The Perfect Stroke

Jordan Marie

The Perfect Stroke

The Perfect Stroke

  • Title: The Perfect Stroke
  • Author: Jordan Marie
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 378
  • Format: ebook

This bad boy wants to show her his rock hard nine iron and his smooth stroke C.C Gray Lucas is a bad boy, on and off the green As golf s new media darling, his face is plastered on the front of every tabloid in the country His exploits are legendary one of which is me.We had a one night stand, before I knew who he was It was passionate, wild and exhilarating I shoulThis bad boy wants to show her his rock hard nine iron and his smooth stroke C.C Gray Lucas is a bad boy, on and off the green As golf s new media darling, his face is plastered on the front of every tabloid in the country His exploits are legendary one of which is me.We had a one night stand, before I knew who he was It was passionate, wild and exhilarating I should forget him The guy is everything I can t stand arrogant, entitled, and privileged Then he walks into my garage, looking better than I remember, his eyes tempting me with wicked promises But I m not about to let a player like him into my bed again.Not even if I can t stop thinking about the taste of his lips, his magic fingers, or other parts of his anatomy Gray I work hard I play harder Until my playing causes me to lose my main sponsor months before I m set to win the biggest tournament of my career Now I m stuck in the middle of nowhere, Kentucky I need the sponsorship Riverton Metals can provide.The problem is, my head isn t in the game I can t stop thinking about the luscious redhead that I only know as CC We had a one night stand the best night of my life but she bolted before I could even get her name.Imagine my surprise when my car breaks down and the grease monkey under the hood is my dream woman She didn t know who I was then, but now that she does, she wants nothing to do with me and my player ways.She thinks she can resist me.But I m about to show her that this player doesn t lose and that my nine inch iron can deliver the perfect stroke WARNING Don t go looking for golf in this bookbut you may spot a birdie or two

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This book in one gif Meet CC Well, I mean, if I was gonna have a one-night stand with a pro athlete, I'd much rather it was football or basketball Something. I mean, at least then I could brag a little. I can't here."I liked CC fine. She's a smart ass but not ditzy a little unusual but very relatable. pragmatic but not a prude. She's consistent throughout. She delivers some good banter lines. She just doesn't have any big moments to love nor hate her.Meet GraysonGrayson is okay. Nothing particul [...]

3.5 StarsOverall Opinion:This was way better than I thought it'd be! I really enjoyed their banter and the H's crazy family. It was hot too! The sponsor drama was a little stupid at times, but it didn't tick me off. The H took me a little bit to warm up to because his inner dialogue was cocky at first and he even addresses his manwhore past, but he gets WAY better quickly. Please don't let that turn you off and stop readinghe really does turn into a great H that is all about the h! Was it deep a [...]

3.5 This one was pretty fun!Ok, so it's nothing to tell the children about, but it was pretty decent. I quit expecting amazing stuff from romances, so a good one is kind of it for me.The characters were damn great and they had that chemistry I'm looking for in books like these. And the female character was absolutely great! Even the plot was pretty ok, and that's even harder to find, so yay!Why not more than 3.5? Well, as I've said before, I didn't really "feel" too much (but that is probably my [...]

Genre: CRSensuality: R, I guessManho golf star meets female mechanic.The writing style did not grab me. It's hard to pinpoint why. I can certainly see others really liking it (well, except for this line - "My dick is the last dick that pussy is ever going to squeeze the baby juice out of.”- Um, okayyyyyyyy.) Basically, I thought the author gave a valiant try but it lacked finesse and verve for me.DNF @ 15%

You have to love Gray, the man gets all caveman at times, “everyone out!” Gray yells. No one leaves. “You either leave or you’ll see me effing my woman on the kitchen table.” I loved this book, Jordan may be known for her MC books but I think she'll do great in Rom-coms because the Lucas family was so entertaining, and just awkward at times that you hope all the siblings get a book of their own. I'm so glad Jordan decided to step out of her comfort zone and try something new, she naile [...]

When I started this book, I wasn't sure the hero, Grayson, was going to be someone I could like. He was arrogant and sure of himself. He approached the heroine Claudia at a bar and initially she shot him down. This intrigued him since he was the bad boy of the golfing world and most women fell at his feet. She finally caved and they had a weekend fling. Claudia snuck out of the hotel on Sunday morning. They couldn't stop thinking about each other so imagine their surprise when Grayson's car brea [...]

I read the second book in this series first, Raging Heart On, and quite enjoyed it. This one thought just wasn't as good. My hang up was with Gray. His past exploits were a little much for me as they were constantly repeated through 3/4 of the book. He just didn't come across as that sweet hero that I was looking for. The heroine however was great and saves the book for me.

Any book with a H who says this(view spoiler)["My Dick is the last dick that pussy is ever going to squeeze the baby juice out of." (hide spoiler)] Is not for me. =)

5 Colourful Crayon Boy StarsJordan Marie is an author who has written MC books that I've enjoyed so when I saw she had written a RomCom type novel I thought I would give it a whirl. The cover was hot and the synopsis was intriguing so I was in. The only thing that was holding me back was that this hero played golf. Huh. Well, frankly, I'm with CC on this. about golf is sexy or interesting. I have never read a book with a golfing hero and can honestly say, prior to this I've never wanted to. Then [...]

3.75 starsMany shining stars for the strong badass heroine!!! I just freaking LOVED her. CC, you rock!The book is hilarious (sarcastic humor is not an everybody's thing, but I like it); side characters were funny. The family of the H was a "crazy mess" :-) how many children? And the names :-)The H had almost ruined the book for me He was a big as*hole at the beginning. His abhorrent comments about his previous hook-ups were just too much! He changed after meeting the h, but I couldn't forget his [...]

So I've totally found a new author to stalk. This was so freaking hilarious and sexy! I seriously couldn't put it down! From the first page to the last I was completely immersed in this story! I never thought a golf player could be hot, but Jordan Marie changed that in an instant! The chemistry between the h/h was off the charts. I seriously loved everything about it! I can't wait for more in this series!

Oh my word she has done it again!! Jordan Marie is an automatic one click author for me, I just love her work. Up until now she has only written MC which had always been exceptional so I was pleasantly surprised and very happy to see a romcom from her. I just knew it would be awesome and couldn't wait to dig in! Gray and CC could not be more different, he is a pro golfer at the top of his game and she is a mechanic living in a small town. But when they meet sparks fly and hijinks ensue! The Perf [...]

Review can be found HERE --> /review/show~Kelly

bookslifewine/r-the-perfec I really enjoyed The Perfect Stroke! I’ve been hitting Kindle Unlimited pretty hard lately – I really want to get more out of it than endless Alexa Riley books (I think I’ve decided that AR is like Pokémon – “gotta read them all” LOL).Most of the stuff I’ve been pulling out of KU has been…slush pile quality at best. But The Perfect Stroke gave me exactly what I expected to get: a Romantic Comedy. YES! I seriously enjoyed The Perfect Stroke – had no i [...]

Funny, naughty and very entertaining!The Perfect Stroke is a hot and sexy read! The humor reached bust-a-gut levels, and the romance was completely swoony. A very unique love story with plenty of hidden secrets and drama to last for days. A great read!

5****+The Perfect Stroke is something brand new from Jordan Marie and she has proven she can turn her writing talent in any direction.The Perfect Stroke is a funny, romantic sexy hot read with some twists that will leave you gripped throughout ~ I am girl crushing on CC hard she is a down to earth sassy, sexy smart mouthed girl who I want to be me BFF !!!Gray ~ A sexy hot man who has every kind of woman falling at his feet, he knows he is sexy hot and is bank balance is also a bonus to some, he [...]

Colour me surprised that I liked a book about a golfer I mean seriously Who would've guessed that someone who plays golf can be sexy"What do you do then?""I play golf""Golf?""Yeah""Like Weird-hats-crazy-pants-ugly-shirts golf?""I don't wear clothes like that, but yeah.""But you don't look like you're eighty!!"LOL. My thoughts exactly. I thought this was a long book, because I was at 44% or something thinking what else is going to happen?? Is there more sex scenes? Really? but the actual book fin [...]

This books is amazing going from a one night stand to falling in the with each other even though they were being so stubborn at first there was a lot of emotions and there's was a lot of laughing stuff going on Grey and CC are perfect for each other how a one night stand change there life for the better even though CC had some trust issues there love was strong I love this book you should read this book you won't regret it the perfect stroke was mind blowing Greys family are great and funny love [...]

I think the overall story was pretty good and the characters were interesting, but really the amount of sex overwhelmed it. I think the relationship between the H & h needed more development. And honestly? It wasn't that funny Sorry. Oh, and the H was a big jackass in the beginning and didn't need to be.

I would have enjoyed it more without all the mean people drama. :-(

This was a cute story one night stand accidentally turns into much more, as much as both parties resist it. CC moreso than Gray. Gray really pursued CC once he knew where she was. Sadly, he had to court a rich guy for a sponsorship who had a daughter who had a very keen interest in Gray this same family having caused CC many problems when she was younger. And when Cammie doesn't get what she wants, her father puts heat on Gray, which Gray does his damndest to deflect over and over again. I loved [...]

Awesome!I can't tell you how much I love Jordan's books. She knows how to give you everything you could possibly want in a story and so much more. Your not going to find a quick and clean fluff piece from her but you will get a fantastic story with humorous, sexy, and real characters, emotions that will bring you to your knees, and dirty, hot scenes that will give you ideas about what to do while you're down there! For instance, in this book you can't help but connect with the characters and sto [...]

I'm learning that the prolifically advertised books are not always the gems they claim to be. Although this book wasn't bad, it had some trite cliches and some unforgivable grammatical mistakes that dragged the rating down. I liked the hero and heroine just fine, but there was nothing really memorable about either of them. Wait, I take that back. A thirty-five-year-old man should act more maturely. Those cliches I mentioned? They are trends I find annoying, so don't put much stock in them. I hat [...]

Fuera del insta-love y de las peleas sin sentido, es una historia que me mantuvo entretenida aunque no lo suficientemente enganchada. Es bastante predecible (view spoiler)[ sobre todo en relación con Riverton y su vínculo con Claudia(hide spoiler)]. Gray peca de una perfección exagerada y poco creíble, mientras que Claudia es excesivamente cobarde y se da bastantes vueltas en la medida que progresa el libro (es la primera vez que leo una protagonista que se llame igual que yo, y la verdad es [...]

I was not sure which direction this book would take as it is different from the authors MC series, but my word, I need not have worried, it is amazing! Gray is a bad boy, man-whore, famous golfer, and is in town for a meeting re sponsors. CC is a sassy garage owner, and when these two meet it is instant chemistry, and hot sex. I loved all of Gray’s huge crazy family, and the dialogue between them all is hilarious. I was hooked on this story from the very beginning, and could not put it down un [...]

This book was amazing. Going from a one night stand to him falling for her has to be the cutest thing. They were both being so stubborn about getting together but I am glad they did. CC was good for him. This book had me laughing though some of the scenes were to funny. Out of all the people Grey mom has to my favorite. She is so crazy and I love it. I hope that there will be more books to come because I would love read more about Grey and CC and more of his family too. Jordan you did such a goo [...]

I adore Jordan and her books. Going in I wasn't sure what to expect she is known for her MC books and this is so different from them, but still packs that witty banter and dialogue that she never fails to deliver on. Gray and CC - well let's just say Gray doesn't disappoint he can really stroke it if ya catch my drift, he can sink a hole in one hehe CC was a firecracker. What really got me in this book was Gray's family - the crayola gang ROFL I want my own crazy family just like theirs. I'll ev [...]

Gostei e recomendo! A história é bem previsível mas acaba prendendo a atenção do leitor. Gosto da autora e vou acompanhar a série!----I enjoyed and recommend. The story is quite predictable but ends up holding the reader's attention. Like the author and I will accompany the series.


A lighthearted Sexy Read!! This story was great. I loved the passion between Grey and CC and I really loved The Lucas Family!! I Can't wait for more.

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