Kansas Troubles

Earlene Fowler

Kansas Troubles

Kansas Troubles

  • Title: Kansas Troubles
  • Author: Earlene Fowler
  • ISBN: 9780606221689
  • Page: 289
  • Format: None

On her honeymoon visit to meet the in laws, Benni has to sort through sweetie s childhood and longtime best friends to find who killed ex Amish ambitious singer The quilt is the clue, an obvious reason, but the names of the pattern is what Benni has to remember to solve the person responsible.

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I think this series just keeps getting better and better. I normally dislike books within a series that "travel" - take place outside the normal setting. This book was an exception. Really, the mystery was just excellent and the character development, the relationship between Benni and Gabe, is outstanding. I'm really looking forward to catching up with this series.

This was one of my favorite books in this series. I love the affection between Benni and Gabe and in this one they are newlyweds. Of course I forgot they spend most of the book mad at each other, but the end made up for it. I also like how you get to see a little bit more into Gabe's past in this one, he's so stoic and non-sharing (which Benni points out all the time) that parts of his character remain mysterious for books and books.

This book in the Fowler Quilt series is a predictable, easy-read that everyone needs every now and again. Benni Harper, amateur sleuth, travels to Kansas and becomes involved in a murder investigation. As in weekly TV series, the reader scrutinizes clues, formulates hypotheses, modifies conclusions based on unfolding events, etc. The book is an easy, predictable problem-solving adventure for mystery lovers.

Harper and Ortiz are not only still together, but take a trip to Kansas to meet Ortiz' family. As if that ordeal weren't enough, Ortiz' high school friends come under suspicion when an aspiring local singer is murdered.The setting for this book definitely aided character development. That's probably why I liked this book better than Irish Chain. It's likely that I'll read another in the series, but I'm not going to be running to the bookstore to buy it.

As the third book in this series, the characters are now firmly in place. This story lets you see more depth to their personalities. The murder mystery comes a little more close to home and pulls more at your emotions. Well written.

Whenever I try to do research on Kansas this book pops up so I finally gave in a got a copy. It was a fun mystery set in the general area where I grew up. The heroine has spunk but also a serious side. It was a fun read. Just what we all need at times.

#3 in the Benni Harper series. Really enjoying reading these books. The predictable murder or two happens early on, and the twists and turns to find the person responsible makes for a wild rid.

This is the first novel by this author that I've read. Even though it's the third in the series I decided to jump in and read it since I already had it, and have been curious about the Benni Harper mysteries that I'd heard so much about. I did find it to be a good read, though there were some inconsistencies, and at least one item was left hanging, IMO. I also really disliked the condescending attitudes of the males in parts of the story, including her husband. And speaking of the latter, he sur [...]

Wow! Fowler had become SUCH a better writer by this 3rd book in her Benni Harper mystery series. Characters more solid. Writing much crisper and more descriptive. Exciting plot on both interpersonal and crime levels. Since I have family in Kansas I really enjoyed the setting. The Vietnam War effect on vets is a well done subplot thread. And I've not even mentioned the Amish angle nor her now established theme of quilting and quilt patterns in the stories' structures. Looking forward to reading m [...]

Benni Harper married Police chief Gabe Ortiz just three months after they started dating. Now they are travelling back to Kansas where Gabe's family lives. Shortly after they arrive, a young budding country singer is found murdered while they are at a party held in their honour. Benni loves to be a amateur sleuth much to the dismay of her new husband. She suspects many different people in the town forgetting Gabe grew up with these people. It was a cute book, love the sarcastic humour ours comme [...]

I picked this solely for its title, which turns out to be the name of a quilt pattern. Mystery in small town Kansas with lots of references to Derby, Pretty Prairie, Wichita, and a thinly disguised Yoder Kansas.I have no doubt that the author visited the places mentioned. Descriptions are dead on.California folk-art expert meets her new husband's family and solves the murder of an Amish girl by knowing her quilts. Remarkable.

Better than the last in the series. Benni and Ortiz have impetuously married (apparently they don't believe in premarital sex or they would have just knocked boots) and are now wondering if love is enough to overcome stubborness and the problems in their relationship. And one of Ortiz's childhood amigos might be a killer. Count on Benni to get herself in mortal danger at least once (that is getting tired) and to solve the mystery.

This was my first Benni Harper, recommended by the librarian. In retrospect, I would recommend reading them in order. But by the end of the book, I definitely wanted to know more about these characters. I read all fifteen books in the series in two months. This particular book was fun for me because I am from Kansas. I enjoyed getting to know the characters and the story line kept me guessing until the end. Earlene Fowler has rapidly become one of my favorite authors.

Newlyweds museum curator Benni Harper and San Celina, California Police Chief Gabe Ortiz go home to Kansas so that Benni can meet Gabe's family. When a promising country singer is found dead, frustrated Gabe is out of his jurisdiction but that doesn't stop Benni from asking questions. This is a great cozy mystery series. I enjoy the imperfect marriage between Benni and Gabe and thought this mystery to be a very good one with a lot of suspects to choose from!

A good entry in the Benni Harper series. In this one she travels to Kansas to meet her in-laws and Gabe's friends. It seems to me that this cozy series is a little more adult than most cozies and I appreciate that. The murder mystery is well done. Gabe comes across as a non-sharing butthead in this one and Benni seems quite immature, but that served to make it a little more real for me. There are a lot of people like that in the real world. Recommended.

Great story! Ms. Fowler has a gift for story telling! Reading about Benni Harper, her friends and family are so detailed, I feel like they're my friends! And all the quilting information is a wonderful bonus! Thank you!!

I didn't realize how much I had missed Benni Harper! I'm not really into the whole Western Cattle rancher thing, but it works in this book. The main character has a great personality and the plot is always fresh.

Benni and Gabe travel to Kansas to meet his family. At a welcoming party an young singer who has high hopes, is murdered. Benni and Gabe help the locals find the one responsible. Could it be one of Gabe's lifelong friends? A quilt that Tyler made is the clue to solving the case.

I just love Earlene Fowler's books about the lovable Benni Harper. This novel explores more of the relationship between Benni and her husband Gabe. It is an absolute must read. This is the second time I have read it and it never gets tired.

Benni Harper #3

I wait every year for Earlene's next book and get it for my birthday in April.

Book #3 in the series. The characters are so real. Enjoy!

I'm zipping through this series. Lovin' it!

Another mystery series that is fun to read without the gore

Love a good, sassy heroine.

Again a fun cozy read. I do get a bit tired of the conflict between Benni and Gabe. But fun information on the Amish and quilts.

Another good readable to see Benni meet her new "in-laws" and get to know more about Gabe and how he relates to his family. Enjoyed the book.

A good read - especially in the winter, since it takes place during the humid summer in Kansas.

Of the first three, this one is my favorite. There is a good helping of tragedy as the murderer is one of Gabe's childhood friends. Benni finds her enigma of a husband difficult to cope with.

Time to meet the new inlaws! Benni And of course someone is murdered at the reception.

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