Lord Foulgrin's Letters

Randy Alcorn

Lord Foulgrin's Letters

Lord Foulgrin's Letters

  • Title: Lord Foulgrin's Letters
  • Author: Randy Alcorn
  • ISBN: 9781576738610
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Paperback

This repack of Randy Alcorn s gripping bestseller delivers us from ignorance of the devil s schemes Foulgrin, a high ranking demon, instructs his subordinate on how to deceive and destroy Jordan Fletcher and his family It s like placing a bugging device in hell s war room, where we overhear our enemies assessing our weaknesses and strategizing attack Lord Foulgrin s LetThis repack of Randy Alcorn s gripping bestseller delivers us from ignorance of the devil s schemes Foulgrin, a high ranking demon, instructs his subordinate on how to deceive and destroy Jordan Fletcher and his family It s like placing a bugging device in hell s war room, where we overhear our enemies assessing our weaknesses and strategizing attack Lord Foulgrin s Letters is a Screwtape Letters for our day, equally fascinating yet destinctly different a dramatic story with earthly characters, setting, and plot A creative, insightful, and biblical depiction of spiritual warfare, this book will guide readers to Christ honoring counterstrategies for putting on the full armor of God and resisting the devil Alcorn says to win the battle we must know our God, know ourselves, and know our enemy Lord Foulgrin s Letters, in unparalleled and compelling fashion, helps us better know each.

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How do you describe a book that changes your life? Some might think that an audacious question to start a book review with, but it is the most appropriate question. I finished reading author Randy Alcorn’s *Lord Foulgrin’s Letters*, and I feel such a unique mix of joy, sorrow, guilt, fear, awe, and yearning. This novel inspires such deep contemplation, because of the deep issues that it invokes, and because of the rarely made insights that it gives us. *Lord Foulgrin’s Letters* is a modern [...]

I read this on the Logos Hope ship as there is a copy in the library. It is a modern version of the Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis. The story revolves around a family and their everyday activities. The author allows readers to listen to conversations taking place between demons as they scheme and plan to disrupt and distract the family from their God ordained tasks. It is very readable particularly for those (like me) who struggle with The Screwtape Letters in some places due to the complexity. T [...]

"Know your enemy. Read his mail" - from the publishers summary of "Lord Foulgrin's Letters" by Randy Alcorn.Similiar to C. S. Lewis' "Screwtape Letters" (and accredited by the author), Randy Alcorn tells the story of an evil spirit commander named Lord Foulgrin and his instructions, by letter, to his subordinate Squaltaint.An eye opening synopsis of the real but invisible war that rages all around us everyday, this book also offered thought provoking quotes such as:"My dear Squaltaint, Whatever [...]

An ordinary businessman named Jordan Fletcher. He thinks he has it all, a wife and kids and a good job with a bit of extra money to spend. But we do learn is that it is not all as it seems. Jordan's kids are into drugs, porn and the occoult. Jordan himself is think about bedding his secratary.We get to follow his short life in little chapter snippets. The rest of the chapter deals with a high ranking Demon named Foulgrin. He gives advice on how to steer Jordan away from the truth of Christianity [...]

I've heard about this book many times, but I've never had the opportunity to read it. When my pastor recently preached a series of messages about the work of Satan, he recommended everyone read this book. I checked this copy out from my local library.The novel is written much like C.S. Lewis's The Screwtape Letters, which I read many years ago. Lord Foulgrin writes to instruct, encourage, and threaten Squaltaint, his underling, a demon in charge of tempting, deceiving, and guiding the human, Jor [...]

Randy Alcorn had written numerous books about faith, and the grace of God. Others have rated "Heaven" as one of his best works, and I don't disagree. However, this is my favorite book written by Alcorn. For those that have read C.S. Lewis' "Screwtape Letters", this book will absolutely amaze you. This book goes deeper into the mind of the Enemy. For those that have not read the "Screwtape Letters", you will not get lost reading this volume. This book is a little more modern than Lewis' book, but [...]

Skimmed it--looked pretty good, though not as good as The Screwtape Letters. I liked the push to memorize Scripture, feel guilty about the right things (and then accept forgiveness), and take our Christian walks seriously--this is a war, after all! :)

Favorite Quotes:"Contemplation gives truth an opportunity to present itself.""Remove a burning coal from the fire & soon it cools & dies."

Un fel de remake al cărții „Scrisorile lui Zgândările” cu o adaptare adecvată la prezent și cu inserții descriptive între scrisorile vocilor narative.

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Het is wat aan de zware kant. Heel veel plannen en taktieken van de Vijand. Wel goed om te lezen om een beeld te kunnen vormen van wat er gaande is.

Ich habe zuerst "Die Akte Jillian" gelesen, und danach erst dieses. Ersteres hat mir besser gefallen, aber trotzdem sind in diesem Buch so viele Wahrheiten über die Manierismen des Teufels eingebaut, dass es sich schon allein deshalb zu lesen lohnt.

It's hard for an author to write in the footprints of C.S. Lewis, but Randy Alcorn has done an excellent job of writing a modern version ofThe Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. The story is of a Senior Demon, Lord Foulgrin, who has, as part of his duties, the supervision of a lower level tempter called Squaltaint along with six other tempters. Squaltaint's subject is Jordan Fletcher, a forty something businessman with a wife, and a teenage daughter and son. Jordan is restless and bored with his l [...]

Lord Foulgrin, as a senior devil, writes letters to a student devil instructing him how to deceive and tempt humans and thus entice them into sin and away from God. This excellent book as good as The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. Alcorn has added alternate chapters about Fletcher and his family, who the student devil is assigned to, bringing the issues to real life. Throughout the letters God is referred to as the Tyrant or the Enemy – the way a demon would think of him. This fact is a bit [...]

This book amazed me. It is disturbing to see how demons work in someone's life. It is even more astounding because I know that this version is a cleaner representation of their deeds too, but even though it is cleaner, its impact is heavy and life altering if you let it be. It is convenient to consider demons as inactive spirits whose presence make you do bad things, but it is another thought altogether to consider them smart, calculating, sinister spirits who try to thwart your attempts to life [...]

This book will certainly cause many readers to make comparisons with CS Lewis' The Screwtape Letters; and rightly so as the premise is almost exactly the same. With that alone Randy Alcorn could have been inviting monumental failure - instead he has taken a classic and updated and expanded it into a fascinating story. The book switches back and forth between the lives of the Fletcher family and the letters from Lord Foulgrin to Squaltaint, the demon assigned to the head of the family, Jordan Fle [...]

I haven't yet read The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis (It's on the kindle though for Thanksgiving). But the premise intrigued me and my aunt recommended this book as well.I'm kind of torn on the book. I understand what the author was intending to do, and the story of redemption was interesting and moved at a good pace - but the letters were wordy and frustrating to read. Not necessarily because of the content, just the style of writing did not appeal to me, at all. I would imagine it would be d [...]

This is the precursor to "The Ishbane Conspiracy" by the same author [Randy Alcorn]. However, I read these in reverse. This is one of the few fictional books I have read and is like a modern day version of C.S. Lewis' "The Screwtape Letters." "Lord Foulgrin's Letters" is primarily about a man and the various struggles and temptations he faces before coming to faith in Jesus Christ. It also includes a slight alteration from the previously mentioned classic--a storyline OUTSIDE of the letters betw [...]

Letters from a demonic (literally) supervisor to his charge concerning the temptation of one Jordan Fletcher. I went into this book a bit wary-- figuring it would be a poor imitation ofThe Screwtape Letters. However, I found this book worthy in its own right. It is thought-provoking and even convicting. Yes, Alcorn uses the same basic format as Screwtape, and even alludes to it and utilizes some of the same plot points. But Alcorn proves to be a worthy successor to Lewis in using the letters-fro [...]

I first read Lewis' The Screwtape Letters, and absolutely love it. That lead me to look for other, similar books, which is how I found this one. I was skeptical at first that this could be as good as the original upon which it is based, but I was pleasantly surprised by this book. It has alot of the elements that made The Screwtape Letters great, but also added the personal element by adding in the bits about the "client's" life. This glimpse into the protagonists life in between the letters was [...]

I read this four years ago, in middle school. So excited about it, I went out and bought my own copy, which I lent to a friend, who still has not given it back (and probably forgets that it was ever mine).It's a good book for those interested in the Christian faith because, as a Christian, the belief is that demons are, in fact, real. I don't remember exactly how the book went anymore (I remember I had a major crush on the boy, whatiswrongwithmeIdonteven-), and there are a few minor points that [...]

This is not a quick read mainly because it is written from the point of view of a demon, which sometimes becomes confusing. It was written to make us more aware of the demons' schemes and make us more successful in resisting them. This book is similar to C.S. Lewis' Screwtape Letters, but not an attempt to imitate Lewis' style. One major difference is the earthly scenes as it follows Jordan Fletcher's day for a chapter and then follows with the demons' schemes to use Jordan, to prevent him and o [...]

I really enjoyed this book! It was really fascinating to see the letters from a demons stand point.It was a bit confusing at first but then it became easier to read and understand. To be honest I didn't necessarily like it at first but then I continued to read through it and it was amazing! It makes you really think about demons and how they are trying to ruin your life and what they are doing to take you off the path of god. I recommend this book to people who are Christians or who are struggli [...]

It's not easey to follow in the footsteps of C.S. Lewis, one of the greatest spiritual writers ever known. Alcorn steps up to the plate with a barrage of ideas and truths. I actually ended up preferring Foulgrin's over its predecessor THE SCREWTAPE LETTERS. I enjoyed the addition of human perspective amidst the demon-penpal-style writing. You really begin to care for Fletchers.r them on evend mourn for their heartaches. Although a work of fiction, Alcorn has great insight into the lies of the en [...]

This book is a well-written book on how Satan and his minions try to trick us, trap us, make us stumble.I have been a fan of Alcorn's books for a long time now, so knew that I would enjoy this book even without reading reviews or anything about it.One thing that struck me was that it reminded me of Lewis's Screwtape Letters in some ways. Whether or not Lewis influenced Alcorn or not, the books do have that same theme running through them:"Know your enemy"--those who want to bring us down study u [...]

If I could give this book more stars I would.It's very much like the "Screwtape Letters",but you get much,much more! And, *spoiler,for those of you who have read the "Screwtape Letters" he mentions Screwtape,Wormwood,and C.S.Lewis in it!!*I loved all of the witty comments and sharp phrases in the book.Randy Alcorn made me care for the charcters in the book so much,and I was so relived by the ending.If you can put your hands on this book than I urge you to read it! Fi you want to know your enemy [...]

This is totally not my kind of book. At all. But I find myself thinking about it nonetheless. I've always avoided the topic of the supernatural (demons and angels, specifically), but this book forces you to decide whether you believe in the Biblical supernatural literally or just figuratively. Strangely enough (and I've never suggested this), I wouldn't recommend reading all the way until the end. The book gets pretty repetitive about halfway through, so if you want to read it, you can safely qu [...]

"Convince Fletcher the Christian life is a one-time decision that's automatically sustained, not an ongoing struggle requiring a long succession of decisions. Persuade him being a Christian is a short sprint, not a marathon. Then he's sure to collapse before the finish line." Lord Foulgrin"As a husband, make Fletcher a whimp or a tyrant. Either serves us equally." Lord Foulgrin"Portray heaven as the nightmare of angels sitting on clouds strumming harps and singing verse 5,689 of some deadly dull [...]

A modern day Screwtape Letters, that just wasn't exciting enough for me and didn't live up to it's predecessor. Partly because you spend so much time reading the boring letters from the demons and not much time really getting to know Jordan and his family. It doesn't allow you enough time to really build up empathy for the main character, who is really a sleazy jerk at the beginning. That being said the book makes you think. It will be with you long after you read it, and I think that was the po [...]

Reminiscent of C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters, Randy Alcorn gives us an “inside look” into the realm of demons and the havoc they exist to wreak on our lives. Alcorn addresses real struggles and issues that we all face in this life as well as the obstacles the enemy throws in our path to keep us from God. Our enemy is depicted as dangerous and powerful… but with boundaries placed upon him by the Lord. This book will challenge you to keep your guard up and always be aware of your enemy who [...]

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