Why Now?

Carey Heywood

Why Now?

Why Now?

  • Title: Why Now?
  • Author: Carey Heywood
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Kindle Edition

He was my everything I loved him For over twenty years And everyone knew, including him But he never loved me back Not once Not ever So I moved on Until now Now he s back, and wants to make me his He s everything I ve ever wanted I should be happy But there s one problem My fianc.

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DNF @35%Yeah, I'm going to have to put this one aside now. I love the idea of an unrequited love finally coming around and seeing what's been right in front of him, but the execution is not working for me. I've read the next book in the series, Heath and Sydney's story, and the details aren't jiving between books. It's become a distraction and I'm cutting my losses.

Oh, man. That was disappointing.I completely adored this authors Him/Her duet, and believed I would love this, too. The synopsis was beyond intriguing and a best friends older bro? Yeah, I'm there. But something happened in the execution, maybe I felt this was somewhat jumbled? Idk.The heroine, Kacey, is supposed to be 28 and in love with Jake--her best friends brother. Said bestie, Reilly, is the same age as Kasey and has known since they were both 8 years old about her best friends mad crush o [...]

ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewI can always count on Carey Heywood to deliver a romance that will leave a big fat smile on my face. And in her newest release, Why Now? Carey will set hearts fluttering as she delivers a fun, light, sexy, and emotional romance. If you read the synopsis, you would think oh no a love triangle. Yes, there is a love triangle but it is not the kind of love triangle that will have you pulling your hair and screaming at your kindle. It is differen [...]

I'm not sure what drew me in more to Why Now?e cover, that blurb, or this author. This book looked and sounded spicy and angsty and sexy before I ever turned a single page, and after thoroughly enjoying previous books by this author, I knew I'd be in for something yummy. I'll tell you what though, there's so much more to this story than I could have imagined. The dynamic between each of these characters, their history, the emotional web connecting them all far exceeds what's hinted in the blurb. [...]

TITLE: Why Now? AUTHOR: Carey Heywood GENRE: Contemporary RomanceRELEASE DATE: MarchMY RATINGYes I admit it books like these are my weakness!! I love from non friends/to kind of friends/to lovers kind of books, they hit you right in the feels He was my everything. I loved him. For over twenty years.He never loved me backI moved onNOWHe back and wants to make me hisThis is the first time I've read ANYTHING by this author and right from that first page I have been giggling like a teenagerReading o [...]

Unrequited love is one of my favorite pastimes. ButI can’t finish this book. The heroine reeks of DESPERATION. That isn’t cute at all. She’s been in love with the hero for twenty years and in those years, she constantly threw herself at him, acted like a stalker, and still he rejected her. Granted, she was very young. But even when she reached of age, she still loved him and still took the constant rejection of loving a man who would never love her. Had Kacey ever heard of the word dignity [...]

skipping series /review/show love trianglentradictions with book 2/review/show <--book 2

These are 28 year olds? You sure? I thought I was reading a YA book!

From the moment you open the book, to the last word which leaves you desperate for more, Ms Heywood pulls you into her stories. This one was no different. Her words bring to light the emotional journey of loss, love, and finding the family of your heart. From the moment Jake returned home to find his oldest friend engaged, to his baby sister's best friend and roommate, things would never be the same. Will Jake be able to see what was standing right in front of him for the past twenty years, or i [...]

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So I was scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook, when this book popped out at me!Then my next step was sending a message begging for the book, or better yet I thought that we were friends? He was my everything.I loved him.For over twenty years.And everyone knew, including him.So let's start with Kacey. Kacey who has been in love with her best friends brother since the beginning of time, or at least for the last twenty years. Ever since he saved her from three mean bullies trying to hurt a dog [...]

3.5 StarsReview by Lisa KaneKacey Albright is finally ready to let her feeling for Jake Whitmore. He's her best friend Reilly's older brother and Kacey has been infatuated since she was eight years old. Twenty years later and that's still the story. But her good friend Heath, in a drunken moment, asked her to marry him and she, equally drunk, said yes. His mom is dying and wants to see him settle down and they both love each other. Maybe they aren't in love but that will come right?While Kacey c [...]

*ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review*So, I have almost nothing of a review because I was too busy being immersed in the story which by itself tells you how much I loved it. This book follows Kacey, a woman who has been in love with her best friend's brother, Jake, for almost all of her life. The story starts with her drunkenly accepting a marriage proposal from Heath, Jake's friend. The foundation of their engagement was just dumb to me. But it's okay, because it's supposed t [...]

*ARC given in exchange for an HONEST review*How do you write a review for a book that was so moving that you have no words? I can try, but my review will not do Carey's writing justice. Why Now has it all. You will be laughing one minute, embarrassed for the heroine the next, and crying by the end of the book! I won't tell you what kind of crying it is(happy or sad), no spoilers from me! I will say have your tissues handy! Going in, I had my mind set that the book was going to go a certain way. [...]

2.5 starsI'm pretty bummed I couldn't get behind Why Now? Unfortunately I wasn't able to connect with the characters or their story. The synopsis made it seem so different then what I took away. There is a twist to the fiancé part of the story, one I don't want to give away, but I just shook my head at it. I wasn't able to wrap my head around the why's of it all. Though the pace of the read was steady, the story itself felt rushed and underdeveloped. The childhood friends to lovers almost felt [...]

Why Now? gets straight to the point. it's a sweet love story between kacey and jake. I was one of the lucky few who received an arc of 'Why Now?' and when it comes out I plan on buying it even tho I already have it.why now? that's what I, myself was asking Jake too. I know he is a fictional character but the way carey wrote you'd believe that jake and Kacey are a real live couple. and I honestly am hoping that carey brings us Heath and Sydney's story.In the first 5 chapters you're going to need [...]

***ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review***Have you ever had one of those loves that you have given your whole heart to but your affection is not returned? How do you move on? What do you do? When a new opportunity falls in your lap, do you take it or let it pass you by? Kacey has loved Jake for years. She loves him with her whole heart but her love is not returned. Jake is the man of her dreams and the hole in her heart. Now Kacey is at a crossroads. Does she chose [...]

I don't know whether to classify this an second chance romance or unrequited love kind of story. It's mostly a I'm in love with my bestfriend's brother but it's a secret. I initially felt unsure cause this was triangle from that blurb but I really enjoy the way Carey tells her stories. Everyday relatable kind of characters and in a realistic everyday love story. I realized early on the love triangle is unconventional and not the typical dynamics of one. Both guys Heath and Jake involved are good [...]

Carey Heywood has done it again—made me fall in love again with her amazing stories!!Kacey's loved Jake as long as she can remember, but he always treated her like a little sister because she really was way too young for him. And she’s his best friend’s sister. Well, now that Kacey has an opportunity at love—even though it's not with the one that she wants—she's made her decision to give it a go. And, to be honest, I didn't want her to because in my book everyone deserves a chance to g [...]

For anyone looking for a sweet, mostly clean, emotional read, Why Now? is it. Some might call it a second-chance romance, but what is it called when you never had a chance in the first place? It’s not the raunchy, over the top, tough-talking anti-hero swooping in to save the heroine kind of romance. This is a romance for everyday people and a love-story that anyone will enjoy. Romances are fantasy, something I’ve said before. And I love losing myself in a fantasy - the hot, rough and tumble [...]

I am sorry to say but this book is soooo boring . It seems to me all the character are not adult by the way they are 28 - 34 but they act like they are 14 . The h is 28 but she is still a virgin because she save herself for the H who does not care about her. But BAM when another guy ( heat) ask the h to marry her because her mom was dying she accept ( Seriously ?? Who did this ? ) He is attract to her and because she is the mystery girl ! Pff such childish book i could not finish it !

Full review can be found HERE --> /review/show~Lisa

2 starsThis was not my favorite Carey Heywood book. It was kind of slower for my taste and a tad immature. Getting engaged for the sake of getting engaged???

**Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review**Okay, this book really had me with the blurb and I just had to read it and boy I have to say that I am sooooooo glad that I did because I absolutely loved it!!Kacey, Jake and Heath -- what a combination right!! Kacey has been in head over heels in love with Jake since she was a little kid but she was just that, a kid so Jake only saw her as a little sister. Kacey hung out all the time with Jake's sister and would swoon every time she would see [...]

A second chance/best-friends brother romance with a twist has never brought out so many emotions than when I picked up Why Now? by Carey Heywood. Sexy, romantic, heartfelt and down-right Alpha crazy; Jake and Kacey’s story was the perfect blend of profound heart with the sugar and spice of romance that is oh so perfect. I love a good second chance/ best-friends brother romance and this story blew me away without a doubt because it's got all the elements you want from a story; a little emotion [...]

Panty Scorching – 5.0Storyline – 5.0Angst – 3.0Tissues – 2.0Value – 5.0Overall – 4.5Kindle eArc provided by AuthorReviewed by RobinKasey has been in love with her best friend’s older brother since she was 8 years old. That’s a LONG time. Jake, on the other hand, saw Kasey as an annoying gnat since there is a 6 year age difference. When Jake comes home to visit at age 34…Kasey is engaged to his best friend. Now he’s telling himself that perhaps all of the obstacles he saw betw [...]

This was such a sweet read, it had a little of everything, Love, Sex, sadness and a little angst. For over twenty years Kacey has loved her best friends brother Jake but he has never noticed her, well until now. All is not as simple though as after a drunken night Kacey has agreed to marry Jakes best friend Heath. This however was before Jake came home from working offshore on the oil rigs. Secrets are discovered and confessions are made and Jake realises it's now or never. Can he prove to Kasey [...]

*****This story is amazing!!!***** Definetely one to one-click!!!!!I fell in love with Kasey, Reilly, Heath, and Jake from the first chapter. Carey's stories are always easy to get pulled into. She writes characters that are easy to relate to. Once you begin the story you can't put it down and you feel like you are right there with them. You experience every emotion that they go through whether it's the feeling of a first love looking at you, the heartache of moving on, or the feeling of being j [...]

Whenever I hear that Carey Heywood has a new book coming out, I am chomping at the bit to read it. And Why Now? definitely did not disappoint. I loved every word of it. The story is simple, Kasey is in love with Jake, her best friend's older brother. But she just recently got engaged to Jake's best friend. Then Jake comes home to this shock even though Jake has always seen her as a second little sister. Until she isn't. Wait! Did I say the story line was simple? Sorry, I lied. It's so much fun!! [...]

Wonderful story that made me laugh and cry!Carey Heywood honestly writes the perfect romance. Her characters are often working through different life problems, and I think that is one of the main reasons that this author remains one of my most favourites. Her stories and this one in particular are completely relatable to real life. You could jump straight into one of her books and fit right in. The intensity of the emotion throughout always keeps me engaged. I always fall in love with all the ch [...]

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