. Gottes Geist hat hier kräftig mitgewirkt, und die Weisheit in diesem Buch zeug von göttlichem Ursprung.Möge jeder Lewis Fan dieses Buch lesen.Das einizge an Kritik, w [...]

Sorry to say, I didn't like this book. I was expecting an exciting novel. It was too predictable, except for the sad ending. Although I agreed with the authors on all their points, it was just too preachy. Since I have a strong opinion on all the topics covered, the conversations between the demons didn't keep my attention. I was trying to decide if I would dare give this to a teen who was struggling with some of the issues. If they had not grown up in the church or had Christians discipling the [...]

The Ishbane Conspiracy is an eye-opening waltz through the lives of our teens. As a mother of a child this age, I was compelled to share it with my teenaged daughter when I finished reading it.The Conspiracy kids were put in tough but realistic situations and then artfully brought through in a way that kept the reader at rapt attention and on the edge of their seats.A character that I grew to love died, which was a surprise and a heart-breaker, but as an author myself, I know that sometimes we w [...]

Really fascinating reading this right after a summer in Mongolia. The struggle four teens faced and the correspondence between the demons assigned to bring them down and keep them there.I really enjoyed reading this, although some of the demon dialogues got repetitive after a while.I recommend. :)

Intriguing look at spiritual warfare in the lives of a group of young people. We found it illuminating and thought-provoking and have given it to a number of friends. It's great for teens as they may grasp some things from reading the book that they might resist hearing from an authority figure.

This book reminds me of the spiritual warfare going on all the time which we usually do not consider when our worlds are in trials and things go terrible. Satan and his demons are powerful and always looking to keep us from Jesus and living for Jesus, to His glory. Alcorn really speaks to our culture about our use of games, media, even church/groups which are used by Satan to keep us from knowing Christ and His truth. The story has some surprising twists which make it interesting at times when I [...]

The Ishbane Conspiracy is an amazing book about the struggles of life throughout the life of four teenagers. It was wonderfully written and it beautifully captured all of the terrible and wonderful aspect of life.

The characters were terrible, yet I found myself strangely sucked into the story. But, there are many good lessons within the demon letters.

This book will change your life. A must-read for parents of teens.

I very interesting book. It has wonderful examples of how Satan is at work trying to defeat us or totally keep us from seeking God in the first place.

Wonderful book! Just creepy enough to make an impact.

I loved this sequel to "Lord Foulgrins Letters"!! The fact that the Alcorns all got in on this book made it all the better. I love how "The Ishbane Conspiracy" picks up where "Lord Foulgrin's Letters" left off.It gives the rest of the Fletcher's story which I liked.I also loved how Foulgrin reaped what he sowed with his boss Ishbane.And,the fact that Foulgrin never forgot about Squailiant his old student. This book gets the full five stars from me. "The Ishbane Conspiracy" was a well,written,cle [...]

"--not against flesh and blood--"A must read for all teens; it reveals why sometimes the temptations are so prevalent and obvious.While the "letters" between Foulgrin & Ishbane may be a literary tool, the fact that temptation is demonic is fact.Really a good read for everyone, not JUST teens

Read for school.

Yet another book that caused me to rethink how I view the world. It brought me back to my "old" life and how naive and ignorant I was. People need to truly realize the beauty and the value of life. Though this is fiction, spiritual battles do exist. I believe I read this book at the right time of my life especially because of things that were going on at home. It shook me up and opened my eyes to truths that I probably never would have believed if I had read it at any other time. Great book.

While this book had a lot of good points, I found it mostly to be an exercise in intolerance and unfeeling.Jillian tells Rob about her bulimia and basically, he tells her to get over it and stop. What? In fact, I disliked the character of Rob so much, I didn't even care when he died.As a Christian, I normally love Christian books, but this one really turned me off.If I was a non-believer, this book would make me want to stay far away from ever becoming a Christian.

This book switches between following a group of high-school students through their struggles and the letters written between demons assigned to take them the students down. Not only is the story for the most part is exciting, although some of the demon's letters can be slow, but it also offers amazing incite into the Christian faith. I would recommend this novel to young Christians to encourage them to strengthen their faith and not lose sight of what's important.

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