The Thief's Journal

Jean Genet Bernard Frechtman Jean-Paul Sartre

The Thief's Journal

The Thief's Journal

  • Title: The Thief's Journal
  • Author: Jean Genet Bernard Frechtman Jean-Paul Sartre
  • ISBN: 9780802130143
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Paperback

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The Thief s Journal is perhaps Jean Genet s most authentically autobiographical novel, personifying his quest for spiritual glory through the pursuit of evil Writing in the intensely lyrical prose style that is his trademark, the man Jean Cocteau dubbed France s Black Prince of Letters here reconstructs his early adult years time he spent as a petty criminal and vagabThe Thief s Journal is perhaps Jean Genet s most authentically autobiographical novel, personifying his quest for spiritual glory through the pursuit of evil Writing in the intensely lyrical prose style that is his trademark, the man Jean Cocteau dubbed France s Black Prince of Letters here reconstructs his early adult years time he spent as a petty criminal and vagabond, traveling through Spain and Antwerp, occasionally border hopping across the rest of Europe, always one step ahead of the authorities.

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Το ανώτερο και όχι το κατώτερο μυαλό υπάρχει κίνδυνος να σκανδαλιστεί από το ύφος αυτού του βιβλίου. Δεν επιδιώκω το σκάνδαλο. Βάζω σε μια τάξη αυτές τις σημειώσεις για να τις βρουν ορισμένοι νεαροί. Θα προτιμούσα να τις θεωρήσουν παρακαταθήκη μιας ασκητικής από τις δύσκολ [...]

Without a doubt one in a proper life needs to be obsessed with the early Kinks, a love of Howlin' Wolf, read the entire works of Oscar Wilde, to know that there is a big difference between Brian Jones era Rolling Stones to the current Ron Wood years, the love of Charles Shaw brand of wine, and this novel by Jean Genet.It's a must for every young man and woman to read as a teenager. For old men like me it brings a tear to my eye. And why is it that?There is something so incredibly romantic about [...]

'The Thief's Journey' is the journey into the strange and unique mind of Jean Genete; itinerant tramp and erstwhile novelist, the poetry of his prose beautifies the banality and brutality of its subject, of theft, violence, betrayal and murder, the depraved world of thieves, pimps and would-be murderers which Genete feels drawn to and is able to find beauty in-or rather, Genet is able to transmute his life and ideas, which upend and contradict normal concepts of herosim, love and beauty, via his [...]

I started out enthusiastic, enticed, and indeed won over by Jean Genet's prose. But the prose only gets more convoluted, and without a clear narrative to boulster it, this collapses under my expectations and hopes for it. I wonder if to read it again in the future would be to take more from it, but I find myself looking forward to the end of it and generally disappointed by my reading. I wanted the nitty-gritty details of the criminal life with the autobiographical clarity of 'Down and Out in Pa [...]

When Fred Sonic Smith told Patti Smith he would take her anywhere in the world, she chose the prison in French Guiana that Genet regretted he was never sent to. Reading Genet is the first of many vain efforts to be half as interesting as Patti Smith.

"I dared not even notice the beauty of this part of the world- unless it were to look for the secret of this beauty, the imposture behind it, of which one will be a victim if he trusts it. By refusing it, I discovered poetry."I'm saddened (embarrassed, too) by my two previous attempts to "review" Jean Genet. I don't feel as finger twisted (hah! My hands will never move in harmony with my thoughts) as those other times. So I don't have his poetry. The Thief's Journal spoke to me. Not urgently. I' [...]

"Eğer derin bir yapıt, korkunç bir biçimde kendi içine batmış bir insanın haykırışıysa, insanlarınbu yapıttan uzaklaşmaları hayırlıdır," demiş yazar. Bu biraz insanların kötü olanı görmemezlikten gelip, üç maymunu oynamasına benziyor. Bunun neresi hayırlıdır ve gerçekçi midir bilinmez ama bu kitabın sizin önyargılarınızı ve size öğretilen onca "iyi şey"i silkip atabileceği bir gerçek. Çocukluğunu yetiştirme yurtlarında, gençliğini ise sokaklarda [...]

Labai poetiškas, savo amoralumu besididžiuojantis (ir ne be reikalo!) pasakojimas---1) Paprastai personažai, kurie vadinami moraliai ambivalentiškais, būna ne ką įdomesni negu viešųjų ryšių agentūros administruojama kokio politiko facebook anketa. Jų moralinis ambivalentiškumas pasireiškia pagal kelias formules: "vagiu iš turtuolių, kad išmaitinčiau savo vaikelius", "aš skriaudžiu žmones, bet tik objektyviai blogus žmones", "aš maištininkas ir dėjau ant visuomenės, ku [...]

Да възвеличаеш позора, да откриеш естественотоЦялото ревю тук: knijenpetar/2015/1 Никак, ама никак не съжалявам, че си причиних тази книга. Сякаш бях прелюбодеец, изтръгнал сърце и душа от тялото си, поканен на поход към низостта и извращението, но в свят на благочестие и преданост, к [...]

This is like meeting an old, irritating, but oddly captivating acquaintance. I read this book when I was still in junior high, and remembered it quite vividly for all those years.The narrative and descriptive parts of the book are interesting and intense. The philosophy, not so much. First, it’s already dated, with its concept of homosexuality as the act of defiance of the rules of society, and as the embracing of sin and darkness.And then, it’s quite obvious that Genet invented that philoso [...]

مضيت من المناظر الطبيعية في الريف، إلى منطقة صخرية حادة تنطح السماء وتمزق لونها اللازوردي. هذا العوز الخبيث الأعجف القاسي الذي يزدري رقتي وإنسانيتي، أغواني أن أكون قاسياً. وأصبحت أقل وحدة حين اكتشفت في الطبيعة إحدى صفاتي الأساسية : الفخر وأردت أن أكون صخرة وسط الصخور، آنذاك [...]

Might be sacrilege to say it, but Genet is sort of a one-trick pony. He trades on the wholesome, just as the physically imposing and masculine depredate on him. He has a lot of sex and cadges drinks, viatica, and places to stay. All of this is done in a disorientatingly fluid manner. Not enough variety or substance for me to feel invested in the plot, but I'm glad I gave him two shots.

Fictionalized autobiography of Jean Genet's career as a petty thief in the 1930s, part of a series of works that self-analyze Genet's life and his impressions of who he is/was and what he did to meet the exigent requirements of survival and find "meaning" in living as an outlaw. The life depicted is strikingly at odds with the startlingly lucid and vibrant prose, calling into question all assumptions generally made about those we normally judge as ignominious.Samuel R. Delany has in his works ma [...]

Morality is overrated. If you're beauty is you, then context is only "lice" on the cake.

Hırsızlık, erdem, toplum, eşcinsellik, korkular, politika Jean Genet'nin (ve aslında hepimizin) iç dünyasına muhteşem bir yolculuk. En sevdiklerimden.

Skondensowana grafomańska egzaltacja. Przypuszczam, że to obowiązkowa lektura w piekle, bo czytanie tej książki to Tortura Ostateczna.

Entre a narrativa e o fluxo de consciência. Fragmentado, entre uma ideia e outra, pontas soltas. Um livro difícil de gostar pela estrutura e pelas ideias do autor sobre crime, submissão e homossexualidade.

„Измяната, кражбата и хомосексуализмът са основните теми на тази книга. Между тях съществува връзка. Тя невинаги е явна, но все пак ми се струва, че има някаква съдова скаченост между вкуса ми към измяната и кражбата и любовните ми истории.“„За да мога не аз да оградя Люсие [...]

This semi-autobiographical account of the time in the 1930's Jean Genet lived on the streets of Barcelona, Antwerp and Paris depicts his quest for psychic survival, helped by consciously embracing a set of anti-values. Rejecting a world that rejects him, Genet tells us e greater my guilt, the more totally assumed, the greater my freedom.What's unusual, besides the whole book, is Genet's particular trinity of anti-values: treachery, theft and homosexuality. He doesn't just live them passively, he [...]

I hear many voices in this thief's literary performance. Here is one: "I no longer know what I thought, but I remember that I offered all my woes to God. In my solitude remote from men, I came quite close to being all love, all devotion. . . Creating is not a somewhat frivolous game. The creator has committed himself to the fearful adventure of taking upon himself, to the very end, the perils risked by his creatures. We cannot suppose a creation that does not spring from love. How can a man plac [...]

The Thief's Journal is, in a superficial way, a story of darkness, drudgery, and the appreciation of beauty that underlies the filth of society, told by a traveling thief and vagrant whose shadowy encounters would put Senator Larry Craig to shame. On a different level, it is an inversion of the morals and structures of Western society by which the scoundrels, pimps, homosexuals, murderers, trannies, and litterbugs of Europe are transformed into saints who reject the modern order and its boring w [...]

I clearly remember how this book got to my reading list: I was deeply interested in the absurd literature, and Jenet's drama tradition is definitely related to the genre. Nevertheless, I've decided to start my acquaintance with this charming author from his fictionalized autobiography.I have mixed emotions about this book. It's a great piece of reading, as Jenet's writing is juicy, flawless and elegant. Despite the amount of provocative description of his homosexual crushes and affairs, there's [...]

There's basically one theme in this book: young Genet's quest to invent a new morality ennobling homosexuality, theft and treason; making them "the holy trinity", the highest virtues. After 200 some odd pages this theme gets a bit old but the book is still a pleasure to read for it's luxuriously depraved and poetic prose. Genet brings his criminal lovers to life with character portraits full of religious adoration, bringing to mind Henry Miller on one of his manic sprees. It's a fascinating cast [...]

Jean Genet's absorbing work of literary autobiography traverses the boundaries of genre with stunning ingenuity and imagination. This work is in some ways similar to Capote's use of the so-called "non-fiction novel," in that it recalls apparently true events through the lens of fiction. This is the reflection of a petty thief, and vagabond. Genet is a young man wandering Europe and immersing himself in a world of crime and depravity. He fuses his homosexuality with nefarious hooliganism to play [...]

This book opened my eyes to how the world is viewed by different classes. It made me realise I was viewing the world from my comfortable middle class home. Jean Genet talks of his childhood and his life of crime and how differently he viewed it to the way we did. He showed how the laws of a country are made by the middle classes to protect the middle classes and so are only observed by the middle classes. If you live outside that middle class world the laws no longer are relevant to you and so t [...]

Being an autobiography, this book is not really loaded withtension. It is however loaded with lyricism and an approach to aesthetics which, if they can be applied to a life of thievery, prostitution, betrayal, lice, burglary, captivity and innumerable humiliations: then whatever life you are living probably is not so bad after all. For me, this book was: part prime time existential storytelling, part colorful romanticism, and slightly less captivating then I had imagined it would be. I dived int [...]

Years ago when I was a younger man I read this book because I liked what a friend of mine said. "Read this book and it will f*ck up your life." Frankly Genet finds the beauty in evil, poverty, illness (both mental and physical) and the emptiness in life.It's not an easy read, and at times shocking. My friend was right. This is a book of great importance because it will "f*ck your life" by making you challenge your beliefs on what is "right" and what is "wrong." Genet's whores, thieves, murders a [...]

Роден през 1910 без установен произход, изоставен от майка си, обвинен в кражба още на 10-годишна възраст и изпратен в изправителна колония, станал част за кратко към Френския чуждестранен легион, автор на пет романа и няколко пиеси, три от които преведени на български и изключ [...]

Genet's masterpiece. Combined with Sarte's "Saint Genet", this book changed the way I understand art and how it works. This books is important for anyone who wants to understand evil and it's relationship to creativity, as well as the moral ambiguity of beauty.Genet's writing is very dense and forces you into abstraction, I found myself rereading very often. It's not an immediately accessible book and I found it philosophically complex, but incredibly rewarding. I would recommend that anyone int [...]

It's always been rather modish to lavish approval on Jean Genet-- if you dig transgressive fiction, Genet's going to be your guy, as most flamingly gay, ex-con, ex-homeless, left-wing French writers who hobnobbed with Black Panthers are bound to be. But aside from the fact that it is a TRANSGRESSIVE FRENCH NOVEL almost to the point of parody, it's still a well-written account of a forgotten subterranean world. RIYL William S. Burroughs and Gus Van Sant.

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