Fear the Heart

Hettie Ivers

Fear the Heart

Fear the Heart

  • Title: Fear the Heart
  • Author: Hettie Ivers
  • ISBN: 9780997342918
  • Page: 116
  • Format: ebook

Guarding the heart is no simple matter The mating bond between werewolves can be a real betch Just ask soon to be werewolf Milena Caro who is fated to spend an eternity with her brother s archenemy and about to enter her first heat cycle As Alex steps up his seduction attempts, Milena uncovers startling truths kept from her since birth, leaving her at a loss as to wGuarding the heart is no simple matter The mating bond between werewolves can be a real betch Just ask soon to be werewolf Milena Caro who is fated to spend an eternity with her brother s archenemy and about to enter her first heat cycle As Alex steps up his seduction attempts, Milena uncovers startling truths kept from her since birth, leaving her at a loss as to whom to trust and what to believe.To make things worse, there s the not so simple matter of an ill fated blood curse that s blossoming to life within her, threatening to unlock a reign of darkness upon the world with the power to destroy everyone.When Milena s heat cycle kicks into full gear, will she be able to resist the pull of her mating bond and thumb her nose at fate Being bound to one of the most attractive, powerful werelocks on the planet can t be all bad can it Mature Content Warning This book contains violence, strong language, and graphic sex and is intended for adult readers This book is part of a series and contains a cliffhanger ending Word count 79K

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***** 4.5 DOPPELGANGER Stars *****Not a standalone"You are definitely my favorite addiction. And I do need my fix now. Rest assured, though, princess, I will keep my word and play nice with you. Very f*****g nice."HOLY CRAP. This broke my thermostat!#TeamAlex all the way!He's still demanding, devious, and dangerous, but there are a lot of reasons why he is the way he is. Alex made me melt into a puddle of goo, and I just couldn't get enough of him. This was so much hotter than Slip of Fate. A lo [...]

Fear the Heart was an amazing sequel to Slip of Fate. Once again I couldn’t put the book down because it was fabulous. I highly recommend it and the Werelock Evolution series.What I liked:Alex- Of course, I loved Alex. He still has his moments of being mean and self-absorbed, but they are dialed back a bit in this book giving us the chance to see him vulnerable. In Fear the Heart, you get to read about the reasons to why he is the way he is. Alex was a lot more emotional and sweet. #TeamAlexFe [...]

Ummmm wow! Hella steamy and for mature readers only!

Milena is now adjusting to the world of the Werelocks which are werewolves and warlocks hybrids. Due to an ancient curse caused by Joaquin Salvatella and delivered to her great-great grandfather Hector when he was nine years old. She has been wanted and hunted by those around her dying for the curse to be broken and a piece of the power. It seems that Milena is the one that has been prophesied as the ancient vessel which could bring power or chaos depending which hands she falls into , she is th [...]

Absolutely a MUST READ!!! However I highly suggest reading the 1st book Slip of Fate BEFORE reading this book. I love books like this as they really take over my imagination and as in a review made by a previous reader YOU WILL CRUSH ON THE CHARACTERS!! I'm currently torn between Alex an Alcaeus.ough I will admit that Remy had my heart for most of the first book. The plot is amazing and seamless and the detail given of the characters is just descriptive enough to get your mind latched then it ca [...]

I should start out with a warning or two, or even five! * This is the second book in the Werelock Evolution series. You really SHOULD read the first one, “Slip of Fate” first! These are meant to be read in order. If you don’t, you’ll regret it. Trust me!* These are not for the faint at heart. They are paranormal and erotica. This one has a substantial amount of heat, steam and ok, maybe combustion? * You will become addicted to the story and crush on the characters. I fully admit it, I t [...]

**ARC provided by Author, in exchange for an honest review**☆☆☆☆ 4.5 Stars ☆☆☆☆ Fear the Heart is a very slow burn books, with teeny tiny hot moments throughout the book. This sequel goes on with more explanation that could have been missed from the first book. Not so much adventure in this book at all, but the adventure of Alex and Melina finding themselves. If you are reading this book, don’t give up. All the explanation is very much needed for the story. But let me tell you, [...]

What a great sequel!The book starts with a lot of clarification, background and history, which answers a lot of questions you have at the end of book nr 1. I finally saw links between people and events, which were unclear before. the book is of course so nicely written, that not the WHOLE story is revealed. Some mysteries remain, some new ones occur, all VERY exciting - I want more!Besides this marvelous plot, and the nice style it's written, it's great to see their relationship evolve; first no [...]

Like the first part, the resume is completely enchanted. I couldn't put down. Melina int the first part was quite lost, but this book has grown.I'm glad that we got more information about the werelocks, such as: ability to teleport for it. I thought about it we would be if we could just jump from place to place, it would thrill :)And we met a new character, in person of Guadalupe. I hope I can play a role in the next section.Alex was in this section is much more emotional, more gentle.More: bian [...]

So excited this series is being published! Followed Hettie online for years and I'm still hooked on her writing no matter how many times I re-read these books. Her werelocks are my favorite secret addiction! Can't get enough of Kai and CAN NOT wait for the conclusion in book 3!

3.5 stars

Wow! Just as hot & exciting as book 1! Can't wait to read book 3! Couldn't put it down. Tensions rise as true nature comes into play between well written characters & an erotic & captivating plot can't go wrong. True MUST READ. I voluntarily read this ARC & this is my honest review

Wonderfully addictive .I have not laughed so much at the start of book in a long way timeree pages in and I was desperate to find someone to talk to about it.is is the second book in the series and starts exactly where the other left offa paranormal , dark in parts, sexy, thrilling romancewhat more could a fan of the genre desiree focus is on the main characters Alex and Milena who are having to re-evaluate their lives and allegiances whilst a threat to the current world order is lurking dangero [...]

I’m going to make a suggestion prior to starting my review, if you can only read this book and not Slip of Fate, the first book in the series, do NOT hesitate. You will not regret it. Although some pieces appear missing in the story here and there due to not reading the first book, by the end of the book everything was making sense to me. As for the book itself, Hettie Ivers is an absolute master when it comes to storytelling. I have not bothered reading many books involving supernatural theme [...]

Secrets, dark revelations and super-charged sexinessMillena’s wolf arrives in an explosion of pheromones, erotic exploration and centuries of secrets. This book is so unbelievably good…the writing, the language—all of it.There are more glimpses of Alex acting like the powerful and successful Alpha that he is outside of this crazy situation. Alex is still Alex—he can still be cruel, violent and callous, but in crucial parts, the perspective shifts and reveals that maybe there are reasons [...]

4 solid and some extra stars! Ok this series just getting better and BETTER!!! I couldn't put it down!!! First book was brutal, cruel sexy but this is one or lots of steps up! It's not perfect I don't want it to be perfect - perfect is boring this is not! Sometimes I felt like the main characters were stuck in one place literally one place for too long sexy sexy scenes were long but good Alex is still a bad boy but with big shy slowly surfacing heart! Straight to book 3!!

So hot! The second book in this series is definitely hotter and dirtier than the first. With her finally getting to speak to her brother and choosing what is right from wrong, it all takes a back seat to her growing attraction to Alex.

AMAZING sequel, and so deliciously sensual, and you get to know alot of the plot background it, I can't wait for the next sequel to see what happens between Milena and Raul and the Salvatellas, and I really hope Raul somehow redeems himself for Milena. can't wait for more Alcaeus moments

I loved this book! I recommend it to everybody that likes romance stories mixed with fantasy creatures. This book is rated for adults, so I don't recommend it to anyone that doesn't like foul language or smut scenes.

Who needs sleep!Cannot put these books down! They are fast becoming my favourite supernatural series! So different and so hot! I cannot wait to read the next one. Brilliant!

Full of Heart and DesireThis second novel passes on seamlessly from book one with the same characters, although the book could have probably benefited from an additional infusion of characters, to somewhat fill out and expand the story line.Altough Milena does vaguely mature in this novel her personality could have burgeoned with some attention to growth, but as it stands there is possibly too much repetition regarding the same issues. This is where I believe some novels would benefit in being l [...]

Alright, alright, alright. *Matthew McConaughey's voice* Book 2 picks up directly where book 1 left. I know I have said it before in other reviews, but I FUCKING LOVE WHEN WRITERS DO THAT! Let’s not recap for 18 chapters, leaving the last 1-2 for the middle and end. Bravo. **Side note: this is not a book to read at work. To say my face got all rosy red when someone busted into my office is an understatement. Wow, in book 2 the tables have definitely turned. Ole’ Alex is a groveling mess. But [...]

This is book two in the Werelock Evolution series and is an enemies to lovers, paranormal romance. Right after finishing book one, I plowed right through book two! It just gets better and better! The world of werewolves and mystic that Hettie Ivers created is simply fantastical, magical and spellbinding. Book two definitely has more hot, steamy sex scenes, a bit of suspense and a dash of humor. Plus, I adored the secondary characters that managed to enhance an already amazing story. It also ends [...]

4.5 starsN this book Alex point of view of his undesirable behavior is explained. Kai is the only normal person that can keep his human or animal in check.

The story keeps getting better, and even without all the love scenes, this would still be a entertaining read because the plot about the werelocks has enough going on to stand on its own. I forgot to mention in my review of book 1 that I also enjoy the satire and humor in these books.

Great #2 BookLove book 2, just wish Melina would get over herself anf accept Alex as her mate I loved when alex confessed his feelings

I am surprised by how good this series is, especially this one has been the best so far. highly recommended

Hettie Ivers second book in the werelock series, "Fear the Heart (Werelock Evolution Book 2)" was a deliciously sensual, hot continuation of the first book, "Slip of Fate". While difficult for this reader to relate to protagonist Milena quite often, erm I haven't seen my teen years for quite some time, after all; once I reminded myself she was only eighteen, I felt not so much empathy, but compassion for Milena and the choices she struggled with. This reader was actually able to see the werelock [...]

The drama intensifies as well as the heating up. You will have to hang onas you read book 2 of the series. Discover different depths and sides to the characterswhich you were introduced to in book 1. Found it very hard to put down & wanted to keep reading!!!

Oh god this series really does just keep on getting better and better. The relationship between Milena and Alex really does come along in leaps and bounds from where they were at the start of the first book to the end of this one. I really do love these characters and also all the mystery around Milena being the vessel. Honestly I think this book goes to show how much Alex has changed so quickly an how much he cares for Milena; especially during the time she has her 'nightmare' and also when her [...]

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