TJ's Last Summer in Cape Cod

Garfield Whyte

TJ's Last Summer in Cape Cod

TJ's Last Summer in Cape Cod

  • Title: TJ's Last Summer in Cape Cod
  • Author: Garfield Whyte
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Paperback

Alternate cover edition.This summer an 18 year old basketball high school star teams up with his womanizing uncle to have a grand summer before he goes off to college Some will like it some wont but its all fiction and TJ just wanted a good time for his last summer back home NOTE Uncle Peter cheats on his wife, so if you will have issues with this, then this is nAlternate cover edition.This summer an 18 year old basketball high school star teams up with his womanizing uncle to have a grand summer before he goes off to college Some will like it some wont but its all fiction and TJ just wanted a good time for his last summer back home NOTE Uncle Peter cheats on his wife, so if you will have issues with this, then this is not the book for you It s all fiction, with some youthful exuberance We were all young at some time in our lives and we may have made mistakes too.One last wild summer before college TJ always spent the summer with his uncle since he was 15 He looked forward to spending time with Uncle Peter and all the adventures he got to experience But now he was 18 and this summer was going to be different he had a girlfriend whom he could not bear to leave behind During those past summers, TJ had been the sole witness and confidant to Uncle Peter and his endless shenanigans with the different women in his life As such, TJ felt Uncle Peter owed him and it was time to collect it was time for Uncle Peter to return the favor and cover for TJ To TJ s delight, Uncle Peter was than eager to comply and he even came up with the perfect plan for the two of them to spend time together without TJ leaving his girlfriend s side Follow the wicked adventures of this duo as TJ finds himself at a crossroads between being an honorable man or the ladies man his uncle groomed him to be Was it worth it when summer ended That will depend on whose side you are on.Some readers focus on Uncle Peter s cheating ways and less on the crux of the story which is, the unique bond between a nephew and and uncle as well as your sins will find you out.

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Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewTJ's Last Summer in Cape Cod by Garfield Whyte is a young coming of age tale of a young man discovering love, life, and the hope of what the future entails. Mr. Whyte takes his readers down a journey of memoirs recalled by a young teen named Taj James as he wants to make this one last summer in Cape Code the best ever he had. And in this unforgettable summer, TJ spends his summer with his Uncle Peter and in such he learns a valuable lesson [...]

I think this is meant to be a "boys will be boys" coming of age story. However, cheating is not cute. Referring to every female you know as "cutie" or "sweetie" is not cute. Telling someone "you know you want this and you want me" when they are not sure they want to sleep with you is not cute. Not one single man in this novel is capable of staying faithful to their wife/girlfriend. The uncle cheats multiple times and helps TJ cheat. The uncle got his and I was hoping TJ would face SOMETHING for [...]

This is a very well written coming of age story and I enjoyed all the twists in the narrative. This story shows clearly how the environment influences a young person and may alter the course of their development. The two main characters, TJ and Uncle Peter are well developed and their interaction alters TJ’s outlook of life. I think that the author succeeded in capturing the teenager on the brink of adulthood with all that this passing means. TJ learns some brutal lessons and has to do some ch [...]

I love the cover--it really draws you in. The quotes on the first pages are thoughtful. The organization of the book is a bit unique. It's a coming of age story for young T.J. His Uncle Peter is a lying Lothario—the unscrupulous seducer of women in Don Quixote. T.J. Falls under the influence of his lying Uncle and begins to emulate his lying ways with women. His parents go on a cruise, and his Uncle Peter comes to stay with him, and adventure ensues. Typical story—guy finds the girl, guy los [...]

Not everyone will like this book. This story in my opinion is a slice of life today's life. A young man wanting to have a grand summer before he goes off to college. His parents are conservative so he calls upon his womanizing free spirited uncle to assist him with his plans. TJ has secrets for Uncle Peter,which TJ has come to the rescue many times to help save his Uncle's marriage, so Uncle Peter is more than willing to help his nephew with his summer plans. Some people will think the main char [...]

Ok Um I am not sure where to begin with this book. Beautiful cover and quite unique cover.I started reading this book on a flight I was on with every intention of only reading a few pages and saving the rest for while I was relaxing by the pool! The layout was really good, so that was promising. The coming of age premise was also promising. The real life drama aspect was something that appealed to me initially. But that is sort of where it ends. It is a coming of age story that doesn't go anywhe [...]

It took me some time to finish reading this book. from the premises of the book i thought it would be very interesting. The story is about TJ; a teenager whose about to spend the last summer with his uncle before he heads to college. Peter, the uncle, is married and has lots of affairs, he constantly cheats on his wife. TJ usually covers up for his beloved uncle but still feels guilty coz he loves aunt Judy (his uncle's wife). in this last summer TJ whose in love with his naive girlfriend "Maggi [...]

I received a copy of this book in exchange of my honest review.This was a story regarding coming of age, which is not my favorite genre, however I did like this book even though it took me long time to finish it. The best part of this book was diverse and interesting characters; especially uncle peter! There was some hilarious situations like when TI was covering up for his uncle… I think this story could be every young soul’s dream; having the best summer ever and last wild one before colle [...]

Book ReviewTitle: TJ’s Last Summer in Cape CodAuthor: Garfield WhyteGenre: YA/Romance/ContemporaryRating: ****Review: I liked the opening to TJ's last summer in Cape Cod rather than having a prologue or introductory chapter we are provided with a short summary of the novel which was different and fresh but I was confused as the blurb does almost the same thing as the summary. For someone that doesn't read a lot of contemporary novels I was very surprised at the reaction I had to this novel. Th [...]

TJ’s Last Summer in Cape CodI struggled to get through this book The male characters were universally unpleasant and the women naïve in the extreme. TJ and his Uncle spent the whole book taking advantage of women, of all ages. The action crawled from one immature relationship to the next. TJ seemed intent on screwing as many young women as possible but failed spectacularly to accomplish much more than some fumbled and very amateur sexual encounters with several young women of indeterminate in [...]

What TJ wants, TJ gets except what he deserves has just graduated and is about to spend his last summer as a teen with his uncle Peter, notorious charmer and philanderer, before heading off to university. But he has just met the girl of his dreamsThis narrative starts off well enough, the writing is smooth, the characters realistically flawed. What could have been a great coming of age story though eventually just drones on, page after endless page, going nowhere, least of all maturity. The petu [...]

TJ’s Last Summer in Cape Cod is humorous at times. And I can see how this novel could be based off the life of a real teenage boy with an uncle who is fearful of getting old, or the fact he feels he missed out in life. TJ’s Uncle Peter is quite fit for being 55; people at times think they are brothers, even though TJ is only 18. Uncle Peter started schooling TJ in dishonesty and disloyal behaviors when he was just 15. That summer Uncle Peter had TJ accompany him to his “girlfriends” hous [...]

I just completed this long book and I do consider it a good read. I wanted to send out the review quickly before the holidays. There was really nothing in the book that offended me, maybe some of the things that the uncle does were questionable. But he’s just a character and I can live with it. There’s a bit of references to sex, so do keep that in mind before handing over this book to young kids. Although some sections can be considered objectionable, overall it was a good work. And I have [...]

I love this author. I just didn't care for the subject matter of this book. I didn't enjoy reading about a man who cheats on his wife and corrupts his nephew too. I really enjoyed the other two works I've read by Garfield Whyte and I would definitely read his future writings but this book just wasn't for me.

In the book we followed last summer eighteenth-year-old T. J. He is a basketball athlete and won a scholarship in America. For this reason, wants to take full advantage of the last summer in Cape Cod. Because of its looks, the girls on it throw, and he uses all possible ways to seduce them. For model, he accepts his uncle Peter who is a womanizer and cheating on his wife. His uncle loves it because it was two years ago, T. J. managed to get out of an awkward situation with his wife. With his hel [...]

I really enjoyed this book. There are plenty of ups and downs to sink your teeth into and a lot of moral dilemmas to puzzle your way through with the lovable protagonist. Some of these I would have come up with different solutions than what TJ and Uncle Peter think up but despite their questionable moral compasses they are, TJ especially, difficult not to get on with. I do like TJ, although I would have liked for him to face some consequences from his actions. I take a slight issue with the naiv [...]

This book is about the lessons learned by TJ in his relationship with his uncle during his summer at Cape Cod. It's a well written coming of age story where TJ grows from a rather self-centered youth into a more young adult as he learns that relationships involves commitment. TJ has come to Cape Cod to have a carefree summer, but he learns life involves more than just his choices and actions result in consequences. I enjoyed this book and recommend to the reading community and think it would be [...]

TJ's Last Summer is one of those books that you either like or dislike - there's nothing in between. I personally did like that book. The author created characters in a way so they did feel real. It was fascinating seeing how TJ deals with the situations he got himself into and how other people felt about it, too. The whole book was written in a light style and it was easy to read - the type of writing style I like the most.

The description of the life of a young boy on the cusp of becoming a man is a theme that has been attempted before. But still credit to the author for retelling such a story and yet making it interesting. I also felt the entire book was very realistically done. The many women the boy falls for and has a crush on are highly relatable. The author’s portrayal of TJ’s uncle was or at least seemed very real. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that it was based on an actual person. This book has s [...]

TJ is eighteen, good looking, clever, and leaving soon for university. For the past four years he's spent the summers at his Uncle Peter's house. This summer he has a girlfriend, Maggie, and doesn't want to leave her. So, he persuades Uncle Peter to come and stay at his house while his parents are away. The relationship between the fifty-five year old Uncle Peter and TJ is like that of brothers. He is the age Uncle Peter would like to be and has spent the last few years covering up for his uncle [...]

This story is a steamy, sexy summer coming of age story. It happens to all of us. We grow up and fall in love, sometimes, many times. Young love is often the center plot for many books and movies. Growing up isn't easy. Sometimes, there are those who are still struggling to grow up when they are adults. This humorous and interesting story of how you make many mistakes as you are growing up. Sometimes you make the same mistake more than once. As you are growing up you are trying to figure out exa [...]

Eighteen-year-old Taj James (aka TJ) is on the cusp of adulthood and his last summer in Cape Cod involves a romance with a younger girl and a changing relationship with the 55-year-old womanizing uncle who tried to make TJ his protege. In much the manner of Evan Hunter's classic Last Summer, T.J.'s Last Summer in Cape Cod is a coming-of-age story about adolescent sexuality, but Whyte's focus on evolving and changing relationships is much more emotionally charged and detailed, making it a top rec [...]

Whyte’s TJ last Summer in Cape Cod is an eye-opening narration of TJ’s last summer at home before he heads to America on a basketball scholarship. While I do not necessarily enjoy reading about men who cheat, I think the flow of grammar is irreproachable; the sentences are effortless, and the logic is tight and transparent.The relationship between the eighteen-year-old TJ and seventeen-year- old Maggie is very sweet and innocent. It reminds me of how it is like to fall in love for the first [...]

I don't think it's taken me so long before to read a book. But I never give up on a book. But half way through I started skip reading my way through, just to get the gist without reading every repetitious word. And repetitious it was. The book never went anywhere, it was repetitive the whole way through. A story needs to go somewhere to keep it interesting, but it was like the same four conversations over and over. In my opinion it would of been so much better as a short story. But this is all m [...]

First I should say I was given this book in exchange for an honest review from the author. TJ has always looked forward to staying on breaks from school with his Uncle Peter. He knows that any time with his uncle-will be a good time! Uncle Peter has let TJ in on his many ummmmntures and TJ has become a master at getting his dear uncle out of trouble. Although his aunt and uncle are happily married-Uncle Peter isn't the most morally driven man. The story takes place during the summer prior to TJ [...]

I loved this book! It’s a collection of memories of TJ, a high school student, and his unforgettable summers that he got to spend with his uncle Peter in Cape Cod. The two seemed to share even closer ties and secrets than those of a father and a son, maybe because of TJ’s fascination of his womanizing uncle, who introduces the young nephew to a new world of joy and freedom, or maybe because the two are really alike. TJ learns a lot from his uncle and decides to spend his last summer before c [...]

As other reviews have said this is a coming of age story, which takes place on during the summer after TJ graduates high school and going to college. TJ is young man out to have fun and looks up to his uncle who is a 50 something married man who is still a player. TJ is following in his footsteps. Will he continue following in his uncle’s footsteps? Does TJ learn from his uncle’s mistakes? Does he still look up to him at the end of the summer? Does TJ learn about the girls and women during t [...]

I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review. I do not usually enjoy coming of age stories or books with a lot of cheating in them. I was surprised at what a fast read this was for me. I cared about the characters even when I didn't want to, I had to know what would happen. It is very well written, not predictable, engages your attention and characters are well developed. I hope this author plans to keep writing. It would be good to possibly revisit these characters in a [...]

This is book is so great, a coming of age story set in California. It is about a recently graduated high school senior who has a basketball scholarship to Syracuse. His parents take a cruise and invite the uncle, Peter, down to watch after TJ until they get back. The "boys" do what boys do for one week, until a sudden twist sends them to Uncle Peter's home in San Bernardino.The fun doesn't stop there. For a couple of weeks, the guys keep adding fun to their schedule. TJ learns what a real man is [...]

What a wonderful coming-of-age story!! Taj has the world at his feet, having earned a basketball scholarship, and a summer to be enjoyed thoroughly before he starts school again. What a great time in one's life! He decides to step in the footsteps of his hounddog uncle. Every family has an Uncle Peter, and he becomes TJ's new friend for the summer. Kids need to explore themselves, and the world around them,and somehow earn the 'street cred' needed to become an adult. Well, like all young pups tr [...]

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