Caroline and Her Kettle Named Maud

Miriam E. Mason Joseph Escourido

Caroline and Her Kettle Named Maud

Caroline and Her Kettle Named Maud

  • Title: Caroline and Her Kettle Named Maud
  • Author: Miriam E. Mason Joseph Escourido
  • ISBN: 9780027632804
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Paperback

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I read this many times when I was a kid, and loved it, but I never knew until I got onto GoodReads that there was a sequel. The two books are about a girl living on the frontier, and the adventures she has and the dangers she faces. Great books!

I don't even know where to begin. As a girl, I loved this book. Loved. And I have no effing idea why, because it's about a girl who wants a gun more than anything else in the world; I am staunchly anti-gun and have been since I can remember. This story deals a lot with disappointment, which any child can relate to, but it has so much sexism (girls have to take care of house stuff) and racism (playing "Soldiers and Indians") that I can't wrap my brain around how it came to be such a staple of my [...]

I had forgotten about this book until today when I saw it on the "Nostalgia for the Book Club, circa '60's & '70's" Flickr pageSee the main page hereflickr/photos/jl-incro See this book's page hereflickr/photos/jl-incroI don't remember much about the plot of this story, but I do remember the kick-ass Caroline of the title, a feisty little pioneer girl who names her kettle like the boys name their guns. How cool is that! Damn cool, I say. I'm giving it four stars (even though I don't remembe [...]

As Caroline's birthday approaches, she fully expects to receive a gun as a present. All the male members of her family receive one, why should she expect otherwise? When she receives a fancy gold-colored kettle instead, Caroline is bitterly disappointed. When her family moves to a rather unsettled and wild part of the country, she is even more disappointed because she cannot hunt wolves like her uncles do. What good is a kettle against wolves?A cute story about a young girl on the frontier who s [...]

I had two favorite books that my mom read to me as a child. This was one of them. They also happened to be childhood favorites of hers. Is it a bit dated? Yes, it's an old book. A little lacking in PC by today's standards? Sure. It doesn't take away from the excitement I felt hearing and reading this story as a child. I love it (and my other favorite) so much that I found and bought copies of them both. They have a place of honor in my nightstand bookshelf, where only my most treasured stories a [...]

My children and I loved this book! It was just the right amount of excitement combined with historical elements. The book is reminiscent of the Little House books, but in a simpler writing style. The book opened up great discussions about gender roles through history, hard work, and family unity. I was pleased to find this lesser known gem of a book.

Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote better children's books about farm life in the 1800's. I guess that's what I get for trying something new!

Oh my word! So much nostalgia. :)

I found in my stash from 1965 scholastic/ so had to re read/ always remembered loving it and it wa worthy!!

This is a book from my childhood that my mother was getting rid of; so I grabbed it and absorbed it into my own library. :DCaroline fights off a wolverine with a kettle and an angry cow.

She's a girl who wants a gun. All her brothers get a gun, but she gets a kettle. In the endmething happens!

First chapter book I remember reading as a child. I was mesmerized and loved the spunky heroine Caroline. This is a wonderful children's book. I need to find a copy on eBay and purchase it.

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