My Life in Dog Years

Gary Paulsen Ruth Wright Paulsen

My Life in Dog Years

My Life in Dog Years

  • Title: My Life in Dog Years
  • Author: Gary Paulsen Ruth Wright Paulsen
  • ISBN: 9780440414711
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Paperback

Gary Paulsen has owned dozens of unforgettable and amazing dogs In each chapter he tells of one special dog, among them Cookie, the sled dog who saved his life Snowball, the puppy he owned as a boy in the Philippines Ike, his mysterious hunting companion Dirk, the grim protector and his true friend Josh, a brilliant border collie.

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For all his superb cultural, wilderness, and humor fiction, this is Gary Paulsen in his element: telling his own true stories about living among wild and domesticated animals. He's a treasure trove of extraordinary experiences, from his childhood overseas to the physical abuse he suffered at the hands of his alcoholic parents, which forced him to leave home at age fourteen and join a carnival. Paulsen did a stint in the military, ran a team of sled dogs in the Iditarod, lived in a houseboat, liv [...]

Gary Paulsen never really had anyone looking after him. His parents were always drinking and never really took care of him. He lived in a house up in the mountains most of the time but when he was younger he went to the philippines for 2 years and he also went to Alaska alot. So this book tells how each dog he had took care of him and he took care of them. Some of his best friends were Cookie, Dirk, and Snowball. Cookie was a sled dog that he had when he did the iditarod. Cookie was a sweet dog [...]

The book My Life in Dog Years by Gary Paulsen is a autobiography about him and the dogs he had in his time.In the book he talks about the many companions and adventures they had over their life.One of the dogs he talks about is his dog Cookie.Cookie was a sled dog that was given to him by a man who thought she could no longer run but she was later found out to only have worms.Cookie once saved Gary's life when they were out trapping beavers,the ice below his feet cracked and he feel through and [...]

So it's a juvenile book you can finish in an hour and it's another dog book---ok, ok, sue me! I'm a children's librarian and a total dog freak---whaddya expect? :)A proud and self-confessed "dog person", Gary Paulsen literally owes his life to dogs. The first chapter of his book is dedicated to his lead sled dog who, if she hadn't pulled him out of icy water in the nick of time, the author would have died. The following chapters are short and sweet stories of other dogs he's owned who have likew [...]

Wow. I loved this book. If you are a fan of Gary Paulsen, or a dog person, or both, you will like this book! I read it during silent reading time with my library classes, which actually wasn't a great idea because I was alternately crying or laughing or both - and trying to be quiet! - during the different stories. I would have enjoyed even more a much longer book with many more stories of dogs from Gary Paulsen's life.A favorite quote:"I have always had dogs and will have dogs until I die. I ha [...]

Read this book. Then go hug a dog. That's what I did.

Up front, Paulsen says, “I am – I say this with some pride and not a little wonder – a “dog person.” I make no excuses for unabashedly loving all of them…” In this book, Paulsen lovingly tells the story of seven or eight of the many dogs in his life in short vignettes. These are not his Iditatrod dogs, but those he rescued, had thrust upon him, chose, or otherwise knew. There was a purebred or two, but lots of mutts, and they ranged in size from the one with four inch legs to the G [...]

If you are a dog lover like myselfThis is a definite must read! I loved this book :)

5 stars. I don't give a lot of 5 star reviews to children's books. But in this book, Paulsen captures the hearts of adventurers, dog lovers, and those who appreciate the art of written language. In my library, I don't usually read aloud from chapter books. Paulsen makes this task easy with Dog Years. One chapter written about any of his beloved canine friends would be enough to hook my young readers.

In this autobiographical text, Gary Paulsen tells the unique story of a dog who has impacted his life. Through each of these seven stories, he gives the reader a glimpse into who he was during that period of time. Paulsen begins the book with a dedication to Cookie, his lead sled dog, who saved his live while trapping and led his team during his first Iditarod race. Aside from Cookie, this book focuses on the stories of the dogs that Paulsen had as pets rather than his sled dogs. The first chapt [...]

In my opinion, it is best to preface this review with an important piece of information. The piece of information is that this book is a collection of the author Gary Paulsen's experiences with dogs throughout his life. Due to this format, the setting varies. It goes from when Paulsen was young in the Philippines to when he was much older than that in Colorado. There are even more times and places than this, but those are at least some of them. The conflict, and plot are not easily represented [...]

Gary Paulsen, penulis buku 'Hatchet', khusus menceritakan kisah hidupnya bersama anjing² kesayangannya di buku ini. Kecintaannya terhadap hewan yang satu ini bener² bikin saya kagum dan berpikir, "kok bisa sih suka miara anjing?" secara saya paling tidak suka hewan peliharaan. Mo itu ikan mas, kucing, apalagi anjing. Tapi di buku yang dia tulis dengan gaya bertutur yang asik ini, anjing bagi dia benar² 'a man's best friend'. Tiap chapter menceritakan anjing yang berbeda dengan kisahnya masing [...]

I am currently reading My Life In Dog Years by Gary Paulsen. Overall I think the book and author is great. It is about the authors dogs. To me it is a very touching, funny, and a sad book. I really like how he writes this book. Each chapter is about a different dog. So far my favorite dog he has written about in his book would have to be either Ike, Dirk, or, Caesar. I like Caesar because one of my dogs can relate to him, Bear. Bear literally looked like a bear because he was so big, and that is [...]

This book tells you about Gary Paulsen's personal life and how dogs have been a tremendous influence in his life. You'll get to meet these dogs and how they actually influenced Gary's life. Worth reading .

Wonderful stories of the dogs in Paulsen's life and how they helped him growing up in an alcoholic home. Many of these make great read-alouds for upper elementary and middle school. "Dirk" in particular is recommended.

this book was pretty good i just would have added more dogs.

I didn't enjoy this book and thought it was poorly written.

I would give this book 3 of 5 because some parts got boring.This is my opinion it wasn't the best it could be

One of the best books I've read in months. Not just for animal lovers.

A great book for young readers and adults alike. In a time when Gary Paulsen needed parental care and attention, he had dogs to protect him, care for him, be his friend, show him what it meant to work hard and work as a team, even those who saved his life. Nowadays, Gary may have been put into the System, but in my opinion, those dogs did more to make him a well-rounded and caring individual than any human could.Some would say they were his guardians or angels. Gary considered them his companion [...]

I love this book! Each chapter is about one of Paulsen’s dogs. Some of the stories are sad, some funny, etc. At first I honestly didn’t like it very much because of the sad chapters—I hate sad stories. However, I found myself re-reading it multiple times, using some chapters for my classes (I’m a teacher), recommending it to others, and reflecting about how each dog leaves a special imprint on our lives, so their memories shouldn’t be avoided out of sadness. So I have given it 5 stars [...]

Reading this book is like listening to Mr. Paulsen's tale of wondrous dogs he has encountered in his life: His colloquial English writing style is all the more realistic and straightforwardly addressed to readers' hearts, leaving strong imprints in their minds without elaborate metaphor. Mr. Paulsen introduces his readers to the dogs that have provided his life with compassion, loyalty, faithfulness, and joy, the virtues which only humans are thought to be endowed with. Take Ike, the black Lab w [...]

This book is highly recommend for someone who loves dogs. I like this book because it went through all the dogs he has had in the past and named was he truly loved them for. Cookie I thought was one of my favorite dogs in the story because Cookie was a sled dog. Dirk was also a favorite of mine; Dirk was a hunting dog. The owner found Dirk while he was hunting. Dirk was always by his side to go get what ever the owner shot. Dirk would always sleep in a tent with the owner every night. Every time [...]

Dog love - is there anything better? I didn't know how much dogs add to your life until we got our family's first dog three years ago. Famed author Gary Paulson's slim book focuses on a few of the standout dogs of his lifetime. I was laughing and then crying. My first read of the 2017 OBOBs and I am convinced it will remain my favorite even after reading all 16 books.

I really liked this book because of that he ceapt on getting dogs and every one of thoses dogs had a great life and a great story behide them. At the last chapter I thought that that was going to be his best dog because on the front of the book it is the same dog that he is talking about. I hope you will read this book because it is a great story.

Changing careers to become an educator has halted my reading goal progress but has introduced me to charming quick reads like this one. It's Paulsen's autobiography told through stories of the dogs in his life. My fifth graders loved reading it and we had so many conversations about the dogs in their own lives. I recommend it for dog people, and read it with kids if possible!

The title of the book is My Life in Dog Years and the author is Gary Paulsen. The genre is Autobiography and it has #137 pages.This book is about Gary’s dogs that he has owned throughout his life and there story. Each chapter was about a different dog. Gary has a dedication chapter that is dedicated to cookie the dog that saved his life when he was drowning. The first chapter is about Snowball a dog that Gary wanted when he was little. Gary got Snowball when he was on a vacation trip and the t [...]

I'm not a dog person, really, but I am a Gary Paulsen fan, and I like how this book is organized by the dogs that had an impact on his life since he clearly IS a dog person. These stories are funny, touching, and sometimes sad - always worth a read.

I pre-read this book for students and loved the way Paulsen carries the memoir genre for that age group. The stories were adventurous and engaging, but short enough for students. Some of the side comments are better suited for more mature students (e.g. calling his parents "drunks").

Some of the episodes are quite endearing because dogs can be wonderful, but overall he let many of the dogs run riot in public which sets an appalling example for children reading or listening to this book. Such blatant irresponsibility for his animals is not cute, funny or acceptable.

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