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  • Title: Airport
  • Author: Byron Barton
  • ISBN: 9780064431453
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Paperback

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Byron Barton introduces young readers to the fun of the airport in this bold and colorful book From the excitement of arrival to the wonder of taking off, Airport captures all the magic of an airport with joyous and powerful images and simple text Perfect for fans of Richard Scarry and Tom Lichtenheld Supports the Common Core State Standards.

Recent Comments "Airport"

Basic description of aviation. Obviously pre-9/11, with no mention of waiting in the security line for hours or Backscatter X-rays.

An ultra simple outline of traveling via air. My 2 year old loves Barton's books, something about the colorful illustrations, short narrative and the subject matter. I personally am not a fan of the spacing of the text in this book but the kid sure does love this book.

Older picture books like this one are great.

Airport by Byron Barton by is a great book for younger children about the airport, and the people and processes that go into an airplane trip. It starts with people arriving at the airport in buses and cars to fly on a jet plane. They arrive in the waiting room, while the plane is loaded with suitcases and fuel. People then board the plane and find their seats, while the pilots get ready up in the cockpit. The control tower radios the pilots when all is clear. The flight attendant has everyone b [...]

I'm not sure if my description of tonight's reading of Airport will give it justice, but I have to try. We told Josiah to find a book in the house he thought he could read. He came back with Airport. This immediately got me started on a nostalgic digression about how Byron Barton was Josiah's most favorite author at age two, and how we couldn't ever leave the house without a stack of Byron Barton books. Josiah was embarrassed, Jacob was annoyed, and Brendan, for some reason, was really, really h [...]

If Donald Crews' Flying provides a birds-eye view of the distance an airplane covers, Airport captures the human processes that go into an airplane trip. In Barton's concise, well-crafted style, he describes the passengers' arrival at the airport, then their waiting while luggage is loaded and the plane is fueled. He moves on to boarding, flight preparation in the cockpit, clearance from the control tower, safety instruction for the passengers, taxiing, and takeoff.The illustrations are deceptiv [...]

Papa went looking for a book that would get me ready for my big trip to Sweden. It came with a cool coloring book with words called My Plane Trip. I read both several times. I read the books before going to the airport, while at the airport and on the plane. I was so happy when we read them. It was pretty easy for me to fly. When we were in the air I kept asking, "Mama, when is the plane going to start to fly?" I didn't realize that we were already flying. Even though it has been a few months si [...]

This book’s content could be in social studies and is about traveling and going to the airport. I thought this was an okay book and it had few words which is fine because the illustrations were the real descriptions in the book. This book could be used with community helpers units when describing pilots and what they do. I also think this could be fun to read at the beginning of the year after summer vacation or after any holiday that children may have traveled. We could have a class discussio [...]

We've owned the French version of this book for a very long time and we read it before we go on trips on an airplane, to help prepare our girls for what to expect. We saw the English version of this book at the library and compared it to my English translation, which was very similar. I like to read the French one, though, since it exposes the girls to another language.

A short story, written in French that describes the trip to the airport and the process of getting checked in through takeoff. I like exposing our girls to a different language, and I also wanted to let them know what to expect prior to a trip on an airplane.

In busesAnd in carsPeople come to the airport. So it begins. Barton as you've come to expect. And beyond. He's read it 10+ times already. This just in! Ordered this out of print copy on . It looks great. Will read soon! Believe it or not, this is Emerson's first OWNED Barton book.

I hate the illustration style and the page breaks on the text, but my son likes this and most Barton books. I like how he approaches every day things that kids are curious about. And good detail in the illustrations.

A great book for explaining air travel to young children. Large type makes it easier for slightly older children, and the pictures give plenty to look at. They're realistic too. I plan to read this with our child a number of times before we fly.

I bought this book at the airport for my son's first airplane ride from Singapore to the US. I read it to him a number of times on the plane. It is cute but typical in format and somewhat generic.


I don't even remember how many times I read this to Carsten when he was 2 and 3. Now, Aydin loves it just as much (almost). It's a great little book!

Bought this for Gavin to help him learn about airports. We're planning on a trip that involves air travel, so I wanted a fun way to discuss flying with him. He's two, so it's a great book for us.

Would be fun to read if you were planning a trip soon. Very basic, probably better for the littlest of littles.

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