Red Hood and the Outlaws: Rebirth #1

Scott Lobdell Dexter Soy

Red Hood and the Outlaws: Rebirth #1

Red Hood and the Outlaws: Rebirth #1

  • Title: Red Hood and the Outlaws: Rebirth #1
  • Author: Scott Lobdell Dexter Soy
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Kindle Edition

When a shocking encounter with Batman solidifies the Red Hood s status as a villain, Jason Todd goes deep undercover to take down Gotham City s criminal underworld from the inside Along the way, Jason meets two unlikely allies a disgraced warrior named Artemis and a half baked Superman clone called Bizarro and the DCU s Dark Trinity is born

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When the whole rebirth thing was announced i was like yes finally someone else is gonna write Red Hood, then i found out Lobdell still had him and to put it as politely as possible i was not impressed in the slightest. Lobdell has been writing Red Hood for a while now, (and i've read it all) whether it's with the outlaws or with Roy, characters have come and gone and we've definitely seen some plotless volumes and crappy story telling as well as some poor character choices, so i was prepared for [...]

Nice colouring, great character and an interesting dynamic Looking forward to seeing where this series goes!

I normally avoid rating individual comic issues, but poor Lobdell gets so much shit, I just had to join the bandwagon when he finally started getting some good review for his Red Hood work. Most of this issue is a rehash of what we've already been told 500 times before. Jason was the "bad" Robin, Jason died, Jason came back a bit more bad. And it doesn't matter how many times the story is told, it's always just as heartbreaking. The art in particular was amazing, with Jason's torture and death a [...]

Absolutely loved this issue , with some of the best artwork from the week the story being a Rebirth ofcourse went into flashback with various key moments in the life of Jason Todd and meanwhile also focussed on how the times have changed Jason Todd and the Man he has become , A Man who is willing to do what Batman can't and still fight the war against Gothams Dirty scum but not in the way Batman necessarily approves . There was a moment when i did feel like this story may well be headed to the s [...]

Um really just Red Hood. Zero outlaws.If you don't know anything about Jason Todd then this will do an exceptional job catching you up, I think.However, I know the gist of his story and was looking for some team dynamics. Luckily, this was put together in a way that gives me hope for the first issue.We'll see in a few minutes. I picked that one up, too.

I've never really been a big fan of Red Hood (I much prefer the Arkham Knight look from the video games), but this was pretty interesting. There really was much of the Outlaws in this, it was all Red Hood, but I guess his partners will show up in the main line.

Red Hood and Outlaws - Dark Trinity. I picked this title up solely as an Artemis fan, and my adult son being a Jason Todd fanatic, it was worth the cash. Derek Soy's artwork is good, and it's a shame DC didn't go with the movie version of Artemis, but I'm not complaining, Red-Head Arti was the first, and that massive hairtail is somewhat of an institution.I got into Artemis while pregnant with my son (1995) because I identified more with Artemis as a kick-ass woman totally out of her element tha [...]

Comencé a leer la primera serie de RHATO y lo tuve que dejar porque simplemente no había mucho por dónde cogerla: argumentos con escasa profundidad y pobre caracterización de los personajes, sobre todo destaco a Jason, porque es el único que conocía de los tres. Luego Red Hood/Arsenal, que vino a ser más de lo mismo. Como fan de Jason Todd ha sido, así en general un poco triste ver como ha sido caracterizado en toda la etapa N52, divertido, pero muy pobre y "out of character" comparado c [...]

4.5/5?This was a huge, huge surprise. I read a little bit of Lobdell's RH&O series from the N52 and really, really didn't enjoy it. I suppose it wasn't horrible, but it definitely wasn't good enough for me to keep reading. So this was automatically one of the books I was least excited for coming out of Rebirth--when Rebirth has been going so amazingly right, why have a book with the same author as a mediocre run? That said, this was actually incredibly good. Maybe not as good as I think it i [...]

Really surprised how much I liked this. Jason isn't a character I know terribly well, but this was a great intro. Also loved the dynamic it set up between him and Batman.pop-break/2016/07/27/revie

I was going to bypass this title, but I took a chance. Glad I did. I like the approach that Scott is taking with Jason Todd. It fits the character.

Great retelling of Jason Todd's history and introduction to the series.

Not a big fan of Lobdell's Teen Titans, but his Red Hood is pretty good. The art is great, love the coloring work. And I like how the origin story of Jason stealing batmobile's tire is still here.

ik wist van te voren niet wat ik er van moest verwachten maar in dit eerste deel zaten al een paar wendingen die ik niet verwacht had. Jason word als tiener door Bruce Wayne in huis genomen en word zijn hulpje Robin. jaren later is hij red hood geworden en lijkt hij een slechterik maar dat blijkt niet zo te zijn. ja dat stond ook in de beschrijving maar had die niet gelezen voor ik de single issue las. wil wel verder met deze serie.

Loved this story. Great, with the flashbacks and the overall capturing of the characters as they should be. Amazing art. Definitely reading more in this series when I get done w the 1200 other TPBs on my list.

I loved it! It wasn't what I expected, but I enjoyed it so much! The artwork was beautiful, the storyline intriguing and the right amount of funny and self aware. I can't wait to read more, there better be more, okay I'm going to go check. I got this book through giveaways.

This was 10/10 my aesthetic.

Way,way,Way better then what came before! 2 thumbs up

Lo amé.

Possibly the most entertaining comic in the entire Rebirth series, especially if you're familiar with Jason Todd. If not, the comic provides a brief & satisfactory intro to the character's origin and past!

I've never liked the character Jason Todd/Red Hood at all. I was one of the people that hated him enough in the 1980's that I wanted to kill him off when DC had the 1-900 number in the back of the comics for you to call in to decide if he lived or died. My mom wouldn't let me call in. She said it was too much money for something so ridiculous. Luckily for me, enough other people hated the character as much as I did and DC killed him. He stayed dead for years. Out of all of the comics that he has [...]

I enjoyed the retelling of Jason Todd's origin. There was a parallel of Jason and Bruce's worlds. Both were Gotham orphans. Jason had the audacity to try and steal a batmobile rim. Of course he got caught by the bats himself. I loved how Batman treated him with kindness instead of force. Eventually Jason became the next Robin. A fight with the Joker led Jason's death. The Lazarus pit brought him back. Years later the 2nd Red Hood was born. He must act as a villian to investigate Gotham's crimina [...]

Review: 9.0/10This issue was surprisingly really good. The majority of it is a recounting of Jason Todd's life and some major points that have brought him where he is today. It touches on all the ones we know of course. The story continues during modern day and still shows how strained Jason and Batmans relationship is. But strained as it might be there is still a massive amount of love and respect from both sides, and this issue does such a great job at portraying that. The issue begins with Ja [...]

3.0 - I went into this with a deep apathy thanks to the clumsy, chauvinist Red Hood title I remembered from New 52.This is not that, despite still being written by Scottt Lobdell.It’s a book that very quickly dives deeply into Jason Todd’s motivations to play the role of this vigilante when he could easily be a big-name hero. I’m already acquainted with his death since it’s from my original era of reading comics, but this contextualized it in a way that made me finally care about my leas [...]

In 'Red Hood and the Outlaws #1' by Scott Lobdell with art by Dexter Soy, we get a lot of Red Hood, and not so much of the Outlaws, but I'm sure they will be along soon.Jason Todd, who I remember having been killed by the Joker once, has been back as the Red Hood. In this reboot, we go back to Jason's beginnings at Ma Gunn's School for Wayward Boys and the day Batman came to visit. We return to the present where Red Hood is rescuing Ma Gunn, but we aren't sure why at first. Jason still plays rou [...]

Good red hood story! def read it

A nice balance for new and old fans alike with regards to the character of Red Hood.This One-shot lays the foundation for a complicated character who was trained by the one and only Batman.The book certainly peaked my interest, enough to look into the trade paperback when it becomes available.

AmazingRed Hood is back and the things I always loved about the character. The relationship ship with him and Batman has gotten better with time but still a bit rocky which is a huge part of why I enjoy reading Red Hood. Hero or villain? Red Hood is somewhere in between and this is what separates him from the rest.

5/5 starsIf you want to see me upset, just remind me of Jason's backstory. He's come so far and he's still going places, and I honestly cannot wait to read the new series. This comic is such a good introduction to his character if you only know the basics of his life pre-Red Hood!

Always enjoyed the Red Hood lore and this rebirth issue ticks all the right boxes. This could be one of the interesting side comics that shines above the rest. If you haven't seen or read Under The Red Hood, you should check it out.

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