The Ransomed Crown

Wayne Grant

The Ransomed Crown

The Ransomed Crown

  • Title: The Ransomed Crown
  • Author: Wayne Grant
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King Richard has made peace with Saladin, but must run a gauntlet of enemies to get home from the Crusade While England waits for her King, Prince John spares neither lives nor fortune to usurp his brother s crown Roland Inness, Declan O Duinne and Millicent de Laval once find themselves at the centre of a growing civil war Each will play a crucial role in decidingKing Richard has made peace with Saladin, but must run a gauntlet of enemies to get home from the Crusade While England waits for her King, Prince John spares neither lives nor fortune to usurp his brother s crown Roland Inness, Declan O Duinne and Millicent de Laval once find themselves at the centre of a growing civil war Each will play a crucial role in deciding who will ultimately sit on the throne of England The Ransomed Crown is the rousing conclusion to The Saga of Roland Inness

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The final book of the Roland Inness series was mostly predictable and I would consider it just OK. I think I was a little tired of the series by this point. This series has a historical basis in terms of England, Richard the Lionhearted, and the Crusades, etc. but the author takes liberty of course with extra characters and events that did not really exist. This is a simple, idealistic story with lots of action. The target audience for this series is teenage boys and I could definitely see mysel [...]

I loved it! I was curious, though, how in the world Sgt Billy got back into the town of Chester after he delivered Millie to London? I know it says the soldiers returned by the back roads, but . . . really?! Other than that, I thought this was a fabulous series. The characters were very true to their historical counterparts, and the history as Grant writes it is authentic and plausible. I loved the way the series wrapped up, and I am looking forward to seeing if there are more in the works!

Absolutely love this series!This is a great series that takes you back into the times of knights, kings and earls. The story starts with a young man in trouble and finishes in this last book with him having grown into a man of integrity and honour. I totally recommend this series to all ages teen and up. Some of the violence is a little much for younger ones. I wish this series continued past this book but it was a good ending for it.

Satisfying conclusionI wrote a review of the first book of this series and said that certain aspects of the writing style seemed a bit simple and the plot shallow. But I liked the three main characters and continued. I was pleased by the pace and plot development of the subsequent books and the blending of real points of history with a sprinkle of the Robin Hood fables layered in. Not the intensity or sweeping effect of some contemporaries, but very satisfying.

An Epic Tale masterfully toldAs a boy I voraciously read any and all books that I could lay my hands on about Robin Hood . So, I was pleased when I discovered this series. I was even more pleased when I fell in love with the characters and became absorbed by the storyline. It was well worth my time and money.

Mr. Grant, you write a very good story. I am eighty years old and once I start to read your wonderful books I can't put it down until the wee hours of the night. I am now in the last pages of book five. So, hope you keep up the stories reads because I truly enjoy them. You are a great author. A new fan, Adelaide

Promises to keep and princes to thwart. Clever girls and cunning spies. Sieges and starvation. Treaties and trebuchet. Reunions and rebuilding. An exciting addition to the saga, with a satisfying ring of resolution. Grant neatly ties up (nearly) all the loose ends and story arcs and could have left things here. I understand there's a fifth book. (Once more, into the breech!)

Great characters, high historical adventureWell written, which in this day is exceptional in itself, and a very satisfying read. I highly recommend this author and look forward to his next adventure.

The events may be fixtional but they feel realIt was exciting to read the conclusion of Roland's saga. I haven't done much looking at that period of history, save what was forced on me at achool, but I think that will change.

A good readWhen I first started reading the series I thought it might be a bit of a lighter read and meant for younger readers. I quickly became engrossed in the characters and the "alternative" perspective of the historical story. Recommended for anyone interested in that era.

GreatCan hardly wait to finish the next book. Light reading but with enough real events sprinkled in which makes it interesting. Would recommend this book

This was a good series

This one again kept you turning the page and when it was done, I wish there was another.

Fourth and final Roland Inness novel. Excellent historical fiction of Richard the Lion Heart returning home.

AmazingIt ends so well it could end the series or have another 50 books. It lacks no action and has amazing unexpected twists. 5 STARS.

A good readA really good story using available history can not think of any think better. Would like a little bit more on how they lived😁

Robin Hood and Eleanor of Aquitaine - What's not to like?This book concludes the tale of Roland Inness - an entertaining story filled with knights, Lords, Ladies, soldiers and common folk caught up in the political turmoil of England during the reign of Richard, Lion Heart. The books are easy reading and filled with heroes battling against villains. I would rather the four books have been combined as one, but that seems not to be the way publishers work these days. Nonetheless I would recommend [...]

SaddenedCannot believe we have reached the finale. For me this saga has been brilliant,giving me pictures in my mind every step of the way. The characters were amazing but l also had the named horses imprinted in my minds eye big sigh.

I wish it wasn't overWhat to say? Somehow the Saga of Roland Inness grabbed me and would not let go. This series is not the best written in form, it has many mistakes and many flaws, and yet, I love it.I think I love it because the author loves it. I can feel his excitement, his heart, and his imagination shining through the story and the characters. Grant is a real person who loves Roland Inness, and by turn, made me love him.Roland is not the most witty, charming, nor handsome hero to ever gra [...]

A brisk tidying up of all the plot threads of the past 3 books of this series. Good enough, although at times I found it a bit tedious. I continue to find the only female lead here not believable - she's really too dense and totally unready for the role given her as she freely admits and why the fate of the nation - she even rescues the Queen from certain death!!!!! is placed on her shoulders makes little sense except as an effort to turn what is a 'boy' book into a 'girl' book too. This might b [...]

Another fantastic book! I have loved reading these books and I'm both sad for the Saga to be at an end and happy that this won't be the end of Sir Roland Inness Living in Staffordshire and growing up near to some of the places mentioned in these books has been brilliant, having already visited some of the castles and towns and cities It really helped in envisioning the places mentioned. Wayne Grant you are a fantastic author and I look forward to reading more of your work!

Couldn't put these books downAny lover of historical fiction - any lover of a rollicking God yarn - will love this whole series. Mr. Grant is a soldier with a few good stories to tell. His hero, Roland Inness is an expert with the illegal assault weapon" of the 12th century, and he uses it with deadly effect. These novels are packed with what a man wants in a book: Causes worth fighting for, leaders worth following, love worth defending, and villains deliciously evil.

Well worth the waitA very well written book,entertaining and absorbing.It has also been very well edited so none of the silly spelling mistakes or typos that are so common in and spoil these E books .Very well done Wayne and from an avid reader,please write some more asap.As you say stand tall and shoot straight,I would add for safety and efficiency turn sideways on to the target and present a three tap Regards

Very realI like the style of writing. I have already recommended it to others. It has introduced me to some history that I was not aware of, like Kinder Scout. I am looking forward to more of this excellent writing.

A fantastic end to the saga!Wayne Grant has not disappointed with his latest book. I could not put it down!I hope to see more of Roland Inness in the future.I cannot recommend this series more!

Fun read!Good read for anyone who enjoys dark ages and middle ages historical fiction. Interesting characters and a nice blending of facts and fiction. Can't wait for book number five.

great story line - can only recommend

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