How Do You Know?

Meredith Schorr

How Do You Know?

How Do You Know?

  • Title: How Do You Know?
  • Author: Meredith Schorr
  • ISBN: 9781635111576
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Paperback

Maggie Piper navigates a version of Manhattan that s as fun and original as Woody Allen s or Sex and the City s You won t forget this delightful cast of characters or Schorr s sharp, candid insights about the plight of the modern woman Diana Spechler, Author of Who by Fire and SkinnyLife doesn t happen on a schedule, there are no deadlines in love, and age is just a Maggie Piper navigates a version of Manhattan that s as fun and original as Woody Allen s or Sex and the City s You won t forget this delightful cast of characters or Schorr s sharp, candid insights about the plight of the modern woman Diana Spechler, Author of Who by Fire and SkinnyLife doesn t happen on a schedule, there are no deadlines in love, and age is just a number On the eve of her thirty ninth birthday, Maggie Piper doesn t look, act, or feel much different than she did at twenty eight, but with her fortieth birthday speeding toward her like a freight train, she wonders if she should The fear of a slowing metabolism, wrinkling of her skin, and the ticking of her biological clock leaves Maggie torn between a desire to settle down like most of her similarly aged peers and concern that all is not perfect in her existing relationship When a spontaneous request for a temporary break from her live in boyfriend results in a breakup, Maggie finds herself single once again and only twelve months from the big 4.0.As Maggie reenters the New York City dating jungle, suitors present themselves quickly, but who is The One Is he a sexy coworker, one of many bachelors at a speed dating event, or is he the man she already set free How do you know Her fun loving friends and supportive family, including meddlesome no filter Aunt Helen, eagerly share their often unsolicited opinions, but Maggie is determined to find her own way, even if she falls on her face repeatedly.Books by Meredith Schorr JUST FRIENDS WITH BENEFITSA STATE OF JANEHOW DO YOU KNOW The Blogger Girl Series BLOGGER GIRL 1 NOVELISTA GIRL 2 Part of the Henery Press Chick Lit Collection, if you like one, you ll probably like them all

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5 Discovering StarsI first read Blogger Girl and was in complete stitches. Meredith has worked her magic once again. . This story will comfort you, make you laugh, and at the same time tears will start falling. The authoress’ signature touch of laughter was throughout the novel, but there was a more serious stature as a whole. Meet Maggie . . .She is on the cusp of turning the Big 4-0. She has great friends, family, and a boyfriend. But then doubts, questions, and fears come to the surface. Sh [...]

chicklitcentral/2015/0Also has a review of Twin Piques.

How Do You Know by Meredith Schoor is a 2014 Booktrope publication. I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Well, I'm not sure where to even start with this book. I couldn't help but notice when I added the book to my TBR list on , it was very well received with over fifty reviews, nearly all of them five stars. I thought the book sounded like an up to date “Sex in the City” and would have friendships, romance, and humor all mixed together, with a chick -lit styl [...]

I laughed out loud with the opening line: Thank God I waxed.And I loved that the central storyline started immediately. We see Maggie, the main character, celebrating her birthday with friends and boyfriend, Doug, all the while fielding questions, comments, and concerns from those around her about her age, the milestone it represents, and the fact that Maggie's not married yet and wants to be. Maggie is clearly unsettled by the birthday and is at a crossroads in her life. Loved that it opened an [...]

I'd first like to thank the author, Meredith Schorr, for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.I was beyond excited when Schorr reached out to me about reading How Do You Know? I read and loved Blogger Girl, and if this book was even slightly as funny, I knew I would love it.How Do You Know? drew me in from the first line – “Thank God I waxed” – and kept me hooked through the end. There was never a dull moment with Maggie, our heroine who is quickly approaching over-the-hill status. Sh [...]

Having read Blogger Girl last year I have been anxiously awaiting Meredith's next novel since, How Do You Know? Was worth the wait! Maggie who is on the edge of turning the big 4-0 begins to have doubts about her relationship. Does she love Doug? The man she has lived with for three years? Or is she just comfortable with him?With a wonderful cast of characters ( one of my favorites being Aunt Helen, she only makes brief appearences, but I think all of us have an Aunt Helen in our lives),How Do Y [...]

Meredith Schorr did it again! She created a hard to put down book that I completely loved. I discovered her books this summer and eagerly awaited How Do You Know's release. It surpassed my expectations and just may be my favorite book of hers so far. I loved the cast of characters, especially Maggie, who I found totally relatable. Maggie's mom and Aunt were trips! They reminded me a lot of my own mom. And everyone should have friends like Maggie's! I laughed out loud often, and I got a little te [...]

Hello midlife crisis for women! What wasn't there to like about this book? I related to Maggie so much. This book was written in such a fashion that you would believe it to be true or based on actual life events. Maggie doesn't want to settle for just any relationship so what better way than to take a break from your current (and great) relationship to find out but will your 'love' wait for you to find out if it is a happily ever after? Break ups, work flings, and speed dating are all involved! [...]

Meredith Schorr writes with honesty. I love that about her as an author. She's not afraid to go there in delving into her characters' deepest feelings. HOW DO YOU KNOW has it all. Single-woman searching for Mr. Right. Comic touches you KNOW had to come from real life. An honest exploration of single life in Manhattan, it's ups and downs. Sex in the City with heart and soul. Highly entertaining.

Maggie Piper just celebrated her 39th birthday with her bestfriends and the man of her life, Doug. She's nearing the big 4.0 but she felt something was missing in her life. She wasn't still married, she didn't have kids. Whenever her boyfriend talked to her about settling down, she always declined. It was as if something else was holding her back. In a sudden twist of fate, she found herself loveless the next day, when Doug broke up with her. Ouch!Phil, a partner in a firm Maggie was working at, [...]

If I could give this book 10 stars I would! I couldn't put it down! So addicting!What if you were approaching the end of your thirties and all of the life milestones you took for granted in your youth suddenly seemed out of reach?Maggie Piper is not too far from 40 and she is dreading every last minute! She feels great, she looks amazing and doesn't think her life resembles a day over 29 but that is not the reality of the situation.She has an amazing relationship with a man named Doug for three [...]

I have read all of Meredith Schorr's fabulous books and her latest installment does not disappoint! Her writing is humorous and engaging and her stories will keep you turning those pages until you reach the end. How Do You Know is the bittersweet and extremely relatable story of Maggie Piper, a woman fast approaching forty with a nagging uncertainty about the man in her life. Convinced that the passion she feels is lacking could be found with another man, she asks for the dreaded "break" only to [...]

A beautifully written story about women of a certain age (above 35) who are friends, confidants, consistent sources of comfort and sounding boards for each other. Friends, family and the ups and downs of dating combine to provide a compelling story of love, laughter and life after 40. Each friend has her own relationship drama and they regularly meet up for sisterhood time. My favorite part of the book is when Maggie is attempting to figure out who dunnit during an episode of ABC's Castle. She o [...]

It's official! I have become a Meredith Schorr fan after reading this book. I can completely relate to Maggie and her quest to find happiness. The author does an amazing job of taking her readers along this journey of self-discovery with her main character. Schorr's writing abilities are impeccable and I found myself completely engrossed in the story. You know it's a good book when you can't seem to put it down (can you say late night?) and that's exactly what happened to me! I highly recommend [...]

I have read everything Meredith Schorr writes, and I continue to be impressed with her ability to create authentic, relatable, and vivid characters, spot-on dialogue, and storylines that I think connect to everyone no matter their age. "How Do You Know" is such a heart-warming, funny, powerful novel that deals with issues so many of us face when it comes to the next step in our lives. Schorr is one of my favorite writers, and I'm giddy with anticipation whenever she has a new book out and always [...]

So excited this is a series. I loved everything about this book. I felt the characters were fleshed out amazingly, the story funny and touching, the plot engaging and original. What a treat this book is and we get more installments!!! I just adored MaggieI could be her friend. I want her to be my friend. Schorr really knows who to draw a reader in and how to keep them glued to the page. Bravo Ms. Schorr, Bravo!!! 5 stars

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3.5 Stars

Usually when someone I don't know asks my age, I deadpan an answer that starts off something like this: "Age is such a false social construct, don't you think?" While I'm usually saying it to be funny and not because I'm avoiding revealing how young or old I am, this is something I do truly believe. I mention this because it's this idea of age and the false meaning we can sometimes be guilty of giving certain milestone birthdays that I kept coming back to while reading HOW DO YOU KNOW?, which fo [...]

Maggie Piper is 39- and she's dreading turning 40. It's not that she's not happy, because she is, but she questions if she's happy enough. Her boyfriend Doug is amazing but she has her doubts about their relationship. She likes her job and she's good at it but it isn't necessarily her dream job. She's not sure if she wants kids or not but if she does want them her time to have them is running out. All of her friends seem to have a good idea of what direction they want their lives to take, but Ma [...]

In Meredith Schorr's How Do You Know (Seeking Happily Ever After), Maggie is a 39 year old woman in a perfect relationship. To the outside world everything in her life is right on track. She has the perfect guy, perfect job, perfect group of friends, and all around perfect life. However, Maggie doesn't feel perfect. She feels unsettled and is afraid a spark is missing in her life. Does she want kids? Is she getting too old to have kids? What if she decides she wants kids in 5 years and it is too [...]

What a great plot line!I loved every minute of this. Although, some of Maggie's choices have me shaking my head at her. Being a 39 year old and coming up on 40 really fast (my bday is Jan! Ack!), I could understand all of her foibles. I may not agree exactly but sometimes you have to find yourself to figure out the rest of life. And at 39 of course there is this huge stigma that we are supposed to have our life already figured out by then! Married with children and all that. It started freaking [...]

'THANK GOD I WAXED.' Okay, that's the first line of How Do You Know? Isn't that a great first line? How could you just NOT want to keep reading when it starts like that? It made me laugh. '"I have no idea how I managed to lose my balance while wearing flats but I am fine." I brush the loose dirt off my dress and try not to care that I'm wearing a Spider Man bandage.'And then she's wearing a Spider Man band-aid? I love this woman! I would so wear one too. I knew right away that this was going to [...]

Originally reviewed at Novel EscapesI confess that I have been meaning to one of Meredith Schorr’s books for a long time and I wish I’d slotted one into the list before now because I really enjoyed her writing in this novel. How Do You Know? feels different than other romantic women’s fiction and I think that’s because there was a maturity in her characters and a depth I sometimes find lacking in other books. Maggie is approaching a birthday which scares the pants off her- she isn’t qu [...]

In How Do You Know?, author Meredith Schorr weaves a wonderful women's fiction story that is a must read for every woman.Maggie Piper is on the cusp of turning thirty-nine, and as she takes stock of her life, she realizes that her biological clock is ticking loudly, and wonders if the various life milestones are out of reach. Realizing that she is at a crossroads in her life, and only has a year until she hits the Big 4-0, she embarks on a personal journey of self-discovery that will teach her a [...]

Maggie has the perfect boyfriend…she just doesn’t know it. Usually the grass isn’t greener on the other side, but it takes some people venturing over on that other side of grass to see that.Maggie doesn’t have the excitement and butterflies with her live in boyfriend Doug anymore. They’ve been together a long time. He’s a great guy and all, she’s just starting to doubt their relationship. And it doesn’t help that her 40th birthday is looming in the near future. So Maggie decides [...]

Meredith Schorr is a terrific storyteller, and How Do You Know? is the first book from her brand new series, Seeking Happily Ever After. This realistic story captured my attention from the very beginning with its entertaining plot, lively characters and New York City landscape. Since I grew up near NYC, I was able to identify with some of the restaurants, streets and venues, which resulted in many feelings of comfortableness. This is the story of Maggie Piper, a thirty-nine year old marketing ma [...]

For many women, turning the big 4-0 is not a birthday that is greatly anticipated. In Maggie’s case, it’s on her 39th birthday that she starts questioning choices she’s made and wonders if she’s missing out on life. Although she has great friends, a loving family, and an amazing boyfriend, doubts and fears begin to surface. She starts to rethink what she wants out of life while not allowing her age to define her. She even goes as far as proposing a “break” with her live-in boyfriend, [...]

Maggie Piper is about to turn 39. She has a great set of friends, a good job in marketing at a law firm and a loving boyfriend, Doug- who happens to be a few years younger than her. Maggie is beginning to feel insecure about her age and her relationship. On a birthday dinner date Maggie decides that she needs a break from Doug, which quickly turns into a break-up. Now, single and less than a year from 40, Maggie has to try to figure out who she is and how she knows what true love is.Maggie is a [...]

Advanced reader copy.I just finished the book last night-loved it! I liked it even more than Blogger Girl, probably because I could relate so closely to Maggie.The characters are well developed. I could clearly picture Maggie, Doug, Philip. I was kept guessing on who-if anyone!-Maggie would end up with. I had a feeling it would not be Philip as they began and ended their relationship fairly early on in the novel. But then Philip does an about face and reappears! I just loved how the storyline mo [...]

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