Sex, Lies, and Serious Money

Stuart Woods

Sex, Lies, and Serious Money

Sex, Lies, and Serious Money

  • Title: Sex, Lies, and Serious Money
  • Author: Stuart Woods
  • ISBN: 9780399573941
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Hardcover

Stone Barrington takes on a client who gives him a run for his money in the newest heart stopping thriller from the 1 New York Times bestselling author.Fresh off the runway at Teterboro, Stone Barrington arrives home to find an unexpected new client on his doorstep, anxiously soliciting his help But everything is not as it seems, when the client reveals the true nature aStone Barrington takes on a client who gives him a run for his money in the newest heart stopping thriller from the 1 New York Times bestselling author.Fresh off the runway at Teterboro, Stone Barrington arrives home to find an unexpected new client on his doorstep, anxiously soliciting his help But everything is not as it seems, when the client reveals the true nature and value of his recent turn of fortune.From luxury New York high rises to the sprawling New Mexico desert, his client is pursued from all angles and Stone quickly learns that easy money isn t always so easy.

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Mr Woods Needs IdeasDespite his disclaimer not to send him ideas for novels, Mr Woods clearly needs them. The first third of the book is a sort of stand alone novella, that presents Stone with a lottery winning client, and goes on forever about all the things Stone helps him do. Then he disappears. There is a tenuous connection through the girl the client marries and her bad brother and his friend, where the story jumps next. Won't spoil ending, such as it is, but "less bad guy" wins, and gets a [...]

Another very slow, stale, boring book containing the same basic elements and has been cast of characters as the other books in this series. The plot is practically non existent. This kind of book makes users of long for a negative stars rating feature! A pure literary rip off and a waste of time.

You can usually count on Stone Barrington for an amusing romp, but it took more than 200 pages for him to get laid so you know this one is a stinker. Basically, the first 200 pages are the story of a lottery winner spending $100 million of his $612 million jackpot. Men can only take so much shopping, right? Stupid, inane. Skip this one, it's not worth the paper it is printed on.

Another in the long line of Stone Barrington books.OK,but not great.

I would not call this a heart-stopping thriller. No character development. The characters are totally shallow, all they do is buy stuff. The women stuff things into their bras, and the men mop their brows. There doesn't seem to be any kind of plot at all. I won't be reading any of the author's other books.

Stone Barrington is at it again spending money like there is no tomorrow and bedding the ladies. old friends and new ones. He has also taken on as a client a young recent lottery big winner and his guiding him through the pitfalls of new wealth and notoriety as well helping become another big spender Typical Woods, quick, easy and light.

Very disappointing I use to. Look forward to getting a new Stuart Woods book but he is just dumping garbage for a while now. His first book Chiefs was very good but it is obvious he doesn't put any effort in his last series of books. Try John Sanford and Robert Crais they will not disappoint. Stuart Woods will not be read anymore by me.

Another almost plotless gibberish from Stuart Woods. Stone gets a new client and then goes and gets laid. Woods had a better idea on his last book when he teamed up with Parnell Hall and they wrote a decent book. Maybe Woods should change the note at the end of his books and start soliciting ideas.

Stuart Woods is one of the most prolific authors out there. There have been Stone Barrington books where I've thought, "perhaps he's no longer interested in anything more than getting another one out the door," because they fell flat, but this one has all the fun, charm, wit, and good dialogue I could have asked for. Stone Barrington books are not "literature," (but then who would expect them to be?) However, they are quick, fun reads and for the most part quite amusing.

Lame. Poor effort by Mr Woods. His books are getting very boring and always with the same outcome. Couldn't use the spoiler alert because there is nothing to spoil. I'm sure Mr Woods will still get a very nice paycheck that he doesn't deserve.

Very lame story.

This book has no character development, and a thin go nowhere plot. I prefer a book with more substance. My first and last Woods novel.

This story gets off to a fine start until careening off track with Stone Barrington nonsense. After which, it does find its stride back to relevancy. 4 of 10 stars

Although not my favorite Stone Barrington novel, it was still a Good read. I wouldn't miss it.

Wow I've read 39 Stone Barrington books! Thanks to our public library system I haven't bought any. In this book, we meet a young man, who won over half a billion dollars in the lottery. With Stone's mentorship, he's soon outfitted with multiple houses, multiple cars, fabulous wardrobe, a plane, and a beautiful girlfriend with a dark connection. No resolution at the end, so Stuart has probably churned out the next one already. As a liberal progressive, Woods was able to insert agenda talking poin [...]

I cannot believe how bad this book was!!!!!! I have read every Stone Barrington novel and altho the last two books were weak and not up to par this one was just plan awful. This novel was so slow and almost void of a plot; at times it read like something an amateur writer had written. I feel as if Woods has decided to go for the number of books he can write in a short period of time instead of giving us the quality books we are used to getting. If you are fan just a bit of advicen't waste your m [...]

I have read all 38 of the previous Stone Barrington books and, for the most part, enjoyed them. This one not so much. Typically the books are pretty much the same and you know what you are going to get with them, but not this one. A young man wins the lottery, is advised to meet with Stone, and 100+ pages later we finally leave that character and rejoin Stone. During that time we watch that guy spend money like Stone usually does. I have a hard time not pushing through and finishing a book, so I [...]

(2) I really enjoy the Stone Barrington books, they read ridiculously quickly and are very soothing, but they are getting awfully repetitive. I guess when you crank out a new one every 3 months that is to be expected. As always, the usual cast of characters are here, and Stone's private aircraft makes his presence felt all over. Good fun, not necessarily a good book.

Stuart Woods takes a page from the James Paterson playbook and leaves Scott Barrington followers hanging in this novel without an conclusion. The inclusion of a lottery winner as the newest Barrington client does give this work oomph. But unless Woods puts more effort into his body of work, his sales should dry up.

What do you want me to say besides that is another great Stone Barrington novel. It is a little different than most of the books in that Stone did not personally solve all the problems. But as usual, he slept with many of the good looking women and flew all over the world. Oh and he bought another house.

This book only gets one star because I can't give it less. Absolutely no character development, no plot development and no story. A complete waste of my time. Sadly I will never get that time back. This book is suitable for grade 2 reading level.

Stuart Woods is my favorite author! This book is one of his best yet. (I say that every time, as each one is better than the last) The premise of this story was so much fun and it was very intriguing. Absolutely loved it!

This was my first Stuart Woods book. I expected it to be a quick easy listen. It was quick but it was terrible. The narration was mostly stodgy with some raspy-voiced criminals and cops. The main plot was that an English teacher won $600 million in the lottery, and we watched him spend it - apartments, houses, new wardrobes, planes, cars, art, furniture are purchased in days. Meanwhile, some criminals try to rob him repeatedly. My eyes were rolling out of my head with the ridiculousness of this [...]

When an Oxford tutor hits the lottery, he visits America and winds up hiring Stone Barrington as his lawyer. Stone doesn't realize that he will be putting himself in jeopardy when he signs on with this client. On a side note, luckily Stone meets a few women who help him forget his worries for a while. Most of the book focuses on Stone's client. I enjoyed the 2nd half more when Stone was featured more prominently. Good book to read during the blizzard.

#39 in the Stone Barrington series. Another fast reading entry in my favorite soap opera and not so secret vice. Somehow, I skipped this book (the 4th of 2016), before reading Below the Belt (2017), but no harm done. SL&SM spends a huge portion of time in exploring an epic shopping spree by Stone's latest client, a Lottery instant half-billionaire. To start he buys a $160,ooo wardrobe and a $20M apartment (before 2 English estates, 3 luxury cars, 2 jet planes and a Santa Fe home). Lefestyles [...]

Sex, Lies & Serious Money, number 39 in the Stone Barrington series, is fortgettable; a throw away. It can be described in one word: B-o-r-i-n-g. Stone takes on a client who comes into some serious money. He assists the man in completing a series of real estate transactions and shielding him from the press. The man picks up a girl in a clothing store who is as stiff as dry Melba toast. She has a brother who is a criminal and sees opportunity in his sister's wealthy boyfriend. I found the int [...]

I always enjoy the Stuart Woods books and they are easy and quick to read but I found this one to be boring and felt like it was just churned out to have a book to sell without any real plot. Stone has a new client who has won alot of money in the lottery and how he goes about spending it on homes, an airplane, art, cars and furnishings. There is way too much description of home security systems and the book has a bit of crime in it but overall, not a book I really enjoyed

DisappointingIn the beginning I used to enjoy his novels because his characters were down to earth and relatable,, now his characters are extremely pompous and not at all realistic. Unfortunately it's boring to an average person. Mr woods has lost touch with reality and while I think he's probably a great guy he writes like a snob.

Not a bad novel, certainly better than recent Stone Barrington adventures. Still, Barrington is an oversexed, bed-hopping man-child. His interludes don't really add much to the storyline other than as notches on a bedpost.The storyline was better, probably because it didn't focus as much on Barrington. Nice change of pace to hear about other characters in Barrington's world.

Uuggh! I keep ordering each new Stuart Woods book and with the same thoughtwhy?! This one was bad within the first couple of chapters. I just keep hoping with each new book that it will be as good as his books used to be. Nope. Another waste of time.

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