Marsupial Sue Presents "The Runaway Pancake"

John Lithgow Jack E. Davis

Marsupial Sue Presents

Marsupial Sue Presents "The Runaway Pancake"

  • Title: Marsupial Sue Presents "The Runaway Pancake"
  • Author: John Lithgow Jack E. Davis
  • ISBN: 9780689878473
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Hardcover

I m too fast, you re too slow Pan, pan, patty cake pan, I can get away from you, I can The much loved story of the Runaway Pancake who pops out of the oven and is sure he can escape all who want to eat him, is given a new spin when Marsupial Sue and her friends put on a play version for their neighborhood This has all of the wit and whimsy of Marsupial Sue and again I m too fast, you re too slow Pan, pan, patty cake pan, I can get away from you, I can The much loved story of the Runaway Pancake who pops out of the oven and is sure he can escape all who want to eat him, is given a new spin when Marsupial Sue and her friends put on a play version for their neighborhood This has all of the wit and whimsy of Marsupial Sue and again features lively illustrations by Jack E Davis From the friends preparations behind the scenes to the actors final bows, readers will be inspired by the production A CD recording of John Lithgow s live performance of the song The Runaway Pancake is also included.

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On the final week of every school year, I treat my class to a pancake breakfast where I create a cooking station and go to town right in the room. It's a favorite day of mine, as it's so much fun to do something so different and enjoy their reaction. After everyone has been served and they finish up their food, milk, and clean up, we enjoy this book. It's the best pancake-themed book around! How about that distinction? What really makes this such a treat is the accompanying narration by John Lit [...]

Ellie LOVES this book. It comes with a CD with John Lithgow as the narrator and he is fantastic in the CD. Ellie won't let me read it. The only thing that bugs me is that it's about a group of animals putting on a play so they are all dressed up as other animals, which could be cute, but is more confusing than anything.p.s. THANK YOU GMA ANDERSON!!

The accompanying audio CD as read by John Lithgow is fantastic. I love this dude. Once you read this to/with kids you will be humming the pan pan panny-cake pan song all the time.

This story is amazing! It was my digital text for this week. The characterization of the different animals as they all chase the talking pancake is so humorous! I think reading this book through tumblebooks enhanced the experience because the characters physically moved. In this tale a woman is making pancakes and the pancake jumps out and runs away. The woman chases the pancake and soon many other animals are chasing as well. Each time a new character is added the pancake sings a song that goes [...]

My 5yo came home from kindergarten and immediately asked, "Can you get the runaway pancake book from the library?" They had read it at school and she wanted to read it again. Loved the repetitive song in it.

Picture Book

Perhaps better known to adults for his stage and screen work, actor John Lithgow has an amazing body of work for children. His picture books are some of my (and my children’s) absolute favorites!Topping the list for me is The Remarkable Farkle McBride. The story centers around a young boy who is a musical prodigy. He is able to master instrument after instrument with ease, but throws each one away as he becomes bored with it. Through an unfortunate illness on the part of the orchestra conducto [...]

Mommy's review from 11/2/11 - 4.5 - John Lithgow is a genius! I think the first book we read by him was Micawber and we both loved, loved, loved it. Soon after that we read I Got Two Dogs which neither of us especially cared for and then we got around to Mahalia Mouse Goes to College: Book and CD which was somewhere in the middle. (We're in complete agreement on his books which doesn't always happen.) I can't remember if we've read I'm a Manatee:. If we did we must not have loved it or hated it [...]

Title: Marsupial Sue presents The Runaway PancakeAuthor: John LithgowIllustrator: Jack E. DavisDate of Publication: 2005Genre: FictionSummary:Marsupial Sue and her friends put on a play retelling story of the Gingerbread Man. In their story, a pancake pops out of the oven and makes a run for it, sure he can escape everyone who comes in his way wanting to eat him. He is able to run away from six people before encountering the sly fox where he is finally outsmarted and meets his demise.Evaluation: [...]

This books was very fun, but I listened to it with the LIVE John Lithgow CD and I just can't imagine reading it the plain old boring wayyou have to hear him sing the song and tell the story. If I would have just read the story I would given it a 3 star, but to hear the song and the fun and his inflections made it a 4 for me. After looking at the book again I see that the illustrations are of a play that Marsupial Sue is doing. I wondered why the wolf had what looked like a quilted earsw I get it [...]

Appropriate grade level: K-2John Lithgow sings a song about a runaway pancake. The pancake doesn't want to be eaten, and sings a song as they are running away from people. It's presented as a play by Marsupial Sue, who is character from another popular Lithgow book.Who knew that the dude from 3rd Rock from the Sun made children's books? I certainly didn't. This was another book I discovered while working as a Kindergarten assistant teacher in D.C. The CD that you play along with the book is what [...]

1st- 3rdWhat would you do if you saw a pancake run away from you? Where do you think it goes? Well this pancake's adventure is wild. He takes off and helps all of his friends put on a play. The play is one crazy time for the pancake. With Jack E. Davis's illustrations the reader gets into the story. This story is also accompanied with a Cd for struggling readers to listen while reading.Students while reading can be asked to predict what would happen next by using the in text clues. This is a goo [...]

In The Runaway Pancake, a pancake stars in his own play which is reminiscent of the gingerbread man. The illustrations depict the story as a theatre production, but elaborates on the adventure of the Runaway Pancake with detailed drawings and humorous characters. Although young children will enjoy the repetitive chants and predictable storyline, the dialogue can become wordy at times, which may not be suitable for young readers. The rich colors and vivid drawings are very entertaining and add pe [...]

Scott read this to Alice exactly once before I read it to her, and she had the story damn near memorized. She loves this one! The story is about a stage production of a story called the runaway pancake, in which a pancake escapes from an oven like a Gingerbread Man and then runs across the countryside eluding various animals who would like to make it lunch. The part Alice loved so much and continues to sing in reference to the book is: No no, no no no, I'm too fast, you're too slow. Pan pan patt [...]

I love this book, the joy and laughter that comes from the children is contagious. I have read this book to my students, let them listen to the cd readaloud and they can't get enough of it. The story is a retelling of The Gingerbread Man, but instead of a gingerbread man cookie, it's a pancake trying to get away from all the characters in the story. This could be used in the classroom when discussing and learning about folktales. The pictures are so full of details, down to a fly carrying a suit [...]

This book is so cute! It tells the classic story of "the runaway pancake" that gets out of the pan runs away. But, this book has Marsupial Sue and all her friends putting it on as a play, which I was not really aware of until the end! It's so funny and kids love it! The illustrations are also really fun and colorful and the ever changing facial expressions of the pancake are priceless! If you read this book, be sure to get the CD that comes with it because John Lithgow does an amazing job narrat [...]

Personally it's tons more difficult to rate children's books, no doubt this one caused me no trouble at all. I think the Cd that came along was absolutely amazing and fantastic all at once.I've always been aware of most of Lithgow's work and never have I came across his books on tape until last night. He is nothing but acing stars and I envy his storytelling skills.After today I can say I will not attempt to read the run away pancake on my own

Sue, a kangaroo, and some of her Australian animal friends put on a play called "The Runaway Pancake." hcplThe CD that comes along with this book is very good. This book would work well if you are teaching naritive skills to young children! That being said, I really do not like the text that they used in the book. Audio Book Bloghcpl/content/audio-boo

It wasn't as good as some of the other books by John Lithgow that I've read, but it was alright.The pancake was annoying, but as the book went on the song he kept singing improved.My dislike of the book is how unrealistic the wolf was. I mean, he was supposed to be gray, that's how the pancake sang him, but he was purple with purple duck feet for arms and legs. The Fox, who ended up eating the pancake, looked more like the Wolf than the Wolf did.

Have to give this five stars because of my son. He is autistic and usually only reads Dr. Seuss and some select Nick Jr. renditions of classics. But we have been reading this a few times this week with the audio CD. He has stayed focused every time and seems to enjoy the song. Thanks for the recommendation and to Mr. Lithgow (also to the illustrator Jack E. Davis)!

A building story that would be fun to read in a story time. But how in the world does this have anything to do with my "Happiness" Book Time theme? Not sure how this came in my search. But I still enjoyed it. I should probably listen to the recording to get the full effect, too. Funny pictures, although the pancakes was a little scary. I loved the characters and their costumes.

Ages: Grades K-3A fun take on the Gingerbread man. This book could be used along with a study of prepositions, measurements, or a "how to" unit. Discussions on the book could include: animal traits, greed, and pride. The story the also has a lot of repetation, so the studnets could read (or sing) along with the story.

We've seen many variations on this tale (Gingerbread Man, Musubi Man), so this was a familiar, if slightly different story. We love John Lithgow's stories, and this one did not disappoint. Our girls enjoyed watching this book read aloud on the Tumblebooks website (tumblebooks).

I'm not a fan of this illustration style to begin with, but add in the fact that animal characters are dressing up as other animals (confusing!) and that the drawings become more and more chaotic until it's almost grotesque, and I am not impressed.

I found this particular telling of the story a little confusing with the illustrations. It took me a few pages to understand what was going on with it being a play starring different animals. The story itself was fun, though.

Animals are all dressed up to be on the stage. The adorable Play: The Runaway Pancake is on!This picture book is my secret weapon for entertaining large crowd and restless kids. Even the grown-ups think that the story is funny.

A cast of Australian animals put on a stage play about a run-away pancake. The little song gets progressively harder to sing as the pancake escapes more animals that want to eat it.Very fun illustrations.

Read by John Lithgow is best. So very funny

This is a great story, told in a fun sing-song way. Kids loved this one. And don't miss the audio disc of John Lithgow telling the story. Good fun.

This book doesn't entertain children as well by itself as it does when the cd is being used but overall children really love this story.

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