In the Shadow of Denali

Tracie Peterson Kimberley Woodhouse

In the Shadow of Denali

In the Shadow of Denali

  • Title: In the Shadow of Denali
  • Author: Tracie Peterson Kimberley Woodhouse
  • ISBN: 9780764219238
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Paperback

Cassidy Ivanoff and her father John, a wilderness guide, work at a prestigious new hotel outside Mt McKinley John s new apprentice, Allan Brennan, finds a friend in Cassidy, but the real reason he s here to learn the truth about his father s death is far dangerous than he knows.

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"I find myself thinking about him . . . One minute I think I have a good grasp on it - on my thinking and my heart, but then I see him and find myself quite overwhelmed."The predominate theme of this gentle and simple novel is a sweet and timeless love story perfectly suited for a Hallmark movie. Romantic love, agape love, love of friends, family, nature, and life itself are all featured elements. It is also an historical story of Denali (Mt McKinley) and the Alaskan wilderness in its shadow set [...]

Can I be very honest with you today? Like—very, very honest? I expected a lot more from this book. I thought it was going to be exciting, adventurous, and romantic. To be honest, it wasn’t really any of that.The book wasn’t intriguing. It seemed like all they did was think—literally. There wasn’t even that many interactions between Cassidy and Allan. There didn’t even seem like there was a climax.And please, do not think that I am trying to stab Tracie and Kimberley in the heart. I a [...]

Finally rating 4 stars.Okay, so I honestly have mixed emotions on this book. It was really good, but I felt like Allan's and Cassidy's realtionship could have been explained more. I did feel a connection between them, but it wasn't strong like other couples I have read about by Tracie Peterson. I still am going to read the next book in the series because I kinda have too for a review, but I honestly don't feel like I would, recommend this to anyone. Actaully I would recommend this book, but only [...]

Originally posted to christianshelfesteem.wordpres For anyone who has ever dreamt of visiting Alaska, In the Shadow of Denali is a must read. During my years in the majestic state, I ventured south to Seward and north to Talkeetna, both of which are mentioned in the book. It was from the Talkeetna Airport that a pilot/friend allowed me to glimpse a birds eye view of Denali. This story helped me revisit these places in my mind and to imagine what life may have been like in 1923.From the opening l [...]

There were so many things about this book I really, really enjoyed.-Cassidy was a very likable character. In a time where most fictional heroines are cynical and vengeful, Cassidy’s sweet innocence was a refreshing breath of fresh air.-Family relationships played a big role which was awesome! We don’t see very many family relationships–especially child-father relationships–in books.-Cassidy works in a kitchen and reading about all the desserts she baked definitely made me hungry.-I haven [...]

I've loved most every novel I've read by Tracie Peterson and this was no exception. The historical details about the city of Curry and Denali (Mt. McKinley) were interesting and brought to life well. Cassidy, Allan, John, and the other characters were entertaining. Recommend to fans of historical Christian fiction.

I enjoyed several of Peterson's other book series, including Heirs of Montana and Song of Alaska, and generally enjoy reading books set in Alaska, so I was really looking forward to this new series. However, I cannot give it a very good review. In fact, although I am over 200 pages into the book, I don't think I will be finishing it. Though I do not want to dissuade anyone from reading Peterson's other works, this book is just not up to her usual standards.My main objections:1. Cliche characters [...]

First, the disclaimer. "I was provided a free copy of this book. All opinions are my own." That done, IN THE SHADOW OF DENALI was a very exciting book that held my attention from the first page to the very last. From the prologue it is very apparent who the bad guy is, but there is some remaining questions as to how, even though the why is clearly answered. I liked Allan and John. They both were hurting from the tragedy and both needed to heal and stop placing blame. I liked Thomas too, he was a [...]

I was so excited to get my hands on this book because when I saw the opportunity to read it I was getting ready to head out on my adventure to Alaska with my own family. I wanted to see how much Alaska actually factored into the novel versus just being a backdrop. It is such a unique setting and truly brings a life of its own that you won’t experience elsewhere. So I was excited but also hesitant about diving into the novel.I can happily say that the authors truly did their research, and I wou [...]

This first book in a new series -- The Heart of Alaska -- delivers sweet romance steeped in rich historical detail along with an air of mystery. From the sinister prologue (written from the villain's point of view), actions are set in motion that have far-reaching effects. Six years later, Allan arrives, bringing the past with him. Burdened by suspicion and anger, he's determined to discover the truth behind his father's death. And unfortunately, he's been groomed to believe that mountain guide [...]

An entertaining story with likable characters. Nothing spectacular, but entertaining just the same. I had hoped for a little more suspense based on the description but found the storyline fairly predictable. While not my favorite book I've read lately, still a decent read. *I received a copy of this book from the publisher*

I had put off starting this book, but it was very good! Loved the Mount McKinley setting and the history about making t a state park. Excellent start to a new series

Allan Brennan has a tragic past and is trying to find out the mystery of his fathers death. His father died climbing Mount McKinley, but things just aren't quite right. In the beginning of the book we read the prologue, which details what actually happened when Henry Brennan and his business partner, Frank Irving, climbed the mountain. Frank, a bitter and greedy man, staged Henry's death to gain full control of the company. He then goes back to Henry's family, blaming it all on the guide, John. [...]

This review is also available on my blog, Read Till Dawn.I hadn't read a "chick flick" book in a long while, so I thought I'd shake things up a bit. I always like books about mountain climbing, and I've never read a book set in Alaska before, so In the Shadow of Denali had all the makings of a unique and grabbing read for me.And for the most part, it was that. The characters were slightly flat, it's true, and the romance was truely cringe-worthy (and the villain ridiculously stereotypical), but [...]

Set in a stunning locale and featuring interesting characters and intrigue aplenty, "In The Shadow of Denali" provides some solid entertainment for fans of historical fiction. I greatly enjoyed how the authors wove in unique historical details, bringing Alaska to life for me as a reader. In fact, by the time I closed the pages of this story, I found myself longing to drop everything and make a trip to Alaska myself, to enjoy the beautiful scenery and experience the majestic Denali mountain up cl [...]

This historical romance is a good adventure into Alaska during the development of Denali National Park. Peterson and Woodhouse add a little suspense to the plot as well.The romance revolves around Cassidy, whose father works as an outdoor guide at a hotel near Mt. McKinley, and Allan, a young man who arrives from Seattle to find out the truth about his father's death. Cassidy's father had been on the tragic climb that ended the life of Allan's father. There is definite tension as Allan is attrac [...]

I have mixed feelings about this book. I felt the best character in the book was Mrs. Johnson, who reminded me of Miss Patmore from Downton Abbey. She’s the head cook in the Curry Hotel. She is gruff at first but learns to open up a bit. She was real and experienced real growth but she was a minor character in the book. Thomas, with his clumsy, eager-to-please attitude, was another favorite character. I liked Cassidy well enough. She is a very optimistic person who recognizes that she’s had [...]

This was not the exciting Alaskan adventure I was hoping for. In fact, it was very blasé. Although I occasionally read Christian fiction and enjoy a wholesome story, this book was a bit heavy handed in that aspect. The story wasn't totally terrible, just not a lot of depth to it. Written in very simplistic language, I would consider this "fluff" when you are looking for a simple read.

Recently America's tallest mountain was given back its original name of Denali given to it by its inhabitants (which I always preferred to McKinley anyway, even though I have never been to Alaska). Denali has a mystery and beauty about it that this book really brings out while giving us the history behind the original name change. Curry Hotel, at the foot of the mountain, is preparing for a presidential visit to dedicate America's newest national park. Allan Brennan has arrived to be assistant t [...]

I wasn't going to do a review on this because it was a library book. i was going to read it for fun. However; I just decided to do it anyway because i really wanted people to know how much I really liked this book. I got to travel to Alaska without ever going and spending a lot of money lol!I learned a lot of interesting history about Alaskacially the name of the mountain. I never knew it had another name. It seems the people are interesting also.I liked John from the beginning. I liked his pers [...]

I love stories about national parks. The history of their development and what makes them special are things that last and hold interest even today. Focusing on this point in time in this area is a great choice. There is so much movement and change growing during this time in history that featuring it along with the stunning backdrop of the Alaskan Wilderness is a winning combination. The story starts off with a bang. It has a great hook to really pull you in and keep you guessing as to what rea [...]

Although I expected to love the heroine of the book, Cassidy, I never did feel close to her. However, I really liked the rest of the characters except for Frank. Perhaps, one message in many of the themes is that it is possible to learn about life and what God desires for us from the people who hurt us most of all. Since reading "In the Shadow of Denali" by Tracie Peterson, I realize that God really does want us to cast all of our burdens upon Him through prayer. One incident I especially rememb [...]

Set in Curry, Alaska (which no longer exists) in the early 1900’s, In the Shadow of the Denali presents an accurate picture of Alaska at the time Mt. McKinley is declared a national park. The book does not gloss over the unforgiving nature of the environment; the hardships involved in living there, neither does it hold back on the beauty and majesty of the land. The depiction of the dangers of summiting the mountain, and the extensive details involved were excellent.Denali, to the native popul [...]

About the Book:Cassidy Ivanoff and her father John, a wilderness guide, work at a prestigious new hotel outside Mt. McKinley. John's new apprentice, Allan Brennan, finds a friend in Cassidy, but the real reason he's here--to learn the truth about his father's death--is far more dangerous than he knows.My Review: This is the introduction to The Heart of Alaska series. This story takes us all the way back to the early 1900's, when at that time some parts of the United States were still being calle [...]

I want to thank Tracie Peterson and Kimberley Woodhouse, the authors and First Reads Giveaway for my copy of In the Shadow of Denali that I won in the Giveaway.In the Shadow of Denali is first a Christian romance set in the beautiful wilderness of Alaska near Mt. McKinley or Denali, meaning 'the great one' to the Alaskan native people. It is also a murder mystery with the reader watching the main characters figure out first that there was a murder and then the man that committed the murder and [...]

Downright compassionate, or should I say cultural or maybe I should say historical I definitely can call it suspenseful. This novel, and I do call it a novel, is full of every feeling you can think of - Cassidy and her father John works as a tour guide - and Allan is there to find out if John is responsible for the death of his father during one of his trips. Cassidy of course helps and romance pursues, of course. This book is also a historical book which means that it gives you the history of t [...]

It seemed that the entire purpose in writing this book was to build a framework upon which to teach lessons in positive Christian thinking. Obviously being a reader of Tracie's books I am open to those messages but when they consume every page to the detriment of the plot and characterization, I get highly annoyed. The characters in this book were flat. The scenes were flat, the advancement in plot flat and silly. The only good writing was in the first two chapters. After that it was all down hi [...]

Will loveor deathnd them in Denali?Tracie Peterson and Kimberley Woodhouse return once again to the vast expanse that would become the 49th state. The magic word 'Alaska' was really all it took for me to take an interest In The Shadow Of Denali. I've read books from the authors individually but this is the first one that they co-authored. I had a hard time connecting with the main characters at times, finding them both to be quite naive. But I did appreciate Allan's journey to forgiveness, a str [...]

"In the Shadow of Denali" by Tracie Peterson and Kimberley Woodhouse is the first in "The Heart of Alaska" series. It takes place in the early 1900's as Cassidy Ivanoff and her father help with coming visit of President Harding's visit. Cassidy is a cook's assistant while her father John is an exploration guide for wealthy clients. Years prior John was with a group that lost a member the father of Allan Brennan whom has come to Mount Denali to find out answers on why or how his dad died. This bo [...]

I don’t think I’ve read a book by Tracie Peterson that I didn’t like and I have also learned that she and Kimberly Woodhouse make a dynamite writing team. “In the Shadow of Denali” is a historical romantic suspense that beautifully showcases their teamwork.With a setting in the beautiful yet untamed wilderness at the base of the majestic Alaskan mountain Denali, the authors have brought their readers another thrilling and suspense filled tale. Their characters are down-to-earth and mus [...]

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