Backstage Passes

Angela Bowie

Backstage Passes

Backstage Passes

  • Title: Backstage Passes
  • Author: Angela Bowie
  • ISBN: 9780399137648
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Hardcover

A scandalous, sexy, uncompromising roller coaster of a memoir that tells the secrets of a 25 year trip on rock n roll s wild side Angela Bowie recounts a musical and sexual odyssey that has spanned four decades and which has been peopled with the likes of Mick Jagger, Elton John, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Eric Clapton, and Elvis Presley 16 pages of photographs.

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If you are looking for a detailed look into the life of David Bowie during some of his most iconic, creative years you aren't going to find too much of interest here. However, if you want to know all the details about her sex life, and the details of her friends sex lives then look no further! Angie puts focus on the most bizarre things while leaving out a lot of what I was hoping to get insider information about. She doesn't hold back her opinions, or secrets, on anyone in the rock n roll scene [...]

Poor Angela Bowie. This corny, tragically UN-hip memoir of the Glory Days of Glitter is an unrelenting "I, me, mine" whine festival. Her many sexual (and bisexual) escapades elicit "Eweeees" rather than "Oooohs"; her strange lack of reference to her child during all this rock history is disturbing. As the wife of one of my favorites, the great, brilliant David Bowie, she would have appeared to have insider information. Yet the voice of this book feels like that of an outsider. And her insights i [...]

"The Lance of Love.""It looked like it had been rubbed with sandpaper. Turns out I had a yeast infection and passed it on to him.""I wasn't going to put my mouth on it. He peed out of that thing. I'm sure he felt the same about my apparatus.""He could poke a hole in the wall with that thing." Yes, you, too, can learn what it was like to be married to David Bowie and his penis in the 1970's. This book is a little bit on the fun side. You do get some insight into what it was like with David Bowie, [...]

Angela Bowie's autobiography is more or less a text book example of a terrible biography; although autobiographies are subjective by nature, hers takes the entire meaning of the word up a few egocentric notches, to the point where the book reads like the work of an unreliable narrator. It is not so much a question of bias, rather than the work simply being completely devoted to a rather limited point of view, and this makes digesting her version of history a genuine effort in the suspension of d [...]

It's completely, blatantly biased and over-the-top and trashy, and you can't trust 90% of what comes out of Angela Bowie's mouth, but it's delicious trashy fun. A must-read for Bowie fans, just so you can read what's been said - even if it's not true, this book and its publication is an important piece of Bowie lore. I have to say that the story of the exorcism performed on the pool is a personal favorite of mine.

Here's the summary:"Well, David was sleeping with this girl and this girl and this boy and this boy, but that's okay because I was sleeping with this boy and this boy and this girl and this girlOh, and I took a drug that was kind of like ecstacy before ecstacy."

If I could I would give this book 3 and a half stars. Angie Bowie tells it like it is (or was) and I kind of admire her honesty. But I don't really admire her self. She had to be tough and she was tough. She's honest about all the excesses of the era, many of which made even me feel squeamish and sometimes outraged. But the book is very interesting. Her voice is clear. It is her story not Bowie's but of course he figures prominently.

I read this in the mid 90's and my only strong memory was that her son had no contact with her and it was rather gossipy. She may have said some nice things about Mick Ronson.

Angela Bowie has always been one of my favorite rock star wives: her androgynous beauty made her a perfect match for David Bowie in his Ziggy Stardust/Aladdin Sane phase. Two beautiful lanky space aliens in Kansai Yamamoto fashions just seems like the real love. But this book reveals a really weird, detached, almost clinical relationship with just a few sparks of true romance stretched out over a decade. Also, I expected that a book written by a famous rock star's ex-wife would be super salaciou [...]

She was there, man. She lived it. Though a little bit catty at times, her memoir opens a window into such an important era in rock history. You get a unique insight into the mysterious Bowie, as well as the people he worked and played with. No one ever talks about this book, but it was a really fun read.

I did not find this book shocking at all, it was more of a story of two very young people lost in rock and roll world just like so many before and after them. I'm not sure was this love story of any kind or were they in love just on very unique way. The time they lived in and the life they were sharing was pretty unique as well, not necessarily in a good way. I do not know how much there is to thank Angela of David's success or is there any, but for some reason I think they were the right people [...]

Not going to lie, I enjoyed reading this. Is it biased? Hell yes. Is a lot of it either exaggerated or blatantly untrue? Yes. Don't care, it was a fun read and I'm standing by my rating.

I know, I know: I shouldn't read trash like this because it only encourages more trash to be published. I know if there's a hell I'll be sent there solely on the basis of taking this book out of the library and reading it. Still, here's a biased review:According to Angela Bowie, David told her that he got sick every time he made love to her. After reading this book, I completely believe it. Everything else she whines -- er, writes -- I do not believe for a second. There are some very funny stori [...]

This book offers a unique insight into the life of David Bowie, but i don't exactly trust the author I think she had some anger at David when she wrote this and wrote some less than true stories beacuse of that. Angela lost Zowie (their son) a little while before she wrote this and also soon after they were divorced he met Iman. So she probably has a little anger directed at him to let out.However even if it isn't true she writes a very entertaing story! If your'e a Bowie fan read this!

Trashy (and not in a good way), mean-spirited, dull, self-serving and self-promoting. I should have trusted the wave of shame that came over me as I pulled this from the library shelf. Very poorly written - the beginning of the first chapter was clearly written by the ghost writer and the rest is just transcriptions of Angie talking into a Dictaphone. Her indifference to her son is genuinely disturbing.

does it get better? because i'm about to put it down. it seems like a diatribe of an egocentric woman out to prove that she was the only competent person in a sea full of well-hung, beautiful emotionally stunted idiot-savants, or a forum for the laundry-list of lovers that show how open-minded and progressive she actually thought she was. I'm missing the compelling story here (that being said, i'm going to keep reading). Update: didn't finish it.

Fun tabloid style exposé on David Bowie and how Angela influenced his fashion sense. I'm sure some of it is to be taken with a pinch of salt but nonetheless an insiders view on the Thin White Duke's early days.

I feel as if I need a bath after reading this drivel. Angie has/had no level of self-awareness whatsoever, despite insisting upon her role as the great mastermind who made her ex-husband a talented artist. I really feel for Duncan, their son, all the more after reading this.

In this new era of abundant information, few things should be memorized, how David Bowie used to call his dick is Definitely one of them.

Somewhat self-obsessed, but it's her pov

I have to be completely honest from the start (please don’t shoot me down yet :o) when I say I’m only a fan of something like 70% of David Bowie’s musical output throughout his career, compared to about 95% of Queen’s catalogue (big Queen fan btw). However when he excelled, with tracks like: Life On Mars?, Heroes, Ziggy Stardust, Starman, Ashes To Ashes, Changes, Fashion, Fame, The Jean Genie, China Girl, Oh! You Pretty Things, etc, etc, I have to say they were absolutely sublime, and cr [...]

Bad, so bad. Such infinite variety of bad. Exceeding even the vivid recall of its badness from my twenty-something read, back when it was first published and a friend pressed her copy upon me (as well as her glee in its unparalleled badness).And yet you can make a case for reading Backstage Passes, as a kind of primary source. As much as I loved Bowie's music and image I don't think I was ever compelled to read about him the way I read about other idols-- the Beatles especially, and the Stones. [...]

Oh, dear, she is definitely no Shakespeare and I skimmed through it but could not bear to read it in detail cover to cover. Having just recently read Pamela Des Barres's account of a groupie lifestyle, it struck me how similar this one was. And that there's only a certain amount of drug-taking and sex revelations that you can read, before it all become repetitive, even if the names are famous and constantly changing. There is also a 'me, me, poor me' tone about it which is annoying - and an odd [...]

I'm only about 20 pages through it, and I can already say, with confidence, it's tripeI'll keep slogging on, if only to get to the Iggy yearsokhardly any Iggy. It got a bit better (and by better I mean, I was able to finish it). She brings up some good points about being a woman in the music industry at that time, and kind of makes a case for her side of the story, but the writing style is really distracting (i.e. grating). I also just wasn't buying her claim that she was the only sane, decent, [...]

I have always enjoyed memoirs and picked this book up at a recent book sale. It serves to prove the old axiom: "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned". Backstage Passes: a memoir all about sex, drugs and rock 'n roll '70's style is written by an extremely bitter and strangely deluded Angela Bowie, David Bowie's ex-wife. I have always enjoyed David Bowie's work, his music (Heroes, Golden Years), and his movies (Labyrinth, The Man Who Fell to Earth) and the gossipy hearsay in this book has not di [...]

What rock star wouldn't want a babe like Angie to sort him and his career out? I remember reading a Bowie hagiography 30 years ago (Cracked Actor?) that played up the madness/creativity idea of the boy genius. This book's better as it describes a pop world of narcissists all convinced of their own brilliance, unaware they were just at the right place at the right time. Who would pay 50p for a copy of “The Laughing Gnome” now?

I like Angie Bowie's moxie, really, I doBut I do not like her version of life with the legendary David Bowie. We learn far more of the seedy side(of course, it's going to be part of the book, but still) of David Bowie than what inspired him to write some of the legendary albums he has crafted.


It's salacious but not very well written. I get that she had her own escapades but I wanted to hear more about David Bowie. It's sad that Duncan (aka Zowie Bowie) doesn't want much to do with her these days.

you want to make something of it?? I also know lots of Bowie lyrics, and once. yes only once, i went and saw the man live. What a night. . . All I remember is that my date was smashingly hot and we were in a basement drinking, some of us under age but I won't tell you which one.

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