GirlsQuad (Best of Friends, Book 2)

J.A. Heron

GirlsQuad (Best of Friends, Book 2)

GirlsQuad (Best of Friends, Book 2)

  • Title: GirlsQuad (Best of Friends, Book 2)
  • Author: J.A. Heron
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Kindle Edition

The GirlsQuad ladies are back and the next chapter of their lives is about to begin We re join the girls in the small village of Quicks Green, right where we left off Brenda s future is uncertain Carla is missing Clarissa is angry Davina is dealing with her mother The last time we were with these girls, all of them were juggling an innumerable amount of balls in thThe GirlsQuad ladies are back and the next chapter of their lives is about to begin We re join the girls in the small village of Quicks Green, right where we left off Brenda s future is uncertain Carla is missing Clarissa is angry Davina is dealing with her mother The last time we were with these girls, all of them were juggling an innumerable amount of balls in the air, their lives were in turmoil Each character is dealing with something in their personal life, but as a strong and inseparable unit, they face these issues head on One of the girls has been holding onto a dark secret, one that no one knows about Which one is it What has she been hiding How will they all deal with it GirlsQuad have a lot of living, loving and figuring stuff out to do One thing s for sure they ll do it together GirlsQuad is a series, so it is advisable that you read book one first.

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My Rating:4.5Favorite Quotes:Hope. It’s a word loaded with possibilities. It’s an optimistic word, one that can build dreams or crush them in the blink of an eye. I ignore the fact that I haven’t brushed my teeth for a couple of days, and my breath probably smells like a tramp’s underwear.Who would’ve guessed that it would take a brain fart for me to become intelligent.Chris was easy on the eye, it’s just a shame he was such a nob jockey – a two-timing cheat and love rat.We’re on [...]

loved this as much as the first series funny witty sad and had me saying oh my god

After the jaw dropping end of book 1, I was eagerly awaiting book 2 and wow it didn't disappoint. I loved all 4 characters, Clarissa, Brenda, Carla and Davina of the book and found you can relate to each one.The story was an emotional rollercoaster with tears and laughter and begins where book one left off so no spoilers. So get your tissues at the ready for happy tears as well as sad.The GirlsQuad book 2 leaves you with a jaw dropping ending and I'm already hoping for a another book ASAP !!! So [...]

To say I was excited about the second instalment of GirlsQuad would be puting it mildly.I was a little hyper about it. Returning to the girls we know and love; Carla, Davina, Clarissa and Brenda.This emotional rollercoaster of a book will you chucking one minute and sobbing the next (not always in that order!). Excerpt:When I'm gone, I want you to remember the happy times. Smile when you think of me; don't spend the hours, weeks, or months crying over some bring that cannot be controlled.But ser [...]

It feels like I have been waiting forever for this conclusion to what was happening in the lives of Clarissa, Brenda, Carla, and Davina, aka GirlsQuad!GQ2 begins where GQ left off, no spoilers from me but somebody's life was changing forever and I cursed the author for leaving it there, but it stepped right back into it with no reminders needed, if you have read GQ then you will know what I mean! (And you should before you read this anyway).This book takes the format with each chapter being the [...]

This story continues straight after book one finishes. I have been awaiting this book since I read GirlsQuad book one in November 2015 and it was definitely worth the wait.The story of Clarrisa,Brenda,Carla and Davina will take you on a massive emotional rollercoaster. I honestly don't think I've laughed and cried so much reading a book like I have reading this book.It's left me an emotional wreck but it is so worth it.It's a beautiful story of true friendship and that somehow no matter what the [...]

The eagerly awaited book 2 in the GirlsQuad series didn't disappoint carrying on with the quirky friendship between these four girls. Told from 4 points of view which I found easier to read in this book probably because I'm now used to the characters and could relate better to them. my favourite still has to be dizzy Davina with her total lack of understanding at times turning to Google or siri for help at every opportunity! the girls' friendship is at the heart of this book.whilst each characte [...]

This beauty continues from where book one finished. All the girls are dealing with Brenda's diagnosis as well as their own troubles. The girls struggle to get through everything but have a laugh along the way, I don't want to spoil this so I'll just leave it at that and add that there's some shocking twists and turns and you WILL get emotional. This book is about friendship and how it stays solid during the hard times. I cried so hard at a certain part and that ending left me with my mouth hangi [...]

Amazing.loved this book as much as book 1, it picked up where book 1 finished and had you gripped all the way through, following the lives of the four friends and their partners, the ups and the downs, had you crying tears of laughter and sadness. Davina as in book 1 entertained you throughout with her dizzy character. It makes you want a friendship like they have.I finished this in the early hours of this morning and had to read the last couple of pages again this morning to make sure I read it [...]

I've been waiting very patiently for the second book in this series and I couldnt wait to make a start. GirlsQuad 2 starts from where you are left in book 1. As with the first book, GQ2 is just as funny, real life, jaw droppingly good and very emotional in parts. You will definitely need tissues and that's for laughing so much you'll pee yourself and from the tears that will fall because you become so emotionally attached to the characters. You will feel every emotion that each of these amazing [...]

This book follows on from book 1is story is touching in many ways. It follows Clarissa, Brenda, Davina and Carla on their daily lives as hairdressers. Four friends, four lives, one complete family. This book will make you happy and sad, because of the events that do unfold. (I won't give the story away) it does answer a lot of questions unanswered from book 1 - why Carla is the way she is and Why Davina has a distant relationship with her mum. It follows Brenda as she battles her brain Tumour, a [...]

This is a 3.5 rating for Girlsquad 2. The second in the series from J A Heron. It follows straight on from the first book and follows the dramatic lives of 4 dear friends who work together at Girlsquad, a hairdressers and beauty salon. Their lives are complicated, emotional and loving with the men in their lives. The book flows well and tells the story from each of the main characters. To me the story really kicks in and becomes exciting half way through. Although I enjoyed the book I felt somet [...]

SpectacularWhat more can I say? I think the title of my review says it all but I will try to elaborate. This story follows on from where we left off in GirlsQuad, we follow the ladies further into their lives and learn more about them. It is such a fabulous story that it released all sorts of emotions. I laughed (a lot), I cried (a fair bit) but most of all I found I could not put down the book, so much so that I read it in one morning. If you are looking for characters that feel as if you know [...]

Wowing storyis picks up where the last one left offis is a story about 4 best friends and their lovesIt will put you on an emotional roller coasterI am not sure which character that I loved the mostI did try, but they are different and very likable. I laughed and cried and even wanted to pull out my hair (no pun here). This series is a must read, and if you don't you will miss outSecrets? who knows what you will uncoverI don't give spoilers, but if you want a funny lovable series these are the b [...]

These 4 girls i fell in love with while i read book 1.I was so exited when i finally got to read the second book.This book is full of fun,love sadness and just lifes ups and downs.We get to go through it all with them while reading this great book.Im not going to say anything that happens in this book as if you have read book one you will want to discover it all for yourself,all i can say is ALL JA Herons books are a fab read you must read them all, and jane please write about these girls again [...]

Been waiting not so patiently for this book and boy it doesn't disappoint. It starts right where book one finished and boy it's one hell of an emotional tug so chocolate is definitely needed. I just couldn't put it down, just a shame real life got in the way oh and the need for sleep. The girls pull you in again. Plenty of twists and turns and will keep you on your toes. Add this latest to your TBR list

Wow!!! I thought I loved book 1. This book had me from the beginning. Loved it. The book picks up right where book 1 left off. Every single one of the ladies is dealing with their own problems but you best believe they all stick tofu and help each other in the good and the bad times.

I loved this book from start to finish.Jane made me laugh and the cry with the book.The friendship between these 4 friends is awesome. They are a sisterhood.I really hope there is a book 3 because the end of this book made me say "What the hell is going on"

I need a moment to compose myself!! Review to come!!!!

Omg tears and laughter and more tears! This book had me laughing and crying absolutely fantastic read of 4 girls and their lives. Another book is needed to tie up the loose ends xc

This book was great couldnt put it down when i was able to sit and read it i highly recommend this book

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