Nightwing (2016-) #1

Tim Seeley Javier Fernández

Nightwing (2016-) #1

Nightwing (2016-) #1

  • Title: Nightwing (2016-) #1
  • Author: Tim Seeley Javier Fernández
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Nightwing Nightwing is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.The character has appeared in various incarnations, with the Nightwing identity most prominently being adopted by Dick Grayson when he moved on from his role as Batman s vigilante partner Robin. Although Nightwing is commonly associated with Batman, the title and concept have origins in classic Dick Grayson Dick Grayson as Nightwing on the cover of Nightwing Jan Art by Philip Tan. Nightwing Vol False Starts Paperback January , Chuck Dixon s resume includes thousands of scripts for iconic characters like Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Iron Man, the Punisher, The Simpsons, Spongebob Squarepants, GI Joe and many others. Nightwing Vol Rough Justice Paperback Fulfillment by FBA is a service we offer sellers that lets them store their products in s fulfillment centers, and we directly pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products. Assistir Series Online Assistir Filmes Online Mega Assistir Filmes Online, Sries Online, Filmes Grtis Sobrenatural Sobrenatural Dick Grayson , la enciclopedia libre En la nueva continuidad creada tras el relanzamiento de las publicaciones de DC Comics en el evento conocido como Los Nuevos durante nmeros de su serie Dick sigui siendo Nightwing como tal sin haber tomado alguno el manto de Batman, y tras el evento Forever Evil, se dio a conocer por parte del Sindicato del Crimen de Amrica su identidad al pblico, estando secuestrado y Comic Guests CE Chicago Comic Entertainment Expo ComicGuests EntertainmentGuests GamingGuests CE Show Alerts Crew applications are now closed Badges are on sale now Learn More Assistir Series Online Mega Filmes HD Plus Sries Online Assistir Filmes Online, Sries Online, Filmes Grtis Sobrenatural Sobrenatural The Creepiest Sexual Encounters in Comic Book History Thanks for connecting You re almost done Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username. Dick Grayson Wikipdia Alias Robin Nightwing Batman Red X Agent Activit Ancien acrobate Capacits Athlte accompli, acrobate matre en arts martiaux fin tacticien militaire Excellent dtective Accs un quipement de haute technologie avanc Famille

BETTER THAN BATMAN Chapter OneBatman taught Nightwing everything he knows but what if everything he taught him is wrong When Dick is stuck with a new mentor who challenges everything Batman taught him, Nightwing has to shatter his concept of justice in order to fight for what he knows is right Writer Tim Seeley GRAYSON, BATMAN ROBIN ETERNAL launches Nightwing o BETTER THAN BATMAN Chapter OneBatman taught Nightwing everything he knows but what if everything he taught him is wrong When Dick is stuck with a new mentor who challenges everything Batman taught him, Nightwing has to shatter his concept of justice in order to fight for what he knows is right Writer Tim Seeley GRAYSON, BATMAN ROBIN ETERNAL launches Nightwing onto a new quest alongside rising talent Javier Fernandez RED HOOD ARSENAL.

Recent Comments "Nightwing (2016-) #1"

Actual rating: 4.75 stars.Not bad, my only major concern is that Raptor will turn into an Azrael knock-off.

I liked the story much better than the rebirth issue. This found it's own story and is setting up a run that will give Nightwing his own arc. The Batman inclusion seemed a little forced but overall this worked well and I think it might grow into an interesting series. It has solid writing and a direction some of the other storylines lack, loving the art here.

Tim Seeley's approach to Nightwing were revealed during the Rebirth One shot and it was clear he was going to make Nightwing a mix of Super Spy meets vigilante - aka James bond meets batman but this was the first actual portrayal of such idea . The mere Title of the book creates a huge deal of anticipation , calling the book and the Titular hero "Better Than Batman" makes for a huge deal of work to be done by the author and somehow nothing relevant comes out in this book to prove the validity of [...]

Great!I have always loved Nightwing and this story is getting good. Parliament of owls, the relationship with Batgirl, and seeing him doing things on his own away from Batman are all great things you see in this chapter of Nightwing's life.

Not a bad start but not a great one either. This looks to be a promising book, but at the same time not necessarily one that I "have" to read bi-monthly

Review: 8.5/10I like the take this is taking on Grayson. He is kind of in the post college state of his superhero career and the text does a lot to prove that that is kind of the metaphor they are going for. He has spent some time away from Gotham and coming back to it sheds a new light and perspective on it all. Everyone around him has changed and their expectations of him have changed as well. Batman expects him to be a person all of his own, and Barbara expects him to take some time to be him [...]

There's still a lot of Dick outlining his relationships with the readers. It probably helps those who are wholly unfamiliar with his history, but I've been a Nightwing fan for a long time so I felt that all of this had been sorted already. I do like how Raptor is being set up and I am interested in seeing how that relationship goes. If a comic keeps me waiting for the next issue, it's doing its job.

"You need a new partner. A better mentor. Because everything batman taught you is wrong."For a first time reader, Better than Batman is intriguing enough. Love the dynamics between the Batman and Robin, even the scene with Batgirl is also good and funny. Will definitely pick up the next one.

Actual Rating 3.5Pros: Nightwing's banter, chemistry between Dick and Barbara. The mission makes a little sense.Cons: Weird storyline. Strange opening pages.Overall, the issue was tepid. I hope they put more effort into building an interesting story in the next issue.

Liked this at first blush, but became less and less excited about it as it went on. Like that the cheeky sense of humor and globe-trotting have transferred here from 'Grayson', but Raptor toes the line of being too big.pop-break/2016/07/28/revie

I didn't expect to enjoy that as much as I did. The voice of Grayson seems to be consistent (within these past two issues, at least) and the art is appealing. This one feels like a well paced comic, thus far.

Just when he thinks he's out, they pull him back in! Grayson is back as Nightwing, but he's still in the spy game. He wants to be on his own, but he doesn't seem completely comfortable with it either. He is forced to work with a new partner, but it doesn't look like it's going to work out.

3.5 stars I started to read at the second issue because I thought I read the first one that was probably the rebirth. It's a wonder I was confused at the beginning of the second issue.Nightwing is working for the Court of Owls to destroy them from the inside. I was confused because I wondered why the court would accept him, but I forgot that the court planted a bomb inside Damian. It is out, but Nightwing still wants to work with them.Nightwing goes to Batman for advice, but Batman tells him he [...]

no es muy entretenida si no conoces muy bien sus origenes


Writer Tim Seeley really has kept Dick Grayson consistent throughout the course of his run on Grayson and in the first couple of issues of this series. He seems to really understand who the character is and what motivates him. One of my favorite moments of this issue is a scene between Nightwing and Batgirl. The relationship that these two characters have with each other has always been one of my favorites in all of comics. Even though Babs isn't one of the characters that Seeley has written ver [...]

I really enjoyed this story. Nightwing is doing things his own way like his mentor. The Parliament of Owls think they own him. So when his assigned partner comes around, things get heated. I love seeing bat family cameos. It brings me back to Batman the animated series, which spured my love for all things batman.

Nightwings self proclaimed partner Raptor insults him and smacks him around a little bit.This should be a interesting duo.

Follows from Nightwjng rebirth. I was behaved and loved this issue.

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