The Koala Who Could

Rachel Bright Jim Field

The Koala Who Could

The Koala Who Could

  • Title: The Koala Who Could
  • Author: Rachel Bright Jim Field
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Fans of The Gruffalo and Giraffes Can t Dance will love this feelgood rhyming story portraying a positive message about facing up to change, something that young children can sometimes struggle with.Sometimes change comes along whether we like it or not but if you let it, change can be the making of you Kevin the Koala discovers this and in this delightful pictFans of The Gruffalo and Giraffes Can t Dance will love this feelgood rhyming story portraying a positive message about facing up to change, something that young children can sometimes struggle with.Sometimes change comes along whether we like it or not but if you let it, change can be the making of you Kevin the Koala discovers this and in this delightful picture book from the bestselling creators of The Lion Inside Stylish art with Jon Klassen appeal and vibrant storytelling from two contemporary stars make this a story to shout about it will make you laugh, cry and read it every bedtime A feel good rhyming tale Field s Australian animals are a treat Bookseller

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This is a really cute picture book about a koala who avoids playing with his friends because he is afraid. Once the koala gets a can do attitude he discovers life is much more fun. I'm using this book for my Australia storytime.

A story about a koala anxious to let go of his tree! A story that could work well when introducing children to the idea of staying at school for a day when they first start!

A lovely book exploring how change and trying something new can lead to amazing things! Kevin the koala is my new best friend!

Kevin, the koala, doesn't want to ever leave his true. He's too worried about will happen if he ever comes down, but when something happens that forces him down, he discovers there wasn't anything to be worried about. This would be a good book for kids with anxiety, especially about trying new things.

The book had a nice rhyming pattern, making it a great choice for a read aloud. The illustrations nicely accompanied the story - Kevin the Koala was adorable. Overall, a great message about trying something new, even when you think it maybe scary.

Good pace. Just be careful when saying "can't" with an Australian accent. I made that mistake.

3,5Mon billet sur le blog:moncoinlecture/2017/04/koa

"Sometimes a little change can open your world to big possibilities." In order to continue living, we must progress and grow and without change, however un-enjoyable change may be, that's impossible. I liked this, because it is to true. There is so much out there that we are missing out on because we are too scared to try.I love Kevin, mainly because I relate to him probably more than I should. I am one who hates change. I do not enjoy changes happening. I don't respond very well to change. I ha [...]

Bright, Rachel. The Koala Who Could, PICTURE BOOK. , 2017. $16.99. Kevin is a Koala who doesn’t like change. He stays in his tree all day and all night, inwhatever season or weather there might be. Even though his friends invite him to play, he sticks to his tree and refuses to move. He imagines the terrible things that might happen if he leaves and it’s just too much for him. One day he wakes up to a tapping sound on his tree. A woodpecker has come and his tree is starting to be tapped apar [...]

Kevin is afraid to leave his branch. He's afraid of change and new things and would prefer to stay in his safe place. His friends try to get him down and to have some fun with them, but they have no luck. Kevin would rather cling in his tree.When something happens to his tree, Kevin is forced down and realizes that the ground isn't that bad. Change isn't so hard and can even be adventurous and fun. Now, Kevin will never cling again because he's having too much fun spending time with his friends. [...]

This sweet picture book is about an adorable little Koala bear named Kevin who quite possibly suffers from agoraphobia. He doesn't like change and the world below seems a "frightening place- too fast and too loud and too big and too strange." Despite his friends calling out to him to come down and play Kevin just cannot bring himself to leave his comfy little home up in the tree branches. Until one day he gets an unexpected visitor which leaves him no choice but to abandon ship! This book is swe [...]

A rhyming story where Kevin the Koala likes things as they are. He doesn't like change and never tries anything new. It is a good book for working through personal issues. Readers will need to turn the book vertically to see the long view on one page. Kevin has got to learn to let go of his comfort zone and things he is used to in order to move on with life. It is a good story with cute, colorful illustrations. Counselors, teachers and parents will love this one. I would recommend for grades K-2 [...]

Cute story and illustrations. Kids will enjoy the rhyming. They will likely make connections between Kevin, the koala, and Scaredy Squirrel. Nice theme about overcoming worries about trying new things. Useful in introducing the cognitive behaviour technique of addressing worries by imagining the worst possibility.

Kevin the Koala wouldn't let go. He was afraid to try anything different so he clung to his tree and ate leaves. Then one day the tree was knocked down by a woodpecker. All the animals that kept asking him to join them were there to help. He decided to join them now that the worst had come to pass and he was still ok. And he had a great time trying something new.

Vrolijk prentenboek met een lekker lopend rijm over de koala die ontdekt hoe fijn het spelen met anderen kan zijn. De illustraties zijn aandoenlijk en met warme kleuren, maar iets minder expressief in vergelijking met de boeken Twee vechtende eekhoorns en De leeuw in de muis, van hetzelfde duo.Vanaf 4 jaar

Un petit récit rythmé et merveilleusement bien tracé qui nous fait constater que la vie est si magnifique quand l'on ose décrocher de sa zone de confort. Un duo d'auteurs que j'aime par-dessus tout suivre et qui fait que mes activités lectures sont plus dynamiques! :)Un récit que j'ai relu plus de trois fois! Bravo!

Really, I think that the only reason I didn't rate this higher is because of the animal that looks more like a hill-billy beaver than a wombat as it should Other than that, a sweet little story with lovely illustrations.

Along the same lines as Giraffes Can't Dance. The koala is afraid to leave his branch and clings tight despite the fun he could have if he would let go and try new things. No surprise that he does just that in the end.

What a wonderful story told in rhyme. It incorporates all the behaviour and the environment/ habitat of the Koala. Vibrant colourful illustrations reflective of the this cute mammal!Highly recommended🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

I love this book about a Koala that prefers to stay in his tree and not venture out. That is until he is forced out of his comfort zone by a pesky woodpecker and he discovers the joys of stepping outside of his comfort zone and adventuring.

A cute book about realizing that things aren't as bad as we worry they might be.

Cute rhyming story about a koala who is afraid of change.

This is a cute story of a Koala doesn't like to try anything new. He likes to just hug his tree and experience life from far away until one day that changes. Really cute.

Still cute, but definitely not as cute as The Lion Inside! =)

I could see this one working well with growth mindset in the classroom.

Nice rah rah story about changing your routine and trying something new. Rhyming text. Careful readers will notice one of the author's books on Kevin's shelves.

A delightfully rhyming story about a koala who isn't a risk-taker and prefers to remain in his comfort zoneuntil he's forced out of it. Bright illustrations and an accessible message.

It's good to try new things.

This is a fun book, but it's unfair to label koalas as lazy and timid just because they have slow metabolisms!

Superb children's book especially for children who are nervous about change and averse to taking risks. Great illustrations & very appealing characters.

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