Rekindled: A Mountain Man Romance

Johnny Knox

Rekindled: A Mountain Man Romance

Rekindled: A Mountain Man Romance

  • Title: Rekindled: A Mountain Man Romance
  • Author: Johnny Knox
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Kindle Edition

F ck those lumbersexuals.A beard, a few tattoos, and a hipster haircut does not make you a man.A man is made by taking charge of your own destiny, by giving the middle finger to everything that holds back the rest of the male population.After spending years in the woods, I ve memorized the forest, every godd mn detail I made this place my home, and I ll never leave.I justF ck those lumbersexuals.A beard, a few tattoos, and a hipster haircut does not make you a man.A man is made by taking charge of your own destiny, by giving the middle finger to everything that holds back the rest of the male population.After spending years in the woods, I ve memorized the forest, every godd mn detail I made this place my home, and I ll never leave.I just need Rosie here with me And tonight I won t let anything get in the way of making that a reality.

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Loved! Loved! Loved this!!!! I really didn't know what to expect going into this cause it's my first read from this author. I f*cking loved it! Crazy insta love and hot sex with and tattooed bearded mountain man! Yes!!!! Okay so this is second chance they both went to HS together when the hero has to up and leave, now they weren't together but they both liked one another. Fast forward 10 years and this is where the book starts. Hero is wanting to see the h at their 10 year reunion but something [...]

3 FAILURE TO LAUNCH STARSThis is a short story so I will be brief as well.They have an start of a relationship when the hero skips town with his dad. And he never comes back to see her in 10 years so she goes up to meet him after he failed to show up at the reunion. WELL HIS DOG WAS SICK HERE GUYS!So he has a legitimate reason for NOT showing up at their relationshipreunion. Guys like this piss me off. He did not make anything happen, she did.He is a total fail as a OTT alpha living for his mate [...]

Mixed feelings on this one.For ten years North and Rosie have loved each other, they were separated at seventeen when North's father skipped town taking North with him in the middle of the night and in the middle of his senior year ending up in rural Alaska but now he's back, they're both back for their high school ten-year reunion.Now parts of this book were sweet, the fact that neither of them has been able to move forward both longing for the other without any idea if they would ever meet aga [...]

2 Saving It Stars“It depends on what being your woman entails,” she tells me.“For starters, you’ll have to suck my cock.” “What else?” she asks. “You have to live here, take care of me. I’m a man who lives by himself in the woods, I need a woman’s tender loving care.”Yeah, the writings far from stellar.“Turn around, honey. I want to lick your ass. I want you to sit on my face, and my beard is going to be all up in your pussy, you’re going to suck my cock and then you’ [...]

3.25 starsNot bad. The build-up was cute. Got close to the AR-vibe, but not quite there. Only reason I can't rate it higher is that the way the hero came off during the sex scenes rubbed me the wrong way at times. He was a little toominant for the first time with someone you haven't seen in 10 years, and just saw again, only 10 minutes ago. lol.I would read another book by this author though. I REALLY appreciate that the hero was a virgin and waited for the heroine, as she did for him. Totally u [...]

Too short but pretty good!My one comment is that I hate when the hero calls the heroine "honey." It was said about a hundred times and it made me cringe every time. I also thought there was too much talking between the characters during intimate momments which diluted the the flow of the action.Otherwise this was a good "quickie"100% safe

(view spoiler)[I really liked this :D :DI loved that the Mcs were very faithful :DThey kinda knew each other when they were in high school but were not really together!They felt a connection between them, then H had to leave.Both never moved on and are still Vs when they meet 10yrs later.They must be around 27/28yrs old.Yeah unrealistic, i know but that's how i like it & that's why i read ;)! For escape, to feel good after reading sweet stories like this one :) ;)(view spoiler)[ (hide spoile [...]

Farfetched, cheesy, short and smutty.  There was a lot more dirty talk than action.  Because it was so short, a lot had to happen fast.  However it was a safe read. There was no ow/om drama. No cheating. It was instalove that withstood a 10 year separation. 28 year old virgins.'s like a leprechaun riding a unicorn running into Bigfoot while looking for the loch Ness monster.Short epilogue 9 months later with. HFN ending.

This naughty novella is the equivalent of Nacho Cheese Doritos. Very sexy, schmexy Doritos.One bummer is the editor/author (?) missed a huge edit, "taught" for "taut" unless the H has one educated penis.P.S.In honor of the H's scorn of lumbersexuals, I give you Monty Python's I'm a lumberjack and I'm okayyoutube/watch?v=89LfQ

This story was super sweet too bad it was so short. It will be better if there's build-up, either in high school or the reunion.

Basically this is 45 pages of badly written porn. 1 star

" I just hope to God she remembers mewants mee Hell, I need her"North and Rosie knew each other from H.S. They apparently made an impression on each other, because even though they have been living separate lives for the past ten years, they haven't been able to forget each other.This was a super quick read. Not much to talk about when you have been fantasizing about each other for so long, so it was on quickly. North got his dream girl and Rosie got her mountain man.Sweet little epilogue"She's [...]

love , both virgins waht can i say i'm in!

4/5Hot fast safe read

Mountain Man with heart I got this book as a suggestion from someoneI love to find new authors so I gave it a go. This is a short but hot mountain man story. Surprisingly not the typical mountain man genre which was a nice change of pace. Good characters, details, I do wished it would have been a bit longer maybe given us a little drama . That being said it still was good and I'm interested to read more from this author.

Almost-there Instalove North decides the ten-year reunion is the time to claim his Rosie, with whom he only exchanged heated glances before being forced to flee without a word. Rosie, disaffected, is kind of drifting, but has never forgotten that man-boy from HS. The concept is great, and the author did some interesting things with North's character. While the elements were all there, the steamy talk was just a little on the wooden side; I knew intellectually that it was supposed to be hot, but [...]

3.75 starsYes, this book is ridiculous, OTT, unrealistic, but at the same time it's what most of us, me at least when a teen, dreamed would be the case when finding the one. Idealistic, sweet and hot :)Best of all - completely safe with zero triggers

WOW!A short but awesome little story. A truly delightful story of two people (North and Rosie) that have waited, fantasize, and wanted each other for ten long years! They finally get their HEA! Nice! Keep up the good work. Johnny Knox!

Good Read But.It is definitely a good read but it needs to be longer. If I felt it was definitely a good beginning for a book and had a lot of potential. It was just missing a good portion of the bulk of what makes books really stand out.

This was a wonderful read. I can't imagine waiting ten years for someone you didn't even date in high school, to come into your life again. I love that North & Rosie both felt the connection they did in school. I absolutely loved the ending

Wasnt what i expectedI wish this book would have shown more insight on the characters, it was basically all about one night of sex , that both dreamed about for 10 years. I would have enjoyed it more if it was more detailed of their lives

If you like Alexa Riley, you'll dig this super short, instalove kind of story.

Quick read, a second chance instalove kind of story

Horrible book. So unrealistic. Just ridiculous. Possibly the worst book I've ever read. Not much of a story line and so pathetic. Don't waste your money on it.

Okay bookThis was a good book to read. It was a short sweet story. I did wish it was longer to read. I hope to read more from this author.

Great ReadI really enjoyed reading this. Great storyline, good character development & I loved that it's believable. I wish that it was longer, hated for it to end.

I loved it. Sometimes I enjoy these instant love/sex books. Both North and Rosie still thought about one another for the past 10 years. Ya gotta love a man who knows what he wants

boring as hell.

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