Bad News

Lilly James

Bad News

Bad News

  • Title: Bad News
  • Author: Lilly James
  • ISBN: 9780995549463
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Paperback

There is no wrong or right way to deal with a death Or to grieve in a way that is expected The loss of a loved one can hit you in ways you could never imagine At least, it did to Hunter Holland College Junior Hunter knows he messes up he knows he hates his life he also knows he blames his father for his mother s death What he doesn t know is that his life is about tThere is no wrong or right way to deal with a death Or to grieve in a way that is expected The loss of a loved one can hit you in ways you could never imagine At least, it did to Hunter Holland College Junior Hunter knows he messes up he knows he hates his life he also knows he blames his father for his mother s death What he doesn t know is that his life is about to change all thanks to Louisa Dawson Louisa, the freshman, is sweet Shy Innocent She doesn t care for boys, but rather books Hunter is crazy, a player, and as cocky as they come The college bad news is everything she wants to stay away from, yet he is everything she is drawn to Focused on her studies, Louisa doesn t have time for Hunter who is both distracting and disruptive, but Louisa is the breath of fresh air Hunter needs She is the only girl he is willing to work for She is also the only girl that understands why Hunter is living the life he is Louisa is determined to prove to Hunter that living in a tormented past is never going to guarantee a happy future They say opposites attract maybe they do.

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Okay this book is a little hard to review because my thoughts are kind of all over the place at the moment. There was so much that set me off on frustrated tangents that my poor grandma had to listen to for awhile. (P.S She totally took a nap mid-rant)There were a lot of grammar mistakes throughout the whole book and they were one of my bigger issues. I can read past editing problems but grammar such as "I don't say no more" is a big pet peeve of mine and I just couldn't deal. I maybe could have [...]

*ARC provided by the author for an honest review*Omg I just luvd this I have been dyin for this book for ages and I was disappointed it was just brilliant. I luvd everything from the story the writting the characters it was just great. I m a huge fan of Lilly's work her last series is one of my al time favourites so I just knew that I would luv this and I did. The story had me gripped from the start.I 've been dyin to meet Hunter Holland or Double H I luv that name haha and God is he sexy. His c [...]

Do I want to read about an a*shole f*cking OW?Do I want to read about a girl who saw him having a threesome and she wanted him anyway?NO!Bye bye Felicia!

ARC kindly provided by author.First of all, I would like to thank Lilly James for sending me an ARC of her newest book. I thoroughly enjoyed it and read it in one sitting. So, why 4 stars? Let me explain. I am not a huge fan of college romance. It is usually not my thing and I tend to avoid it. I also went completely blind into this, but little by little started to like it. At the beginning, the hero is a typical manwhore and a heroine is a virgin, sweet, nineteen year old. So, yes, she was on a [...]

Fun, fresh, enjoyableWow that was an amazing story i had long time to read college romance and well i devoured it from the first 'till the last page!! The author once again created a fantastic plot with great characters and fun dialogues, it draw me so deep and so when i reached the last page and i realized that the story came to an end i felt the loss of all the feelings that this book made me feel immediately.For the first time i can say that the heroine was my favorite i simply ored her sweet [...]

Louisa = NaiveHunter = WhoreI'm trying to make this extra short because this book was just bad!Grammatical errors and I'm never big on pointing those out but there were a lot.So they were in college but Louisa went to her locker a few times. I never had lockers in college but maybe it's different in other areas, I don't know.Louisa was just way to naive for me. I mean come on was she living in a bubble? She also had the best motivational speeches, surprisingly (sarcasm).I will say that I actuall [...]

The beginning is very superficial but the more I read the more I enjoyed it.Tragedy could strike at any moment, it'sonly then we ask our self’s “What if.”

4.5 Rouge Stars! I have to say, I was quite surprised how much I liked this one! The humor and wordplay was on point, it had a good story line, and I really liked the characters! Louisa was totally a naive, goody-goody; Hunter, not so much! He was the quintessential bad boy, on the surface. He deals with a lot of turmoil and guilt over his childhood, by being a brawler and screwing around. But, in the end has managed to have found the one girl, who can help him, heal himself. Fallon was a kick i [...]

The college Bad News is everything she wants to stay away from…I hope you’re all ready to meet Hunter Holland!For those who love Mr. Parks, then you're going to love Mr. Holland! Both very different types of men, but who love their ladies like queens!

Y'all. This book. I truly enjoyed the storyline. I am a big fan of NA and College Romances, & this one hit the mark there. Hunter Holland is Bad News y'all (see what I did there?) & Louisa is as pure as they come, Saint Louisa by and by. I love that Lou, though naive and innocent didn't lose herself in Hunter. She remained true to herself. I loved the way Hunter decided he wanted her & jumped in with both feet- balls to the wall. I found myself wondering where this story was set thou [...]

****SOME SPOILERS****This is the first book I have read by Lilly James I received this book as an ARC and I absolutely loved it. Through the book you get two pov's which is great because you get into the character's heads. The book is full of witty humour mainly from Hunter and his friend's, jealousy, lust, passion, hatred, heartbreak and love. Louisa (Lou) Dawson & her sister Bree are of to college, the two of them may as well be from different parents they are that different. Lou is the go [...]

I solemnly swear to give the best and most accurate review. No biased reviews or misconceptions will you find here.I edited this book for Lilly as I am the Editor of Bella Tulip Publishing.A great College story circling the two unlikely lovers, Louisa and Hunter.Both from completely different worlds as Hunter is your everyday jock and Louisa is your smart, unique blonde who doesn't associate with a-holes.Until the day she arrives at Newbrook U Campus, and she's endured the stereotypical jocks in [...]

**ARC was provided in exchange for honest review**This was typical college book of jock, player guy meeting naive girl. Hunter Holland was as cocky and as player as can be that used girls to his convenience. He simply didn't care about their feelings until he meets Louisa Dawson.Louisa Dawson is a freshman that just wants to finish her college career and not worry about boys until she caught the eyes of Hunter. Like every other girl she thought he was gorgeous but she wasn't as naive as everyone [...]

I recieved this book for an honest review. With that being said, I loved this book. The storyline was amazing. Hunter a jock who people think they know but really don't have a clue, and Louisa a girl who thought she knew what she wanted until she laid eyes on the hottest guy in school. There was some twists that kept you wanting more. This story had me laughing and crying. It's a must read! Highly recommended!

I really liked this book.These characters and this storyline kept me on my toes with suspense, sweetness, sadness, another million and one emotions that I just made names for. It's definitely worth the read.

I was given this book as a ARC in return for a honest review.College Junior Hunter is crazy, a player and as cocky as they come but he knows he messes up; he knows he hates his life; he also knows he blames his father for his mother’s death. What he doesn’t know is that his life is about to change–all thanks to Louisa Dawson. Louisa, the freshman, is sweet. Shy. Innocent. She doesn’t care for boys, but rather books. They say opposites attracted maybe they do. Can these two overcome all t [...]

Great book!!Emotional and funny!! Loved all of the characters. Great from beginning to the end. Hope for more books with the supporting characters.

EntertainingReally pulls at your emotions. It's a sweet romance with a sweet innocent and a reputed manwhore. There is so much more depth to the story as the loss of her mother and its effects on her sister and Dad begin to emerge. There is the troubling effects of his mother's tragic death and his dad's part in that death and the effects it has on him and his brother. Two mothers died. Two families affected. One very good story. It can be sad in very few places but it's also a determination to [...]

I thought this book was adorable! It was funny and smart and going from personal experience Lilly perfectly encompasses those first few feelings that you experience when you are a college freshman haha ahhh the stories I could tell! But, anyway back to the story. Louisa and her sister Bree couldn't be more different. Bree is the force of nature party girl and Louisa is more quiet and reserved. But as most readers know its those characters you have to pay attention to! I loved Louisa's character [...]

3.5/5 StarsLouisa catches the attention of Hunter on her first day of school as a college freshman. Hunter is well known and loved by everyone around because he's hot, an athlete, and part of the Rouge Men. They are basically a group of friends that are college gods. Louisa is the geeky and studious girl, but somehow Hunter can't stop thinking about her. Louisa was cute and sweet, but I really didn't connect with her, maybe for that reason. She was just too innocent in my opinion. It's hard to b [...]

This one will pull tightly on your heartstrings! It's just gut wrenching!!Hunter is called Bad News for his love'em and leave'em philosophy. He appears to be just a "College Guy"looking for a good time. A Good Time All The Time!! People who usually act that way are usually haunted by something. Something deeply emotional is troubling them. Maybe that's why Hunter is bad news in more ways than one! But, Change is on the way!!Louisa was beautiful on the inside as well as the outside! She was quick [...]

Hunter Holland, Double H, one of the Rogue Men is know around campus as a ladies man. With no desire to settle down, he has girls lining up for the chance to be with him. Hunter has demons that haunt him and keeps everyone at arm’s length.Louisa, college freshman, sweet and innocent. She sees the good in everyone. She arrives at college ready to focus on her classes and study. Will she be able to focus once Hunter sets his sights on her?Louisa has captured Hunter’s interest and she is all he [...]

***ARC Provided by the Author for an Honest Review***Bad News by Lilly James is one of those opposites attract / college romance type novels. I have to admit I was sucked in by this one and enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Hunter is the bad boy on campus. A boy acting a part because that’s how he feels he needs to be perceived – that he has an image to live up to. His family is far from perfect and it’s something that has a huge impact on him. Louisa is the complete opposite. She’ [...]

Bad News by Lilly James is a college contemporary romance novel.Lou- Louisa and her sister Bree attend college as freshman.Lou is a bit prude, a sissy is what Bree calls her.There is the typical roommate Fallon, a friend (Axel) and The Rogues. Part of them Hunter Holland is a man with family issues. He is a crude doe who uses girls.He wants Louisa but is mega dou to her.But somehow both fall for each other and Lou teaches him to live.Bad News is a good read and I give 4 Stars. Thank you Lilly Ja [...]

​**4 stars**I went in blind with this book and this author. I am a huge fan of college romance so I figured I would give it chance. Overall, I am giving this book 4 stars. The story of Hunter and Lou was a cute one. They were an unlikely pair, but sometimes it's the matches that are unexpected that seem to make the best relationships. The drama in this story was a little much at times and how quickly the romance progressed since fast, but I didn't mind the story and enjoyed reading it. I can't [...]

Even though I really liked this story, it was the same as every other story about college kids. Virgin, daddy's girl sleeps with bad boy and they fall in love. She's sweet and innocent, and he's a manwhore. This book was completely full of cliché and it was a little disappointing. It felt kind of like paint by numbers. I did like it, though. I liked the characters, their connection, their journey. I liked the secondary characters almost more than the mains. I did like the dual POV. Three stars. [...]

This book is awesome it was page after page enjoyment for me I would recommend this to all my book friends defiantly and the cover us yummy great book all around

3.5 Stars!Overall a decent book. Not my favorite, but it was entertaining enough that I wanted to find out how it ended.Louisa is a good girl, like a bona fide good girl virgin who attracts the attention of campus bad boy, Hunter Holland. Hunter wants Louisa and will do whatever it takes to get her. After a valiant fight, Louisa gives in and she and Hunter start dating. Hunter has issues that cause a rift between them. Can these two find a happily ever after.The plot had heart. Good girl meets b [...]

Excellent must read. Very entertaining and humorous. Great characters and well balanced sexiness. Couldn't put this down once I started reading.

What more can I say that I have been waiting for another book from Lilly James for quite sometime and she knocked it out of the ballpark with this one. I am a huge sucker for dual POV books and getting just a bit of the Double H was such a sweet treat!!This is a story of love and loss and ultimately the acceptance needed to move forward free of the past and what holding you back. The story centers around two different types of love [first and last] and how finding “The One” is a huge game ch [...]

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