Iris After the Incident

Mina V. Esguerra

Iris After the Incident

Iris After the Incident

  • Title: Iris After the Incident
  • Author: Mina V. Esguerra
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Which moment has defined your life so far Whether she likes it or not, Iris s life has been divided into two Before the Incident, and After the Incident Something very private was made very public, and since then life has been about recovering from being shamed, discovering her true friends, and struggling to find a new normal Two years into this new life and she finalWhich moment has defined your life so far Whether she likes it or not, Iris s life has been divided into two Before the Incident, and After the Incident Something very private was made very public, and since then life has been about recovering from being shamed, discovering her true friends, and struggling to find a new normal Two years into this new life and she finally connects with a guy again He lives in the apartment down the hall, he s hot, and he doesn t look at her that way He doesn t know what happened But he also won t give her his name, not right away which has to mean he s got something to hide too Iris wants to start over Should she do that with the only person who will understand, or is this the same idiotic decision that got her in trouble in the first place

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Iris After the Incident is the most feminist & empowering romance book I've ever read. It's about a woman whose privacy was invaded. It's about a woman embracing her sexuality in a society that shame women for it.I like the romance as well, it's so hot. Hah.

Eu terminei o livro faz um tempinho, mas ainda não consigo parar de sorrir!!! A Iris e o Gio são tão fofos juntos que eu só queria gritar quando tava lendo. Eu tava ansiosa pra ler esse livro de Chic Manila porque todo esse plot do ~incidente~ da Iris me interessou muito. Apesar de já conhecer o trabalho da autora e amar muito, ainda tava com um pouco de medo de como ela abordar isso, mas eu amei??? Achei tudo???? O desenvolvimento dos personagens, do casal e dos seus traumas é tão delica [...]

Two days after finishing it, I'm still thinking about it. My standard of a 5-star read. My favorite Mina books have always been her darker, sharper ones: Love Your Frenemies; the Scambitious series; The Future Chosen. Her spare and clean writing style just works so well with incisive commentary and a biting tone. Iris After The Incident is the apex of that marriage of style and message. And what a message it is. The book deals with shame, public humiliation (of unimaginable proportions--the stuf [...]

This book has an interesting premise. Both hero and heroine are recovering from the impact of sex scandals. I haven't read Mina V Esguerra's entire backlist (because it's extensive) but based on what I have read, I feel like her writing has reached a new level with this book. Iris After The Incident expresses very complicated issues in simple, poignant ways. Although the story deals with darker issues, the tone isn't oppressive. On one hand, I wanted more feels (there were some, but I'm used to [...]

Xander: You have no shame.Cordelia: Oh please. Like shame is something to be proud of.- Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "Earshot"A+ choice of epigraph. So much to like here: Iris and how she's dealing with The Incident, how The Incident is NOT the result of an Evil Ex Taking Revenge on the Poor Innocent Heroine (nice for a change), the setting (Manila), and just in general I really like Esguerra's style. Just as in Learning to Fall I was less interested in the hero's life/issues and would have just li [...]

Finished this two weeks ago, and I'm still thinking about it. I had my doubts going into this because *personal, private reasons* (see what I did there, heh) but I was impressed. This book's daring and stimulating, in both mind and body. There's meaningful introspection, there's strong character growth. The plot and the conflicts had me very much invested. Made me think about no matter how broken somebody was once, they can still pull through and get things and be happy. My favorite MVE book to [...]

3.5 starsA refreshing read from our writing mentor. After writing so many romance novellas, I love that she can still offer something new and refreshing to her readers. This story is different from her usual light, fluffy and steamy books. It tackles Iris’ life journey that involved bullying, public humiliation and shaming — not only from random people but from relatives, as well (tsk tsk). This is more about Iris’ story on rediscovering life after the incident than finding new love. My fe [...]

This book was actually a bit special. It raises the issue of slut shaming without moralizing. I love that the setting is in Manila and I liked that the relationship was handled with depth. A bit short maybe?

5.0/5.0As a woman myself, this book was really emotional to me. Iris is such a good person, I just wanted to protect her, and to be honest, it was a little bit hard for me to read this story, I felt SO bad about what'd happened to her, I felt really anxious while reading this. I was a difficult story, darker than the other books of this series, but it was a necessary one, now I hold this character close to my heart.Mina V. Esguerra has proved to be a versatile author, she reached something deepe [...]

My most favorite #romanceclass book ever.

3.5 starsFirst person doesn't work for me in romance, but here it bothered me less than usual. I think that is mainly because this is so much Iris's story and about her journey to being completely recovered from her "incident" than it is just about the romance.

Fourth #romanceclass book I've read and probably the longest yet.If I may be honest, I didn't feel the romance much (ironic lol), but it was nice to see Iris and Gio's growth as individual characters and as a couple.

Also on my blog!“We’re both trying to start over, but we can’t. We’re not allowed to. There’s always going to be someone from our past who knows the ugly thing we’re trying to hide. We don’t see it every day now because we’ve run away from those people, but we didn’t run away far enough. They’re around.”Iris’ life has been split into two since ‘The Incident’ which left her humiliated and shunned from her friends and family. Rejecting her ex’s proposal that she move [...]

I recieved an advanced copy of this book, but I am planning to purchase it! Of the books in Mina's Chic Manila series, Iris is probably the 'darkest' of them. Not because they're all emo and stuff, but because the things Iris and Gio went through are very adult, very serious situations that could have ruined their lives. Except these characters are made of stronger stuff. I wasn't used to reading a character like Iris. She doesn't mind hiding away in NV Park, she doesn't mind that she doesn't ge [...]

First Esguerra, and first Chic Manila novel (there are 8 right now). The best thing about this novel isn't the sex (although those scenes made me deliciously uncomfortable), but the compulsively readable writing. Iris and Gio, her love interest, were deliberately written to be more complex than simply likeable, so the cadence of Iris's thoughts (from whose perspective the story unfolds) is straightforward, but knotted and twisted, prone to running back and forth, mimicking realistically (believa [...]

This book is not all fluff. It dealt with complex topics, and was rather dark compared to Mina's other works. This book made me look into how I also react on things, how I "judge" people based on questionable decisions they made in the past. It was truly well-executed as it was able to deal with such depth, but it did not come off as preachy.Both characters were recovering from the humiliation that exposed and altered their lives. I liked how they are trying hard to power through more and more c [...]

I've been trying to compose my thoughts enough for a coherent review, but it's easier to funnel them into keywords. This book is about darker places. Heavier things. Questionable decisions. About people who are simply trying. People who've found that they--through no fault of anyone else but their own--have put themselves in situations wherein even the thought of trying, of living through these incidents, of getting to the other side, was more painful than the first bursts of pain and shame. But [...]

I've put off reading this because I have these secret triggers and I was lowkey afraid Iris' "incident" would spark them. In a way, it did. But it was a spark of inspiration and strength I got with the characters way of dealing things after their incidents.I have recently devoured some of Mina's books (Love Your Frenemies is an all-time favorite!) and I was not disappointed that she handled such dark and controversial topic gracefully. The actions and reactions of Iris and Gio felt very real and [...]

3.5 stars. I listened to Mina's interview on a podcast and really like the idea behind the story. And there were a lot of great reviews. I looked forward to reading this so much but I have to say I allow it to be too hyped for my consumption. I love how this story is set in NV Park as well. I love Welcome To Envy Park so I enjoyed seeing some characters in this book as well. I love how Mina always puts a lot of efforts delving into the thoughts and the progress on the protagonists. Iris After th [...]

It’s been weeks since I finished reading Iris After The Incident but I’m still chewing over the events that transpired. More specifically, I’m still making up my mind how to rate it. Suffice it to say, this book is a lot darker than the other stories I’ve read by this author — but it’s still relevant, nonetheless. Once I learned what Iris’s incident is, I had to say that yes, this really happens. In this day and age of “viral” videos and “trending” news, how does one cope w [...]

One of the best story conclusions ever!!! ❤❤❤" How many of those assumptions would be wrong? you might have made assumptions about him also. Maybe you would be right or wrong. Maybe you would keep those assumptions to yourself and wish real people real happiness. Maybe you would be a great person and I’d want you to be my friend, my confidante, part of my new normal. Maybe I’d be that person for you, whatever your incident, whatever humiliation you’re surviving from."

Finished in a few hours. I need a moment.

Powerful and empowering. Sexy but important. See my full review at jenniferhallock/2017/01/05

After reading Ms. Mina's works for a few years now, I'm still amazed at how she continues to surprise her readers with her books. Iris After the Incident is definitely one of my favorite already. I love how she tackled an issue which is very relevant nowadays. This may be waaaay different from her previous works because it has a much more serious and darker tone. And the heat level. Omg! Can someone please turn the aircon on? And even though there are times when she gets triggered, I love how st [...]

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