Safely You Deliver (Commonweal #3)

Graydon Saunders

Safely You Deliver (Commonweal #3)

Safely You Deliver (Commonweal #3)

  • Title: Safely You Deliver (Commonweal #3)
  • Author: Graydon Saunders
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 150
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Not really a conclusion to the Commonweal series, nor, in truth, meaningfully distinct from the second book. I had hoped that Saunders would get over the fixation that produced that prior work, but they seem to be lingering here. Getting to see the collective from the perspective of different characters was something, but not much. The attack that they repel was something else, but again, it is just a single event in the middle of a novel of sequential events. Most unique was the concept of the [...]

This was a satisfying conclusion to "A Succession of Bad Days". That's the almost-only useful thing to say in a review of this book. If you read and enjoyed ASoBD and are wondering whether it's worth reading this one, the answer is 'yes!' - and you already know most of what a review might tell you about the milieu and the about the characters introduced in the previous book. If you haven't read ASoBD, read it before you read this. (And read "The March North", which introduces the milieu, before [...]

A direct sequel to A Succession of Bad Days, following the same characters from a variety of viewpoints. This is a more difficult read than its predecessors, with more politics, more ethics, and more arcane viewpoints and issues. That said, it's still a fabulous read, exciting and thought-provoking and definitely leaving the reader wanting more.Also, Zora finally gets to have her time in the limelight, having been somewhat eclipsed by her remarkable classmates in the previous book. That's not a [...]

So very much not the place to start with Saunders.Go read A Succession of Bad Days first at least. This one is challenging even having read the prior volume(s). Without that context it would be completely incomprehensible.Which is half the fun.

This is the second half of _A Series of Unfortunate Events_; more numinous scenes, more consideration of what it means to have five friendly wizards in a polity, more contemplation of the power to change history, more truly spectacularly I constrained architect.

This was too plotless. There were some vague promises of a plot happening in future books but at this point I'm not sure if I believe them.

If you did not read and enjoy "A Succession of Bad Days", do not start with this. Also, the author states that the library is NOT supposed to represent the Bakka Phoenix bookstore, the University of Toronto Robarts Library, or the Canadian Library of Parliament. I do suspect that he was at least inspired by two of them, at least subconsciously.

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