Surviving Elite High: The Next Generation

John H. Ames

Surviving Elite High: The Next Generation

Surviving Elite High: The Next Generation

  • Title: Surviving Elite High: The Next Generation
  • Author: John H. Ames
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Kindle Edition

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Surviving ElitSurviving Elite High fans, the wait is over More romance, drama and mystery are unfolding at Elite High before the back to school bell has even rung Seventeen year old, blond hair, blue eyed and adorable Robbie Carroll, orphaned at a young age and mysteriously never adopted, has finally found his dream family Nick Hawking and John Surviving ElitSurviving Elite High fans, the wait is over More romance, drama and mystery are unfolding at Elite High before the back to school bell has even rung Seventeen year old, blond hair, blue eyed and adorable Robbie Carroll, orphaned at a young age and mysteriously never adopted, has finally found his dream family Nick Hawking and John Ames, now married, wealthy, and powerful, make Robbie their son, defying the young man s past one that Robbie himself has no memory of that has scared all other prospective parents away Now, Robbie has great parents and a hot brother, Nicky and beautiful sister, Lily, who take him into their midst and make him part of their tight circle of friends who all go to Elite High One of those friends is Tim Mercer, a gorgeous football player at Elite High Tim s dark looks and simmering eyes capture Robbie s heart at first sight But Robbie can t be sure that Tim feels the same way, or even if he s gay too Moreover, even if Tim is available, there are some people around him who don t want Robbie to get close to him, and will go to ANY lengths to keep him away Why What do they want with Tim What is the secret that Tim is harboring And who is that strange man in Robbie s visions, who haunts his life and his dreams Find out here

Recent Comments "Surviving Elite High: The Next Generation"

I absolutely loved this novel. From the beginning to the very end. I loved seeing Nick and John as parents. Just LOVED it. Nicky to me was the bomb. All of the new characters were amazing. Tim and Robbie were just perfect. Excellent job John!

2.75 stars rounded to 3 stars I want to start off by saying that I had some issues with this book. But there were some positives and I’m going to talk about both here. On a positive note I liked the concept of this book. Seventeen year old finally getting adopted from an orphanage by a rich same sex couple. Has a great brother and sister now. Awesome family. It radiates happiness. I also loved that this was a standalone. Technically it’s book 4 but because it’s the next generation you don [...]

The best of the first 4 booksThis is the first book in the series that didn't have 50 life-altering events happening to the same person. In fact, you don't get any real drama until past the halfway mark. Some how John/Juan can't write a book without a body count, so you know somebody has to die. I enjoyed this story, even with the continuity errors and improbable events. The number of people that show up for the family & friends party required a flow chart. With an editor who could help smoo [...]

Overall, despite writing errors, I enjoyed this book immensely . It's filled with love, laughter, teenage decisions made and their resulting consequences. There were times I wanted to cry for the characters and times I bust out laughing to myself. What I love most about this story is the author's ability to capture teenage emotions and behavior on the page. Let's face it, teenage emotions tend to be all over the place, changing with the flip of a switch as they gather information and sometimes j [...]

There's definately another book in the making because I say so. The book ended with giving me that feeling and not only thate story is around Robbie and the story never stuck to why he was in the orphanage and what really did happen. Well I want to know and I want to know what happens with a few other characters like Nicky. It's an incomplete story and that's where I stand. However, I did enjoy the story. :D

Not the best book of the series. It has the potential to be good like it's predecessors but it's a bit too sugary and jumps from event to event sometimes. Even the characters' emotions tend to be all over the place. Confused one moment and angery a second later and making up or overjoyed another second later. Shifting a bit too much too fast. Still it was a nice read and an enticing story. Maybe the sequal will set things straight. I at least am looking forward to reading the next book.

I loved this little novel. it pushed all of my happy buttons from the beginning until the very end. I loved seeing Nick and John again and the way the dealt and loved their children. I really hope that there's a second. Another must read for this series.

Plenty of snap, pop, and sizzle in this latest from John H. Ames!I very much enjoyed the premise of this Surviving Elite High: Next Generation story: orphan, Robbie Carroll, gets adopted by the happily married John Ames and Nick Hawkins of the original story, who now have two teenaged children of their own. With three pubescent teenagers in the house (Nicky, Lily, and Robbie) and a boatload of equally hormonal adolescent cousins and friends making merry, Nick and John have their hands full. Reve [...]

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