Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire

Gordon Korman JoAnn Adinolfi

Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire

Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire

  • Title: Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire
  • Author: Gordon Korman JoAnn Adinolfi
  • ISBN: 9780590271417
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Paperback

Zoe is always making up wild stories When something exciting really does happen to her like an eagle nesting in her backyard no one wants to believe her

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I read this book to my group of 3rd graders, and they loved it! We especially laughed about the nuclear toilet, and when Zoe said "Check it out". The ending was a good place to stop, and even though I have some storytellers; they learned it's okay to tell the truth.

I went looking for a book by Korman to read to my MH class. I found this one & think it is perfect. It is a delightful tale about telling the stories or the truth and determining if its okay to be you or if you need to be someone else.LOVE IT!

We laughed out loud several times, and it has a good lesson too. :)

I read this book in 25 minutes while working out. It is a cute book and I would definitely use it with my lower reading-level students. (3rd Grade Reading level).

This was a possibility for my summer reading class I'm teaching but it might be too easy for 3rd-5th graders. Cute story though, with a good lesson learned at the end.

This book would be a great book to read to students at different times throughout the year. It implies the lesson on lying and treating others properly.

I read this book out loud to my 2nd grade twin boys. It held their attention and they thought it was very funny. I would recommend this story for read aloud (or alone) for K- 3rd graders. However, it would probably not hold the attention of most adult readers. Most of my enjoyment of the story was because my kids were enjoying it.

Zoe is a third grader who has a very large imagination, making her reputation at school a liar that no one believed, or liked. The story starts off with Zoe coming to school late. When she walks into her classroom her teacher asks why she is late. Zoe says she saw a famous person on her walk to school, while getting caught up in her lie and making it bigger and bigger; her teacher finally gets fed up listening to her and sends her to the principals office. Her principle gives her a stack of penc [...]

An OK book. I mean, I like books of Gordon Korman. This one was just a bit, well, KIDDISH. I think counterparts of it like Ungifted (text italicized) and Swindle (text also italicized) worked a bit better for me. Then again, this WAS published when Mr. Korman was a newer author, so I can't really judge that much. My point is, I didn't really like this book because of its targeting towards younger audiences, and the unrealistic kid power that just fails to get into my mind properly (if any of tha [...]

When I was in second grade, Gordon Korman visited my elementary school and I got an autographed copy of this book because I didn't recognize any of the other books he had on display. I still regret not choosing a better book as a keepsake.

Whenever Zoe tells a lie, she starts out with,"Check it out." Title:Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire Author:Gordon Korman

Cute book about how lying is not ok, and what can learn from it.

This book has a great moral to the story! Students would love this book and also realize why lying is a bad idea.

Liar,Liar pants on fire is a funny book because the little girl lies alot to her friends and family.

I loved this book when i was a kid

I really like this book! It was very funny.But it didn't have very good illustrations. You couldn't really see the picture, it was kind of blurry.

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