The Timeweaver's Wager

Axel Blackwell

The Timeweaver's Wager

The Timeweaver's Wager

  • Title: The Timeweaver's Wager
  • Author: Axel Blackwell
  • ISBN: 9781530373185
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

Would you give your life for a second chance Glen McClay sits on a fallen log by the railroad trestle, watching for his girlfriend s ghost Eight years ago, Connie Salvatore was savagely murdered here Glen has spent his life seeking redemption, haunted by the knowledge that he might have been able save her The time has come to let go of his past and move on with his lifWould you give your life for a second chance Glen McClay sits on a fallen log by the railroad trestle, watching for his girlfriend s ghost Eight years ago, Connie Salvatore was savagely murdered here Glen has spent his life seeking redemption, haunted by the knowledge that he might have been able save her The time has come to let go of his past and move on with his life But as he prepares to do so, an old friend offers Glen the redemption he has always sought a chance to relive that horrible night and change the past All he has to do is die.

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Ends soon!Here's your chance to WIN 1 of 5 eCopies of The Time Weaver's Wager from Axel Blackwell!Click on Banner to Enter! - INTL where allowed - ENDS MARCH 24 at 11:59 pmWe all have regrets that haunt us through our lives. Sometimes the guilt we feel for failing another results in good, sometimes it just festers within. For Glen McClay, it happened the night he ran from his girlfriend in the woods because he was too afraid to kiss her. That was the night she was battered, beaten and brutally m [...]

So, essentially what you have is a murder, a guy who can't let go, an old friend with a massive secret and the paranormal aspect of possibly reliving and changing the course of events the night Connie died.I've been sitting on this book for a while after finishing it Not literally of course but just trying to figure out how I feel about it. Was there something I really really liked and something I didn't It didn't completely blow my mind away and I think I figured out why: I would have liked to [...]

ReviewPlot/Story: Glen, the main character is full of guilt and regret. He couldn’t save his girlfriend and for 8 years, he kept wishing for only one thing…Going back in time to change the outcome. He builds his life around his girlfriend’s death.I love the idea of time traveling to able to change at least one thing in our life. Who haven’t thought of that? Or how it will go? Will you change the outcome to the worst? Love the idea!Characters: Glen is a very agonized character here. He is [...]

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This is in no way reflected in my opinion of this story.The Timeweaver's Wager is a haunting story. This character driven novel pulls you in with a tale of sorrow, guilt, and redemption. Many of us have wondered 'What if I could go back and change things,,,' Glen gets that chance. The story starts out slowly, giving us a chance to learn about the lives of Glen, Sophia, Alan and Connie, then speeds up toward the last third of the bo [...]

An unusual book - I have no idea how to categorise it. Paranormal, yes, but with elements of thriller, too. Mystery, maybe, because the story is full of questions. But this is also a deeply character-driven story that is close to literary fiction. The premise: Glen is a young man filled with regret. His best friend and almost-girlfriend, Connie, was murdered eight years before, and Glen feels he could have, should have saved her. Her death has haunted him ever since. More than anything in the wo [...]

I have been a fan of Mr. Blackwell's for some time now and his books just keep getting better. He is a true storyteller and this book proves it. If you could go back in time and try and correct something that changed your life forever, would you do it? Even knowing that you might pay the ultimate price by doing so? This book was riveting and will raise the hairs on the back of your neck. But, it is also a beautiful love story that will touch your heart and leave you with the belief that there is [...]

Most of the novel consists of the reporting of action rather than showing it--two characters recounting parts of their lives plus some narration of past events. Repetitious and boring except, perhaps, for the ending. I skimmed most of the book to find out what finally happens to the two main characters. You can find better use for your time.

Very nice twistI read a few pages without being hooked and put this book aside for awhile. Picked it up again this afternoon and read it non-stop. Great read with a darkly excellent plot twist! Highly recommend it.

EhIt wasted time. Good little twist though. Entertaining enough.

I won The Timeweaver’s Wager in a blog giveaway, and the blurb included some of my favorite elements to drag me in. Haunted main character? Check. Ghost? Check. Redemption? Always love that. So I was super-excited to read.Glen lost his girlfriend when he was just a teenager and blames himself for her murder. He’s spent his years building community awareness of the need for women to protect themselves, to learn self-defense moves, and being a martial arts girl who also loves her guns, I absol [...]

I won a copy of this book in a giveaway and had been very eagerly anticipating the read. Let me say that I am typically a slow reader, I read for enjoyment, so I read when I have the time to really sit and enjoy a book, and usually that means any book is going to take me a number of days to read. Not this book.I devoured this in 1 sitting. Yes, I was up pretty darned late doing so, and there is not much I would sacrifice my weekend sleep for, but the book was simply that good, and I could not pu [...]

Follow Glen McClay's journey as Axel Blackwell takes you on a winding roller coaster of emotion. Glen McClay is 23 years old and struggling to come to terms with the death of his girlfriend when he was a teenager, wracked with guilt and consumed by grief, Glen lives a lonely life consisting of helping others through similar losses whilst trying to hold himself together. He struggles to gain control of his life and he constantly thinks 'what if' and wishes he could go back in time to change the e [...]

Interesting concept and engaging writing style. The build up was very slow, but not boring. Hints at the supernatural elements drew me in. The writing on the last pages was beautiful, especially in the epilogue. I would have liked even more supernatural, more ghostly elements, and more timeweaver. Considering the title, he got very little stage time. Characters are well drawn and developed. A few of the plot "twists" seemed a little out there, but it worked in this storyOverall I enjoyed it as m [...]

I read this in a day, it’s taken me four to figure out what I want to say in the review. This book was great. I flew through it. This author writes the kind of characters that even if you don’t necessarily like them, you can’t quit reading about them. I would have read about this guy eating breakfast! I had to know what Glen chose, what he felt guilty over, was it just plain survivor’s guilt, or something else? And that was just him, there was also his sister, and his boss… the charact [...]

I was asked to read this story and found it to be an excellent read. As an author I think it's important to read. As a reviewer, I receive many booksI love to read, so it's a pleasure for the most partbut I don't always know what I will get and I don't always like what I get. However, this book was extremely enjoyable.Why?It was very well written (although, it would benefit from a good proofread to weed out the typos). It's writing style kept me hooked despite the slow start, but the slow build [...]

This book is haunting and compelling. What would you do if a ghost from your past was holding you back? Grief and guilt are very powerful things and Glen has made a big difference in the world in memory of Connie, his friend who was murdered. The theme of tragedy and sorrow are skillfully woven into this book, that has vibrant language and great imagery. Who hasn't wished they could go back to change things, to get a second shot or a chance for redemption. The book has a slower pace but as the b [...]

I read and utterly enjoyed Axel Blackwell's first novel, "Sisters of Mercy." "The Timeweaver's Wager" is better. We have murder, guilt, grief, and survival all woven into one package. It's a disturbing and unsettling trip, in all the right ways.Blackwell's central character, Glen, has spent eight years wracked with guilt over the death of his girlfriend Connie, raped and murdered by unknown assailants. He has done everything he can to atone for leaving her to die, but it isn't enough. Then he is [...]

Enjoyable, easy read.

I enjoyed this book. It was an easy, intriguing read. It held my interest from the start and was enjoyable throughout.

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