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  • Title: Unapologetic
  • Author: Pamela Ann
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Our story was bittersweet, sad, happy and hopeful He was my first everything I gave him my heart coming in and out of my life whenever it was convenient for him I gave him my all though he graced the tabloids with different women in his arms River Ellis was Hollywood s golden bad boy He rose to fame a few years before me And now that I m slowly gaining ground in theOur story was bittersweet, sad, happy and hopeful He was my first everything I gave him my heart coming in and out of my life whenever it was convenient for him I gave him my all though he graced the tabloids with different women in his arms River Ellis was Hollywood s golden bad boy He rose to fame a few years before me And now that I m slowly gaining ground in the film industry, he decided it was time to charm me with his godly presence For two years after he left me, I had built resistance simply waiting for the day he d come begging me back and I d truly take pleasure in rejecting him But time and time again, even though I d set my heart and mind into doing one thing, life had a way of testing my will, my endurance.

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I'm kind of embarrassed to admit this is the 5th book I've read by Pamela Ann. I haven't figured out what the draw is because there's so much wrong with "Unapologetic" and the other 4 I read! After reading my past reviews it's obvious each book has the same problems, which is puzzling. Wouldn't the author improve her writing after time?As in the other books, "Unapologetic" seemed like it was a book 2 and I should have read book 1 first to understand what was going on. A lot of the back story of [...]

UNACCEPTABLE!!!I Pre Ordered, this book some time ago and finally received it.y to get 5unt it1-2-3-4-5 pages $2.99 SMH! I WANT A REFUND!

Ann's stories kill me with the angst. My heart can't take anymore. I always have to read something funny after her books. Filled with angsty love, second chances, love triangles, and the prose that only Ann can pull off, this book will definitely gut you.

copy received for honest reviewThis is a second chance at love romance. River and Cara grew up in foster care together. they grew up and fell in love. River had dreams and went off to make them come true. His success comes with consequences. Distance and jealously cause to lovers to separate. Two years later they meet up again. River is still in love with Cara. Cara has moved on but finds it hard to stay away from River. The story starts off really slow. It was hard for me to finish. It does pic [...]

***I voluntarily read an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.***Reading the blurb on this one got me interested that's why I applied to be an ARC reader and the author is brand new to me so I wanted to give it a go. But after reading almost half way into the book, it felt kind of boring to me. How can a blurb be so good and then the actual book be so bad? It dragged on and on between River and Cara's non existent relationship to them fetting back together to them having sex with other people. The [...]

Great BookI knew from the very beginning that this was going to be an excellent book because River truly pissed me off! He was arrogant and overbearing about Cara's feelings and didn't acknowledge his part in their break up. Overtime, I realized that this was his way of coping with his pain, but it was still BS. Since this book evoked so many emotions, I had to give it 5 stars!

4 StarsI really don't know what to say about this book. It was up and down in so many places it had my head spinning more than once with all the repeating in the chapters. I understand that some was necessary but not all. At least in my opinion.The book was rather good after actually finding the story line.The sex was not as hot but it was good.Happy Sexy Reading

Cara and River take us on a rollercoaster ride of emotions in this second chance story. Cara has had exactly one unforgettable love of her life… River. On the first day at her new group home there was River and for a scared little girl who was never loved and constantly let down, the boy whom instantly noticed and cared for her stole her jaded heart. She thought that River was the be all end all, but just like everyone else he let her down and crushed her. Two years later after she has finally [...]

I read this book as part of an arc program. I thought this book was a good read that had a very emotional ride. River and Cara grew up together in foster care and fell in love. They had planned to marry, but when River's career in Hollywood took off, he had to do some things to please other people and Cara left. Two years later when Cara herself was a success, River finds her and wants her back. River claims to have changed, but Cara doesn't trust he won't break her heart again. This was a good [...]

Enjoyable read but ends with a cliffhanger.I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.

Cara and River were both parent-less and grew up in foster care together and they became each others family. When they were older they decided to have a relationship that turned into this great love that would soon be broken when he started his Career leaving her behind where she would then disappear for two years before River would find her again and try to win her back at all costs. Cara was not one to let River back into a relationship with her again and break her like he did before, and Rive [...]

Awesome book! A second chance romance. Cara was an orphan carrying the baggage of her life going from home to home. She finally landed at a home with wonderful parents. River was at the same home. They fell in love and through misunderstanding and meddling from other people they broke up. That is the first of the story. It gets started at an after party for Cara’s show. River came to find her and tell her congratulations. They story has unusual chemistry, lust, demons from the past, interferen [...]

OMG Pamela Ann is killing me with this new series. With each page she is tearing at my heart a little more each time. River and Cara's story is so sad, tragic and complicated but also full of raw love and emotion. Unapologetic is the first book in the series. River and Cara meet when she was taken into foster care. Both became inseparable they were friends then lovers and then suddenly everything was broken between them. Now time has gone by and they are reunited. How will they react to seeing e [...]

The situation Cara puts herself into with River is not sexy, it is appalling. I could not read past chapter 2 for the pure reason that the relationship between Cara and River reminds me of a relationship of my own that more or less mirrors theirs. Although, unlike her, I was never foolish enough to allow such a manipulative and self-centered guy back into my life. I cannot truly express how many things I immediately find wrong with Cara just in the first few chapters, including the fact that she [...]

The book was ok. This is the story of Cara and River, who met in foster care. They became inseparable from then, through the teen years until they broke upRiver left to follow his dream of being a rock star. A couple of years later and Cara is a budding actress and the two reconnect. Will they be able to forgive and forgot past hurts and support each other's career? River was a bit of an arrogant jerk and Cara was a bit too accommodating. But I don't give up easily so will have to read the next [...]

I enjoyed the journey of this second chance book and the relationship between River and Cara. It was a bit slow at first but grew through the chapters. This was not my favorite book of Pamela's but it was still a good read. It brought out so many emotions and you have to give props to an author that can have you go from hating a character to loving them. 3.5 starsI voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book.

What could I say? Finally Pamela make her comeback!!! I'm kinda nervous because there is no news about her at all for few months and suddenly released this book.So why I give 5 stars for this book?Because finally someone make me jump around again for a book! River and Cara's mad lovestory kinda reminds me of Dimutris and Lindsey story. Both are madly in love with each other, they can't get out of it no matter how bad it is.I do understand Cara pain and her decision to left River and River's grov [...]

It is a great book to read


Good storyline with well defined characters kept my interest from the very beginning until the very end!I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

I've read quite a few books by this author, but this is by far my favorite series. 5 well deserved stars. I am seriously emotionally drained after reading book 2. I NEED book 3 now!

an ok read with a hfn ? ending. will have to read part 2 to get the ending.

Very easy read. I enjoy the storyline of the series. Sometimes it feels like there is too much description and I get lost and need to remember where the story left off, but it was still captivating and I couldn't wait to read number 2.

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