Nostalgia from: A City Set Upon a Hill

Garfield Whyte

Nostalgia from: A City Set Upon a Hill

Nostalgia from: A City Set Upon a Hill

  • Title: Nostalgia from: A City Set Upon a Hill
  • Author: Garfield Whyte
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Paperback

Who said boarding school was not fun This all boys boarding school memoir transcends autobiography If you ve even wondered, what boarding school might have been like, this memoir is as close to living that experience as you are likely to get The book includes marvelous pictures of Munro College s buildings and panoramas Enjoy the his stories about his interactions withWho said boarding school was not fun This all boys boarding school memoir transcends autobiography If you ve even wondered, what boarding school might have been like, this memoir is as close to living that experience as you are likely to get The book includes marvelous pictures of Munro College s buildings and panoramas Enjoy the his stories about his interactions with other students and the pranks they played, and his humorous looks at some of the teachers he had during his time there are brilliant It s amazing that the college was so isolated in the rural countryside and that the students there had none of the social outlets that most take for granted today You may envy the closeness and camaraderie between his fellow students as they spent their free time having bull sessions and playing padda It s a journey inside one of the oldest and most prestigious high schools in Jamaica For non Munronians this memoir is a provocative, riveting and an animated account of the author s 7 years at Munro and for Munronians it must trigger a vivid reliving of the Munro experience.

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Nostalgia from: Set A City Upon a Hill by Garfield Whyte's book about his life at the High School Munro. As most of us can remember their school days, and the writer describes his adventures, events, teachers and the entire complex Munroe High School. His nostalgia and love for these times are so evident in every description of the place. Through education writer from the boy becomes a man, and after leaving Munro College realizes, however, some moments were beautiful. All discipline and learnin [...]

Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewIn this sentimental memoir, Garfield Whyte takes readers down a wistful, thoughtful, and saccharine journey down memory lane in his book Nostalgia from: A City Set Upon A Hill. Set in the backdrops of Munro College, an all-boys boarding school in Jamaica, Whyte paints a literary tale of flashbacks of his fondest memory of his schooling and the significance and impact that this school bestowed upon. From the sights and sounds of the school, [...]

For a non-fiction memoir, this book is pretty entertaining. Don't we all love to reminisce on the days of our youth? In this memoir, Whyte reminisces on his school days in the "City Set Upon a Hill." Those were better days, days when students had no cell phones or internet for entertainment, just themselves, their minds, and sports. Those were the days when discipline was quite different than it was today, and I can identify, having gone to a religious private school for 5 years. There is humor [...]

I received a free copy of this story in exchange for a review.***Nostalgia is a memoir about the author's school days at Munro College, a school for boys, in Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica. It brought to mind my own school days, and I found myself agreeing with a quote Mr. Whyte included, which seems to be the crux of the memoir: "It is indeed ironic that we spend our school days yearning to graduate and our remaining days waxing nostalgic about our school days." —Isabel Waxman. I enjoyed the story, [...]

A lovingly written nostalgic account of the author’s time at a boarding school in Jamaica. This is clearly the No 1 establishment on the island, and you pick up the love and pride he still has for it even after all the years that have gone by – it comes off every page of this touchingly sentimental memoir.A lot of the narrative is devoted to descriptions of things like the food, the buildings and the lay-out of the school, and at times the book risks sounding like a guide, but the author rel [...]

"Nostalgia" is a mental trip to Jamaica. It's a much more in-depth experience than spending a week long vacation there. This story invites me to hang out with true Jamaicans, and to learn about the culture, and meet the people first hand. I was fully immersed in the Jamaican culture. The average tourist can only thoroughly visit this special place thru reading this book. This memoir is a great start to understand the unbelievable strength of the Jamaican people. High standards for proper behavio [...]

I recieved an e-copy of this book from the author.I'm giving this book a 4.5☆ solely because. I don't usually like memoirs as much as full-on fiction.This book is about the authors boarding school days at an all boys school. Honestly until this book I never even thought about what it would be like to attend a single-gendered school. I loved the way it was written, I also loved the way it was carried,It was very consistent and orderly and did not feel all over the place like some memoirs do.It [...]

An inspiring book about one of Jamaica's most renowned preparatory academies. Garfield Whyte creates a vivid, heartfelt, and enlightening picture of life there as a student in the late 1970's and early 1980's. Blending significant memories and anecdotes with resonant emotions and powerful rays of wisdom, Nostalgia conveys an unforgettable impression of a school where young men learn to succeed and to help others rise above problems in the world. A fun, compelling, and encouraging read.

Book ReviewTitle: Nostaliga from: A city set upon a hillAuthor: Garfield WhyteGenre: Memoir/AutobiographicalRating: *****Review: After reading TJ's last summer in Cape Cod I was quite excited to read Garfield Whyte's memoir Nostaliga from: A city set upon a hill. One thing I have noticed about both books if they open with a summary written by someone other than the author, I found these opening to be strange and intriguing and certainly peaked my interest in the book before I began reading. Comp [...]

Received this book free in exchange for an honest reviewWent a bit outside my usual genre and read this memoir. The rating is based on my personal preference in books and not as a criticism against the author or writing. I am not a professional reviewer and as someone who has only ready YA-books for the last few years, I can honestly say this was a refreshing change as well as a personal challenge. I thank the author for allowing me to expand my horizons beyond my normal scope of books.The writi [...]

I received this book from the author for an honest review and I really enjoyed the book. The author tells us about his experience at Munro College in Jamaica. It is an all boys boarding school and he attended from 1977-1984. I would say 6th-12th grade for Americans. The school was founded in 1856 and I enjoyed all of the pictures in the book of the historic school. I loved when the author talked about the boys not having phones, internet, or TV. They had to write letters to their families. Imagi [...]

Nostalgia at its best. We all love to tell stories of the good old days and Whyte has done a splendid job of bringing his youth to life. Set up as a series of flashbacks to memories that lay a foundation for the rest of the authors life, the reader is allowed to immerse them self into the world of a Munronian. There is beautiful commentary on the life and interactions of fellow students and teachers, and the lessons learnt inside and out of the classroom. It is clear that the school had a great [...]

An incredible insight into the author's most influential years, A City Set Upon a Hill was a beautiful memoir! I thoroughly enjoyed Whyte's description of his memories and feeling his sense of longing for a time that defined him, that shaped him to become the person he is today. Not only was the story filled with humorous moments, but underlying within each recollection was this bittersweet tone that marked friendship, respect, a strong family-like bond that intertwined them. I loved how Whyte a [...]

Memories I chose to give this 4 stars because it was an interesting story. It was well written, however there were several small spelling errors.I think the author has a great way of making you feel like you were there. I would recommend this book for all who are curious about different educational cultures .

I enjoyed reading Nostalgia from: A City Set Upon a Hill by Garfield Whyte. It was it was interesting to read about his experiences at the boarding school. I don't read a lot of memoirs but a few do catch my eye. This is not the first book I have read by this author and I am sure I will read another in the future. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys memoirs.

Nostalgia from: A City Set Upon a Hill by Garfield Whyte is an amazing recollection of school memories filled with insightful fondness that shows how the author’s personality and growth in forever forged through his school experiences. The author has an amazing way of describing the school buildings and grounds which tends to give them a life of their own. This along with the many experiences he shares with readers slowly depicts how he evolves into the person he now is. The author uses quotes [...]

To read full review: natachabooksreview.wordpress.Not everyday we can enjoy learning about school experiences that changed people lives. In this memoir we are transported back in Jamaica from 1977 to 1984. The Boarding school for boys called Munro College has left an imprint on the lives of every students who walked through the walls. Munro is a college where it’s considered an honour to have studied there.Through Garfield’s words and pictures we can understand how it’s like to study there [...]

I just Finished reading the book memoir "Nostalgia: A city set up on a hill" by author (Garfield Whyte).Normally, I wouldn't choose high school memoir to read. However, Im really glad i did. It taught me something new and valuable of other cultures and experiences.In this story,"Garfield" the narrator; takes us in a Journey to his fondest memories from 1977 till 1984, during his education in Munro college. A boarding school that is located in Jamaica. Going to this school starts off as a dream t [...]

Nostalgia from: A City Set Upon a Hill: A Memoir is centered around one of the oldest all-boys boarding schools in Jamaica, established in 1856 and the author's high school for seven years. But this boarding school story transcends autobiography and even school memoir to offer a nostalgia piece especially inviting to anyone who knows Jamaica or boarding schools well, and is filled with accounts of what it meant to spend seven years in the Munro College high school environment.Color photos of the [...]

An unusual title, but nostalgia is most apt. The "city upon a hill" is Munro, what Whyte asserts is the best secondary school in Jamaica. He gives a very good description of the school's buildings and grounds, and also provides good coloured illustrations. He gives characterization of the teachers at the time (late1970s) and illustrations of how they behaved, and of the discipline, then finally he describes life experienced by the students. He does not say anything specifically about classes, ot [...]

I had the pleasure of reading Nostalgia From A city Set Upon a Hill supplied by the author in exchange for an honest review. I personally have zero experience with boarding schools. The only one I ever knew of was the one on the Facts Of Life in the 1980s. And even then those were all girls. This memoir is about a boarding school in the 1980s with all boys. And it's in Jamaica. The Munro college . The weight of respect and pride put upon this college leads me to believe that anyone who went ther [...]

What was it like for Garry Whyte to attend the elite boys boarding school of Munro? This excellent Memoir: Nostalgia From: A City Set Upon a Hill is Garry's account of those days. Munro College is the "City Upon a Hill"" because it sits up high on a small mountain near the coast of Jamaica. It's a beautiful place of old buildings, containing the most well-known, academically advanced, boy's institution of higher learning in Jamaica. Munro College is for boys in their first through sixth form yea [...]

Set in Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica at Munro College, a memoir of a all boys boarding school. The memoir tells of the different buildings, such as the barbecue. A commons type area where the boys would hang out. The long wall, with its magnificent views of the landscape and sunsets. And pictures of these places and buildings.Munro was a very strict and disciplined school that had prime ministers among its alma mater. The boys were generally well behaved and respectful to the teachers and peers, as t [...]

Nostalgic indeed, this book is a wandering collection of memories from the author's time at his elite boarding school in Jamaica. We are introduced to the daily routines, the school grounds, and the characters on campus through a mixture of straight description and anecdotes.This was a slightly difficult book to review. I believe that the author's fellow students would thoroughly enjoy this book. It's sort of the literary equivalent of reminiscing over a beer with your school friends (or perhaps [...]

This copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. In this book, the author takes the reader on a personal trip into his past. This memoir takes place at “The City Set Upon a Hill”-the school in Jamaica he attended. The author sweeps us all back to a simpler time-back to the basics of humanity and I personally couldn’t have been more impressed. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about it, but was quickly taken by the passion in which it was written. A beautiful story, inc [...]

I received a copy of this book in PDF free from the author. The book is about the time the author spent at Munro boarding school in Jamaica. He writes in such a way that you are transported to that time and place with him. He has included several pictures in the book but even if he hadn't I would have been able to picture it in my mind. I could feel the love and respect for that place, the time he spent and the lessons he learned there. It's a short read. Only about 120 pages. I highly recommend [...]

Hey, this was a nice book and it was insightful to say the least. I was a day scholar in high school and so I haven’t had experiences living in a boarding school. So this opened my eyes to this reality and showed me how it was for youngsters in the late 70s and 80s. And what an institution! The way the author has described the place, I almost wanted to study and live in the City. Kids and children of those times really didn’t have it easy and if I find any kid nowadays complaining about not [...]

I received a free copy from the author in exchange for my honest review. I had wanted to read it because I enjoy memoirs. I also enjoy reading about boarding schools. I enjoyed the authors boarding school memories very much. I look forward to reading more of his work. I am fairly close in age to the author since I graduated in 1980. It was nice to read about a time before cell phones and computers were common. I remember writing letters and talking to friends instead of texting them. I wonder ho [...]

Nostalgia from: A City Set Upon a Hill by Garfield Whyte was a visual treat and entertaining to read. Having spent a good few years of my childhood in an all-girls convent hostel, I wanted to read about how the experience is different in an all-boys hostel. The writing style was so good and I was literally able to visualize the scenarios with the way it was written and the pictures were not only a visual treat, but also give a glimpse into the prestigious Munro College. I loved reading this memo [...]

Nostalgia? Memoir? A mix of boths. But i would like to also, add if i may, that Garry Whyte has written an homage to the school that created a select group of men, set apart. Year after year MUNRO took in a group of boys and in a matter of years created an independent, intelligent, self-reliant, cohesive group of men. One in particular Garfield Whyte became an author well-worth reading."Good is not good when better is expected." Being accepted and attending the prestigious Munro school in Jamaic [...]

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