Tank Girl Classic #1

Alan C. Martin Jamie Hewlett

Tank Girl Classic #1

Tank Girl Classic #1

  • Title: Tank Girl Classic #1
  • Author: Alan C. Martin Jamie Hewlett
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Kindle Edition

The original Tank Girl comics, in stunning black and white as they were meant to be seen Ripped from the pages of classic cult comics mag Deadline and tarted up to their original glory, don t miss these anarchic tales in all their world striding majesty

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Pure unadulterated whack insanity!Reading Classic ‘Tank Girl #1’ certainly took me back to when American graphic comic artists were commonly pushing the boundaries of good taste and mainstream acceptance in the 1970’s! At the time, these gentlemen (they were mostly misogynistic antisocial males) were called ‘Underground’ artists since the subject matter of their comic books was considered pornographic, violent and sick. And it was, but coloring WAY outside the lines was the point. They [...]

This is the real deal, the type of the absurd and rebellious.

Can't believe I didn't read this back in the 80's/90's. I love the art, but thought it was just kinda silly for the first couple issues until I got into the flow of things. There are many references to people that I didn't get and it seemed kind of strange to keep referring to these people when you weren't sure who your audience was, so after a while it just got kind of irritating. Now I just need to watch the movie and my training will be complete.

This is just pure madness. Tank girl is frantic, crazy, breaks all the walls with her tank and humor (including the fourth one) and is basically the opposite vision of a post-apocalyptic Australia to Mad Max. No silent, serious hero that struggles with his inner conflicts but a crazy girl that channels her unbounded craziness into a world just a little bit less crazy than herself.Hope Humble Bundle brings in some more classical comics (Dredd).

Чёрный юмор, насилие, море выпивки и девушка, живущая в сворованном танке.В комиксе идеальные чёрно-белые картинки с высокой детализацией, невероятным количеством отсылок к культурному и не очень музыкальному наследию. Подкупает своей искренностью, смешит и даёт почувств [...]

I often have a hard time with graphic novels because I get sucked into the words and forget to look at the pictures, but I really enjoyed Tank Girl. It was ludicrous, crass, and wildly inappropriate but always entertaining and I was constantly looking forward to seeing what weird shit Tank Girl was gonna get herself into in the next storyline. Also, the art. The ART! So amazing. I’m in awe of people who can convey so much with seemingly simple illustrations. Jamie Hewlett is spectacular.

Had some issues on my Kindle but on the app it worked fineI did have some issues on the Kindle with some pages not showing up but they did show up on the Kindle app on my computer. The story felt pretty short and I am looking forward to reading more about this character

Just not for me in terms of style. I can see why other people would like them though.

un tank, une punk, de la bière et surtout un univers complètement déjanté où les kangourous fument des pet' et les koalas en pelluche et autre bestiods bizarroïdes ballancent des jurons comme des boomrangs. Une deferlante de missiles geants dans le Bush Australien et un cri suprême de liberté. Les peripeties de tank girl s'enchaînent comme des lignes de shot. Des doses de chaos à savourer pour leur sense de l'immédiateté et leur exubérance. La narration n'est visiblement pas au coeu [...]

I've always know about this series but I've never read it until now. It's so punk it wears a Ramones T-shirt it got at an actual show. Not from Hot Topic.

My third book for #bannedbooksweek this year and a frequently banned / challenged graphic novel, according to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. cbldf/banned-comic/banned-cbldf/banned-challenged-co

Having only heard about the basic plot of this, I originally thought I would be giving this a five star rating. But although I loved the art, and sometimes loved the characters, it never got quite to that level with me. Some of the plots were either too thin or didn't make any sense. An inconsistency that bugged me is that they kept mentioning how Tank Girl was chubby, but in the drawings she is clearly not. After reading lots of Los Bros Hernandez and seeing them depict amply different body typ [...]

I'm finding this character interesting. I don't really know what to make of her. But I find parts of here character admirable. I like that she goes out and does what she wants (even if it is to the point of excess in my mind). I also like that she is unafraid. Ever.

Not my cup of tea at all!! The art is awesome but I just couldn't get into it. I like the fact that Tank Girl is so assertive and just bad ass but at the same time it's from a male perspective and I just didn't see anything relatable as a female reader. I've read Red Sonja and loved the "bad ass" female character but there was something I just couldn't get passed on this one. Bummer, really thought I was going to love this one!

Tank Girl is always fun to read!

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