Double Dog Dare

J.A. Coffey

Double Dog Dare

Double Dog Dare

  • Title: Double Dog Dare
  • Author: J.A. Coffey
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Mack and Allison Friends to LoversAllison Dare is having a bad month Make that a bad year A broken foot Sidelined from an active career fighting crime She sure as hell doesn t need to deal with a four footed canine disaster inherited from her recently departed cousin In a desperate attempt to get her life in order, she hires a dog trainer The only problem is he s sMack and Allison Friends to LoversAllison Dare is having a bad month Make that a bad year A broken foot Sidelined from an active career fighting crime She sure as hell doesn t need to deal with a four footed canine disaster inherited from her recently departed cousin In a desperate attempt to get her life in order, she hires a dog trainer The only problem is he s sexy and stubborn as sin With her old life torn away, can she reinvent herself when she can t seem to control her new pet or her feelings for a man who refuses to take orders Decorated vet Mack Taylor has tortured himself since the day his mistake cost him his loyal K 9 partner and part of his leg Now the owner of a dog kennel in Atlanta, he spends his days working with pampered pets in need of potty training A chance encounter with gutsy Allison puts him on edge in ways than one Suddenly, he finds himself hoping against hope dreaming dreams that he has no right to dream and taking his chances on a love that could transform them both.

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This is short romance that focus on two military veterans and their dogs. The hero Mack Taylor, is an amputee due to his stint at Afghanistan and now building a new life for himself with the dog shelter and a program for service dogs. Allison Dare is a kickass woman, but due to her less than stellar health and a fracture foot, she was placed on the sideline away from all the action, much to her annoyance. Adding on to the stress is inheriting a labradoodle, Sir Precious, from her dead cousin. I [...]

Double Dog Dare is a nice romance between two military veterans. Mack has been stateside for years now, after a bomb took his canine partner and part of his leg out. He is now devoted to a dog kennel and training facility and has been developing a program for service dogs to help returning military people adjust to civilian life and overcome PTSD.Allison after discovering a health issue is taken off the field, something she hasn’t quite accepted as of yet. Now her team has been reassigned and [...]

This book was completely amazing. I loved it. It heals my soul to read about veterans and animals. It is so important to talk about Ptsd and J.A. Coffey brought everything to life. This book is emotional, heart-rendering, and worth the read. My soul is happy after this book!

Being an animal lover myself I couldn’t resist reading this book by Ms. J. A. Coffey. Even though it is part of a series the book can definitely stand alone with no problems of course I will have to read the rest in the series just so more about her wonderfully complex characters. This is also the first book I have ever read from Ms. Coffey so I figured it couldn’t be bad since there were going to be dogs in the book plus this is definitely not going to be my last I will get more books to re [...]

There was so much emotion in this story. I loved the storyline and the characters. They were well developed and seemed so real. There were many times that I laughed at the dialogue between the characters. Allison Dare was a spitfire and very independent. I was really cringing in the very beginning when she came in contact with her inheritance from her cousin. Especially after reading that all of her pets ended up dying but then when she got the little fluff “Precious” she thought of fiving h [...]

Allison Dare is used to being in command and following the action. But when she's injured with stress fractures it puts her fast track to dead stop moving her from fieldwork to a desk job. Allison is coordinator for Transitioning Assistance Program (TAPS). Allison goes to her cousin Lavender's reading of the will only to discover that she inherited Lavender's dog Precious much to her Aunt Petunia's dismay. Allison isn't even a dog person but she's determined to prove that she can take care of Pr [...]

The Book Junkie Reads . . . Review of Double Dog Dare (Southern Seduction, #4) . . . I had so much fun with this light, easy, quick read. Allison Dare was used to life moving in a specific order and on a specific schedule. Then life gives her a wake-up call and tells her that life will not continue on dictate. Mack has life handed to him every day dealing with his own situation, but finds the time to give back to the community by providing dog training and developing a program for dogs and retur [...]

J.A. Coffey blazed into my life with this book which was the first book I have read by this author. I picked it up due to the blurb and thankfully it did not disappoint me.Allison Dare is my kind of leading lady - plenty of attitude in a small delicious (well, Mack seems to think so) packet. Ex military she is used to being in charge and becoming the adopted parent of a disobedient puppy does not sit well with her. However, the endearing thing is it is not because the puppy behaves like a puppy, [...]

Loved it! Great story and very well written. Awesome characters, totally fell in love with Mack, he is definitely a great book boyfriend. Also liked Allison a lot, she is a strong character, just like Mack. I don't like weak females and she was definitely not weak. I loved that she was kind of clueless when it came to the puppy (Precious) and that some funny moments happened because of both of them. The story was really good and kept me reading till I was done. The story is also touching and sad [...]

Double Dog Dare took a while to grow on me, but grow on me it did. Encased in a light romance cover, the underlying story explores some pretty serious issues.Both Allison and Mack are veterans with their own set of issues. Allison is dealing with being sidelined from her high intensity career thanks to brittle bones and stress fractures in her feet. Mack lost part of his eg in Afghanistan, but it is the loss of his partner, a German Shepherd named Gunner that has affected him the most.Both the p [...]

I recently discovered Ms. Coffey in the Shades of Desire romance set, and I truly enjoy her writing. Her characters meld naturally together- their jobs are so different, yet I love how she makes their differences work together.Gutsy Allison Dare was a background character in a former novel, "Hell on Heels," and this story picks up where the last one left off, healing foot and everything. Allison gets tossed into a situation she can't control, and for someone used to barking commands, getting bar [...]

This book looks at a lot of issues returning military members face--PSTD, injury, loss. All this was dealt with I think realistically, but with such empathy I think I got a glimpse of how difficult life back here can be for them. Mack has lost his leg and more importantly his willingness to let people in. Allison may not have been wounded in combat, is forced to change the way she contributes and also suffering from the loss. The connection and immediate and electric. So rewarding to see them he [...]

Two people coming to terms with their limitations and fighting to find a new meaning in their lives after leaving their military careers. Mack, amazing heart strong and missing a piece of his heart that he left behind when a bomb took his partner. Allison, trying to come to terms with the new limitations to her life and career sue to her health. Both need more than what they have been doing but have no idea how to find it until they meet. Sparks fly and passions abound in this book about love no [...]

Allison Dare and Mack Taylor have both served and sidelined from their careers. As they are struggling and hiding behind their disappointment, they are thrown into each other's worlds. Both try to run and hide.This book touches upon PTSD and how it affects all soldiers. They experience different forms but share the pain together. Love the story of the therapy dogs as from personal experience I have seen it perform miracles. Absolutely a fabulous topic, I only wish there was more at the conclusio [...]

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.Allison Dare lost her exciting fulfilling career because her body could no longer meet the demands it required. Mack Taylor is a veteran, he lost his canine partner to the war and is now trying to start a service dog program for vets. Ate Allison's deceased cousin leaves Allison her dog, her first thought is to find Precious a new home. Then she arrives at the kennel where the dog has been cared for and meets Mack, he agrees t [...]

I liked Double Dog Dare. Allison and Mack who find themselves drawn to one another. Both are veterans who are trying to cope and integrate back I not society after suffering from war. I thought the author does a good job bringing this team together. The pair worked well to together but I thought they more of a spark. I also thought this could have used another chapter or two. When Mack and Allison finally get on the same page the book ended. I received a copy of this book for a honest review

Double Dog Dare by J.A. Coffey was a amazing heartfelt book that I absolutely loved. I am such a dog lover that this story was right up my alley. The characters are so well written that they become part of your family and friends. Allison and Mack are perfect together, both strong and hurting on the inside and needing someone to lean on. This story is filled with so much emotion happy, sad, friendship and love. If you are looking for an awesome book to escape for a couple of hours, this is a mus [...]

*I received a free copy of this book in return for an honest review*Double Dog Dare is a great read that touches on PTSD, service dogs, and life altering events via the romance between Allison and Mack. There's a lot of chemistry between Allison and Mack and Precious in this emotionally touching story. I really liked the author's writing style and definitely want to read the other books in the series.

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