The Magnificent Wilf

Gordon R. Dickson

The Magnificent Wilf

The Magnificent Wilf

  • Title: The Magnificent Wilf
  • Author: Gordon R. Dickson
  • ISBN: 9780671877194
  • Page: 376
  • Format: Paperback

Earth is contacted by Galactic Civilization and diplomat Tom Parent and his wife Lucy, a linguist, must represent Earth to the galaxy There s only one tiny catch Lucy is, or may be, a Wilf And you know what that means.

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Magnificent is a clever, laugh-out-loud funny lark of a science fiction novel that builds on its episodic, character- and action-thrilling events. While the stakes are life-or-death high for Tom, Lucy, Rex (their dog) and this galaxy's alien races, Dickson maintains a frolicking feel throughout this superb and character-twisty work. This is one of my favorite reads in any genre, perhaps even an all-time favorite read. This is a book worth owning. (This review originally appeared on the Reading & [...]

Excellent. Just fun science fiction.

Light, fluffy and fun read. I agree with another reviewer here who said it felt like a collection of short stories with the same characters - rather than a novel. But that said, did giggle a lot, and knocked it off in a afternoon. So if you like enjoyable non taxing, light brain fluff, this is worth the few hours you will need to read it.

This is a fun romp through space as a married couple from earth become ambassadors on an alien planet. My favorite bit involved saving a singing Jell-o mold from being eaten for dessert! Very fun stuff.

Tom Parent and his wife are touring the galaxy on a diplomatic mission. The acceptance of Earth by the rest of the galaxy depends on their performance. The fly in the ointment os that Lucy is a Wilf.

Sorry Dad, didn't really like this one.

Probably should be 3.5 stars. A lite fun read that won't tax the brain. Often seemed more like a collection of stories than a novel.

Not bad.

Fun to read.

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